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Looking for a Home – Available Dogs

Many of the gentle giants that come into our rescue have been neglected or abused. Others have simply been abandoned by their owners due to a divorce, a new baby, moving, or natural disaster. We are often told that they got “too big” or “too expensive” and many of the dogs below come to us with very little training. Despite their past, rescue dogs are incredibly forgiving and very eager to please. They have so much to give and are all very special. We are looking for forever homes and permanent families who will love their new addition unconditionally and give them the love and support they need and deserve for the rest of their lives.

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Available Dogs

Hi! I’m Penny, a red, 3-year-old, 94 pound, Dogue de Bordeaux (yeah, I’m on the smaller side, but cute as a button—if I do say so myself). I found myself at the shelter because, as much as my human loved me, they could not afford the surgery for my pyometra (infection of the uterus, nasty stuff). I did get my surgery and I am all better now. Never have to worry about that again! The shelter said I passed my “SAFER” test (whatever that is).

Roccooooooo is a handsome, 15 month old, brindle Presa Canario with cropped ears who is looking for a new place to lay his jowls. Rocco has an amazing skill set under his furry belt for such a young man...he is house trained, leash trained and crate trained. He knows how to sit, lay down and  he loves a game of fetch..yep you heard that right a mastiff who likes to play fetch!

Charlie (aka Gambino) was found wandering, alone and scared by a family that took him in and found a safe place for him to go and we have already started him on his road to recovery.

Hi, I am Eowyn, the 2-year-old, fawn, female Boerboel Mastiff. My previous owner felt that I needed a more experienced owner who would have a little more time to devote to me (and let’s face it, being a mom of kids does keep one’s hands pretty full). In addition, I am a challenging breed that needs someone who can work on leadership training and handle my power and dominance as I am not the dog breed for the average dog owner.

Humphrey (aka Beauregard) is a 6 year old Akbash/Great Pyrenees mix that is coming back to us because his dear sweet mama is terminally ill. We are broken hearted for both of them and we hope that the knowledge that he will be loved and cared for by us as we search for the right home that will help heal his heart will give her some peace of mind. It is a promise that we take seriously and we will search high and low for his perfect family.

Marmaduke is a happy-go-lucky, silly puppy who loves everyone and everything he has met so far! He was found as a stray and when he wasn't reclaimed he came into rescue. He is a 1 year old, fawn Great Dane who is emaciated at only 98 lbs but it's only lack of meals that has him in this state and this guy loves his food so in no time at all he'll back at a healthy weight.

If you are like us, you take one look at Harry's sweet soulful eyes and fall in love with this crooner! Harry is a 120 lb, 6 year old, fawn Great Dane that has the most adorable cropped floppy ears that we have seen in a while.

Here comes Harley....vrooom vroom....ok this older gal isn't quite up for all that jazz anymore but she sure is ready to ride her way into your lives and park herself on your couch permanently! Harley is an 8 year old, black Great Dane who is super, super sweet. She has arthritic knees but she is not a surgical candidate so she will require a ranch style home with limited stairs and pain medication to manage her discomfort.

My name is Axe, and I have a question to "axe" you. Do you have room in your life for a 2-year-old, male Saint Bernard like me? I'll need an understanding home and a bit of work, but I promise you, I'll try my hardest and I'll love you forever! See, I was surrendered by my previous owner for being too protective of my home and my humans. Just trying to protect my turf, you know? But with some work in that area, I'll be an amazing and loyal guardian.

This beautiful 3.5-year-old, fawn female is Olivia. Unfortunately, her parents living circumstances have changed, so this English Mastiff is in need of a new, and furever, home. She does have some environmental allergies, but they are well managed. She is house trained, crate trained, leash trained and knows sit and shake. She is also trustworthy with free roam, though the temptation to chew on a shoe occasionally may prove to tempting to resist.

