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Looking for a Home – Available Dogs

Many of the gentle giants that come into our rescue have been neglected or abused. Others have simply been abandoned by their owners due to a divorce, a new baby, moving, or natural disaster. We are often told that they got “too big” or “too expensive” and many of the dogs below come to us with very little training. Despite their past, rescue dogs are incredibly forgiving and very eager to please. They have so much to give and are all very special. We are looking for forever homes and permanent families who will love their new addition unconditionally and give them the love and support they need and deserve for the rest of their lives.

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Available Dogs

Hi, my name is Lilly! I am a 4 year old, Fawn, female Great Dane. I originally was found as a stray along with another female Great Dane and then went to a shelter. The next part of my journy took me to a family with dogs of all sexes and sizes ranging from Min Pins to Great Danes. I got along with all of them except for one dominant female Great Dane who was already living there.

Howdy! My name's Titus, and I am a 7-year-old, Fawn English Mastiff. I can tell you that I am very well mannered, and I'm good with other dogs, but beyond that I haven't much of a chance to give the humans here much more information about myself. I will share more about my personality with time I'm sure! If you want to learn more about me, please start by filling out an application.

Sometimes, a second chance is all a guy needs. I'm Atius, and I'm a 2-year-old fawn-colored Anatolian Shepherd. I was originally adopted from BDHP, but my former owners couldn't handle some of my quirks, so here I am again. I need someone who knows and understands my breed and who will be a strong leader and willing to work with me.

Meet our new buddy, Mister! This fellow was found as a stray completely emaciated. Now that he has been sprung from jail, the first order of business is to get him fattened up! Mister is approximately 3 years old and a Fawn Great Dane with blue mask and ears which makes him very unique. He is very calm and well behaved overall in the house so he must have been someone's pet previously.

LeRoy here, and boy am I ever glad! Rescue is one of the best things that has happened me!

Hi, I'm Rocky! I'm a 105-pound, 2 year old, Fawniquin Great Dane. I was dropped at the pound as a stray so not much info is available about my history. I've got one blue eye, which makes me unique, but I also may have some vision issues so the vet will be checking that out.  I'm positively starved for attention - I soak up every moment of loving I can get from humans.

Hi there, my name is Loque and I'm a 2-year-old, White Great Pyrenees. I am here with Big Dogs Huge Paws because my former owner went out of town and left me at a friend's house. Unfortunately they never came back to claim me, so after 6 months the friend relinquished me to a shelter who contacted BDHPI. Boy am I ever glad to have another chance!

Hello! Belle's my name, and being a 10-month-old, fluffy, tri-colored Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix is my game! I'm 3/4 Saint and 1/4 Pyr. I was bought into rescue because my owner wasn't able to keep me anymore. I'm not really sure why, all I know is I ended up in the best place a pup like me could be to find a new family, with BDHPI!

Hi friends, my name is Aggie. I'm a 1.5-year-old, Red Dogue de Bordeaux, and I am a pretty amazing girl if I do say so myself. I'm not really sure I fully understand why I am here in rescue, but I'm sure glad I got to come to Big Dogs Huge Paws! My family surrendered me to the Humane Society because they were moving and I guess they couldn't take me with them.

My name is Reese, I am a 9 month old Fawn  female Boerboel Mastiff.  My breeder had another batch of puppies and I was no longer small and valuable according to her so I was dropped off at a Veterinary's office where a nice Vet Tech took me in until my Foster Mom from Big Dogs Huge Paws could pick me up.  I may be a puppy, but I think I am doing pretty well with my training.  I know climb, sit and down.  I am house t

Woof. I'm Teller, a 3 1/2 year-old male Great Dane. My former family is growing and just doesn't have time for me any more, so I wound up here at BDHP. I lived with a 2 1/2 year-old child and a moody Australian Shepherd with my former family, and now I'm looking for a new fur-ever home where I can rest these handsome bones! I'm house-trained, leash, trained, and know the "sit," "stay," and "down" commands.

Hi there! My name is Carmel. I was born on 3/21/15 and my mom and dad were a Bullmastiff and Great Pyrenees. Sadly, mama passed away while giving birth to me and my littermates so I went to live with another family whose dog had recently given birth and didn't mind us drinking her milk until we got older. I am happy to report that we made it even though it was a little scary there to start.

