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Hi! I’m Penny, a red, 3-year-old, 94 pound, Dogue de Bordeaux (yeah, I’m on the smaller side, but cute as a button—if I do say so myself). I found myself at the shelter because, as much as my human loved me, they could not afford the surgery for my pyometra (infection of the uterus, nasty stuff). I did get my surgery and I am all better now. Never have to worry about that again! The shelter said I passed my “SAFER” test (whatever that is).

Roccooooooo is a handsome, 15 month old, brindle Presa Canario with cropped ears who is looking for a new place to lay his jowls. Rocco has an amazing skill set under his furry belt for such a young man...he is house trained, leash trained and crate trained. He knows how to sit, lay down and  he loves a game of fetch..yep you heard that right a mastiff who likes to play fetch!

Charlie (aka Gambino) was found wandering, alone and scared by a family that took him in and found a safe place for him to go and we have already started him on his road to recovery.

Hi, I am Eowyn, the 2-year-old, fawn, female Boerboel Mastiff. My previous owner felt that I needed a more experienced owner who would have a little more time to devote to me (and let’s face it, being a mom of kids does keep one’s hands pretty full). In addition, I am a challenging breed that needs someone who can work on leadership training and handle my power and dominance as I am not the dog breed for the average dog owner.

Humphrey (aka Beauregard) is a 6 year old Akbash/Great Pyrenees mix that is coming back to us because his dear sweet mama is terminally ill. We are broken hearted for both of them and we hope that the knowledge that he will be loved and cared for by us as we search for the right home that will help heal his heart will give her some peace of mind. It is a promise that we take seriously and we will search high and low for his perfect family.

Marmaduke is a happy-go-lucky, silly puppy who loves everyone and everything he has met so far! He was found as a stray and when he wasn't reclaimed he came into rescue. He is a 1 year old, fawn Great Dane who is emaciated at only 98 lbs but it's only lack of meals that has him in this state and this guy loves his food so in no time at all he'll back at a healthy weight.

Success Stories

Happy to report that my previous breeding days are over and now I'll live the life of luxury, it's Sadie the Mastiff here to talk about my new beginning! Marc from Frisco, Texas is a previous BDHP adopter with lots of Mastiff experience, and he chose me to add to his family! He currently has Lambert, a five-year-old English Mastiff from BDHP. So I'm happy to pal around with a new Mastiff buddy.

Ally the Great Dane is pleased to present her amazing news. She came to BDHPI after wandering around as a stray & going to a shelter. Then she came to live with her foster parents. In the process of teaching her, they fell in love and now she's staying put. Sarah and Michael of Lakewood, Colorado are happy to add her to the family forever. They have fostered tons of giant breed dogs before, so they know what she needs to become a great adult dog. They also have a Cane Corso who will show Ally the ropes. She is so happy to have landed right where she belongs.

Dozzer the Saint Bernard has the best holiday news EVER! He came to BDHPI after being rescued on Facebook and relinquished due to his size. Now he is going home with Chad of Littleton, Colorado, who has lots of experience with Saint Bernards. He lives in a two level condo, so Dozzer has tons of room to hang out. He also lives five minutes from a huge dog park, so Dozzer will get plenty of exercise. He is so happy that BDHPI gave him this third chance.

Sada, the 1-year-old Boerboel / Mastiff mix will be living the life with Kristl in Salt Lake City Utah. Kristl is an experienced giant breed owner and understands that Sada is still a puppy with puppy behaviors. Sada will enjoy having her very own fursibling, Bodell the St. Bernard who was also adopted from BDHPI, and Sada will join Bodell on for daily walks and weekend hikes.

King will soon be enjoying the royal treatment and sharing his kingdom with a duke...well, at least a collie/shepard mix named Duke and a gentle Newfie named Zoey. Oh, and Tilo and Christine, who live in Centenial, Colorado and have lots of dog breed experience. King will enjoy free roam in the house and a doggie door to go outside.

Lobo the Great Pyrenees has a home with Andrea and David in Estes Park, Colorado. Lobo loves to play, and he will have wonderful siblings in Violet the Alaskan Malamute and even Lucifer the cat. Andrea and David understand the trauma that Lobo has experienced in the past and have dealt with anxiety with Violet. This is just the peaceful and secure home Lobo needs to help him overcome the past experiences.