Potter...yes I was named after that guy! I'm full of magic...and maybe beans...but mostly magic! I'm a 1 year old, stately, black Great Dane who is now in rescue after being found as a stray. Unfortunately, those who found me initially were threatening to shoot me but thankfully my rescue angels came through and swooped me up and I gave them all the kisses I could!

Those ears!! Bella has us all under her spell! This 5 month old, piebald Great Dane has come to us via an owner who was unable to take her with them when they moved. We have no doubt this sweet girl will be off to her forever family quickly as she is all kinds of adorable and fun. She is 50 pounds but growing every day. She is learning how to not jump, nip or snatch food.

Say hello to our little friend, Holly! This adorable munchkin was found as a stray and is happy to be out of the shelter and in a loving foster home now. She is 16 weeks old approximately and 40 lbs and growing. Holly is good with other dogs, shares nicely, and loves everyone she meets so far. As a puppy, she will require quite a bit of training and her foster family will get her started on the basics including house training, crate training, leash training and basic commands.

Aya, Arabic for Miracle, is our miracle baby who was the only 1 of 6 puppies born alive in her litter. Her mom, Mona Lisa, came into rescue just days prior to giving birth and was severely emaciated and unable to provide the babies and herself all the nutrients they needed to survive sadly. Aya's birthday is November 1st and she will be ready to go to her forever home on 12/27/16 when she is 8 weeks old.

Meet Matilda! She is a 16 month old, Black Brindle, female Neapolitan Mastiff. She is overjoyed to be here with BDHPI after a narrow escape from a future of being used as a breeder dog at an auction. She would much rather be part of a loving family and an indoor pet and is finally getting her shot at learning how to be a dog.

This is Mandy, a 7-year-old, bronze Newfie. She has special needs and is looking for a special home. Mandy’s owner passed away and other family members are unable to care for her due to their own obligations. This sweet, submissive girl is leash trained and a couch potato. She loves liver treats and car rides and gets along with other dogs, cats and kids. She’s not a barker, digger or chewer.

"The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire." Meet Nixon, he is a 3 year old Mantle Dane who has come to us with some medical issues that we are bound and determined to solve for him and get him healthy and on his way to his forever family. Nixon has wobblers disease and while his owner's were told previously he didn't need surgery, we are going to get a second opinion and make sure we are doing everything possible to ensure quality of life.

Paisley is an almost 1 year old, Black, Neapolitan Mastiff who was saved from an auction and spared a future of breeding thanks to a fellow rescuer. Since her arrival at her foster home, she has been trying to figure out the big scary world since she hasn't been very well socialized previously. She is a goofy, gangly puppy who is timid but as sweet as they come. Paisley is doing well with her potty training, crate training, and just starting to learn some basic commands.

This is Jace, a sweet 2-3-year-old fawn, male Great Dane. He was found as a stray but we have learned quite a bit about him so far and he does know “sit”, "no", and "hey" (as in no, leave it alone, back away), walks nicely on harness, he is house trained, not destructive, and, despite being emaciated, he waits and takes treats and food nicely. He loves people and is good with dogs and kids, but needs a feline free forever home.

Meet the distinguished Remington...or Remi for short! Remi is a 2.5 year old, 154 lb, fawn Old English Mastiff who is house, leash and crate trained. This big fluffy fella knows how to sit and lay down and he doesn't bark, dig or chew on anything that he shouldn't have in his giant jowls! Remi absolutely loves any toy that squeaks and it can quite amusing to watch him play with them, he's like a kid in a candy store.

How do you do, my name Brandy the 5-6 year old Great Dane/Saint Bernard mix and I love to roo! I came to BDHPI because my owners felt I wasn't good with their children, given my old age. I am house trained, crate trained, leash trained and can be inside or outside -- though I prefer the couch. I love to go on car rides, and I enjoy playing with other dogs, too. I am a little scared of thunder and water hoses, so can we avoid those?