Howdy out there! I'm Beowulf, the male English Mastiff with the ultra-cool name. I also have a sister with an equally cool name, Mugwump, and we are a bonded pair. We can't be separated, nor do we want to, because we love each other. Anyway, let's talk about me. I'm a 5-year-old guy, house-trained, leash-trained, and even obedience-trained. I'm trustworthy with free-roam, and I don't bark, dig, or chew.

Hello, all! I'm Mugwump, the female English Mastiff with the awesome name. I also have a brother with an equally awesome name, Beowulf, and we are a bonded pair. You know how two are better than one and all that jazz. But let me tell you about me first. I'm a 5-year-old gal, house-trained, leash-trained, and even obedience-trained.

Sophie is a 5 month old, White, female Maremma Sheepdog. This sweet thing somehow found herself wandering and homeless but is now in the safety of her foster home and doing great! She is learning all about the good life - regular meals, warm beds, lots of snuggles, treats, and love!

When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are.  Bella is a two year old, female, black Great Dane with eyes to melt your heart.

Hi, there! My name is Khaleesi, but you can call me Callie. I'm a female English Mastiff, 1 year and 4 months old. My previous owner had to move to a retirement home that doesn't accept dogs, and that's why I'm here at BDHP looking for a new forever home. I'm a good girl with a submissive personality. Strangers make me a little nervous, but with slow and proper introductions, I'll warm up to them quickly and I am a total love-bug.

I've heard about that song where someone named Mandy got kissed and was needed. I think that sounds pretty neat! I am indeed Mandy, and I'm a 4-year-old female Great Dane. My former owner has a bad illness and could no longer care for me and my brother Great Dane, so that's how I eventually wound up at BDHP.

The name of this wonderful rescue is "Big Dogs Huge Paws," right? Well, I'm here because I'm just that - a big dog! My former owner simply didn't understand that we Great Danes are large pooches, and I was kept in a tiny yard and had nowhere to expend my energy. So I'm hoping my new forever home will "get" the whole big dog thing.

Howdy! I'm Catfish Kate, but don't make any mistakes - I'm no fish! I'm actually a 2.5-year-old, Brown and White Landseer Newfoundland! I'm a gorgeous lady, if I do say so myself, and I was released from a breeder into rescue. I know that sounds like something I should be sad about, but I'm actually thrilled because I got to come to Big Dogs Huge Paws!

Tall drink of water?  How about a nice soft drink instead.  I came in with the name Howdy, but my foster family calls me Coca Cola, or Cola for short.  They call me a Bronze Newfoundland, and I am told I am just about as sweet as they come.  I came from a breeder where I produced one litter of puppies for her.  I am a middle aged lady at 5, but have all sorts of life left to live.  I caught on to house training almost immediately and am a perfec

Hello! I'm Trixie, a tri-colored Saint Bernard mix, somewhere between 1 and 2 years old. I am a mini-giant weighing 55 lbs but I have a huge heart! I'm house trained, leash trained, and I know sit, come, down, and stay. I'm also trustworthy with free roam. I ended up in rescue because I was a little too high-energy for the older dog who lived with me and my family didn't want me to hurt the other dog.

Hello! My name is Rowdy, and I'm a 3-year-old, Tri-colored Bernese Mountain Dog. I've had kind of a traumatic start to life, so I am thrilled to get a new beginning! First of all, you should know that I'm a pretty shy guy when it comes to humans, but I'm good with other dogs. I was released from a breeder who had me for a couple years, and before that I lived with another breeder for 7 months.

Hi, my name is Ozzy! I am an 8 week old, Brown & White, Great Pyrenees mix. My foster thinks maybe Saint Bernard, but I am not telling. I weigh around 15 lbs right now and I have big paws to grow into. I was found on the highway and no owner could be located so I luckily got hooked up with these great folks at BDHPI. I am doing great in my foster home with other dogs and cats and have lots of potential!

Everyone could use a little good mojo these days, don't you think? Well, here I am! My name is indeed Mojo, and I'm a 3-year-old black Great Dane/Doberman Mix.  I'm 110 pounds, house-trained, crate-trained, leash-trained, and I know the "sit," "stay," "lie down," "paw," and even "high five" commands! See - there's some awesome Mojo right there!

