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Giant Breeds Currently in Rescue

Many of the gentle giants that come to Big Dogs Huge Paws have been neglected, abused or found as strays & out of time at a shelter. Others have simply been abandoned by their owners due to a divorce, new baby, moving -- to name a few. Many who surrender their dogs tell us they are “too big” or “too expensive." Some of the dogs coming into rescue are well-trained and well-behaved, but others need the time and patience to grow. Despite their past, giant breed dogs are incredibly forgiving and eager to please. They have so much love to give and are all very special. We are looking to place these amazing dogs in forever homes with families who will love the pup unconditionally and give them the love and support they need for the rest of their lives.

Quick overview on terms:

  • New to rescue - under evaulation: We are still evaluating this dog's special needs in terms of medical care, behavioral issues and temperament/personality. You are welcome to get on their waitlist. You will be notified when they are ready for adoption if/when it is your turn. If you see a pending adoption appear on a dog you are waitlisted for, it means a family ahead of you on their list has been matched with the dog. 
  • Pending Adoption: This dog has been matched with a forever family and will be heading to their new home as soon as transport/placement can be arranged. You can stay on their waitlist in case the adoption falls through, but it is uncommon.
  • Medical/Behavioral Hold: This pup requires advanced care medically or behaviorally before they will be ready for adoption. You can get on their waitlist and will be notified when they are ready for adoption if/when it is your turn in line. 
  • Permanent Foster: We have decided this pup needs to stay in rescue. As such, they are not available for adoption.

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Available Dogs

Levi is a 3 year old, Mantle, male Great Dane who was also part of the rescue from the hoarder breeding situation and was part of 70 Danes that were given a new lease on life. He is about 120 lbs of pure love and socialness! He is a high energy, social Dane, who has not met a stranger! He loves car rides and trips around town and playing with a soccer ball.

Lindy is a 7 year old, Mantle, female Great Dane who was rescued from a hoarder who was breeding them. Lindy and 70 other Danes were thankfully taken from this place and she is now enjoying the life she has always dreamt of! Lindy is a little overweight at 130 lbs but her foster family is working on that. She recently had a thyroid panel that was normal so it's doggy bootcamp for her!

Poor Tank is a 20 month old, deaf, Great Pyrenees. He's had a rough time of it, being moved from one home to another. In his short life he has had three homes, through absolutely no fault of his own.  He was previously kept outside and would dig when he's bored.

Caesar is a very squishy, wrinkly 14 month old Dogue De Bordeaux who has been passed around at least 3 times in short life that we know of and his past has left him a bit traumatized  Caesar is trustworthy with free roam and he doesn't bark, dig or chew on anything despite his young age. He hasn't been allowed on furniture and is perfectly ok with a dog bed, although we're sure he wouldn't mind some couch cuddles with his new human once he feels he is safe!

I'm Lily, and I'm looking for a great furever pad! I'm a 10-month-old female Great Dane/Bullmastiff Mix, beautiful fawn in color. My previous owner had to take on additional hours at work and had no time for me, so that's why I'm looking for a new home. I'm house-trained, crate-trained, and I don't bark excessively or dig like I shouldn't. Being I'm still a young pup, I will do some chewing when I get bored.

Deacon is a 6 year old, black Great Dane who has many skills under his belt. This sweet boy is house trained and crate trained but he is also trustworthy with free roam. He will walk like a gentleman on a leash and he knows all of his basic commands. Deacon of course is past the digging and chewing stages and he does not bark unless necessary. He loves to play with toys and he isn't too particular on what they are as long it's for him!

Phoebe is a beautiful 7 year old English Mastiff that was just returned to us under tragic circumstances and we are heart broken for her and her family. Phoebe is the epitome of a gentle giant, she is as sweet and loving as they come. She is house trained and crate trained and walks wonderfully on a leash. She is also obedience trained and knows all of her basic commands. Phoebe is of course an indoor girl and she is trustworthy with free roam.

Autumn is a precious, 7 month old, tri-colored (but mostly white), female Saint Bernard. She has never been a house dog before and doesn't quite know what to think about it all right now. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body but hasn't been well socialized and is quite shy and timid and the world is a scary place for her right now. Autumn does great with other pups and will be most successful with canine siblings around to show her the ropes.

