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Looking for a Home – Available Dogs

Many of the gentle giants that come into our rescue have been neglected or abused. Others have simply been abandoned by their owners due to a divorce, a new baby, moving, or natural disaster. We are often told that they got “too big” or “too expensive” and many of the dogs below come to us with very little training. Despite their past, rescue dogs are incredibly forgiving and very eager to please. They have so much to give and are all very special. We are looking for forever homes and permanent families who will love their new addition unconditionally and give them the love and support they need and deserve for the rest of their lives.

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Available Dogs
It’s hard not being able to play like the rest of my friends. I’m still a puppy and I should be enjoying a care free, joyful, rambunctious life... but I just can’t right now. My name is Gabby and I’m a fawn colored, female, 13 month old Great Dane and something has happened to my neck and it hurts.
What do you mean I’m a too big of a dog? I’m a male Newfy, isn’t this how I’m supposed to be? Big and furry and playful and fun? Why are you chaining me up all the time? I see my horse and goat friends, and they aren’t tethered like I am. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to walk around, free, in a clean yard of my own and even venture inside the house so the hot doesn't get to me and the flied and mosquitos can't taunt me.

This 3 year old, Brindle, Cane Corso is no diesel truck, but his name is Diesel and he is big and powerful and loves to go fast, just like his namesake! He is house trained, crate trained, and knows not to get on furniture. True to his breed, he is leery of strangers but he warms up quickly with treats. Diesel has lived with kids of all ages, several other dogs and cats previously, so he should be able to fit into just about any household with proper introductions.

Oakley aka Saraphena is a 5-7 year old, Merle, female Great Dane. This cutie pie was found taking a walk with her Great Dane companion and Animal Control intervened with a quick stop at the shelter before she found her way to a foster home with BDHPI. She is catching on quickly to the joys of indoor living and loving being part of a loving foster family where she gets to interact with other dogs and cats.

Annie aka Presephany is a 5-7 year old, Harlequin, female Great Dane. She was found along with another Great Dane as a stray and landed herself behind bars, but that was okay with her because it meant regular meals.

My name is Chopper and I’m looking for a new family that will love me forever. I’m a 4 year old Brindle, Male, Presa Canario, and I’ve been with my original family since I was 7 weeks old. It seems that the house we live in is getting smaller by the day. First it was just me and my parents and there was plenty of space for all of us.

Barnaby the Anatolian Shepherd puppy is BDHPI's newest treasure. This 1-year-old is house-trained and crate-trained, and his foster family will be working on teaching him his basic commands. This lover boy was surrendered because his family was moving to Hawaii, but the truth is that he spent most of his time chained up outside so he wasn't very sad to see them go.

Hi, my name is Tiffany! I am a 4-5 year old, Tri-colored, female Saint Bernard. I am a lover, not a hater, and I make friends wherever I go. I don't really understand what happened but somehow I got lost and found myself behind bars. I was overjoyed when BDHPI came to my rescue. I like other dogs, cats, kids, and adults alike! I am housetrained, crate trained, and my foster family is working on teaching me my basic commands.

Ishmael is a 2 year old, male, Bullmastiff that has recently come back to BDHPI to make his encore appearance. This Big Boy knows very well how to be polite and is house-trained and crate-trained. Ishmael is still adjusting to the gentle leader while walking but really loves his walks.  Ishmael knows the verbal commands of “come, sit, down, and back’ and loves to be around his people indoors.

 "Sasha" Cohen is a U.S. figure skater. She is the 2006 Olympic silver medalist, a three-time World Championship medalist, the 2003 Grand Prix Final Champion, and the 2006 U.S. Champion. 

In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Our Phoenix is a 2 year old, Merle, male Great Dane who is also look at a chance of rebirth and to start over! You see, a few months ago he went to live with a teenager and 2 small dogs and as a teenager and giant dog, he was simply more than this inexperienced family could handle.
Say hello to Reagan! This pretty, 2 year old, Harlequin, female Great Dane is joining the BDHPI family until we can find her a forever family of her own. Reagan and her brother from another litter, Granger, came to us from an owner surrender situation. We were told that there was black mold present in their home and that they needed to find a new place to live, so the dogs and the owners went separate ways.
Looking for a young, laid back fella, with black hair and ripped abs?  Well that’s me, except those aren’t my abs… those would be my ribs because someone must have forgotten to feed me a time or two. Interestingly enough, they had the financial means to have my ears cropped, a painful, unnecessary procedure, but didn’t have the ability properly provide me a quality diet.

