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Available Dogs

This pup is as sweet as a much so that's her name! Daisy is a 4.5 month old, black Great Dane puppy that has come to BDHP to find her new forever home. She was owner surrendered as her owner had too many dogs and we have been happy to step in and help out to ensure that these dogs get the vetting that they need and their perfect forever homes where they will be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives.

Meet Mayly...she is a very beautiful, 4 year old, mantle Great Dane who is ready to move on to bigger and better things. She is in rough shape with quite a bit of arthritis form a hard life up until now but it will be cushy dog beds from now on for this girl! Sweet Mayly was given up by her owner who had way too many dogs. A little timid initially, she is good with all sized dogs and wonderful with all people, including children.

Neely the black and white Landseer Newfoundland is looking for her forever home. She originally came from a breeder auction. In her 5 years, she never had much opportunity for love or training. She absolutely loves people though and will do anything to be able to get pets and cuddles. Neely is already walking well on leash and starting to come when called so the rest of her training should come along quickly as well.

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene...Your beauty is beyond compare, With flaming locks of black and white hair, With ivory skin and eyes of chocolate brown, Your smile is like a breath of spring, Your voice is soft like summer rain, And I cannot compete with you Jolene...Ok so our Jolene isn't exactly a man stealing pup but she will steal your heart and hopefully put in an application to make her your new girl!

Reese, a gorgeous black Newfoundland, wished upon a star and her dreams have almost come all the way see she has been a breeder dog all of her life (she was born 4/7/12) and every night she would wish that she could have a home and a family and not be used to make money and lo and behold her she's on her way! She was rescued thankfully from a breeder auction by a rescue partner and released to us to find her forever home.

Hi, I’m Butters and as you can see, my coat is smooth as butter. So is my personality!  I’m a year old smooth dude and will do anything for a treat. And smart? I'm house and crate trained!  I will need a six foot fence as I like to get out and wander, especially when I’m bored. As most puppies that's when I chew things, bark some and dig.

Rock (AKA Chance) the Daniff would really, REALLY love to find his forever home after being bounced around a bit previously. This boy does have hip displaysia so he would prefer a ranch style home with limited to no stairs and will need a daily anti-inflammatory to keep him comfortable. He is a 3 year old, black brindle with a white stripe, adorable Great Dane/Mastiff Mix. He is house, crate and leash-trained, and he knows the commands sit, lay down and back.

I come from a very noble heritage, hence my name, Duke! Great Danes are known as the “Apollo of dogs" and Mastiffs are extremely dignified. I am a 13 month “big dog with huge paws” weighing in at 150 pounds.You must be the alpha. Otherwise I will take over the position which will not be ideal at my size. My inherited genes make me a gentle, loving, good natured, calm and affectionate guy.

Barrette how we wish we could erase the past few months for you but all we can do and promise is that your future will be nothing but wonderful and full of all the love, kisses, scratches and treats a boy could ask for. You see sweet, sweet Barrette (the 7 year own Fawn with merle markings Great Dane) was found locked in a trailer with his deceased owner and 3 deceased dogs.
Xcalibur, or Cal for short, has come along with a few other of his brethren from a breeder. Cal is gracing us with his presence while we find him his perfect forever home and we know it's out there waiting for him! Cal is a 7 yr old (born 6/22/11) brown and white Newfoundland is who is as handsome and fluffy as they come.
Elegant Cooper is an 18 month Great Pyrenees mix who is good with kids, dogs and cats, having lived with them  and hosting visiting grandkids in his previous home! Tragically, they cannot afford to keep him. Great Pyrenees are still pups until they are about 24 months old. So he is winding up his puppyhood. He is a smart cookie and already know the commands sit and lay down; is house and crate trained and knows how to behave on car rides.

Stella is a beautiful, one year old, female, blue merle, Great Dane.  She currently weighs around 90 pounds and is as sweet as they come. Stella is house and crate trained and loves squeaky toys. She is good with other dogs..with proper introductions, and is people friendly. She is not a barker, digger or chewer and is very mellow for a young Great Dane. Her crate is her safe place and all you have to do is tell her night...night and she will walk right in.

Sometimes a name really fits a guy, right? My name is Goliath, and I'm a 3-year-old male Great Dane/Mastiff Mix. I am indeed a big boy, tipping the scales at about 184 pounds. But check out my handsomeness - I'm quite a looker, aren't I? I'm house-trained, not destructive, and basically I'm just a super-sweet boy.

Please welcome Tater-tot to the family. He is a 5 month old, blue brindle, male Cane Corso who was found as a stray and transferred to us when he was not reclaimed. This sweet boy has already had a bit of a rough past and he is working very hard to overcome it and it shows daily with all of his positive steps forward.

Gorgeous Gaiya is a 3.5 yr old female, Harlequin Great Dane who is all sugar and kisses. This sweetheart was adopted from a shelter but returned due to the existing dog in the home not accepting her so the shelter contacted us and here she is, living it up while waiting on her new family. Gaiya is house trained, knows how to sit pretty and she's partially leash trained...she's working on this and getting better each time.