Pumpkin is a scrumptious, 3.5 year old, tri-colored Saint Bernard with a big wrinkly face that is to die for! She sure sure cleans up nice and seems to enjoy the luxuries of indoor living. She is doing great with house training, crate training, and even learning some basic commands in her foster home. Pumpkin does very well with other dogs and seems to really enjoy the companionship of her 4-legged friends. She also enjoys attention from the 2-legged kind as well.

Charlie is an adorable, 11 month old, tri-colored, male Saint Bernard. Being an indoor dog is new to him but he is super sweet and eager to please and we have no doubt he will catch on quickly as he learns the basics of potty training, crate training, leash training and his commands. Charlie seems to do great with other dogs and kids from what we have seen so far and would probably do best with another confident dog around to take the lead.

Meet Davina! This 11 month old, blue brindle beauty is pretty close to perfect if you ask us. While she may be an adolescent Cane Corso, which is not the breed or age for just anyone, she has a lot going for sure. She is house trained, crate trained, leash trained, knows sit, lay down, house, no, and leave it. Davina also gets along well with other dogs, cats, and kids, although she is a bit shy initially when it comes to strangers.

This handsome boy is Georgy. He is a 4-year-old Great Dane who was found by the shelter as a stray. While we don’t know his past history, he has shown himself to be good with cats, dogs of all sizes and kids. He is a typical Dane leaner who is super sweet, very smart and is housetrained and crate trained. This boy does tend to pull, so a proper no-pull harness would be recommended.

My name is Picante, and you'd better get your application in and ask about me, because I have a feeling this big wrinkly dog will be one "hot" item! I'm a 2-year-old, black brindle, male Neapolitan Mastiff. But let's talk about my noggin. And my wrinkles. Huge and lovable - I'm quite a conversation piece, and I know it! Like I say… one hot dude. Keep in mind that I am a Neo Mastiff, and we have certain breed traits and such.

I know you're here because you love us big dogs, and we're all grateful for that. Because sometimes, it's our size that lands us here at BDHP, unfortunately. My name is Marley and I'm a 3-year-old female Great Dane, fabulous fawn in color. I had a home previously, but I got excited and jumped up on a neighbor's daughter and accidentally scratched her.

Queenie the 2 year old, female Saint Bernard needs to find a home that will treat her as her namesake. This poor girl has had a rough go of it so far, she's emaciated and only weighs 80lbs and her owner never picked her up from the animal shelter, so she is now a member of our BDHP family. Queenie is great with other dogs, just wants to play and she is a total sweetheart who doesn't have a mean bone in her body.

Moose is a very handsome, 6 year young, tri-colored, male Saint Bernard who is looking for his forever home.  Moose is house trained, trustworthy with free roam, and walks like a good boy on a leash, he also knows sit and down. He is not a barker and does not dig holes like a silly pup or chew on anything that isn't his. This big fur ball is a definite indoor dog and he is quite the couch potato, taking multiple daily snoozes to keep his good looks!

Branch is an 11 month old (born 11/26/16)  Landseer Newfoundland who is sporting some interesting markings as his right rear leg is half white and his left paw and has white on his chest. Branch is a breeder surrender like a few other pups and we are excited that he will now know the life of a beloved pet and not that of a neglected money maker. Branch is exited to learn all about indoor living and we know he'll get it down in no time at all.

Bella is an 8 year old, white, female Great Pyrenees mix that is looking for a retirement home where she can be loved, cared for and kept indoors. Bella is house trained and walks well with a gentle leader. Even though she's a Pyr mix she and an indoor dog she enjoys patrolling her yard every now and then, barking and letting her inner Pyr out! Bella might dig to find a cool spot to lay but we all have our quirks.

Magnus is a 111 pound, black brindle, 2 year old Mastiff mix who came to us from a shelter.  His family never claimed him which is their loss! This guy is super sweet and playful with people he knows and trusts but he is reactive with strangers. The shelter was a scary place for Magnus at first but after a few days to figure out he was safe he quickly became a staff favorite.