Etta James found herself at a shelter singing the blues after she was found as a stray. She is a beautiful, 4 year old, Brindle, English Mastiff female with a black mask. Right now she is skin and bones and has a lot of fattening up to do but her tail is wagging and she seems to know she is in good hands now! Etta is always game for a car ride and will jump right in and let her jowls flap in the wind as she takes in the sites.

Sometimes you don’t have to use your eyes to see. Sometimes it’s your heart that opens up and shows you the true vision of hope and joy.  My name is Louie and I’ve been my relying on my heart to lead me for quite some time. My eyes are no use to me any longer as they have gone dark from Glaucoma. I’m an older boy, but worthy of a loving family and looking for a place to retire in my twilight years.

VooDoo… oh the magic that you are going to do in someone’s life will be remarkable. Voodoo is a 2 year old, female, white, Great Pyrenees and she is the lovely, furry sister to Lou-doh the Great Pyr. These two pups were an owner surrender due to, space, time and attention limitations. They simply weren’t able to be cared for in a way that the owner felt they needed, so they let them go in hopes of finding them new forever families.

Hey Lou, we’re going to find a family for you! Lou, in lieu of the name Lou-Doh, is a 3 year old, white, male Great Pyrenees. He and his sister VooDoo came to us from a family surrender situation. With a baby on the way, 2 other children in the house, and a living space that was considered too small, the family thought it was best to rehome the fluffy siblings. Lou is a good boy and is the more submissive pup of the pair.
We don't know much yet about Carl the Leonberger mix, but we're planning to find out! This 2-year-old brown-and-white teenager weighs 93 pounds, and he was picked up as a stray and brought to BDHP. He's good with other dogs, and he seems to be leery of some men but warms up quickly with just a little positive reinforcement and treats.

While he may not be a buckin bronco yet, our new friend Bronco will be fixed up and ready to run and play soon enough! You see, Bronco is a 5 year old, Fawn, English Mastiff/Great Pyrenees Mix who is in pretty rough shape right now between allergies, an ear infection, vision loss and a torn CCL. He isn't feeling so hot at the moment, but it is clear that he is a special guy with many amazing attributes who deserves a pain free life.

Doe a deer a female deer....okay so maybe she isn't a dear but Doe Doe is a 2-3 year old, Black, Great Dane mix who is a Ray, a drop of golden sun! Truly, she is a complete love bug who adores all people and is incredibly gentle and loving with kids and adults alike! It's hard to believe that some family didn't value the love she had to give and was "getting rid" of she and her 10 puppies "one way or another".

Meet, King Arthur! This 2-3 year old, Brindle, Boerboel Mastiff pulled a magical sword out of a stone and found himself in BDHPI rescue with a round table of knights to protect and serve him. He is regal and good looking like any good king should be and he is enjoying the banquet spreads of high quality dog food and savory treats to fatten him up after his days on the streets.

Spring is in the air and I am ready to meet my forever family. My name is Bindi and I am a confident, 6 month old, 40 pound, female, Great Pyrenees puppy. I am a tri-pod who is ready to find out how fun life can be now that my broken leg is gone and I am free to run and play thanks to the nice folks at BDHPI. I currently live with dogs of all sizes and and they do not intimidate me at all. i also love kids and give them sweet puppy kisses!

Meet our good friend, Duke! He is new on the scene here at BDHPI and at 3.5 years of age he is the perfect starter dog for someone new to giant breeds. He doesn't engage in any of that puppy nonsense like barking, chewing, or digging and is content to lounge on the couch and relax with his humans. Duke is house trained, leash trained, knows sit and lay down, and he is not destructive with free roam.

These speed demons are racing to meet their forever families at the finish line! Meet Cadi the black female who is one of 10 puppies born on 1/15/14 from Great Dane mama, Doe Doe, and a mystery daddy who came visiting when her humans were away. Unfortunately, these folks were not loving, responsible owners and they were driving around with these babies hanging out of the window and telling people they were getting rid of them one way or another!