My name is Vivian, and I'm an 8 month old, white, female Great Pyrenees. I've had a rough start so far, and I'm really looking forward to finding a family that will love and care for me. I'll admit, I'm pretty insecure and would really love a person or family who is willing to help me build my trust and confidence in humans.

I'm Molly, a 4.5-year-old, Blue Great Dane. I've been moved around quite a bit in my life, and have had a litter of 12 puppies, so I have to admit I am ready to relax and enjoy life for the rest of my days. I was abandoned by my original owner, went to a temporary home where I had my puppies, and then was taken in by another woman who planned to keep me, but didn't think her living situation really allowed for such a big dog.

My name is Big Dog, and I have a bit of a sad story to share. My former owner used to breed English Mastiffs, and she recently suddenly passed away. That's how I found my way to BDHP with my friend Bella, and why I'm hoping for a happier ending this time around. I am indeed a big dog, and I'll admit I am a bit overweight at the moement!

I'm Bella, an 8-year-old female English Mastiff. My former owner used to breed English Mastiffs, and she recently suddenly passed away. So that's how I wound up at BDHP with my buddy, Big Dog, hoping for a cheerier ending. I'm a big, beautiful gal, and I'll admit I am a little on the chubby side currently!

Hello there! My name's Buster, and I'm a 2-year-old, white Great Pyrenees. I'm house trained and leash trained, and I also know lots of cues - sit, shake, down, wait, come, and okay. I don't dig or chew, and I'm a couch potato. One of my favorite things to do is to carry a big ball around with me. I love car rides, and am good with other dogs after slow, proper intros.

Hi everyone! My name's Journee, and I'm a 2 year old, 97.5 lb, Great Dane/Lab Mix. I'm a really sweet, mellow girl. I enjoy riding in the car and I'm leash trained already on a harness. I'm also obedience trained, house trained, crate trained and I'm an inside dog. You can trust me with free roam, and I will bark to alert if I think there's a good reason.

Hello friends! I'm Hercules, a 5-year-old, Fawn English Mastiff. I was released to Big Dogs Huge Paws because my previous owner was struggling to provide me with adequate care. I'm sad, but I'm sure glad to be here because I know I'll find just the right home for me!

Hi, my name is Zeik. I'm a 133 pound, 6-year-old, fawn English Mastiff. I was headed toward the Rainbow Bridge until a kind vet decided to try to find me a rescue. My family took me in to the vet to end my time on Earth because I had a little run-in with a visiting child in my home (I did great with the 4 kids who lived there).

Karl is my name, and being awesome is my game! I'm a 5-year-old, Brindle English Mastiff and I weight in at 134 pounds. I'm a pretty big guy, but don't let that fool you. I'm house trained, crate trained, and leash trained, and I know sit, stay, come, down, leave it, kennel up, fetch, and shake. That is a pretty extensive list of cues if I do say so myself!

Toby here! I'm a 2-year-old, fawn Mastiff mix, and I weight in at 142 pounds. I might be a big guy, but that doesn't stop me from being darn great. I'm already house trained, crate trained, and leash trained, plus I know sit, stay, come, down, leave it, kennel up, fetch, and shake. Why did my family surrender me? They felt like me and my brother, Karl, deserved more love and attention than they could give us, so we got to come here!

Meet, Cupcake! This adorable 2 year old, Fawn, female is a Tosa Inu(Japanese Mastiff) mixed with a Great Dane and she is unique and wonderful! She gets along well with other dogs after proper intros and is settling in nicely at her foster home. She lived previously with a Bernese Mountain Dog mix and unfortunately they both ended up at the local shelter after repeatedly escaping and their owner refused to fix the fence.

Hello out there. I'm Kiya the 3 year old, female, Merle Great Dane. I am  looking for a new home, and I know that my friends at Big Dogs Huge Paws are my ticket to the forever kind of love. I had a Great Dane brother named Polo in my previous home and we were released by our owner because they were moving and I guess we couldn't go with them. I was a bit sad about my people not wanting me, but now I'm ready to move forward.