Anchors aweigh!  Meet Bosun our 150lb., 11 year old, male (Bronze and White) Newfoundland.  This handsome boy is looking for a  home with minimal stairs as he does have arthritis. Bosun is an indoor dog who is trustworthy with free roam. He is leash trained, enjoys car rides and knows sit. He barks to alert and is not allowed on the furniture. He does not dig or chew and has lived with dogs, cats and children.

Sweet sweet Sparky is a young, fawn, Mastiff mix who even though a little shy he loves people but kids are his favorite! He is always seeking out their company and affection because it makes him happy. He belonged to an elderly lady who passed away and he then went to live with a family member who was arrested and sent to jail for a lengthy amount of time so her boyfriend then took him to another town and unceremoniously dumped him.

This beautiful senior Harlequin Great Dane is Daisy. She came to Big Dogs Huge Paws from the local Humane Society as a stray, so, unfortunately, very little is known about this girl—including her exact age. However, this girl has shown herself to be well-mannered, healthy (but thin), gentle and good with dogs. It takes a special home to adopt a senior, knowing that time can be uncertain.

Quin is a 5 month old, brindle 'Gladiator Dane' which just means this cute bundle of fur is a Dane/Mastiff mix. Quin is 55lbs of silly puppy that has unfortunately not had the best socializing up until this point so he can be timid but not fearful. He is house trained and crate trained and he loves other dogs, but prefers to dine alone which easy enough in crate or another room.

Rapunzel is a 6 yr old, piebald merle Great Dane. This beautiful girl has come to us after being found as a stray for the second time and taken to the local shelter, presumably due to the untreated leg wounds she has. When the shelter reached out to us we were delighted to be able to help this old soul. Rapunzel is extremely emaciated but she is eating more regularly as she is feeling better and she is gaining weight daily.

Spirit the 5 year old Great Pyrenees is coming to us in pretty rough shape.

This is Chestnut, the 3-year-old, fawn, male Great Dane. Not much is known about this gorgeous boy as he was found as a stray and came to Big Dogs Huge Paws through the Humane Society. He is a little underweight at 98 lbs, so, knowing hunger, it is not surprising that this very tall Dane is a counter surfer. He is also good with dogs of all sizes, but he does prefer proper introductions. He does chase cats, though, so it would be best to have a cat free furever home.

I've heard it said that "gray muzzles" are the best, and I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment! My name is Claire, and I'm a sweet Great Dane lady looking for a little peace and quiet in my retirement years. The shelter estimates I am around 8 years old, give or take a little either way, but a lady never really tells her true age, does she?
Hey all, my name is Franklin and I'm a 4 year old, male, tri-colored Saint Bernard. I was surrendered by my owner because we were homeless and they just couldn't take care of a big guy like me and while I miss them dearly I truly understand that it was in my best interest because I need a family and stability and here I am to find my new folks.

Duke is one of those dogs that makes us shake our heads in disbelief that his family never came looking for him. He was found wandering as a stray and after his hold was up we made him part of our family. Duke is a 1 year old. fawn with white socks, male Great Dane/Saint Bernard mix...a Great Saint! And this boy is just that, great! He is wonderful with other dogs of all shapes, sizes and sexes.

Haas is a flashy, 6 year old, blue Great Dane who is need of a quieter home for retirement. Haas has lived with one family for the past six years but as the family is growing and the kids are getting older and louder Haas is becoming more uncomfortable with all the chaos. He is house trained and leash trained and good with free roam.

This gorgeous brindle English/Neapolitan Mastiff mix is Juno. She is 3.5 years old, knows basic commands and is trustworthy to free roam. Not only that, she is leash trained, crate trained and housetrained, and only barks to alert. She’s amazing with kids and good with other dogs (cats unknown). So, why is she looking for a new home? Well, did I mention she is part Neapolitan Mastiff? Yes, and this breed is very protective of their family.