These speed demons are racing to meet their forever families at the finish line! Meet Shelby the black female who is one of 10 puppies born on 1/15/14 from Great Dane mama, Doe Doe, and a mystery daddy who came visiting when her humans were away. Unfortunately, these folks were not loving, responsible owners and they were driving around with these babies hanging out of the window and telling people they were getting rid of them one way or another!

These speed demons are racing to meet their forever families at the finish line! Meet Beetle the brindle female who is one of 10 puppies born on 1/15/14 from Great Dane mama, Doe Doe, and a mystery daddy who came visiting when her humans were away. Unfortunately, these folks were not loving, responsible owners and they were driving around with these babies hanging out of the window and telling people they were getting rid of them one way or another!

These speed demons are racing to meet their forever families at the finish line! Meet Royce the black male who is one of 10 puppies born on 1/15/14 from Great Dane mama, Doe Doe, and a mystery daddy who came visiting when her humans were away. Unfortunately, these folks were not loving, responsible owners and they were driving around with these babies hanging out of the window and telling people they were getting rid of them one way or another!

These speed demons are racing to meet their forever families at the finish line! Meet Camino the brindle male who is one of 10 puppies born on 1/15/14 from Great Dane mama, Doe Doe, and a mystery daddy who came visiting when her humans were away. Unfortunately, these folks were not loving, responsible owners and they were driving around with these babies hanging out of the window and telling people they were getting rid of them one way or another!

I’m not sure why my sister doesn’t like me. She might have been born just a few minutes before me, but that doesn’t make her the boss of me… and she doesn’t have to be so mean! My name is Miah and I’m a 2 year old, fawn, female, Presa Canario. My sister and I were both surrendered by our owners and I can only assume that it was because of my sister’s behavior. I came into the shelter with lots of wounds around my muzzle.

Truman the Big Dog is setting the stage for an encore performance. After his debut with BDHPI, Truman the 5 year old, Male, Brindle, English Mastiff was adopted by a family for almost a year. Due to moving into home that only allowed them to keep 2 dogs, he was returned to Big Dogs with best wishes in finding his forever family.

Odin, you are so loved and your family is just devastated to have to say goodbye, but we will help you find a new family that will love you as much as your original family could have hoped! You see, Odin’s owner developed an extreme allergy to him and it was threatening her life so they had to say goodbye much to their dismay. Odin is a 3 year old, Merle, Male, Great Dane and this handsome pup has Addison’s disease.

Let us introduce you all to our tall, dark and handsome new friend, Nyko.  This hunk of burning love is a 1 year and 10 month old, black, male Great Dane with a white patch on his chest and white tipped toes.  This guy is ALL puppy and wants nothing more than to play with his toys and spend time with his people.  Nyko is a sweet as they come and everyone that has come into contact with this stunning guy has instantly fallen for his charm.
Awwww Dang!  Why did my family have to bring that little person into our house?  Everything was great before they brought it home. I was best friends with the other dogs that were in the house and we all shared toys and were totally buddies until that day… and that was when I decided that I would take matters into my own paws and take control of this new little person situation. So, in hindsight, I may have handled things poorly.
I loved my family and they loved me, but military housing wouldn’t allow them to have me. It’s sad, but it’s ok.  I’m young and have my whole life ahead of me. My name is Musso and I’m a 1 year old, blue, Cane Corso boy and I’m looking for my forever family. I’m a submissive sort of pup and that is a really attractive feature for other dogs, so it’s easy for me to be doggy buddies with almost any other canine.

Meet Tank, aka Hank, the 5 year old, 118 lb, Fawn, male English Mastiff! This hunk of love found himself in a shelter when his owners dumped him off there due to his fear of strangers. You see, when he gets scared he sometimes submissively urinates but his foster family will be working on building his confidence through positive socialization.

A penny for your thoughts, Penny! We're sure Penny is thinking that there's a new family out there just waiting to welcome her into their home. Penny is a 2-year-old brown Great Dane/Mastiff/Shepherd mix. She's a well-trained young lady and knows basic commands such as sit, stay, shake and lay down. Her family gave her up because they were moving and couldn't bring her with them.