Hello out there. I'm Polo the 6 year old, male, Mantle Great Dane. I am looking for a new home, and I know my friends at Big Dogs Huge Paws are my ticket to the forever kind of love. My Great Dane sister Kiya and I were released by our owner because they were moving and I guess we couldn't go with them. I was a bit sad about my people not wanting me, but now I'm ready to move forward.

Herman here! I'm a 4-year-old, white and brown Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix. I came into rescue with my two brothers because good inside dogs. I'm house trained and leash trained, and I know sit, down, and come. I will bark to alert, and only dig or chew on things if I'm bored. Overall, I'm a couch potato and not destructive. I'm also treat motivated, and I love bones, but I'm not really into toys.

Hello! I'm Lurch, a 4-year-old, white and brown Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix. I was brought to Big Dogs Huge Paws with my two brothers/littermates because our owner was diagnosed with cancer and could no longer be around us. We enjoyed guarding our old property from coyotes, but we were also good inside dogs.

Hello out there! My name is Gus (though the little people in my foster family call me Gus-Gus, you know, like the mouse on Cinderella), and I am looking for a place to lay my head, forever. I was living in an apartment with my previous owner, but after 6 years together, he decided I was too big and sent me to the shelter.
I'd like you to meet Harriett. She is approximately 8-10 years old (we hope the vet will be able to help us with a more accurate estimate of her age) and a beautiful, black, female Great Dane mix who we initially thought was blind but it turned out she had horrible entropion which has now been fixed and she sees much better.

Hello there, I'm Bella. I'm a 7-year-old, Grey Brindle, female Irish Wolfhound. I'm here with rescue because my owner passed away. I'm really missing my owner and my Dalmation friend who lived with me, but I'm glad someone was willing to help me find a new home and I am doing great with the other dogs in my foster home and the tiny human who runs around the place. I'm house trained, crate trained, and leash trained.

My name is Sammy, and I'm a 5-6 year old, tri-colored Saint Bernard. I'm here with Big Dogs Huge Paws because I had an incident with a grandchild at my last home, so I would definitely rather go to a home without small children. Other than that, I'm a really big, goofy guy who's really quite awesome! I'm good with other dogs - honestly, I'm pretty indifferent to them.

Hi new friends, I'm Gracie! My owners were relocating and I couldn't go with, so I got relocated myself - into the love and care of Big Dogs Huge Paws. I was sad to see my family leave, but I know I'm about to find a forever family and I'm looking forward to that! I'm a 4 year old, fawn, female Bullmastiff. I'm house trained, know how to use a dog door, crate trained, and know sit, lay down, and no.

Don't you just love peaches? So nice and pretty and sweet? Well, that's me for sure! My name is indeed Peaches, and I'm a female 2-3-year-old Great Pyrenees/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix, tan with white and black markings. I'm a big gal at 123 pounds, but I'm house-trained and I absolutely love belly rubs from you humans!

Good day! My name is Baxter, and I'm a 7-year-old, tri-colored Saint Bernard. How did an older gentleman like myself wind up in a rescue, you ask? Well, I was found running around with a German Shepherd friend and Animal Control picked us up. The shelter there didn't have a kennel big enough for me, so I hit the jackpot and got to come here instead.

Hello, all! My name is Avery, but I'm also called Annie. Go figure. Anyway, I'm a 5-year-old female Anatolian Shepherd. I was found as a stray, so my foster family will be further evaluating me and can give you more information. But basically, I'm a giant love bug! I'm house-trained and not destructive with free-roam. I know the "sit" and "down" commands, and I am good with other dogs, cats, and kids.

Hello, my name is Sweetheart! I'm a 2-year-old Great Pyrenees with a bit of a rocky start to life. I lived outside on a farm my entire life, and I just recently gave birth to 9 puppies. My owners surrendered me to Big Dogs Huge Paws, so now my life is starting over again and I can't wait to see what it holds for me! I'm good with other dogs, cats, kids, cows and other farm animals.

Hello out there! I'm Ludo and I've been on a two year quest to find my forever family. Two whole years with not knowing if this floor was the one I could rest my head on forever, or if I'd be taken away to another house. I'm a 2 year old, male, Tawny Neapolitan Mastiff. I have been bounced around to several homes so far in my short life.