Mack, a 5 year old, tri-colored, male Saint Bernard, was left with friends temporarily but his previous owners never returned and we cannot imagine why not. This boy is as sweet as they come! Mack is very well behaved in the house and he doesn't get on furniture, chew on anything other than his toys and he doesn't bark. Outside he also chooses to just sunbathe and not to be gopher.

Boots is a very handsome, 11 month old (born 11/26/16), bronze, male Newfoundland that is coming to us as part of an breeder surrender. He is a very happy, slobbery, hairy young man who doesn't yet know how awesome life will be for him here on out! Boots will now become a much beloved pet and he will be learning all about living indoors, getting pets, treats, bones, maybe the occasional couch cuddling!

Please welcome Tonya, she is our newest breeder surrender bronze colored Newfoundland. Tonya was born on 5/26/15 so she will happily celebrate her birthday with you each year and will require many cookies and perhaps a stuffed toy or twelve! She is a very sweet pup who has yet truly experience all life has to offer but her foster family will be making sure that she understands what it means to be a pet and not just churning out litter after litter.

Meet Sonya, she is our newest breeder surrender bronze colored Newfoundland. Sonya was born on 5/26/15 so she will happily celebrate her birthday with you each year and will require many cookies and perhaps a stuffed toy or twelve! She is a very sweet pup who has yet truly experience all life has to offer but her foster family will be making sure that she understands what it means to be a pet and not just churning out litter after litter.

Milo is a 7 year old, brindle, male Great Dane who is  coming to us an owner surrender. Milo's family moved and he isn't adjusting without having a yard now so that is on the top of his list for his new home. Milo is house trained, leash trained but needs a harness and he knows how to sit. He is of course an indoor dog who is quite the couch potato when he isn't playing with his favorite lobster stuffed toy.
My name is Sharpei, and I'm not. Not a Shar Pei, that is. HA! No, I'm Sharpei the St. Bernard, and I'm a gorgeous, mature female at 10 years young. You know, once we're older we don't have all those goofy puppy behaviors and traits, so we're pretty much the ideal companion for anyone. I like to think I'm exactly that! I'm a tri-colored Saint, very friendly with all people and good with dogs of all sizes.

Snow White is an absolutely gorgeous 1 year old,  mostly white Harlequin, female Great Dane who is coming to us as her owner cannot provide her with what she needs to be a happy pup. She is house trained trained and knows to go potty outside, crate trained and leash trained but she needs a harness as she's still mastering her skills.

Axel had a mysterious start to his life as he was left on someone's porch as a puppy with some of his siblings. The family kept him for 5 years but have unfortunately fell onto some hard times and cannot take care of him anymore. Axel is a 5 yr old Saint Bernard who is an awesome boy, check him out! He is house trained, crate trained but trustworthy with free roam. He pulls a little on a leash so a gentle leader is your best friend while he works on his leash manners some.

Julia is a very loving 5 year old, mantle, female Great Dane who was seized after Hurricane Harvey as she was left at an abandoned house. She is emaciated and only currently weighing in at 90lbs but she will be up to a healthy weight in no time as she enjoys her food and is getting lots of high quality, nutritious meals. Julia is very mellow, good on a leash and good with dogs. In fact she seems friendly with everyone and is easy going.

Ok, I’ll admit “Biggun” is not the prettiest name for a princess like me. So, forget that name, let’s call me Grace instead. One day I had a home, and the next day I found myself wandering the streets. I am around 5 years old according to the vet. As I was wandering, I saw a very nice man, and I decided he would be the one I could ask for help. Sssooooo…when his door was open, I just jumped right up in his truck.

Alaya, also known as Leia (since she is such a princess), was born on 9-25-14. She is a stunning, brown and white Landseer, female Newfoundland who weighs 114 lbs. Despite being surrendered by a breeder, she has adjusted very quickly to her foster home. She slept by the bed all night her first night there and likes to be wherever her humans are. Alaya gets along great with other dogs and loves attention from anyone, including kids.

