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Did you parents ever say "When you get your home, then you can have a Great Dane?"  If so, then we have a giant for you!  Si is a 5 year old, black, tail waggin', easygoing, Great Dane that prances like a Clydesdale. He is a bit underweight at 95 lbs and another 15 lbs would do him just fine. He is house/crate trained and does not get on the furniture. Honestly, a soft dog bed that he call his own is all he needs.

Bella the bronze colored, 3 year old, Newfoundland was returned to her breeder after her adoptive family didn't want her anymore and she is now with BDHP to find her "forever home". She hasnt had any formal obedience training but she is proving to be a quick study with a proper harness for walking and positive reinforcement training.

Everyone please welcome Al to the family! Al is a 1 year old black Great Dane who has already had a tumultuous life. He has been in at least two homes and surrendered to a shelter, where luckily he found his way to us. Al tested great at the shelter with other dogs, very friendly and play bowing with them all, but he can be scared and confused about what is going on with his life - can you blame him?

Denali is an adorable, 3 month old, bronze and white landseer, Newfoundland puppy looking for his happily ever after! Could it be with you? Do you have what it takes to keep this fluff ball out of trouble and the time to teach him his manners while also spoiling him with lots of love and attention!?!? If so, he can't wait to meet you! His foster family will be giving him a crash course in basic training but he'll be a work in progress for a while of course.

Salut! My name is Gigi, and I'm so happy to meet you. I'm a 4.5 year old, Harlequin, female Great Dane looking for that special kind of love. My sweet owner loved me very much but didn't have enough time for me, so I came into rescue hoping for a home with lots of attention and time to give. I am house trained, leash trained and know the commands sit, lay, stay, go and stop. I am trustworthy with free roam and usually stay off the furniture.

Hello, hello - my name is Goliath, and while my name means enormous, I am actually a normal sized, brindle English Mastiff. I'm 3.5 years old, and let me tell you, it's been an adventure. I was dumped on the streets by my previous owners. At the local shelter, I underwent some surgery and got a leg wound patched up. Now I'm back to 100% and ready to adventure towards my new forever home. I am house trained, leash trained and good with dogs and kids.

Success Stories

Gunner is being adopted by a gentleman with a Dogue de Bordeaux, AJ.  Gunner and AJ can hang out and talk guy talk and have a fenced yard to wrestle around in.  Edwin, Gunner and AJ will be the three musketeers and the two four legged musketeers will be meeting a number of children.  His kind new owner does a lot of work with underprivileged kids.  The socialization will be great for Gunner because right now he is a little leery of new people.  He fl

Deb and T.J. from Golden, Colorado are official members of the "once a Great Dane fan, always a Great Dane fan" club, as they chose to adopt Obi the Dane! They had a Dane named Beasley who unfortunately recently passed from heart failure at age ten. So Obi will help their Dane-loving hearts heal. He will join Strider and Arwen, the two Weimaraners, and will get to romp with them on about 20 acres of land, and with a fully-enclosed, tall fence!

Barrett, the Great Dane, has a forever home with Sara in Cape Coral, Florida. He’ll be living the good life as the single, most spoiled and loved Dane ever. Their story is a pretty cool one. You see, they used to know each other a long time ago when Barrett was sadly stolen. She never gave up hope of finding him and now years later they have finally be reunited. Sara understands Barrett’s needs and is committed to meeting them.

Sometimes a sweet dog simply needs to find the right home and person. Sasha the Great Dane did just that when she was adopted by Joseph in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has owned two Danes in the past and is very familiar with the breed. Sasha will be his only dog and there are no children in the house, so she's set up for success. He was very excited to adopt a dog from a rescue, and we know Sasha will thrive in her new, ideal environment. Good luck, Sasha!

Every once in a while, an apartment manager will understand that giant breed dogs are actually great apartment dogs, and that's how Tyler was able to happily adopt Cher the Great Dane. Tyler lives in Denver, Colorado, and has a large apartment with access to an elevator, a great view, and it even sits right above a dog park! Cher has it made! He has a roommate and often dog-sits for friends… one of them having a 140-pound Dane. Because of her and also because his parents own a Dane mix, Tyler fell in love with the breed…  we don't blame him!

Toby the Saint Bernard is so glad to share his news with everyone. This darling boy dealt with seizures due to low thyroid which was part of why he came to rescue. After getting some additional care and TLC, he is doing so much better and is in love with his new family. His foster parents, Shelby and Sage of Casper, Wyoming, have decided this boy stole their heart. As such he is staying with the family for life! This family has to say goodbye to their family dog after many years, so Toby will help to fill a gap in their home and hearts.