Tiny may be my name, but it's certainly not my stature! I'm a 111-pound smooth-coated, Saint Bernard, 3-year-old, male. I'm here because there was an incident in my former home where I nipped a teenager I lived with, but everyone says it wasn't my fault, as he was trying to forcefully drag me out of a kennel to move me outside.

Well hello! I'm Miles, the 2-year-old, Fawn Bullmastiff. My previous owner left me outside a lot of the time and I would get into trouble out there - I would dig and I destroyed his outside door. But, I gotta be honest, all I wanted was to be back inside, close to my family and get some affection and loving. I'm house trained, crate trained, and leash trained (but I need a harness!).
Phoebe the 5-year-old, Harlequin Great Dane here to say hi! I'm glad to be here with Big Dogs Huge Paws because I'm hoping I'll find just the perfect home for me. I was surendered because my owner lost her home and couldn't keep me. I do have some old injuries in my knees and arthritis, but I am not a surgical candidate and just need a daily anti-inflammatory to keep me comfortable and ideally a home without a ton of stairs for the long-run.

Angus the 4.5-year-old White Great Pyrenees here to introduce myself! I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws because I had trouble getting along with the other alpha male in the house. I did great with the girls and would likely do just fine with another submissive male. I tend to be a barker like many Pyrenees, and I also like to wander so would do well with 6-foot privacy fencing. I'm house trained and leash trained, and I know sit, stay, and lay down.

Hi everyone! I am Ruby, the 3 year old, female, black English Mastiff. I'm house trained, crate trained, and leash trained. I know how to sit, and my foster family will be working with me on my manners and more commands. I only bark to alert, and I'm not a digger. If you invite me to the couch, I'll snuggle up with you, but otherwise I stay off the furniture.

Hello world, my name is Juliet! I am a 4 year old Neopolitan mastiff! I spent alot of my life chained in a junkyard, and I had a litter before I was taken to a shelter. I went home with two families but they both took me back. They said it was for "guarding" issues- what is that? Well my foster daddy says they are crazy and I get a gold star! I have a foster brother and sister and have never had a single incident.

Hi prospective family, I'm Lola, the 1 year old, black Great Dane Mix who weighs 92 lbs. I've spent half of my life in a shelter (literally 6 months!) and I'm so thankful that Big Dogs Huge Paws took me in to a real life foster home! This place is so great. They're loving me, and teaching me all about what it means to have humans around to take care of me. I am house trained, crate trained, and know sit so far.

Hello friends! My name is Fezzik, and I'm a 7-year-old, Fawn English Mastiff/Bloodhound Mix. I've got some skin allergies and some back leg/hip weakness, so I can't do a lot of stairs, but other than that I am a pretty great guy. I'm house trained, crate trained, and leash trained. I know sit, shake, down, and stay. I'm an inside dog, and I'm trustworthy with free roam. I don't bark, dig, or chew, and I'm not allowed on the furniture.

Hi! I'm Ava, the 2 year old, blue brindle, female Cane Corso. I'm looking for my forever family, so let me tell you a bit more about me! I've grown up with a pug and English bulldog for siblings, but my owner had to surrender me to Big Dogs Huge Paws due to financial difficulties. I was sad to see them go, but I hear this rescue does great things for sweet girls like me. I am house trained, crate trained, leash trained and I even know a few commands!

Queen of Hearts here and while I must admit that my name may give you the misconception that I'm not fond of those who disagree with me, let me assure that 

My name is Giselle and I am a beautiful ballerina! Okay, not really, but I am a very leggy Great Dane girl and if you give me a chance I can really shine. I may be 8 years old but I can prance like a ballerina and mug like a supermodel! I was part of the same troupe since I was 8 weeks old but then my parents got divorced so I joined this new gig.

Merida is a headstrong, spirited, strong-willed young pup who was born on 12/21/14. She wants to take control of her own destiny and has honed her skill of archery, sword fighting, and racing on her horse. She intends to use these skills as she goes out in search of her forever family!