Little Bit is just that, a little bit of a Gentle Giant. Weighing 101 pounds, this Harlequin Great Dane is underweight, so we're working to put some meat on those bones! She's not quite 2 years old, and she has some health issues: allergies and partially blind in her left eye but they certainly don't hold her back much.
Danni is a 2 year old, Fawn, English Mastiff/Great Dane Mix female. She was found as a stray and we suspect her past wasn't the greatest given her shy and fearful nature. Her foster family has already won her over and have pledged to show her what love and family are all about! Danni gets along well with most other dogs but needs a cat free environment.

Sissy is here with at BDHPI looking for just one thing... YOU.  This sweet lady is around 4-5 years of age. She has had a very rough past which is evident by the bones showing throughout her body when she was found as a stray. On the bright side, a full bowl of dog food is all the doctor has ordered for this lady to get back to health.

Lucy, welcome to the world of Big Dog Huge Paws… we promise to find you the perfect home soon. Lucy is a female, Harlequin, Great Dane that just celebrated her 2nd birthday in January. Her markings are unique and she is predominantly white with some black spots near her rear. As most people know, the extra white pigment in a Dane equates to the higher the likelihood of some disability. Lucy falls within this category and this white beauty is indeed special.

Hercules, it doesn't matter that you're such a big boy. We love our Gentle Giants, even when others have to surrender their canine companions because of their large size. Hercules is a 4-year-old fawn English Mastiff who is good with most other dogs and has been around kids as young as 4 years old. He's never lived with a cat, so we're not sure how he would handle having one as a brother or sister but we'll be further evaluating soon.

My name is Dojah and I'm a 2 year old, female, Mastiff & Saint Bernard cross breed. That means that I'm a big and pretty, brindle colored lady. I was staying at the local shelter, but no one is quite why I ended up there... all they know is that I wasn't thriving in that environment due to my timid nature, so Big Dogs Huge Paws stepped in to give me a foster family where I could be myself.
Every one of us has been given life for a purpose. Sometimes we are meant to touch a certain person or cross an unknown path… to bear a predetermined burden or provide solace at the end of the day… and sometimes, we live our entire lives so that we can be present at a certain place, at the perfect time, and it is that one moment which will define us forever.

Hello Harper, welcome to the rescue family!  We are so excited to introduce you to your future forever family, we just can't wait to tell them all about you.  First we should start by telling them that you are an absolutely BEAUTIFUL, white, 4 year old, female Great Pyrenees. You are still very skinny, but we will turn that right around for you with a full bowl of food twice a day.

Calli the 6-year-old black Great Dane is looking for a new family to call her own. She's a petite one, weighing in at a mere 102 pounds. She's been involved in some traumatic circumstances prior to coming into rescue, but with a bit of love and a calm environment, she has settled into a wonderful, playful firl.

Meet our handsome guy, Tex.  No you won't find him riding off into the sunset herding cattle, but you MIGHT find him laying on his back on his family's sofa.  This lug is a 4 year old, Fawn, Male, English Mastiff.  He is a very good boy who is house trained, leash trained, and crate trained.  He is 100% trustworthy with free roam, so no need to worry that that sofa might not be there when you return.

What a story Duke the Mastiff Puppy has and he is only 21 weeks old. This is what we know. Duke was purchased as a gift for someone but when he was delivered to the proud-puppy-owner-to-be, the landlord lost it and insisted that Duke be taken away. The people who purchased Duke were unable to keep him so they decided to this happy, playful, love-muffin, to the Vet to say a peaceful, forever, goodbye.

Well, Spike, it's your turn to find a forever family. Spike is a 4-year-old black mastiff/Labrador mix. Weighing in at 126 pounds, this handsome boy is house-trained, crate-trained and leash-trained. He knows his basic commands of sit, come, bed, toy, down, no bark, shhh, and it's OK. He's definitely an inside boy who can be trusted with free roam. He's not a barker, digger or chewer, and he knows that he shouldn't be on the furniture.

