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Herman here! I'm a 4-year-old, white and brown Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix. I came into rescue with my two brothers because good inside dogs. I'm house trained and leash trained, and I know sit, down, and come. I will bark to alert, and only dig or chew on things if I'm bored. Overall, I'm a couch potato and not destructive.

Bentley the English Mastiff here. And just like a Bentley car, I'm a pretty fine specimen, if I do say so myself! I'm a 3 1/2 year-old male. I'm house-trained and I don't dig or bark. I'll chew occasionally, so be sure and keep me busy with proper toys and treats. I know I'm not allowed on the furniture (unless you let me, of course).

Please meet our friend Kya, she's an almost-3 year old brindle English Mastiff and is looking for her forever home! She's currently with 3 other dogs, but Kya and a Corgi have been spatting over jealousy and attention lately so her owner felt it was best to rehome Kya.

Hello! I'm Lurch, a 4-year-old, white and brown Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix. I was brought to Big Dogs Huge Paws with my two brothers/littermates because our owner was diagnosed with cancer and could no longer be around us. We enjoyed guarding our old property from coyotes, but we were also good inside dogs.

Hello out there! My name is Gus (though the little people in my foster family call me Gus-Gus, you know, like the mouse on Cinderella), and I am looking for a place to lay my head, forever. I was living in an apartment with my previous owner, but after 6 years together, he decided I was too big and sent me to the shelter.

We are excited to introduce our latest Saint, Louie! He's a 5 year old, tri-colored Saint Bernard. He's house trained, crate trained, leash trained, and has been an inside dog. He knows some commands like sit and down. Every now and then he has a touch of separation anxiety, but his foster family will be working with him to gain confidence. He's not a digger or a chewer, but will bark to alert.

Success Stories

Hi, Hera here. You know, I never imagined *I* would end up in rescue. As a senior lady, I felt my time would be spent with my family forever. But life sometimes cheats a bit, and, due to circumstances beyond my control, my people obtained something called a DIVORCE, which means everyone goes their own way, I guess, because I ended up in what they call a shelter.

McCool's the name is hunting for a good home has been my game, at least until today! I was found as a stray and I wasn't talking about where I had been. When the rescue I was in closed, I was sent to BDHP because of my size. Well, I got a great foster family. They have taught me SO MUCH about being what they call a good dog, training me to find that home I wanted. Well, it must have worked, because I have found my forever home! Donna and Dennis of Highlands Ranch Colorado have asked for ME!

Hi, my name is Natalia, and I am a foster failure who now hangs my hat in Lincoln Nebraska with Lisa and Joel and Oliver the cat. I did nothing wrong, was sweet and a good dog, helped my fosters as best I could and I am still labeled a failure. How can that be? The best thing that could ever have happened happened to us, as a family, and because of that I BECAME a member of the family PERMANENTLY! I think I will change the rules. So here goes - Hi, My name is Natalia, and I am a family success!

I got a home, I got a home! And I got to pick it all by myself! Hi, my name is Sophie, and I am adopted! I was sent here with my sister from a breeder and am still fairly young. It was wonderful here from the start. Regular feedings, brushing playing and all kinds of things have left me alternating between playing with abandon and flopping over into a deep sleep at unexpected moments.

Hi. My name is Buster, and I am three months old. Do you have time to listen for a minute? There is something absolutely fantastic that I would like to share with you. I have been adopted. At the same time, I have also been inducted into to Foster Fail Hall of Fame. It used to be called the Foster Fail Hall of Shame, but I am changed that! I may be young, but I already know what a hard life is.

Hi! Eddy the Teddy here! I would like to announce that the adoption is complete and I am now a member of Krista's family, which includes two other Mastiffs named Judge and Rebel, a rescue mix, and two horses, whatever they are. Krista and all of us will be living in Proctor, and I am told I will have plenty of room to run and play. I love being a foster, and my family has been wonderful to me, but I will reluctantly confess that I am looking forward to belonging to and being part of a forever family. I am not sure about those horse things though...