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Sophie is an adorable, 3 year old, Saint Bernard who is a perfect young lady. She used to live on a farm and she gets along with everyone and everything - kids, adults, cats, dogs, birds and well anything else that crosses her path. Sophie is as sweet as they come and she is very well mannered. She has not been taught a lot but she is very eager to please and went from never having been on a leash to walking next to her person in just a few days!

Grace is a 4-year-old white Saint Bernard/Pyrenees mix. She was born on a sanctuary and lived outside with lots of other dogs in kennels with little human contact so she hasn't been well socialized. In spite of that, she is a super sweet wiggle butt who is eager to learn and to please.

Rieley, the 132 lb, 9 year old, tri-colored Saint Bernard has arrived! He was surrendered to a local animal shelter due itching which we suspect is allergy related. We will be figuring out what is causing this for him and get him on his way to recovery and his forever family. Rieley is a typical Saint with an independent nature but he still very much enjoys his time with his family and is a big lover boy.

Hi, Tank here. I’m a 2-year-old Great Dane/Great Pyrenees, rather small at 100 lbs but large in heart. Unfortunately, my owner has had a change at work and can no longer care for me the way that they wanted to. I’m quite accomplished for my age. I know sit, lay down, crate, night-night, off, walk, ride (love car rides), back up (quite useful don’t you think?), stop, wait, come, no, drop, and gentle.

Turkey is a 5 year old, Fawn, male Bullmastiff. He was found as a stray, emaciated, covered in fleas and his coat was in rough condition due to poor nutrition so the shelter contacted BDHPI to come to his rescue. We can't figure out how anyone could let this special guy get away! Turkey, also known as Clooney, has settled right in at his foster home which includes a Chihuahua and cats. He loves to talk and craves human affection and attention.

This sweet, sweet boy is so happy to be out of his dire situation and into the loving arms of his fo

Success Stories

Buddy here to let everyone know that I have some new fur-ever human buddies! I'll be resting my Cane Corso bones at the home of Sean and Kristen in Greenwood Village, Colorado. They have two children, and, get this…  another 2-year-old Cane Corso named Xena! That's just plain awesome, and I look forward to playtime with her.

Abby the Great Dane is so pleased to announce she's found a forever home! After going through two homes, she's found lucky number three! Barbara of Show Low, Arizona is adding Abby to her growing family. She previously adopted BDHP alum Maddy Moose, so now both girls will have each other to play with. Barbara's home sits on 5 acres of land, and it's enclosed for lots of free play. She also has a cattle dog who will keep the Danes in check. We are so happy that Abby's found this amazing home. THANK YOU, LAURA, FOR FOSTERING THIS BLACK BEAUTY!

Hello everyone! Xena here! Not THAT Zena, there is definitely no warrior in me, unless it's the warrior battling to  steal your hearts. And I did! I knew coming into Big Dogs that there would be foster parents for me while everyone worked on getting me a good home. But you see, I was smarter than they were. The fosters I was sent to had already been checked out and were known to be good people, so I decided that THEY would be my new family. So I watched and waited while they fawned over me, showing me just how good they were.

Annie the Anatolian Mix and Michelle of Broomfield, Colorado are about to become the next Thelma and Lousie (minus the cliff jump, of course ;) These two gals have found each other and it looks like a match made in heaven. Michelle has done a lot of research on Mastiffs, has worked as a vet tech, and she helped her mom train Goldens for show.

Look into my eyes...You have two dogs I could play with, and cats! You're so perfect for me! Look into my eyes...Resistance is futile...Hey, it worked! They want me! Sherrie and Louis, I don't know where Beeville. Texas is, but I'll find it! Just think, my very own Mom and Dad! Furry brothers and sisters! Oh, but I'll miss my wonderful foster mom, Meaghan, and foster siblings though!

Erin of Lakewood, Colorado is happy to welcome Bernie into her heart and home! She'll be the only dog and apple of her eye. Her previous dog was a Golden Retriever and she grew up with Great Danes so she is thrilled to have another big dog in the house to love and spoil. Bernie is super excited to hear that her mom works from home a lot which means lots of time for extra snuggles and attention. THANK YOU, JULIE, FOR FOSTERING THIS SUPER SWEET GIRL!