Zoey is a 5 year old, Mantle, spayed female Great Dane. She was sadly dumped at the local shelter after she peed in the son's room and made the wife mad. She wasn't doing well at the shelter and was very stressed and scared and in danger of euthanasia before BDHP came to her rescue. Zoey is now happily in a loving foster home and doing great! She is house trained, not destructive, and while sensitive she is also very eager to please and loving.

Florence is a 2-year-old female English Mastiff looking for a wonderful forever home. She's a bit of a "pocket Mastiff," meaning she's on the smaller side at about 80 pounds. She doesn't seem to have much prior experience with toys, so someone can shower her with love (and toys) and enjoy the cuteness as she learns and starts tossing the bones and stuffies around!

Duke is a gorgeous, 2.5 year old, 93 lb, Black Brindle, male Cane Corso. He is registered with the International Cane Corso Federation, Inc, which some folks might find cool but we don't care about papers around here. What we find the coolest is that this guy is a complete love bug who is very outgoing and friendly.

Rimbo is a growing 11 month old, black, male Great Dane puppy. Rimbo was surrendered to us by his very emotional owner who had to make the choice to do what was best for his dog and we understand. We will make sure that this boy goes to a home that will love and care for him for all of his days. Rimbo is house trained and walks well on a leash, he will bark to alert but that's his job and he does it well.

Did you know Rocco means "rest"? Well, I'm an upper middle aged (some say senior citizen) When I'm not taking a nap I'm carrying my bowls around the house.  I have a bit of arthritis but what upper middle ager doesn't. I would love a quiet home with my people, blankets, and chew bones.
Porcupines! Who needs 'em? My name is Avery, and I'm a 6-year-old female Great Dane. I got into a tussle with a porcupine while at my previous home, and my owner didn't want to patch me up. Well, I'm all healed up now and happy to be here at BDHP, where I know I'll now find a loving forever home! I'm a black beauty, but I do have really cute white-spotted toes on all four feet.

Dozer is a very handsome, 2 year old, Fawn Great Dane who was found as a stray and as we find with many of our dogs "one man's loss is another man's gain" because Dozer is a gem of a dog and we cannot wait for this boy to find his true forever home. Dozer has been great with all the dogs he has meet so far and he's even feline friendly! He has also had the chance to meet some small two leggeds and he's been great with them also.

Popeye is a very handsome 5 year old merle Great Dane who is a victim of divorce and was surrendered along with his sister Olive Oil.  This sweet boy is going to make his new family very happy. Popeye is already house trained and crate trained. He is leash trained and obedience trained and he is of course an indoor dog. Popeye does not bark, dig holes or chew on anything that he shouldn't have.

Olive Oil is a 4 year old, mostly white Harlequin, female Great Dane that is about 85% deaf (due to bad breeding practices of double merle genes), she can however hear tones. Olive knows some commands like waving your index finger from R to L means "no". She loves other dogs and previously lived with her brother Popeye. She is house trained, leash trained and obedience trained with hand commands.

Little Pony is an adorable, 3-4 year old, Black, female Great Dane who weighs 115 lbs. This sweetheart was found as a stray in the country but the shelter suspected that the person who brought her in was likely her owner. She appears to have been bred previously but is officially "retired" now and ready to learn to be a pup again herself. Little Pony is very calm, good tempered, and eager to please her humans.

Tilly is a 2-year-old fawn female English Mastiff looking for her forever home. She was found by her previous family as a stray, so the early part of her life is unknown. Her previous family was unable to keep her due to family medical issues beyond their control. She is housetrained, leash trained and knows basic commands. She is also trustworthy to free roam and loves car. She gets along with other dogs and kids. She used to chase the cat, but is doing much better now.

Hercules is a very loving, 8 year old, black Mastiff/Great Dane mix...a Daniff if you will! This 115 lb ball of fur is an amazing dog that will fit in any home. Prepare to be amazed.....Hercules is good with dogs, he is good with cats, he is good with kids and he is good with pigs and he is good with chickens! Keep reading because the is boy just gets better and better! He is super sweet with everyone he meets and he's just a laid back guy who is happy to just be.

