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Boone is an amazing young man (3 years old) who has an impressive repertoire of commands under his furry belt - he knows sit, watch me, leave it, come, lay down (with a visual cue), stay, potty and wait (with a visual cue) however like most Pyrs, he is an independent thinker so he may need extra encouragement when practicing this impressive list of commands..but thankfully he his treat motivated! Of course he is also house trained, crate trained and leash trained.

Bullwinkle is a 2 year old, 130 lb male, tri-colored Saint Bernard. He has come to BDHP because his owner had passed away and he found himself in need of a new home and we were honored to be asked to help him on to the next stage in his life. Bullwinkle is great with other dogs and really enjoys a car ride, head out the window, ear flopping good time!

Boris is a big boy who needs a big couch to lay his fluffy self upon and be pampered! He is a 142 lb, 2 year old, tri-colored Saint who has lost his home due the passing of his person and he needs help to heal his heart. This sweet young boy is house trained and good with other dogs and he really loves to go on car rides and boy oh boy is he a show stopper - be prepared for all those "Beethoven" questions!

My name is Rosie, and given the typical Pyr breed tendencies, yes, I likely can run a few rings around things! I'm a 3 1/2-year-old, female Great Pyrenees mix, white with some cream coloring on my coat. My owners reluctantly had to surrender me when they had to move to take care of ailing family members, so I'm hoping to find a great fur-ever home now. I used to live with four other dogs and cats and kids of all ages.

Hello, I’m Diamond, a 10-year-old, tri-colored, female Bernese Mountain Dog. I had a happy beginning with my owner and my family. Sadly, my owner has lost his job and is unable to provide for my care. I’m a shy and submissive girl who has lived with another alpha dog and young children. Not only am I good with kids and other dogs, I’m also crate trained, leash trained and trustworthy to free roam.

Marshall the male puppy here, reporting to rescue! I was born on 4/20/16 and my dad was a Brindle English Mastiff and my mom was a black Bouvier des Flandres which is also a big dog, males getting up to 120 lbs full grown, so I have big paws to grow into I am told. My foster family is working on getting me started with potty training, crate training, and introducing me to lots of new things like dogs, cats, kids and more.

Success Stories

Hi there, it's Cora the 8-year-old Fawn English Mastiff. I came to BDHPI from a shelter in Missouri, after my owner couldn't care for me anymore. I spent a few weeks at a doggy daycare facility where I met my forever mom. Andrea of Kansas City, Missouri decided she wanted to play with me forever. She has another dog named Duke who came to visit with her, and now we're going to be best buds.

Moose the Bullmastiff here. In my short 9 months things have been pretty unstable for me. But all that has changed now with my new furever family, the Travis family of Longmont, Colorado. They have 2 beautiful acres for a young pup to play in, and I’ll have a family to watch over.

The DDB bonded brothers, Andre and Gaston, have a wonderful ending to a hard beginning. They were found as strays where they had no one to love them or look out for them—except each other. Now, for the rest of their lives they will live in warmth and comfort with Michael and Lori in Summerville, South Carolina. Never again will they be neglected or hungry.

Buddy, the 6-7 year-old Harlequin Great Dane is living the good life. After years of neglect, this sweet boy will have a furever home with Michael in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Michael’s heart is for the senior dogs as he feels they often get overlooked. He’s right! BUT not this time…. Buddy is one lucky senior as his days will now be spent being the sole recipient of love, care, attention and security.

Hi, It's Paul the 5-year-old Saint Bernard, and I finally to get to tell my success story! I used to be tied on a chain in my previous owners' backyard before I came to BDHPI. After living with my awesome foster parents for a bit, they decided I wasn't going anywhere!

Hello there it's Miss Bunny (also known as Cleo) to provide you with my major update. I used to be a breeding dog until I was saved from an auction so I could have a chance at a normal doggy life. And now I have found a family to provide with love and care forever.