Hi! I'm Zoe, and I have a sad tale to tell. I'm looking for someone new to be my family because my owner passed away, and I'm all alone again. But I promise I'm a really good 3-year-old black Great Dane! I'm house-trained, crate-trained and leash-trained, and good with other dogs after proper introductions. I am a bit insecure after all I have been through and would really like to have a strong leader to make me feel safe.

Say hello to Moses. He won’t part the seas or bring you a tablet with words to live by, but he will be a loyal companion and promise you his undying love. Moses is one cool Cane Corso pup that is Blue in color and only 2 years old.

Meet our newest gangster, Clyde the 2 year old, 90 lb, Mantle male Great Dane! Clyde is looking to put his bank robbery days behind him and settle down somewhere permanently instead of constanting running from the law.

Meet out friend "Nomad" who is a 3-5 year old, Fawn, Anatolian Shepherd who is ready to put his days of moving from place to another behind. He is 98.2 lbs of pure lovin and while he was found as a stray, he was clearly someone's pet once upon a time based on how quickly he has acclimated to his foster home and indoor living.

Hello there, my name is Zoe.  I am told that I am a 12-18 month old, drop dead gorgeous, brindle, female Great Dane.  I was rescued by the great people at Big Dogs Huge Paws after a good Samaritan saw me in a backyard with no food or shelter.  It was obvious it has been quite awhile since my last meal by my emaciated body.  The good news is that now that I am rescue, I am told I will never find myself banished to the backyard again.

Meet our milk chocolate and white friend, Willy.  This handsome man was found as a stray with his sister, Willa, cruising the streets.  He is an 18 month old, male, Landseer Newfoundland who appears to have some visual impairment although he isn't completely blind.

Meet our "Diamond in the rough"! Diamond the 3-5 year old, Red, female Dogue de Bordeaux. This sweet girl found herself in a shelter when her owner went to jail, along with her mate and their daughter, Diva, who is also available for adoption through BDHPI. Unfortunately, my previous family didn't take very good care of me so I was very skinny and heartworm positive back then, but I have gained weight and was treated for heartworm so I am ready to start my new life now.

Good Gracious Gatsby!! Look at the legs on you! Gatsby the tall, dark, and handsome Great Dane was just recently returned to BDHPI and is hanging out with his foster folks until a forever family swoops him up.  This young man is around 2 years old and still has some filling out to do on that slender frame. In his short life, Gatsby has been shuffled around from house to house due to his size and being a teenager.

Who’s up for some Moonshine? Although this one is a little different than what you might expect to find, bottled out in the Kentucky country, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find this Moonshine roaming the farm and guarding the flock. See, the Big Dogs version of Moonshine is a beautiful, 9 year old, female, petite, Great Pyrenees, and she is looking for a comfy place to call her home during her retirement years.

Welcome our new red friend, Dede to the foster scene.  We don't know a whole lot about her yet but we do know this pretty girl is a 2-3 year old, female Dogue de Bordeaux.  She was picked up as a stray and when her time was up at the shelter BDHP swooped in to save the day.  We promised this sweetie that we would help build her confidence and find her a perfect home full of warmth, dog beds and plenty of food.

Meet the King! This black Great Dane isn't your typical confident ruler but he is deserving of feasts and jewels for sure. He and his brother, Ace, were found as strays, starving and afraid. He remains timid but he is starting to come out of his shell and learning to trust thanks to his amazing foster family.

I’m a beautiful puppy and that is my only fault. I need to go on daily walks and to play freely, that’s what my Momma said when she gave me up. She said that I needed a space with a family that would give me the things that a puppy needs, so that is why I’m here, to find that family.  My name is Athena and I’m one spunky Cane Corso youngster.

Everyone, please meet Eve - the luckiest girl this holiday season. Eve was rescued with several other dogs from a breeder who is being faced with neglect and animal cruelty charges. She is a 2-3 year old, Red, female Dogue de Bordeaux who is extremely emaciated at 80 lbs, as you can see in the photos. Fortunately, her skin condition is not mange, but a reaction to her emaciation and allergies. Two nights of Zrytec has already reduced Eve's scratching.

As children, we were all taught to love Macaroni because it is so much fun… and I’m here to tell you that nothing has changed! I’m Macaroni and you should love me because I’m all kinds of wonderful! I’m a 5 year old, black Great Dane Girl and I’m here because the rabbits ran me straight out of town.