Kym aka Imagine is a loving, blue, female,  Great Dane around the age of 6, weighing 125 lbs., who was found as a stray.  Imagine has mammary tumors from being overbred and is heartworm positive so the next weeks she will be under close observation as activity will be limited. Imagine is people,  dog and cat friendly who loves attention and tummy rubs.

Hello everyone, my name is Gypsy and I was thankfully accepted by BDHP into their adoption program and just in the nick of time! You see I was surrendered by my owner to the local you imagine that?! Once it was determined by the shelter that I was heartworm positive rescue was my only hope and BDHP my saving grace!

Meet the newest addition to our family, Mona Lisa. She is a 4 year old, tri-colored, smooth coat Saint Bernard that was thankfully rescued from a social media site where she was being given away to the first person that could get her and we are very happy that a fellow rescuer was able to get her and bring her to us!

Thor the Mighty Mastiff has come from Asgard to find his family. He is a gorgeous, 3 year old, fawn Old English Mastiff whose previous family was going through very stressful medical issues and were unable to give him what he needed, but we are happy to help. Thor is a little underweight but with regular meals he will be in tip top shape in no time. Thor is a very happy, outgoing boy who turns heads wherever he goes.

Josie is a 3 year old, fawn, Great Dane who is a bit on the smaller side at 90lbs, but she is all heart! Josie is an amazing girl who is great with dogs, cats and children. She adores attention from anyone but she's never demanding about it.

Welcome Mr. Feeny to the neighborhood! Mr. Feeny is a 2 year old, white with tan and grey Great Pyrenees/Anatolian mix who was abandoned by his previous owners at their rental property where he had lived his entire life outside.

Meet Maggie, the 5 year old, Harlequin, Great Dane who is coming to BDHP because she is a city gal. You see Miss Maggie was found as a stray and after some time and effort by her current family, to include their other dogs, they were able to gain Maggie's confidence and she came to trust them. Maggie was most likely a breeder dog but she is very much enjoying her new indoor life.

Sophie is an adorable, 3 year old, Saint Bernard who is a perfect young lady. She used to live on a farm and she gets along with everyone and everything - kids, adults, cats, dogs, birds and well anything else that crosses her path. Sophie is as sweet as they come and she is very well mannered. She has not been taught a lot but she is very eager to please and went from never having been on a leash to walking next to her person in just a few days!

Grace is a 4-year-old white Saint Bernard/Pyrenees mix. She was born on a sanctuary and lived outside with lots of other dogs in kennels with little human contact so she hasn't been well socialized. In spite of that, she is a super sweet wiggle butt who is eager to learn and to please and loving all the attention she is getting now. She gets along with other dogs and is living with 2 currently, but kids might be a bit much for her due to her timid nature.

Rieley, the 132 lb, 9 year old, tri-colored Saint Bernard has arrived! He was surrendered to a local animal shelter due itching which we suspect is allergy related. We will be figuring out what is causing this for him and get him on his way to recovery and his forever family. Rieley is a typical Saint with an independent nature but he still very much enjoys his time with his family and is a big lover boy.

This sweet, sweet boy is so happy to be out of his dire situation and into the loving arms of his foster fa

This beautiful fawn, 5-year-old, Fawn Bullmastiff is Nala. Living circumstances have changed for her family, and this wonderful girl is looking for her furever home. She is house trained, crate trained and leash trained. She also knows commands such as sit, stay, no and kennel. She loves car rides, Nylabones, natural bones and stuffed animals, but guns and fireworks scare her.

Hello, world! My name is Rochester, a fittingly distinguished name for a sweet gentleman like myself! I'm a 10-year-old, male  Saint Bernard who would love to find a home with the right family. My previous owner unfortunately developed some medical issues, and she was no longer able to provide for me. I'm sad to leave her, but I know that BDHP will find me an amazing new home. I used to be around kids a lot, and I'm great with them.

Abby hasn't had the best start to life which was evident when she was rescued off of an online site by her current family. She was emaciated and clearly used to breed but once her usefulness was over with she went to whomever had the money first; and lucky for her she ended up in a home that cared for her. Abby is a 4 year old, Cane Corso with cropped ears.

