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I'm Charley the St. Bernard and I'm looking for a home that will offer plenty of belly rubs. Could it be yours? I'm a 4-year-old female Saint, and I'm a svelte 82-ish pounds right now. My former owner's life situation changed, so that's why I'm here at BDHP. I'm good with other dogs, but I do tend to be a bit of a dominant female. No wallflower here, I tell you! I'm good with children, I'm house-trained, and I enjoy going for walks.

This pup is as sweet as a much so that's her name! Daisy is a 4.5 month old, black Great Dane puppy that has come to BDHP to find her new forever home. She was owner surrendered as her owner had too many dogs and we have been happy to step in and help out to ensure that these dogs get the vetting that they need and their perfect forever homes where they will be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives.

Meet Mayly...she is a very beautiful, 4 year old, mantle Great Dane who is ready to move on to bigger and better things. She is in rough shape with quite a bit of arthritis form a hard life up until now but it will be cushy dog beds from now on for this girl! Sweet Mayly was given up by her owner who had way too many dogs. A little timid initially, she is good with all sized dogs and wonderful with all people, including children.

Neely the black and white Landseer Newfoundland is looking for her forever home. She originally came from a breeder auction. In her 5 years, she never had much opportunity for love or training. She absolutely loves people though and will do anything to be able to get pets and cuddles. Neely is already walking well on leash and starting to come when called so the rest of her training should come along quickly as well.

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene...Your beauty is beyond compare, With flaming locks of black and white hair, With ivory skin and eyes of chocolate brown, Your smile is like a breath of spring, Your voice is soft like summer rain, And I cannot compete with you Jolene...Ok so our Jolene isn't exactly a man stealing pup but she will steal your heart and hopefully put in an application to make her your new girl!

Reese, a gorgeous black Newfoundland, wished upon a star and her dreams have almost come all the way see she has been a breeder dog all of her life (she was born 4/7/12) and every night she would wish that she could have a home and a family and not be used to make money and lo and behold her she's on her way! She was rescued thankfully from a breeder auction by a rescue partner and released to us to find her forever home.

Success Stories

Brandy the Great Dane mix has found an amazing forever home where she can wander and even "herd" a little, if she wants to! Melissa and Clinton from Larkspur, Colorado chose to add Brandy to their pack. That pack includes a German Shepherd named Lily, who is great with other dogs; and a Great Dane named Apollo, who is an 11-month-old sweet and playful boy. There's an indoor cat and two feral cats who live outdoors in the barn, as well as several chickens and even horses!

I have the best news ever!  A wonderful couple named Mark & Natalie in Denver, Colorado have adopted me. Not only will I have a terrific home, my new companion and adopted brother Brutus is waiting for me there. Who could ask for anymore?!  There is a fenced yard so we can play (gentle play because Brutus had knee surgery recently) and soak up the sun together when we rest outside. My new parents know a lot about big rescue dogs which is definitely a plus.

Moose has a home! This sweet boy will be living with Moriah in Flagstaff Arizona. Moriah is a vet tech who has 2 other Great Danes. What a wonderful life to be able to roam and play on 1 acre of land or maybe even go with mom to work on occasion. It will be a life of absolute spoiling for this 3-year-old. THANK YOU, LISA & FAMILY FOR FOSTERING THIS GENTLE GIANT!

Gallant the Great Dane is so happy for his new amazing family! This boy came into rescue after being found as a stray in the desert. Now he is off to the the plains with Nicolle and Rusty in Powell, Wyoming. They have no Danes currently but previously owned two. Gallant will be an only, very loved child. He does have two potential playmates with their cats, but he might be better off just getting human love. This boy is so happy, and we join him in the good news.

Yay for Stella the 9-month-old Great Dane. This pup is going to live with Nick and Casey in Lincoln Nebraska. Nick has Great Dane experience, and since Diesel passed away, they need another big dog in their home. It just feels so empty without a four-footed love bug to snuggle with. They fully understand that Stella is still a pup with puppy behaviors and are committed to helping her grow into a lady. Little Stella couldn’t possibly ask for a better forever home.

Chopper the Cane Corso is on his way to his forever home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He'll be enjoying the bachelor life with his new Dad Andrew. Chopper will enjoy living in an apartment with free roam during the day while and lots of walks before and after work. Andrew currently has a Neapolitan Mastiff named Sophia, a Cane Corso named Maura, and a history of rescuing dogs, so he knows all about the adjustment period.