Hi, folks! My name is Zeus and I am a 5 month old, Brindle Great Dane mix who weighs 50 lbs already so I am going to be a big boy when I finish growing. I love to make new friends, both 4-legged and 2-legged. My foster family will be giving me a crash course in house training, crate training, leash training, basic commands, and manners in general to prepare me for my new family.

Sadie has a mystery past that we are unsure of and while she's not able to tell us much we can tell her that will be all unicorns and rainbows from here on out! Sadie is an approximately 4-5 year old, female, Landseer Newfoundland who was found as a stray and when no owners were located they contacted BDHPI to help her and here she is. Sadie is house trained, leash trained and she also knows how to sit, shake and lay down.

Aurora is a 3 year old, female, black Great Dane who has quite the list of impressive training under her belt. She is house trained, crate trained and she knows how to sit, lay down, stay, no and go girl!  Aurora is an indoor dog who enjoys the finer comforts of a bone, toys and a cushy bed. She is trustworthy with free roam and she will also bark to alert since she is making sure you know if anything is going on.

Jon Snow is a 16 month old, Great Dane. Jon is house trained, knows how to walk on a leash and he is crate trained also. He has a food allergy but a grain free food is an easy fix for this boy. Jon knows how to come when called, down, sit, stay, stand and wait..which you have to admit is pretty impressive for a teenage boy! He will also bark to alert at the doorbell or if he hears a loud noise, so you have a built in alarm system!
Most people who know dogs say they'll take a senior "six days a week and twice on Sunday." Well, my name is Belle, and I'm a senior ready to be taken into a loving home! I'm a 9-year-old, female Great Dane, black in color, and weighing in at around 136 pounds. Like most gals my age, I'm laid-back and super-sweet and don't do any of those silly puppy things!

I'm Cheyenne, a 4 year old, 107 pound, Mantle Great Dane who is very anxious to find a forever home where humans will love and care for me the rest of my life.  I've been used for breeding but am spayed now.  Loved my puppies but am glad that part of my life is over!  I'm a very sweet, happy and loving girl, who is good with children and other dogs but I do best with more submissive siblings and would probably prefer larger companions.

Please welcome Moscato to the family! Moscato is 4 years old and hasn't seen much love or kindness in her life thus far. You see this adorably sweet merle Great Dane was set to get transferred to a puppy mill and the deal thankfully fell apart, a rescue stepped in to save her and 23 other dogd and then we were contacted to help. Without a second thought we brought this girl into rescue and we cannot wait to show her all of what she has been denied.

What a tall drink of water this girl is! Please meet our newest addition, Chardonnay. Chardonnay was born on 12/12/16 and hasn't seen much love or kindness in her life thus far. You see this adorably sweet blue merle Great Dane was set to get transferred to a puppy mill and the deal thankfully fell apart, a rescue stepped in to save her and 23 other dogd and then we were contacted to help.

Reggie is a handsome, 2 year old, Red, male Dogue de Bordeaux who comes to us through no fault of his own as his family is unable to provide the right environment for this boy. Reggie has allergies and these can lead to skin and ear infections but a grain free diet will help keep these at bay. He is house trained and leash trained and he knows how to sit, stay, heel, wait, leave it and shake! Reggie is an indoor dog who is trustworthy with free roam.

My name is Ivan, and from what I understand, Ivan is the name of a hero. All I know is I'd love for you to be my hero and give me a loving forever home! I'm a 4-year-old, male, fawn-colored Bullmastiff… about 100 pounds or so of handsomeness. My heroic qualities include being crate-trained, leash-trained, house-trained, and being good with large dogs, cats, and little people. See, my former owner fell on hard times and couldn't afford to keep me any longer.

This happy, gorgeous senior lady is Daisy—the Neapolitan mastiff. She was with the same owner since she was a young pup, and her owner was heartbroken at having to give her up but ran into issues with the landlord and had no choice but to drop her off at a shelter. Luckily, BDHPI was there to come to her rescue and spring her from jail and she is now in a loving home environment.

My name is Shepard, and I am the hand signal king! I'm a 5-year-old, Harlequin, male Great Dane, and I am deaf. That doesn't stop me at all, because I know the hand signals for "sit," "down," "come," "shake," "speak," "leave it," "drop it," "kennel," and even "high five!" Pretty impressive, huh? I'm a smart boy. I am even used to a vibration collar for recall purposes.