Luna the moon goddess is making her debut! She is an 11 month old, black Great Dane who is in need of a wonderful home who can help her realize that not all humans are bad. Luna knows to go potty outside, how to walk well on a leash and she goes into her crate with no issues - in fact she views it as her safe place and will go in there on her own when she needs a respite from the world or to just relax and chew on a bone.

Dem bones, dem bones, dem big Mastiff/Lab bones! Hello, all! My name is Bones, and I'm a 2 1/2 year-old, male Bullmastiff/Lab mix. My former family fell on hard times and ran out of money and space and time for me, and their yard wasn't fenced so I was getting bored and not nearly enough exercise for my bones. So I'm hoping you can give me room to run and lots of play and exercise time in my new home!

Diesel is back but that is okay because we know the right home is out there for him. He was having disagreements with one of the resident dogs, and his owners felt he wasn't right for their situation. He really needs someone who understands his breed and the importance of both leadership and environmental management when it comes to a dog with natural protective instincts. Mr.

Say hello to our new friend, Nelson! Nelson is a 6 year old, Black, male Newfoundland who was being sold at an auction until a concerned citizen stepped in and got him to BDHPI. His future is looking bright now and he is thrilled that he'll be able to be part of a loving family instead of continuing his life as a breeder dog.

Hoss is very handsome squishy face, 7 year, male Dogue de Bordeaux. Hoss came to us because his previous owner could no longer take care of him or afford his medical treatment. Unfortunately, because Hoss was kept as an outdoor dog and not on monthly preventative he inevitably tested positive for heartworms (this is non contagious dog to dog and is only transmitted via mosquitoes).

Please meet Sylvia, a lovely, 7-8 year old, cropped brindle Great Dane. This darling girl was found as a stray and since no one came to claim her we decided we would and make her part of ours! Sylvia will be an amazing fit for any home as this sweet, mellow girl is friendly with everyone she has met so far. The shelter told us that she passed her dog test with flying colors, kept her kennel clean, and had no food aggression despite her condition.

Hi there, it's Little Bear the Great Pyr Mix, and I'm so hoping to find that perfect "bear cave" for me. I've returned to BDHPI because I was overly protective of my new home and could be scared when startled around their young child. So I'm looking for a quiet home with a secure fenced yard, and someone that understands and appreciates my breed. I take my job of protecting the my home and family seriously and I won't let anything happen to you.

Fluff....well his name says it all! This baby polar pyr of a puppy is a 3 month old, Great Pyrenees puppy who has thankfully come to BDHP to find his forever home. He was owner surrendered to a local shelter as the landlord wouldn't allow such a large breed dog and after an examination by their vet it was determined that this young man has some medical conditions.

Bruce (aka Luke) is a 4-5 year old, black/brindle mastiff mix who was an unclaimed stray that was found dumped in the country in bad shape. He was very emaciated at 113 lbs and should weigh approximately 145 lbs but he is gaining well now he is being given regular, nutritious meals. His skin was in horrible condition with yeast dermatitis and an infestation of fleas, but all of that is looking much better now.

"I will love him and pet him and call him my very own George"....well here I am folks, your very own George! I'm an 18 month old, black Daniff (which is a fancy term for saying I'm a Great Dane/Mastiff mix). I was rescued by my current mama who is unable to keep me because she has severe allergy/asthma issues from my furs.

This regal, gentle 8-year-old Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix is Bode (now called “Leo” for Leonidas). He is looking for a place to call his own after his owner’s circumstances changed. He gets along very well with dogs and cats (had lived with 3 cats and 2 other dogs previously), and he is truly a gentle giant. True to his breed he will calmly and quietly patrol the property, mark his territory, and will bark to alert.