Hello there, my name is Turbo and I am here to make your dreams come true.  I am a handsome 5 year old male, Fawn, English Mastiff.  I am about as sweet as they come.  I love people both big and small and would love to have some kids in my new forever home.  I am great with dogs of all sizes and wouldn't mind having one or two of those in my new home as well.
At 1 year of age, Daisy is being replanted. Daisy is a brown and white, female, St.Bernard /Great Dane cross breed. Daisy comes to us as a special needs pup. This pretty girl had a deformity in her front leg requiring the amputation of the limb so she is a tri-pod now. Daisy came to us with some pain at the amputation site but it is now well managed and she is a happy, comfortable girl.
We can’t wait to find out more about Erin! Right now, the information is slim and so is this baby, so we need to work on getting her up to a decent weight and back to health.  Erin is a 5-6 year old Merle, Great Dane, Momma that has clearly had many litters and is recovering from having some puppies recently.

Natalia is a 5 year old, Brindle, Boerboel Mastiff. Her massive size and good looks turn heads on each and every one of her walks. Natalia's original owners could not keep her and she was living the last few years out on the farm in an outdoor run with her brother, Beilo the Great Dane who is also in rescue with us.  She came to us with a hurt hind leg and is currently limping so we are going to have the vet's check that out right away.

My name is Princess, but I have never worn a jeweled collar, slept on a velvet cushion, or enjoyed the feeling of a brush running through my hair. I am an 8 year old, female, Great Pyrenees and I’ve been kept outside all of my life. My hair is matted and will need to be shaved but that is just my exterior. My heart is pure and I’m open to love. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to me when my owner moved out of our house and left me there, to die.

Major has spent the whole 4 years of his life progressing in the ranks and has reached the lofty grade of ‘Captain of Love’. He is a very heavy boy and his foster family will be working with him to decrease his weight and improve his overall health. This BullMastiff Boy was released by his family because the landlord decided that they were no longer allowed to have a dog.

Meet Nick, our large and in charge newest addition! This 3 year old, Harlequin, male Great Dane was the victim of divorce, moving, and his owner working too long of hours, requiring him to be crated up to 12 hours/day. Unfortunately, this big lug needs a lot more exercise, attention, and training than they could provide so he is now here with us at Big Dogs.
 Bielo is a 7 year old, Blue, 145 lb, male Great Dane. He lived previously with a Boerboel Mastiff and sadly his owners could no longer keep them after they moved. They were originally house dogs but have been living outside for the past few years so he is going through a refresher course on house training currently, and we are happy to report back he is doing fabulous.

Ducky is special. You can see it immediately when he walks over to greet you.  You can sense it in his charming, happy spirit and feel it in his gentle, loving touch. Ducky is a 1.5 year old St. Bernard and was found by the County as a stray. We don’t know much about Ducky, but we know that he is unique. He was affectionately named based on his “duck legs” in his hind quarters.

Krissy, we don’t know why your owner gave you away to the shelter, but we are sorry for your sadness and we are going to make it all better.There is a lot that we don’t know about Krissy’s past, like her age or medical history, but what we do know, we really like. This laid back, gentle, sweetheart of a dog is a senior, fawn, Mastiff Mix and she is a joy to be around.

Meet, Bruiser! This big guy weighs 130 lbs and is a 7 year old Great Pyrenees with a great big smile that will warm your heart. He was picked up by the ACO who noticed he was limping badly on his right leg and his owner did not want to pay to fix it. He has since undergone surgery to repair the injury and is on the road to a full recovery now! Bruiser is house trained, trustworthy with free roam, and his foster family is working with him on basic training.

Why would someone have two giant breed dogs just to keep them outside for their whole lives? Wouldn’t they know how much cuddling and companionship that they were missing out on by keeping us in the back yard? Didn’t they know how cold it was during the winters and how miserable it was during the awful summers? I guess we should be happy that they moved into a rental that wouldn’t allow dogs, now no other dogs will suffer.

