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Available Dogs

Shrek is a very handsome, 3 year old, black, male Great Dane who has an amazing personality and he's on the lookout for a new place to lay his bones. Shrek comes house, crate and leash trained and he knows how to sit as well...Shrek will bark to alert if anyone is around his swamp so he can keep his family safe and aware of what is going on. He doesn't chew or dig however since he is well and truly out of the crazy puppy stage.

This skinny, 3 year old, 111 pound, lovable English Mastiff/Anatolian Mix has had a very sad life. Despite coming in covered in fleas and dragging a huge chain he is such a lovable and precious young man.

Oh me, oh my what an adorable wrinkle monster we have here! Bear is a 1.5 year old, silver and grey, male Neapolitan Mastiff. His family adored him dearly, but with the change of homes, they had to say a tearful goodbye. However, they made sure he went to someone who knows the breed, and we will make it our mission to find a good home for him. He is good with dogs, cats and kids, and he adores cheese.

Rocky is coming to us due to some financial issues with his current family and we understand that sometimes life takes unexpected turns and we're here to help. He is an 18 month old, shiny black Great Dane who is a pretty well balanced guy. He is house trained and knows how to sit and wait and he doesn't bark excessively, chew on anything that doesn't belong to him or dig holes like a gopher - which for a puppy is a showing some serious constraint!

Say hello to Louise! This 10 month old, Black, female Great Dane found herself in need of a better home when her first owner couldn't provide her with the training or socialization she needed due to too many animals. She is now happily in a foster home where she is happy to be a valued member of the family and getting some one on one attention.

Do you think this Belle could be the belle of your ball? If so, let me introduce myself! My name is Belle, and I'm a 5-year-old, female Bullmastiff. My former owners moved to the country where there are lots of horses… and I just couldn't help myself. There were so many of them, and I loved to chase and run with them! I did whatever I could to run with the ponies, and my peeps thought there would soon be an accident. So that's why I'm here at BDHP.

Moose the 1.5 year old, black brindle, male English Mastiff is a sweet boy who has not had a very good upbringing. Moose is in his second home that we know of and they rescued him very underweight and under socialized.

Sasha the 1 yr old, brindle, female Great Dane was found as a stray and when no owner came forward BDHP stepped up and brought this beauty into our program to make sure that her life will be nothing but rainbows and unicorns from here on out! Sasha is house trained and crate trained and she already knows to sit. She is very much enjoying her indoor life and the pampering and love that comes along with it.

Lilo is a 4 month old, Mantle, female Great Dane puppy that was found wandering the streets and when the shelter reached out to us to for help, how could we say no?
Stitch is a very handsome 4 month old, mantle, Great Dane puppy who was found wandering the streets and when the shelter reached out to us to for help, how could we say no?
Toro is an absolutely adorable 4 month old, black Neapolitan Mastiff puppy that was owner surrendered with his litter mate Zamba because their owner couldn't afford cherry eye surgery. Toro is a happy go lucky young man who is all puppy so prepare yourself for chewing and potty training and all the crazy that goes along with ensuring that he is raised into a gentle giant that well represent his breed well.

Graham is a 1 1/2 year-old, male Newfoundland, black in color, who came to BDHP because his former family simply didn't have the time to devote to him, so we're happy to help him find a perfect fit! He used to live with three young children, so he's good with the kiddos. He's also good with other dogs and with cats. Still a youngster, he does a little bit of puppy chewing, but he loves toys and healthy treats… so it should be easy to redirect him.

Daphne is a sweetheart of a Neapolitan Mastiff. This 4 year old blue female was part of a cruelty seizure that involved 25 dogs, to include Fred and Wilma. Daphne is very underweight but she has a healthy appetite and now she knows that she is safe and will be receiving all the food she needs we know she'll be up to snuff in no time and looking as healthy as she is happy.

Welcome to the good life Wilma!! This tawny, 3 year old Neapolitan Mastiff was part of a seizure cruelty case where she lived with 25 other dogs that were being used for backyard breeding. Thankfully we were contacted to help this girl and her friends, Fred and Daphne, and we are excited to show her all that she has been missing out on. Wilma is a super sweet girl who smiles at all the humans she meets and she is very friendly with people.

Fred, the very handsome 5 year old, blue, male Neapolitan Mastiff has finally had the luck to find his way from a life of neglect and misuse into that of a loved, rescued pup who has nothing but wonderful things in store for him from here on out. Fred, alongside Daphne and Wilma, was kept with 25 dogs in a breeding situation all of which were part of a cruelty seizure case. Now that Fred is safe with BDHP he gets to be a different kind of stud!