Bonnie the 4-year-old, Black and White Great Dane/Lab mix here! I was found as a stray by my foster mom who nearly hit me with her car. I'm very grateful that she didn't hit me, and gave me a warm bed to sleep in instead! It took me a couple weeks to settle into my foster home. I'm hand-shy and learning how to trust people again but as sweet as sweet can be. I'm house trained and trustworthy with free roam of the house when left alone.

Hi everyone! I'm Bella! I'm a 2 year old, female, Apricot colored English Mastiff. I've had a bit of a rough start to my life, but things have turned around and I can't wait to start life with my forever family. My previous owners got me and my brother from a breeder when we were puppies, but neither of us were ever taken to the vet due to finances.

Meet Thor! He's a 4 year old, black, male Great Dane. He's a great catch, if we do say so ourselves - he's an inside dog who's trustworthy with free roam, he knows "sit", "lay down", and knows how to wait for his food. He needs some work on leash training because he is a bit of a wild child currently but with proper tools (Gentle Leader and Easy Walk Harness) and consistency he is learning.

Hey there, the name is Kai.  I am the cutest little ball of wrinkles you will find around here.  I am grazing the scenes of Big Dogs Huge Paws looking for a family to love.  Hopefully there is someone out there that fits the bill!  Unfortunately, the past 2 years have been rough ones on me.  My first family abandoned me for unknown reason.  Then I had to hang around the shelter which pretty much terrified me.

Hello there! I'm Zoe, and I'm a 5-year-old, Fawn with Merle markings, female Great Dane. I ended up here after moving between owners a few times. My first owner surrendered me to a shelter because they were moving to an apartment without the space for me. I lived with 2 small dogs who I did well with. Then I was adopted, but returned because my new owners said I was aggressive toward other dogs on walks.

Hello, big dog fans! My name is Tank, and while that moniker may fit my size, I'm actually much more of a softie in personality. (Shhh… don't tell anyone!) I'm a 7-year-old male Bullmastiff, and my previous owner unfortunately had some life and health issues that caused her to reluctantly give me up. So this Tank is looking for a new place to park... forever.
Ruby, the 1.5 year old, fawn, female English Mastiff is the newest adoptable dog in the BDHP pack, and we're so excited to have her join us! Ruby is a sweet, submissive girl, but had a run of bad luck with her left rear leg. Ruby suffered a fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE), which is essentially a stroke in her lower back on 8/27/14.

Hi! I'm Blacky Mae! I'm an almost 3-year-old, Black Brindle, Bullmastiff, and I'm a pretty amazing girl. My sister and I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws because we were just too strong for our owner to handle anymore. I'm house trained, crate trained, and leash trained, and I've had some obedience training. I don't dig, chew, or bark.

My name is Dalilah Roxetta, and that name sure fits my personality! I'm an almost 3-year-old, Black Brindle, Bullmastiff. I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws with my sister because we were just too strong for our owner to handle, but I'm looking forward to getting out on my own and really figuring out who I am! I'm a great inside dog -- I'm house trained, crate trained, and leash trained. I've also got some obedience training.

Named for a Greek goddess, I would be a heavenly addition to a family who would shower me with attention.

My Goodness!  This is all so new!  My name is Stella and my brother Kingston and I are new to the BDPHI group of dogs looking for love. The King and I were surrendered by our owner because they were travelling too much and weren’t around to give us enough time and attention. So here we are starting again! I’m a 4 year old, 106 lb, Brindle, Female, Great Dane and I am quite the looker if I do say so myself.

My name is Sally, and I am a Fawn, 5 year old English Mastiff. I have lived with a breeder all my life, outside and I haven't had much socialization previously. I understand I am being retired, which is good, as puppies kind of get old after a while. Not that I didn't love them, but, you know how it is. Anyway, my sister and I are now seeking a forever home, where we can live inside and have a forever family to love us.

They call me Leonidas around here and I have over-heard them saying I have had quite a rough start.  I have to tell you, I agree with them.  You see, I was dumped at a shelter with my schnauzer brother.   The first story they gave the shelter was that my previous Dad was beating my little doggie brother, and I came to the rescue and bit my human dad.  Then the story changed that it was a dog fight and my human was bit in the process of biting of breaking us all up.

