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Marley here and I'm a 5 yr old, female, blue merle Great Dane. I'm a happy go lucky kinda gal with plenty of playful energy still. I love to run around in the backyard and in circles or when I get really excited you will see my get all crazy with my zoomies. Kisses are the best and the reason I figure why my tongue is so long, so watch out for your face!

Hi there, my name is Ranger! I'm a 3-year-old, fawn, 107 pound, male Mastiff mix -- 3/4 English Mastiff and 1/4 Fila Brasileiro. I was seized from a breeder and am so glad to be out of that situation. I'm not a fan of apartments or the noise of the city, so a home in the suburbs or on a ranch would be best for me where it is a little more quiet. I am just too timid for all the loud noises and commotion of downtown living.

Deja the 4-month-old, Fawn, English Mastiff puppy here. As you can see, I am pretty darn adorable if I do say so myself. I am catching on quickly to house training, but I still need supervision and a structured schedule due to my age. I sleep in the crate and go in very well, so that's a good place for me to hang out when you can't watch me. I have a great personality too! I am good with other dogs, cats, and kids.

Aggie the 2-year-old, red female Dogue de Bordeaux and I am back on the scene here at BDHPI, much to my dismay. You see, I thought I found my forever family but I had some issues with their small dog. When I was in rescue previously, I actually lived with a bossy female French Bulldog so it isn't necessarily a size issue, but I do need some environmental management in order to set me up for success if you have other dogs.

Hi Dutchess here. I’m a 3-year-old, Fawn, female English Mastiff. I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws, because, unfortunately, my mom was no longer able to take care of me. It made her very sad, but she loved me enough to make sure I would get the home I deserve with someone who can provide the care, attention, and training I so desperately crave. So, a little more about me.

Howdy, the name is Buddy! I'm a 5-6 year-old, Harlequin, male Great Dane. I'm so happy to not be used for breeding anymore. My Dane friends and I were surrendered because our owner was moving. I had a tumor removed on my right hip, but it wasn't cancerous and it's gone now, yay! I am good with dogs, cats and kids, including the little ones under 5. I'm house trained and my foster family will be working with me on basic training.

Success Stories

Hi everyone! I'm Toots, and I've made my way home with Laura and Regan and their family all the way in Lake Tapps, Washington!  I get to join their two kids Jacob and Megan. I hear they are very excited to have a puppy around the house - which means lots of attention for me, yippy!.

Hi, Tank here! My owner was moving and couldn't take me with them, but now I've found a new family. I'll be living with Erica & Rocky of Gillette, Wyoming. They have a room especially for me -- it's all comfy and nice. They have owned mastiffs before, so they know what to expect as I grow up. I'm also getting a backyard -- yay! I'm so excited to have found this amazing forever home, and it was all thanks to BDHPI!

Maggie the sweet fawn English Mastiff has found her furever home with Megan of Fort Collins, Colorado. Maggie has had a rather difficult life before being rescued and brought to Big Dogs Huge Paws, and it has left her rather shy and fearful of sudden movements and loud noises. She needs a patient family who will continue her training to build her confidence, and she has found that in Megan.

Bruce has made his way from his foster home in LaVerne, Iowa to Denver, Colorado where he will now be residing with his forever mom, Stacey! She is a very active gal which means plenty of runs, walks, and hikes to tire this guy out! She can also bring him to work with her which he thinks is pretty cool. We are so excited that this big galoof has found his happily every after and are grateful to Kristan and family for fostering him! 

Fionn (Finn) here! I ended up in rescue because my previously family had cats and a small dog, so I had to be separated all the time. Now I'm going to live with Matthew & Harmony of Omaha, Nebraska. They have two big dogs, Emma & Gambler, and we're going to be great friends. Emma & Gambler also attend doggie daycare, so maybe I'll get to go, too and make even more new friends. They recently lost a St.

Manette of Ridgway, Colorado is now the proud new owner of Kate the Great Pyrenees! She joins Daisy the rescued Great Pyrenees mix, Zena the Great Pyrenees, and two cats. Manette works from home most of the time which means constant companionship for her pooches. She also has experience with abused and neglected dogs and a huge heart which is exactly what beautiful Kate needs! THANK YOU, TERRI, FOR FOSTERING HER!