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Hi there, my name's Mazie and I'm so glad to be in rescue. I'm a senior, Fawn English Mastiff just looking for love and a place to call home until my time on Earth is done. I've got a grey muzzle, which I say is just a sign of the wisdom I've gained through life. I'm approximately 120 pounds but I'm emaciated and very frail right now.

Well hello! I'm Cosmo, an 8-week-old Great Pyrenees mix. I gotta tell you, I've had a rough start to this short life so far. I was found in the middle of a field. The rescue thinks I may be deaf and blind - I have no auditory responses and they think it's possible I see some shadowy figures but it's hard to be sure, and I'm having a hard time letting them know! I'm very gentle, very quiet, but also not fearful at this point.

Amadeus is a 7-year-old, 112 pound Dogue de Bordeaux. He was surrendered to a shelter because he was left with one half of the family during a divorce that that person didn't have the resources to care for him any longer. He's a lucky guy though because he's a second shot and we're glad to have him, despite some behavioral quirks!

Howdy, I'm Gumbo! I'm an 8-10 month old, Blue Brindle Cane Corso. I was surrendered because the family that I was staying with didn't want a puppy. Can you believe that!? I'm good with other dogs, and I'm very affectionate and loving, so I just don't understand why someone wouldn't want to keep me!

Hey Hey! I'm Bear, which seems like an appropriate name for a Black Newfoundland, doesn't it? I was found as a stray and I am around 2 years old according to the vet. My foster family will be learning all about my personality as I settle in and working on all basic training to prepare me for my forever home.

Hi, my name's Hurley, and I dodged a bullet and hit the jackpot at the same time, being able to come to Big Dogs Huge Paws! I was surrendered to a shelter, but that shelter was full so I had a ticket to the rainbow bridge with my name on it. Lucky for me, I made it out just in the nick of time! I'm a Great Dane/Mastiff mix (I think!), which makes me unique!

Success Stories

Hi, my name is Boss! I am a puppy and I have the greatest news EVER! With the help of my foster family - LOTS of help from my foster family (they really taught me everything I know - literally!) I have recovered from being hit by a car, learned that people can be really NICE, and grown up a lot!

Nope, I’m not a pin-up model, but I am beautiful just the same (and we, myself and the original Betty Page, are known for our legs). But here’s what’s even more beautiful, BDHP has helped me find my forever home and it couldn’t be a better match. Dianna, lives in Apex, North Carolina, and has had Danes as pets for the last 18 years. How cool is that?

I'm going home, I'm going HOME! Best yet, I've GOT a home to go to! John of Englewood Colorado, who has adopted from BDHP before, has only one Great Pyrenees, as he lost one recently. That is SO SAD! His other Pyr is lonely, and I don't blame her! Well, this wonderful human decided to make three beings happy - him, his remaining Pyr and me, and make us a family! So I am going home! I LOVE BDHP, and my foster mama, Kayla, and most of all, I love the human with the HUGE HEART that I can now call Daddy!

On the road again, I just cant wait to be on the road again... Oh, hi! I'm planning a road trip! Well, to be honest, I'll actually leave the planning part to the good people at BDHP, the important part is that I am going HOME! Really! Dacia and Rich of Centennial Colorado, lovely people that they are, have offered me a place in their lives and in their hearts.

Chilly the Great Dane is now happily in her forever home with Robert & Nancy in Divide, Colorado! She joins their Lab named Roxy who was best friends with their last Great Dane, Annie, and really missing having a giant best friend! Someone is home most of the time which means lots of love and attention for this young lady!

Well it looks like I will get the chance to be a city slicker now. My name is Harley II and I am moving from the farm to my new forever family Rhiannon and Chris in Centennial, CO. I think I can make the adjustment no problem. Let’s see couch instead of cold, hard ground. Check. Air conditioning instead of the sun. Check. Another Great Dane to play with instead of chasing smelly cats. Check.