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Hi, guys! My name is River, or at least that is what the shelter named me. You see, I showed up as a stray and since I can't talk human, I wasn't able to tell them my real name. At the shelter I was pretty afraid, but now that I am in a home environment I am a totally different dog. I am definitely all puppy and the humane society estimated me to be 10 months old but BDHPI thinks I might even be a bit younger.
I go by the name of Butch. I somehow went astray, and try as they might, my caretakers cannot find my people. And, as much as they might want to, my caretakers cannot keep me. Neither of us want me to go to a shelter so here I am with Big Dogs Huge Paws, experts in my breed who will find me a wonderful forever family.
My heritage is a bit questionable. Our best guess is that I'm a Cane Corso.

You know how they say tigers earn their stripes? Well I've earned my stripes in my three short years walking around on this planet. I'm ready for someone to love me so I can stop wandering. Hi there! I'm Simon, and I'm a 3 year old Great Dane / Mastiff mix. I know it looks like I have tiger stripes, but those are actually my brindle markings, aren't they cool?

Well hello there! My name's Roxie, and I think that name suits me. I'm a 2-year-old, white, Great Pyrenees, but that's not even close to the interesting parts about me! I might not be gorgeous on the outside currently but I will be soon now that my hair is growing back after a pesky bout of mange, and I'm also beautiful on the inside!

Everyone please meet Bones the Newfoundland. He originally was owned by a senior citizen who found him too much to handle so he did not get the training or socialization he needed as a young pup and was kept mostly outside. He was then adopted and returned because he was too exuberant for their older dog and they were not prepared for the challenges of training an adolescent.
Did you ever kind of lose your way in life? My name is Betty, and that's sort of what happened to me. I was picked up as a stray, and as much as everyone wants me to tell them where I came from, I'm not talking. I'd love to, but dogs just aren't able to talk. Yet.

Success Stories

Diamond the Dogue de Bordeaux scored the jackpot when she ended up being fostered by Josh & Katie in Commerce City, Colorado! When she first arrived into rescue she was very unsocialized, scared to death, and had some dog aggression issues which they diligently worked through with her.

Congratulations to Penelope, who will be joining Kathy and Lon in Colorado Springs, Colorado! She will share the family with their two children, as well as Mia the boxer, 2 Geckos and 2 Bearded Dragons. She will accompany them to soccer games and practices and share a yard and home with Mia. Family needs dog, dog needs family, its a match made in heaven. THANK YOU, KATI, DALE & CITY BARK PARKER, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET SOUL! 

Fair winds and following seas to Annie aka Persephony, our Great Dane. She has found her forever home. Our lovely, gentle older girl will be joining the home of an elder gentleman, Ivan, In Rio Rancho, New Mexico! She will be joining Ivan and his two cats, Tawny & Chailai, walking for exercise and they will spend their declining years the in easy, comfortable companionship they both deserve. THANK YOU, EMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS GRAND OLE GAL! 

My name is Bubba and I am on a mission! I have been informed that there is a family who needs me, and I am on my way!  Sandra and Ruben, I mean Mom and Dad, I would love to ease your empty home. I will hike with you, play with you and in general make Broomfield, Colorado a happier place for all of us. You have the love and I need the forever home. It is a match made in heaven. THANK YOU, RUTHIE & KYLE, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVE MUFFIN!

Hi! I am Majia the Mastiff, and I have a home! Susan and Tim in Eureka, Montana adopted me. My mom Susan generally works at home, and if she has to go out, I can go to work with my dad Tim. We will be living out in a rural area, and they already know about large breeds. I can't wait. I have gone from a mistreated stray to loving people owner. I can already see it - relaxing in the evening, holding paws and cuddling. This IS the life!

Tyler and Rachel in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, have a new family member in Meeka the Great Dane. They have done their homework and are ready to love and mentor a Big Dog. Meeka will live her life taking walks and getting lots of cuddle time with Tyler and Rachel. They are lucky to have Meeka and Meeka is lucky to have them! THANK YOU, KATRINA, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVELY LADY!