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Hi, I’m Kahuna, and I’m a 13 month old male Mastiff mix.  I was a stray who ended up at a shelter before my friends at BDHP took me in.  I’m underweight at 91 lbs, but I’m very treat motivated and excited by mealtime, so I’m working my hardest to put on a few pounds and grow into my big paws.
I'm Millie, an 8-month-old brown and white Newfoundland, and I am a Big Dogs Huge Paws Alum. I'm back in rescue again because I developed a prey drive with the cats and chickens in my home and became too rough for the young children in the house. I went through heart surgery last time I was here for PDA, but I'm better now and ready for a new family! I'm house trained, crate trained, and leash trained already.

Amadeus is very lucky he found his way to Big Dogs Huge Paws, because he has not had a very good start to life. Long story short, he was taken in by a family who claimed to rescue him after he was hit by a truck, but they never treated his injuries. When they discovered he wouldn't be able to breed, they posted an ad on Craigslist and a concerned citizen picked him up and took him in for veterinary care.

Ti here to introduce myself! I'm a 2 year old, female, Boston Merle Great Dane. I'm good with other dogs and I have a really sweet temperament. I'm a little shy around people but I warm up quickly. I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws because I was being bred but I didn't make a good Mom, so I was retired.
Hey there! I'm Henry, a 7-year-old, Fawn, Mastiff/Bloodhound mix. When I got to BDHP I thought "gee, this seems familiar" and that's because I've been in this rescue before! I'm sad it didn't work out at my old home, but I'm glad I got to come back here at least. My family returned me because they both started working full time and couldn't give me the attention I deserve.
Daliela here to introduce myself! I'm a 1-year-old Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix. I'm mostly white with a traditional Saint mask. I wound up in foster care because my mom and dad got a divorce, and my mom ended up living with her 3 kids at her sister's house and it wasn't a long-term solution for me. I'm sad for my mom, but I'm glad to be here because I hear this place does good things for dogs looking for a new forever home!

Success Stories

Ahem. Hello? Is anyone out there? I have an announcement to make! My name is Bernie and I have great news. After a bit of searching, I have adopted a dad. His name is Joseph and we'll be living in Omaha, Nebraska. After careful consideration, Joseph was the clear winner to be my forever dad. He's even had a Saint Bernard/Great Dane mix in the past - just like me! I am really excited for the rest of my life with my dad by my side!

Donni has a home! Donni has a home! It's me, it really is! No one made a mistake! Aimy and JD of Tulsa Oklahoma decided to make my dreams come true. I will have a furry brother too, along with two cats! I will have playmates and family! My Christmas dreams just came true in a big way! Thank you, BDHPI! You're my own personal Sandy Claws! THANK YOU, ANNA LAURA, FOR FOSTERING ME AND PREPARING ME FOR THIS BIG DAY! 

Foster fail, foster fail! Isn't that a lovely phrase?! There's only one thing I don;'t understand - who failed? I came, they loved me, I loved them, what's the problem. Their job was to get me ready for my perfect home and they did - theirs! I was to get ready to love and trust completely and I do! We were to help find my forever family and we did. Who, or what, failed? I have the best family EVER, road tested and completely approved! The humans' names are Jennifer, David, Ashlyn, and Lauryn and my canine pals are Luna the English Mastiff and Bitty the Newfoundland.

Psst! Psst! Hey, Kia, you awake? It's me, Chester! You listening? Hey, it worked! You were right, these are wonderful people! You said if I was just sweet and showed them that we cared about them and each other they would keep me. It worked! The best Mom and Dad I could ever have dreamed of! Huh? What did you say? Of course I mean it! You'll never guess what they did! They filled out the paperwork to adopt me! You were right!

Hi! Skye's the name and adopting people is my game! In fact, I just have to tell  you about the most perfect couple I just applied to adopt. BDHP helped me to find them, and they are, in my humble canine opinion, the best couple ever to apply for adoption. They have two cats. Hey, its all right, I actually like cats! Anyway, Greg and Donna of Aurora Colorado have applied and I accepted their kind invitation. So, I'll be home for Christmas, you can count on me... THANK YOU, KATI & DALE, FOR FOSTERING ME! 

Who's up for a bike ride? I am, now that I've been adopted by Nate and Yvonne in Columbia, Missouri! It's me, Aspen the Great Dane. And my new human dad Nate works in a bike shop, so I'll get to trot along and do some running and hiking, too. I'm a sign language whiz, so I won't have any problem following along. My new owners used to have a Dane, and now they have two cats, so I'll have a couple of buddies.