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Kansas - 1st Annual Ride With The Big Dogs

Early Registration Ride:
$30 for a single rider and $45 for rider and passenger
Sleep in option: $17 for commemorative T-Shirt


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Hello! I am Kaylee, the 6 month old female Newfoundland puppy, and I may be young, but I already have a story to tell. I came into this world on March 24th at a breeder in Nebraska. From there I went to a pet store in Littleton Colorado. There I sat staring out at all of the little kids who came to see me but I knew it wasn't my time to go to a forever family. The pet store started noticing that my hair was falling out!

Hi everyone! I'm Tonka, and I'm new on the scene here at Big Dogs Huge Paws. I'm a 3 year old, female, brindle, bullmastiff. I'm currently clocking in at just under 93 pounds, but I am a smidge overweight. My foster family will be working with me to shed a few pounds through a better diet and exercise. I'm good with dogs and LOVE people!

Well hello there! My name is Duke, and I'm a 1.5 year old Great Dane. I'm all black, but I've got a white spot on my chest, which I think makes me look very handsome! I'm happy to be here at Big Dogs Huge Paws, because my last home was having a hard time affording my food and I don't want to put anyone out on the street.
Pyr lovers, unite! My name is Opal, and I was dumped in the country with my brother, Jack. Thankfully, we were found and we're now safe at BDHP. Whew! We are not a bonded pair, so we definitely do not have to be adopted together but he's a pretty cool dude also. So let me tell you a little more about me, Opal. 
I'm ten months old and weigh right around 75 pounds.
Hello, Pyr lovers! My name is Jack, and I was dumped in the country with my sister, Opal. We are not a bonded pair, so we definitely do not have to be adopted together. I'm just happy that we were found and that we're now safe at BDHP!
Anyway, I'm a ten-month-old male Great Pyrenees, and I weigh right around 86 pounds.
Dozer here! I'm a big, beautiful black Newfoundland, about 2.5 years old. When I say I'm big, I mean it! I'm about 110 pounds, which makes me a pretty big girl! I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws because I was just too much dog for my previous owners. I was never really provided any proper training, so I definitely have some manners to learn, but my foster home will work on those things with me.

Success Stories

Really? You want ME? You know I am Callie, right? And you know I am definitely NOT a guard dog, right? You STILL want me? Oh, how wonderful! Anita, of Thornton Colorado, I promise to be good and loving. I like cats and dogs and people and pretty much everything else as well. We can take walks together and rides together and...and... THANK YOU, SO MUCH, for giving me a chance. I love you already.

Zoey the Great Dane teenager will have a new lease on life with Meghan and Daniel in Chicago, Illinois. Zoey will be treated to lots of walks, hikes and trips to the dog park, and she will be visited often by the couple's nieces and nephews, who will help provide her with even more love!

Hi! My name is Sallie and I have some NEWS! I have a new family! My foster mom, Chelsea, told me that Jamie and Daniel of Beaver Dam Wisconsin took at look at the BDHP available dogs, and of all the dogs there, they chose ME to live with them and be one of their furry companions!

I'm Lou, and I've been around. I lost mt first home because I like eating chicken. They taste good, except for all those feathers! Anyway, my family decided I had to relocate. I came to BDHP, and I have been allowed inside. I LIKE that! Inside is great. Anyway, I wanted to tell everyone that I have been adopted! John and Monica and their kids of Denver Colorado will be taking me into their home. They will be taking me for walks and rides and all kinds of fun things!

Bruno, the Great Dane, has made the decision to become a family man. He will be going to live with Kristy and her daughter, Lily, in Hutchinson, Kansas. He feels they need the dedication and love that only he can give them. He will share his duties with another feline companion named Pepper. Good luck in your new family, Bruno. THANK YOU, SHANE & HEATHER, FOR FOSTERING THIS YOUNG MAN! 

Theresa and Justin in Mead, Colorado, fell in love with their foster, Musso the Cane Corso, so much so that they decided he should be a permanent part of their family. Musso fit in perfectly with the family, including their two older children, Dylann & Devon, Krinkles the Pitbull and Wrinkles the Chow mix. Musso is anything but a "failure" with this family!