Spartan is a very handsome 5 month old, fawn mastiff mix who has come to Big Dogs Huge Paws from another shelter to find his family. Spartan like most puppies needs a family that is willing to work with him on a continuous basis to ensure that this young man grows up into a well behaved young man. Spartan is extremely affectionate and he loves to play - especially fetch!

Nala is a gorgeous, 1 year old, fawn Mastiff/Great Dane mix who finds her in need of some new digs due to no fault of her own; her family has some bad medical news and are now having to be away from home more and more. Nala is house trained but not yet crate trained (however her foster family will be working on this with her).

Boone is an amazing young man (3 years old) who has an impressive repertoire of commands under his furry belt - he knows sit, watch me, leave it, come, lay down (with a visual cue), stay, potty and wait (with a visual cue) however like most Pyrs, he is an independent thinker so he may need extra encouragement when practicing this impressive list of commands..but thankfully he his treat motivated! Of course he is also house trained, crate trained and leash trained.

Porkchop (formerly Hooch) is back to find the right home for him to be successful in. He is a chunky, wrinkly, nubby tailed Dogue de Bordeaux/Bulldog mix who is 2 years old. He does have a cherry eye issue and while he has had 2 surgeries they haven't held so he will be seeing a doggy ophthalmologist to check out what further options we have for him.

How do you do, my name is Cleetus! I'm a 7-9-year-old Mastiff mix. I have spent the past 5 weeks in Animal Control and let me just tell you how much I love the sweet taste of freedom! I am so grateful to my foster family for taking a chance on me and giving me a chance to enjoy the comforts of a home once again.

I'll forever salute the boys in blue and respect them for all they do! My name is Cole and I'm a 4-5 year old Landseer Newfoundland mix. I was named Cole after Officer Cole rescued me from a ditch on the side of the road; without him I most likely wouldn't be here today. He picked me up and took me to the animal shelter who then released me into the care of BDHP and my wonderful foster mom.

I'm hoping that third time will be my forever home! My name is Zeus and I was transferred over to BDHP after being surrendered back to the shelter I was adopted from 3 years ago. My parents were getting divorced and for some reason I was unable to go live with either of them, so here I am, waiting again for that home that will be mine always. I'm a 3-4 yr old, 125 lbs Saint Bernard/Mastiff mix (it's the best guess and we're going with it!).

Most people love their Nana, right? I'm hoping to find a home where I can find that type of love, as I feel I have a lot of love to give. My name is Nana, and I'm an 8-year-old, Black, female Great Dane. My foster family also calls me Nana Banana. I'm a typical Dane -- I have been called "lovely and sweet" with the usual gentle giant temperament. I'm house-trained, kennel-trained, not destructive and well-mannered.

Kiara is in the house! Hello all, l'm a 10 year old, 118 lb Saint Bernard and I've arrived into rescue because of circumstances out of my control. I lived with the same family for most of my life, but they were forced to relocate & were going to euthanize me. Thank dog I was saved by a lady who wanted to make sure that didn't happen, and now I'm at BDHPI.

My name is Addison, but my friends call me Addie. I'm a 3 month old, female Newfoundland. Some say I am a super fluffy, cute bundle of joy...others say crazy puppy with sharp teeth who has much to learn....I say it depends on the day! I was thankfully surrendered by my breeder to BDHP because I was born with genetic conditions called PDA, SAS, and Severe Pulmonic Valve Stenosis.

Hello-hello, this is Harriet the black with salt and pepper Great Dane Mix. I think I'm around 8-10 years old, but you'd never know it because I am young at heart and still love to play. I recently came back to BDHP because of some issues with the small dog in my home. Ideally I would love to be the only dog where I can get all the love and attention. I've been cat tested and did just fine with them, but I haven't had a ton of experience with them.

Salt here and I'm coming to BDHP due to some sad circumstances. My mama had to surrender me because my daddy passed away a year ago and she cannot afford our old house anymore so we have to part ways so we can both get back on our feet. I am a 4 year old, Harlequin, female Great Dane and I'm house trained, leash trained and an inside dog. I am trustyworthy with free roam and I only bark to alert.

