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You know, sometimes I hear that BDHP adoptive families can't decide between a mastiff and a dane. Do they want a tall, dark, and handsome dane who will be their constant companion and friend? Or do they want a soulful, tender, and sensitive mastiff? If you're on the fence, I'm your guy! Hi, my name is Moose, and I'm a male Daniff! That means I'm a Great Dane / Mastiff mix, and I'm the best of both worlds, if I do say so myself.
Nefertiti was born on 8/4/14 and is going to be a huge black beauty once she is full grown. Nefertiti is half South African Boerboel and half Great Dane. As with her siblings she is named after a Egyptian Pharaoh. She will need continued training and socialization so it is important that her new family have the time to devote to raising her properly. Nefertiti loves exploring new things and meeting new people.
Hatshepsut is half South African Boerboel and half Great Dane who was born on 8/4/14. Needless to say she is going to be a big girl when she grows up! Hatshepsut is named after an Egyptian Pharaoh and as she continues to grow into a huge beautiful girl she will need continued training and socialization so it is important that her new family have the time to devote to raising her properly.
Thutmose is going to be a big boy when he grows up and was born on 8/4/14. His mom is a South African Boerboel ( Egypt ) his dad is a Great Dane. Thutmose is named after a Egyptian Pharaoh just like his sisters. As he is growing into his huge paws he will need contained training and socialization so it is important that his new family have the time to devote to raising her properly. He is off to a great start in his foster home with his mom and siblings.
My name is Egypt, which may conjure up images of secrets and ancient mysteries. However, there are no enigmas here. My past is not shrouded in mystery, so I'll give you the facts. I was originally purchased as a breeding female in California. Then I went cross country on a long road trip to Texas. Along the way, I gave birth to three puppies Hatshepsut, Thutmose and Nefertiti.

Some of you may remember a very special friend of Big Dogs, a 2 year old, female Dogue de Bordeaux named Cali. Well, we are sad to report that she is back with us here at BDHPI after her adoptive mom fell on hard times financially and lost her home and could not longer afford to take care of her. This mini-Mastiff weighs only 61 lbs but has a heart as big as they come! Cali had a rough start in life and was completely emaciated when she first came into rescue.

Success Stories

Hi! Cherry Berry here, and I am pleased to announce that my dreams have come true! Susan of Denver has graciously consented to have me as a canine companion and invited me to share my life with her. I will be a sister to another BDHP rescue, Zoey, also a Great Dane. We will make our home in Denver. I won't ask you to wish us luck because we already have that, and each other. THANK YOU, CITY BARK PARKER, FOR FOSTERING THIS GRACEFUL GREAT DANE! 

Hi! I am Samson the Mastiff mix puppy, and I am as strong as my namesake. I am pleased to announce that I have adopted someone just like me, big and strong. He's an athlete and has promised to keep me well exercised. What he doesn't know is that I plan on keeping HIM fit! So here's the scoop, his name is Zach and we will be living in Broomfield along with my 4-legged brother, Apollo the German Shorthair Pointer.

Jennifer and Chris in Rapid City, South Dakota have decided to open their home to Tiny, the Great Dane. Tiny will be living indoors with them, sharing the sweet life they will create together. Fortune smiles on this happy trio. After losing their last BDHPI rescued Dane not long ago, their hearts and home have been empty and they can't wait to get their new baby settled! THANK YOU, AMANDA, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET GIRL! 

Jules and Georgia in Boulder, Colorado, will have their hands full with Mastiff mix puppy Valkrie, but we know they're up to the task, having loved Gentle Giants before. They have waited a long time to bring a new Giant into their home, but they're ready now with a large, fenced backyard with a lot of trees, and time to take Valkrie for walks, trips to the dog park and hikes in the woods.

Let's hear it for puppies! I cam, they saw, and I conquered! Not bad for a puppy under six months. I will be adopted by Karissa and Matthew of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I look forward to long walks, house training (sort of), and hours pf playtime with these great people. They even know about giant breeds. I can't wait! I know they will take good care of me and I will soon have a forever home and a family to call my own. It IS a lot of responsibility for a puppy, but I can handle it! Just wait and see! THANK YOU, EMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS ADORABLE MUG! 

Bones, the Newfoundland, is pleased to announce is adoption of Mary and Kevin and their two Saint Bernards. He will be moving to Parker, Colorado immediately to take possession. After a little foster care boot camp to prepare him for his new home, he is sure he has learned everything he needs to know and can successfully care for and manage a family. Congratulations to all. THANK YOU, BRIDGET, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVE BUG!