Tux is an adorable, 5 year old, black and white Great Dane Mix. He is good with dogs and kids -- he hasn't met a cat yet but who knows? He is crate trained, house trained and knows the commands sit, down and come (treats are great motivators). Tux was originally a stray and then went to live with a family who had small dogs that weren't too interested in playing with such a big guy, but now he can find an amazing home with you and this time forever and ever.

This wonderful pup is Belle, the Cane Corso. This sweetheart of a girl knows her basic commands and is housetrained and crate trained. She’s never met a cat, so we do not know how she would respond, but she is good with other dogs and loves to play. She’s docile and gets along with kids and loves car rides. In short, what’s not to love about this girl? So why is she in rescue?

Dude the 7 year old, brindle, male English Mastiff is sporting a very handsome brindle coat and he's a big boy weighing in at 156 lbs! Duke is house trained, leash trained and also crate trained but he's fine if left free roam too. He also knows how to sit, lay down and come when called. Dukey is past his puppy stage and he knows to not bark, dig or chew and he doesn't get on the furniture unless invited.

Rosie, our 8 year old, fawn English Mastiff desperately needs a loving home! This poor old lady was abused beyond imagination. She came to us skinny, was shot at, covered with fleas and ticks, has arthritis and has beginning stages of cataracts but she is doing much better now after proper treatment.  She's a very sweet, laid back gal who would make a wonderful family member.

Grayson is a 10 month old, boston merle Great Dane who has been in 2 homes so far in his short life. His first home he got a taste for chickens and started chasing their bull so they decided to rehome him and the second person fell into financial troubles and then released him to BDHP. We have promised Mr. Grayson that third time will be a charm and that his next family will be his forever home!

This is Diesel, a handsome and sweet 2-year-old, Fawn, male Great Dane. This wonderful man has had a very tough start in life that ended with him being signed over to animal control as a cruelty case. He came into Big Dogs Huge Paws emaciated, heartworm positive and with hip displaysia. He has now been treated for heartworm and will be undergoing hip surgery shortly so he'll be ready for his new family any time. He does great with kids and gets along with other dogs.

Goofy is a 3 to 4-year-old, fawn, female Mastiff mix. She is house trained, crate trained and leash trained. She is trustworthy to free roam and knows basic commands. Goofy is a sweet girl who gets along with other dogs, kids and cats. She enjoys car rides and being at your feet. One thing she does not like, though, is thunderstorms and loud noises. However, with understanding and reassurance, this can be easily managed.

Betty is a precious, 2 year old, Fawn, English Mastiff who is a survivor! You see, she suffers from Diabetes and needs daily insulin but her owner fell on hard times after losing her job and wasn't able to afford her meds. When she arrived in rescue she was in really bad shape and our vet told us she wouldn't have survived another day without medical intervention. Betty is now back on track and winning us all over with her gentle, loving ways.

Brutus the 2 year old, blue, Great Dane here to report I am ready to find my forever home. My previous owner meant well but unfortunately is no longer able to care for me because he is undergoing long-term care for medical issues. I will miss him but I am excited for my next adventure. I would love a home with other pup pals of any size and I love to run and play!

Rocky is coming to us due to some financial issues with his current family and we understand that sometimes life takes unexpected turns and we're here to help. He is an 22 month old, shiny black Great Dane who is a pretty well balanced guy.

Say hello to Louise! This 1 year old, Black, female Great Dane found herself in need of a better home when her first owner couldn't provide her with the training or socialization she needed due to too many animals. She is now happily in a foster home where she is happy to be a valued member of the family and getting some one on one attention.

Daphne is a sweetheart of a Neapolitan Mastiff. This 4 year old blue female was part of a cruelty seizure that involved 25 dogs, to include Fred and Wilma. Daphne is very underweight but she has a healthy appetite and now she knows that she is safe and will be receiving all the food she needs we know she'll be up to snuff in no time and looking as healthy as she is happy.