Hi friends! My name is Skye and boy do I have a story to tell you! Three years ago my sister and I were born into this world and through no fault of our own we were born deaf & blind. We were born deaf & blind because an irresponsible backyard breeder used their 2 harlequins to produce a litter of puppies and this caused a genetic defect called the double merle gene.

Hello Friends! My name is Cleo and if you have a minute I would like to tell you my story. Three years ago my sister and I were came into this world born deaf & blind. We were born deaf & blind because an irresponsible backyard breeder bred their 2 harlequin Great Danes to produce a litter of puppies and this caused a genetic defect called the double merle gene.

Hi, Bear here! Bear as in a teddy bear, not a grizzly bear!  I am a 2 year old, brindle, male English Mastiff.  I am house trained and crate trained, although I am trustworthy of free roam. I am not a barker, digger, or a chewer and am a total couch potato!  I am good with kids and most other dogs.  Upon meeting other dogs I can be fearful and bark - I definitely need proper introductions, but I warm right up. Cats are unknown creatures to me.

Hello there! My name is Cleo – I might not look Egyptian, but I can be very regal at times. I’m a 7-8 year old Great Dane/mastiff mix who can’t wait to find a forever family. My previous owner couldn’t keep me anymore because of a work transfer. I am house trained, crate trained, great off leash and know the commands sit, down and come. I definitely love being inside more than out and will only bark during play.

Howdy-do, my name is Frankie! I’m a 7-year-old, 106.8 lb, smooth-coated St. Bernard. I’m good with dogs, cats and kids – they’re all playmates to me and despite my age, I am still quite a playful guy. I love to run around with other puppies and get them to play -- I'm like a spry 4 year old! I am considered a total sweetheart, although I can be scared of strangers at first.

Hi, I'm Sissy, a 3 year old fawn, female Mastiff Mix. I am 3/4 English Mastiff and 1/4 Fila Mastiff. I found my way to BDHP after being seized from a breeder. I'm excited to leave that life in the past and to find my forever home.  I start out shy, but I just need some time and patience to warm up to you.  I am great with other dogs, but kids and their unpredictable nature make me a little nervous so I'd prefer a more quiet household.

Bailey is a regal, 7 year old, Tri-colored, male St Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix. This studly fellow found himself behind bars at a local shelter as a result of his agility and protective nature which led to an incident with the neighbor's small dog after he jumped the 4 foot fence when the dog came onto his property. He lived with a large dog previously and has been okay with other more submissive dogs, big and small, with slow, proper introductions.

Hi, my name is Pearl! I am a 5 year old, light Merle Great Dane female and boy am I glad to be with BDHPI! You see, I was found as a stray and barely alive at the time. I was completely emaciated with mammary tumors and heartworm positive. My chances of adoption at the shelter were slim to none due to the medical care I would require. I am now happy to report that I've gained weight, and my tumors and heartworm have been taken care of!

Hi, my name is Fifi and you may remember me...I am a 3 year old, Red, female Dogue de Bordeaux that was recently adopted and have sadly been returned to rescue. They didn't have a yard and found it difficult to always have to walk me to go potty because I can be a bit of a handful on leash and am reactive to other strange dogs. My foster mom is working with a behaviorist to improve my leash manners but a fenced yard is a requirement for my next home.

Hi! The name's Waylon, and I'm a 3-year-old, Red Dogue de Bordeaux. Let me start by saying, I have had a terrible start to life, so I am going to need plenty of patience, time, and unconditional love. I was rescued by a wonderful woman from a terrible situation... I was kept on a chain starting at 12 weeks old until now (I'm 3, if you didn't notice that).

Say hello to our big, blue, beautiful, 5 year old, Neapolitan Mastiff friend, Lucinda! This sweet girl came to BDHPI from a breeder where her life consisted of baby making and not much else. Indoor living and being part of a loving family are new for her but despite her past, she is fairly outgoing and excited about her new adventures. Lucinda is living in a house full of other medium to giant canine friends and really enjoys their companionship.