Truman the Big Dog is setting the stage for an encore performance. After his debut with BDHPI, Truman the 5 year old, Male, Brindle, English Mastiff was adopted by a family for almost a year. Due to moving into home that only allowed them to keep 2 dogs, he was returned to Big Dogs with best wishes in finding his forever family.

Say hello to Moses. He won’t part the seas or bring you a tablet with words to live by, but he will be a loyal companion and promise you his undying love. Moses is one cool Cane Corso pup that is Blue in color and only 2 years old(almost 3).  Moses has been bounced around quite a bit since his original parents divorced and his mom had no place to take care of him.

Everyone, please meet Eve - the luckiest girl this holiday season. Eve was rescued with several other dogs from a breeder who is being faced with neglect and animal cruelty charges. She is a 2-3 year old, Red, female Dogue de Bordeaux who is extremely emaciated at 80 lbs, as you can see in the photos. Fortunately, her skin condition is not mange, but a reaction to her emaciation and allergies. Two nights of Zrytec has already reduced Eve's scratching.

As children, we were all taught to love Macaroni because it is so much fun… and I’m here to tell you that nothing has changed! I’m Macaroni and you should love me because I’m all kinds of wonderful! I’m a 5 year old, black Great Dane Girl and I’m here because the rabbits ran me straight out of town.

 Bielo is a 7 year old, Blue, 145 lb, male Great Dane. He lived previously with a Boerboel Mastiff and sadly his owners could no longer keep them after they moved. They were originally house dogs but have been living outside for the past few years, and we are happy to report back he quickly embraced his indoor living opportunity and has had no accidents.

Our sweet gal, Krissy, is looking for her forever family. You know that saying, "good things come to those who wait"? This has become her life motto as waits with her foster momma, hoping her forever family will see her. Krissy has been waiting with BDHP for a while, but in that time she's charmed our socks off. Krissy is a sweet, senior, Mastiff / German Shepherd mix. Clocking in at a cool 95 pounds, she's practically pocket sized.

Meet, Bruiser! This big guy weighs 130 lbs and is a 7 year old Great Pyrenees with a great big smile that will warm your heart. He was picked up by the ACO who noticed he was limping badly on his right leg and his owner did not want to pay to fix it. He has since undergone surgery to repair the injury and is on the road to a full recovery now! Bruiser is house trained, trustworthy with free roam, and his foster family is working with him on basic training.

Hi! I’m Loki, that long-legged, beautiful, lady that you’ve been searching for. I’m a Fawn, 5 year old Anatolian Shepherd and I'm looking for my forever love! My family was going through some pretty heavy changes, like a divorce coupled with moving, and they felt that they couldn’t provide me what I needed, so they thought it better to help me find a new home. Don’t cry for me, because I know that there is new life on the horizon!

Maggie is a 2 year old, Brindle, Fila Brasileiro.

 Darla is an adorable, almost 2 year old, Blue, female Neapolitan Mastiff. Her entire body wiggles as she wags and she is a very happy girl! She gets along okay with some other large dogs after proper introductions and time to work out her place in the pack, but does have some aggression issues and would probably do best in a home without any other animals. She definitely cannot be around any small dogs or cats of any kind and does have a strong prey drive.

Bebe is a beautiful, 2.5 year old, Black, female Great Dane. She is epileptic and suffers from seizures but we have them well managed on daily medication.  She is also blind but after only a couple of weeks she learned her foster home so well you can hardly tell she can't see. Bebe is house trained, not destructive, and her crate is her safe place. She will often go in to take a nap when she is feeling overwhelmed or just tired.

Napoleon(aka Bourque) is a handsome, 2.5 year old, Fawn, English Mastiff. He weighs 150 lbs currently and is just about the sweetest boy you can imagine! He is loving, affectionate, and truly devoted to his humans. Bourque is leery of men initially, but he does warm up with time and treats. He is good with other dogs and is house trained, crate trained, dog door trained and not destructive.

Chaya is a beautiful, 2 year old, Brindle, Presa Canario female. She is very sweet, loving, and affectionate to all she meets and her back end doesn't stop wiggling. She is good with other dogs, but is a dominant breed and can be aggressive. She is doing really well in a stable pack of larger dogs at her foster home with no cats or small dogs. Chaya is great with older kids! She is house trained, crate trained, and treat and praise motivated.