Fred, the very handsome 5 year old, blue, male Neapolitan Mastiff has finally had the luck to find his way from a life of neglect and misuse into that of a loved, rescued pup who has nothing but wonderful things in store for him from here on out. Fred, alongside Daphne and Wilma, was kept with 25 dogs in a breeding situation all of which were part of a cruelty seizure case. Now that Fred is safe with BDHP he gets to be a different kind of stud!

Gracie is a 9 year old Fawnequin Great Dane with cropped ears who is looking for a new home with her bonded sister, Bella. These sweet ladies found themselves in trouble with their owner became terminally ill but their vet and the local shelter helped place them in rescue with us and we're honored to help them. Gracie is a sweet old lady who loves her sister and despite her age still loves to play and romp on occasion.
Bella and her sister Gracie are a bonded pair of colorful Great Danes who find themselves in a new place to lay their bones in their senior years. Bella is a 7 year old Harlequin Dane with natural ears and a few lumps and bumps that behold her age but don't let that fool you for this sweet girl loves to play and run around and is still quite active for her age.  Bella is house trained and is good with other dogs.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Petra, which means stone or rock.  However, I am a mush. I'm the sweetest 5-6 year old female Great Dane who will bury my head in your lap to show how much I love you. What a stroke of luck that the Humane Society knew the best foster place for me would be BDHP.

Who said playtime is just for the kids? My name is a Wilhemina, and I'm a 5-year-old female Presa Canario. And I LOVE to play! Play dates, play groups, play time - it's all aces with me! I especially like it when there's just one other canine to romp with me, but any and all play is good stuff! I'm beautiful and brindle in color, as you can see by my photos.

This beautiful fawn, 5-year-old, Bullmastiff is Nala. Living circumstances have changed for her family, and this wonderful girl is looking for her furever home. She is house trained, crate trained and leash trained. She also knows commands such as sit, stay, come and kennel. She loves car rides, Nylabones, natural bones and stuffed animals, but guns and fireworks scare her.

Durga is a very pretty, 1 year old, black brindle Great Dane Mix that has led a rough life so far and has landed her where she is...a blessing in disguise. Durga was not socialized as a puppy and has been abused as well, so she has some fear aggression issues. She needs some time to warm up to new people, dogs, and situations and will need a patient owner willing to go slow with her. Once she knows them, she's amazing with other dogs and people.

Meet Mayly...she is a very beautiful, 4 year old, mantle Great Dane who is ready to move on to bigger and better things. She is in rough shape with quite a bit of arthritis form a hard life up until now but it will be cushy dog beds from now on for this girl! Sweet Mayly was given up by her owner who had way too many dogs.

Rock (AKA Chance) the Daniff would really, REALLY love to find his forever home after being bounced around a bit previously. This boy does have hip displaysia as well as a slight neurological issues that affects his gate, so he would prefer a ranch style home with limited to no stairs and will need a daily anti-inflammatory to keep him comfortable. He is a 3 year old, black brindle with a white stripe, adorable Great Dane/Mastiff Mix.
Barrette how we wish we could erase the past few months for you but all we can do and promise is that your future will be nothing but wonderful and full of all the love, kisses, scratches and treats a boy could ask for. You see sweet, sweet Barrette (the 7 year own Fawn with merle markings Great Dane) was found locked in a trailer with his deceased owner and 3 deceased dogs.

Gorgeous Gaiya is a 3.5 yr old female, Harlequin Great Dane who is all sugar and kisses. This sweetheart was adopted from a shelter but returned due to the existing dog in the home not accepting her so the shelter contacted us and here she is, living it up while waiting on her new family. Gaiya is house trained, knows how to sit pretty and she's partially leash trained...she's working on this and getting better each time.

Blues is a sweet, 8 month old, brindle colored Neapolitan mix pup who was rescued from a puppy mill and she's already living it up! Like most mill dogs she can be a bit shy but she's curious and she's gaining confidence daily. She is already house trained and crate trained and very much enjoying her daily life of indoor living with all the creature comforts a girl could ask for.
Shelby is a 3 year old fawn, Boerboel Mastiff who is sweet as sugar and ready to find her forever home. She is good with most other dogs after very slow and proper introductions, but true to her breed she is initially leery and reactive to strange dogs. She is good with cats, but would prefer a home with no small children.