Hi! My name is Ursula and boy am I glad I found a place in rescue! It's so much better here than where I was! I was abandoned in a park right behind a shelter one day after the intake was closed for the day. I was only 85 pounds, very thin, in need of eye surgery and heartworm treatment. I wasn't in the greatest health and honestly I was feeling pretty low. But then I was saved, and now I know better days are ahead and I'll be getting the medical care I need!

Hi, I'm Griffy! I'm a 5-year-old English Mastiff, and I was surrendered to rescue simply because I was "too big." I don't know how to be anything other than who I am though, so I'm not going to apologize for my size!  For an English Mastiff, I am pretty average sized. I'm a big, strong boy and may come across as intimidating upon first meeting a stranger, but I am a big softie on the inside.

Hello hello! My name is Harlie, and I'm a 9-year-old Harlequin Great Dane. My owner decided to move to Florida and didn't want to take me along. I had 3 owners previously, and honestly just want to find a wonderful family willing to love me for the rest of my life. I've got some senior needs, including some arthritis that is being managed through pain management. I'me house trained, leash trained, and obedience trained, and I'm and inside dog.

Penny is a beautiful, 1.5 year old, 97 lb, Fawn, Mastiff/Anatolian Shepherd mix. Her foster family is working on house training, crate training, basic commands, and leash training with a harness because she can get a little excitable. Penny is a major sweetheart to those she knows and trusts but hasn't been well socialized and will need slow, controlled introductions to strangers and positive socialization to build her confidence.

Hello! I'm April, a 10-year-old Maremma Sheepdog. I've had quite the life so far, and I'm looking forward to finding the perfect place to rest and live out my senior years! I've been living in a memory care unit at a nursing home for 4 years. My original owner passed away, and the facility kept me until a new administrator decided it was time for me to go.

Hello there, I'm Bella. I'm a 7-year-old, Grey Brindle, female Irish Wolfhound. I'm here with rescue because my owner passed away. I'm really missing my owner and my Dalmation friend who lived with me, but I'm glad someone was willing to help me find a new home and I am doing great with the other dogs in my foster home and the tiny human who runs around the place. I'm house trained, crate trained, and leash trained.

Hello friends! My name is Fezzik, and I'm a 7-year-old, Fawn English Mastiff/Bloodhound Mix. I've got some skin allergies and some back leg/hip weakness, so I can't do a lot of stairs, but other than that I am a pretty great guy. I'm house trained, crate trained, and leash trained. I know sit, shake, down, and stay. I'm an inside dog, and I'm trustworthy with free roam.

Queen of Hearts here and while I must admit that my name may give you the misconception that I'm not fond of those who disagree with me, let me assure that this Queen of Hearts is all about love!

Ruby, the 1.5 year old, fawn, female English Mastiff is the newest adoptable dog in the BDHP pack, and we're so excited to have her join us! Ruby is a sweet, submissive girl, but had a run of bad luck with her left rear leg. Ruby suffered a fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE), which is essentially a stroke in her lower back on 8/27/14.

My name is Sally, and I am a Fawn, 5 year old English Mastiff. I have lived with a breeder all my life, outside and I haven't had much socialization previously. I understand I am being retired, which is good, as puppies kind of get old after a while. Not that I didn't love them, but, you know how it is. Anyway, my sister and I are now seeking a forever home, where we can live inside and have a forever family to love us.

Say hello to Moses. He won’t part the seas or bring you a tablet with words to live by, but he will be a loyal companion and promise you his undying love. Moses is one cool Cane Corso pup that is Blue in color and only 2 years old(almost 3).  Moses has been bounced around quite a bit since his original parents divorced and his mom had no place to take care of him.

Maggie is a 2 year old brindle Fila Brasileiro.