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Hello-hello, this is Harriet the black with salt and pepper Great Dane Mix. I think I'm around 8-10 years old, but you'd never know it because I am young at heart and still love to play. I recently came back to BDHP because of some issues with the small dog in my home. I should  probably just stick with large dogs from here on out to be safe. I've been cat tested and did just fine with them, but I haven't had a ton of experience with them.

Hi, this is Howie (previously Bowser) and unfortunately my adoptive home wasn't the right fit for me. I'm a handsome, 7 year old, fawn/mantle, male Great Dane. I'm a little large but I'm on hypo-thyroid meds daily and this helps keep my weight under control. I'm a good boy who is house trained, leash trained and I know sit.

My name is Shelby an I am an exceptional example of my breed and I'm proud of it! I'm a 3 yr old, fawn, female Boerbel mastiff who was picked up as a stray and never reclaimed - and once you hear all about me you too will be wondering why or how my previous owners allowed that to happen?! I do have some flea allergies....but who wouldn't with all those blood suckers crawling over you? Now that I am getting monthly preventative, my hair is already growing back in.

Salt here and I'm coming to BDHP due to some sad circumstances. My mama had to surrender me because my daddy passed away a year ago and she cannot afford our old house anymore so we have to part ways so we can both get back on our feet. I am a 4 year old, Harlequin, female Great Dane and I'm house trained, leash trained and an inside dog. I am trustyworthy with free roam and I only bark to alert. I do not chew and I am fairly lazy and enjoy my relaxation time.

Daisy here...while I was unceremoniously (and anonymously) dumped at a shelter, I am ready to forgive and forget and move onto the next exciting adventure because I know there are better things waiting for me. The shelter gave me the once over by the doggy doctor, some food and a bath and now I'm fresh as a daisy and in my foster home with BDHPI...ok that sounded funnier in my mind!

Look at this face! Don't  you want to kiss it? Squish it? Love it? It's yours for the taking, all you have to do is adopt me! My name is Ava and I'm an adorably wrinkly, 3 year old, fawn, female bullmastiff. I am leash trained and really enjoy car rides. I love bones and I am wonderful with kids and cats and other dogs after proper introductions.

Success Stories

Hey it's Skyler the Great Dane with a HUGE update. When my previous owner passed away suddenly, I came to BDHPI. After going through three homes before, I came to live with my foster mommy. After enough time together, my foster mama couldn't resist my charms anymore. So now I get to be a permanent member of the family! Amanda of Dacono, Colorado has two other dogs I've been living with, and we get along well.

Amanda & Russell of Centennial Colorado are proud to announce the arrival of their new addition, Aussie aka Colonel the Mastiff Mix. He joins Sadie the Border Collie mix as his new canine sibling and wrestling partner. Sadie is thrilled to have another big playmate again after losing their previous 100 lb Pyrenees mix, Sisko! Aussie's new humans come home during the workday to take the dogs for walks so there will be plenty of love and exercise for this gentle giant!

From a stray young pup to a wonderful family? Who knew?!? It's Bentley the Great Dane mix, and I want to let everyone know about my new family. Clint from Bozeman, Montana chose to add me to his pack, and what a great pack it is! He has adopted from BDHP before, and he has tons of giant breed experience. He also has 30 acres of fenced yard - what could be better? Well, how about some new brothers and sisters?

Steve and Sue - aren't those lovely names? Lovely names for wonderful people! They live in a place called Centennial, Colorado. Oh, sorry for rambling, it's just that I'm so excited! Diane was the greatest foster mom EVER! She's been so good, working with me on training and managing my behavior to set me up to succeed while BDHPI looked for that fabled Forever Home. And guess what?! It exists!

Hey Leonidas (Leo) here, named after King Leonidas of the “300,” and I’m a right “kingly,” handsome fellow if I do say so myself. Another family thinks I'm pretty handsome too, so they've decided to make me part of their family. Sarah and Ryan of Commerce City, Colorado have two cats, so hopefully we'll be besties in no time.

Hi there it's Remy, the 4 year old Great Dane/Mastiff mix. After being surrendered to BDHP with my sister Ruger, we got a new chance at life. After all this time, my foster parents have decided to make me a permanent member of the family. Kristen & Monroe of Kaysville, Utah have two awesome kids and another dog for me to spend time with. I'm so happy that I get to stay in one place forever.