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Hi, my name is Lilly! I am a 4 year old, Fawn, female Great Dane. I originally was found as a stray along with another female Great Dane and then went to a shelter. The next part of my journy took me to a family with dogs of all sexes and sizes ranging from Min Pins to Great Danes. I got along with all of them except for one dominant female Great Dane who was already living there.

Howdy! My name's Titus, and I am a 7-year-old, Fawn English Mastiff. I can tell you that I am very well mannered, and I'm good with other dogs, but beyond that I haven't much of a chance to give the humans here much more information about myself. I will share more about my personality with time I'm sure! If you want to learn more about me, please start by filling out an application.

Sometimes, a second chance is all a guy needs. I'm Atius, and I'm a 2-year-old fawn-colored Anatolian Shepherd. I was originally adopted from BDHP, but my former owners couldn't handle some of my quirks, so here I am again. I need someone who knows and understands my breed and who will be a strong leader and willing to work with me.

Meet our new buddy, Mister! This fellow was found as a stray completely emaciated. Now that he has been sprung from jail, the first order of business is to get him fattened up! Mister is approximately 3 years old and a Fawn Great Dane with blue mask and ears which makes him very unique. He is very calm and well behaved overall in the house so he must have been someone's pet previously.

LeRoy here, and boy am I ever glad! Rescue is one of the best things that has happened me!

Hi, I'm Rocky! I'm a 105-pound, 2 year old, Fawniquin Great Dane. I was dropped at the pound as a stray so not much info is available about my history. I've got one blue eye, which makes me unique, but I also may have some vision issues so the vet will be checking that out.  I'm positively starved for attention - I soak up every moment of loving I can get from humans.

Success Stories

We have a home! Did you hear?! WE have a home, together! Hi, I'm Nana, and I came to BDHP with my brother Bucky when our owner became too ill to care for us properly. Since we are a bonded pair, I had little hope for a home. After all, we're pretty big dogs and with two of us laying around on the floor or furniture (if someone lets us) there can be little to no room for the humans!

Little girls are full of sugar and spice and everything nice, so the story goes. Well, I did even better than that - I got adopted! It's true - Douglas and Linda from Littleton, Colorado chose me, Little Girl the Bullmastiff/Great Pyrenees mix pup, as the new addition to their family! They have large breed experience and are even familiar with canine health issues. Their previous beloved dog lived to be 16, so I know I have big shoes to fill.

It's Scout the Mastiff/Great Pyrenees pup here to tell you that I'm not scouting for a family any more - I've been adopted by Jacqueline and Clinton from Arvada, Colorado! They adopted a Great Pyr from BDHP six years ago, but she recently sadly passed away from cancer. I'm hoping I can help their hearts heal a little bit.

Hi Killian here, and I would like to announce that I have found the perfect home. Yancey and Jenice of Squaw Valley California have invited me to share their lives. I will have no human siblings, but five canine and six felines to play with. I will have free roam and sleep wherever I want! Now if that isn't a perfect arrangement, I don't know what is! !

Hi, my name is Nike, and I was a shelter dog. I can't tell you much about my life before the shelter, but I am about two and I just became an adopted dog with my own family! Fredi and Daniel of Woodland Park Colorado wanted a playmate for Loki, their other Mastiff, and they thought I would be a good candidate. I am so excited!

Hi, I'm Belle, and I am now the the belle of the ball for Kris of Fort Collins Colorado. He chose me to be his pup! I will be living with Comanche and Bianca, who are a dog and a horse! They have lots of fun running and riding together and swimming in the various pools around the property! Isn't it romantic? He chose me!