I Am A Princess. I should be sleeping in a plush bed with a jeweled collar around my neck. Instead I have been kept outside every day of my life… through frigid winter nights and scorching summer days, I endured. I was not alone. My sister, from the same parents yet a different litter, was with me. Her name is Cocoa and she has been rescued with me.

Geez-o-peetz!  Am I the only one that has a sister that they just can’t get along with?  Please tell me that I’m not alone in this and that you’ve had some disagreements with you pesky sister too! In any hierarchy structure, especially siblings from the same litter, there can be a battle for dominance and that is what my sister and I were working through when my family decided that they didn’t want the hassle of our conflicts.

Lily is a 5 year old, Tan, Tibetan Mastiff/Bloodhound Mix who looks like a fluffy version of her mom, the bloodhound, but emotionally she's all Tibetan like her dad. She is house trained, crate trained, leash trained and knows 10 basic commands, including sit pretty and rollover. She is a very accomplished young lady who has passed her Canine Good Citizen Test and is very obedient and loyal to her humans but she does require a strong leader.

Gianna is an approximately 8 year old, 94 lb, Black, female Great Dane who somehow found herself wandering the streets and then behind bars at a shelter, which is certainly not what this elegant senior lady deserves! We aren't sure what happened to leave her homeless, but she was definitely someone’s pet at one time.

This is the sad profile of June, an English Mastiff that has been bred way to many times and has had a pretty rough life and we are guessing she is around 5-6 years old but don't know for sure. We want to change all that for this lady. We want to make her days happy, relaxed and chalk full of joy! Before coming to BDHP, June had been staying in a foster home with 2 young girls and proved that she is gentle and loving with young children.

Hi! I’m Loki, that long-legged, beautiful, lady that you’ve been searching for. I’m a Fawn, 5 year old Anatolian Shepherd and I'm looking for my forever love! My family was going through some pretty heavy changes, like a divorce coupled with moving, and they felt that they couldn’t provide me what I needed, so they thought it better to help me find a new home. Don’t cry for me, because I know that there is new life on the horizon!

My world is a little shaky and I’m going to need to find a special, compassionate person to settle things down for me. My name is Ellie and I’m a 6 year old, Merle, Female, Great Dane and I have Wobbler’s Syndrome. This disorder makes me a very special girl with visible trembling and decreased balance. My people have managed my problem with steroids but they have too many stairs in their home which present a serious challenge for me.

Say hello to Daisy (aka Kali)! This buttercup of a pup is joining us to begin a new chapter in her life’s story. Not a lot is known about this petunia’s past, but what is certain is that she is a 100lb, Black, Neapolitan Mastiff. At 2 years old, she has lots of playful days ahead of her and she would love an active forever home with a big backyard for her to run and play in! Ms.

Maggie is a 2 year old, Brindle, Fila Brasileiro.

 Darla is an adorable, almost 2 year old, Blue, female Neapolitan Mastiff. Her entire body wiggles as she wags and she is a very happy girl! She gets along okay with some other large dogs after proper introductions and time to work out her place in the pack, but does have some aggression issues and would probably do best in a home without any other animals. She definitely cannot be around any small dogs or cats of any kind and does have a strong prey drive.

Bebe is a beautiful, 2.5 year old, Black, female Great Dane. She is epileptic and suffers from seizures but we have them well managed on daily medication.  She is also blind but after only a couple of weeks she learned her foster home so well you can hardly tell she can't see. Bebe is house trained, not destructive, and her crate is her safe place. She will often go in to take a nap when she is feeling overwhelmed or just tired.

Napoleon(aka Bourque) is a handsome, 2.5 year old, Fawn, English Mastiff. He weighs 150 lbs currently and is just about the sweetest boy you can imagine! He is loving, affectionate, and truly devoted to his humans. Bourque is leery of men initially, but he does warm up with time and treats. He is good with other dogs and is house trained, crate trained, dog door trained and not destructive.

Chaya is a beautiful, 2 year old, Brindle, Presa Canario female. She is very sweet, loving, and affectionate to all she meets and her back end doesn't stop wiggling. She is good with other dogs, but is a dominant breed and can be aggressive. She is doing really well in a stable pack of larger dogs at her foster home with no cats or small dogs. Chaya is great with older kids! She is house trained, crate trained, and treat and praise motivated.