Kubiak was found roaming a neighborhood with no owner in sight and he was taken in by a local family in order to keep him safe, warm and fed. No owner came forward and this sweet, 3 year old, black Great Dane is now in great hands with BDHP and he will be receiving the nutritional and medical care he needs. Kubiak came to us quite emaciated around 100 lbs but with regular meals he has gained weight nicely and is up to 126 lbs.

This regal, gentle 8-year-old Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix is Bode (now called “Leo” for Leonidas). He is looking for a place to call his own after his owner’s circumstances changed. He would be best as the only dog and he is truly a gentle giant. when it comes to people True to his breed he will calmly and quietly patrol the property, mark his territory, and will bark to alert.

I'm hoping that third time will be my forever home! My name is Zeus and I was transferred over to BDHP after being surrendered back to the shelter I was adopted from 3 years ago. My parents were getting divorced and for some reason I was unable to go live with either of them, so here I am, waiting again for that home that will be mine always. I'm a 3-4 yr old, 125 lbs Saint Bernard/Mastiff mix (it's the best guess and we're going with it!).

Hello-hello, this is Harriet the black with salt and pepper Great Dane Mix. I think I'm around 8-10 years old, but you'd never know it because I am young at heart and still love to play. I recently came back to BDHP because of some issues with the small dog in my home. Ideally I would love to be the only dog where I can get all the love and attention. I've been cat tested and did just fine with them, but I haven't had a ton of experience with them.

Salt here and I'm coming to BDHP due to some sad circumstances. My mama had to surrender me because my daddy passed away a year ago and she cannot afford our old house anymore so we have to part ways so we can both get back on our feet. I am a 4 year old, Harlequin, female Great Dane and I'm house trained, leash trained and an inside dog. I am trustyworthy with free roam and I only bark to alert.

Hello there! My name is Cleo – I might not look Egyptian, but I can be very regal at times. I’m a 7-8 year old Great Dane/mastiff mix who can’t wait to find a forever family. My previous owner couldn’t keep me anymore because of a work transfer. I am house trained, crate trained, great off leash and know the commands sit, down and come. I definitely love being inside more than out and will only bark during play.

Hi! My name is Ursula and boy am I glad I found a place in rescue! It's so much better here than where I was! I was abandoned in a park right behind a shelter one day after the intake was closed for the day. I was only 85 pounds, very thin, in need of eye surgery and heartworm treatment. I wasn't in the greatest health and honestly I was feeling pretty low. But then I was saved, and now I know better days are ahead and I'll be getting the medical care I need!

Hi, I'm Griffy! I'm a 5-year-old English Mastiff, and I was surrendered to rescue simply because I was "too big." I don't know how to be anything other than who I am though, so I'm not going to apologize for my size!  For an English Mastiff, I am pretty average sized. I'm a big, strong boy and may come across as intimidating upon first meeting a stranger, but I am a big softie on the inside.

Queen of Hearts (aka Queenie) here and while I must admit that my name may make you think I'm not fond of those who disagree with me, let me assure I am all about love! You see in my short 2.5 years I was left to fend for myself and my 11 (yes, you heard that right) puppies underneath an abandoned house. And you will have to forgive me for a minute as I toot my own horn here because I was very proud of what I did!

Ruby the 3.5 year old fawn, female English Mastiff is a special jewel looking for her forever home. She is a submissive girl who had a run of bad luck with her left rear leg. Ruby suffered a fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE), which is essentially a stroke in her lower back on 8/27/14. The good news is Miss Ruby's prognosis is positive, and she has done physical therapy for two years to help her leg get back its mobility and she is making progress slowly but surely.

HELLLLLOOOOOO there, my name is Sally and I'm a 7-year-old English Mastiff. I came to BDHPI after my sister and I were used for breeding. Now that my sister has been adopted, I'm just waiting to find my forever home. I am leash trained and have good recall off leash. I don't bark and have learned all the good manners a dog should have from my foster family. I am good with other dogs after proper introductions.