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Well, what do you know. I’m Clyde and I’m 5 years old and have lived my entire life outside where I was supposed to be a guard dog. I guess I wasn’t too good at it, cause now I’m looking for a forever home where I can just be my submissive self and live inside with my family. I get along with other dogs, cats and kids, but it’s probably best if I’m not around chickens. They get me all excited.

I'm Jake the English Mastiff, and I have a sad story to tell you. I used to have a nice home where I had a small dog buddy. But my owner passed away suddenly, and it took a while before my little canine friend and I were found. Needless to say, we were pretty traumatized by everything that happened. So I'll need a very special home that will understand the past I lived through and that will have the patience to teach me to love again.

B.B. is one handsome 5-year-old, Fawn, male English Mastiff that was found as a stray. It appears that B.B. never knew what it was like to live inside and sleep on a warm bed nor did he have much interaction with people. He is timid and a bit fearful with strangers at first, but now that he is with Big Dog Huge Paws he will have an opportunity to gain confidence. He is good with other dogs but does need slow intros. Once properly introduced, he simply wants to play.

Hucks has traveled a very long way to get to us! This big boy traveled overseas from South Korea where he was rescued by a local American who knew he deserved better than the life he was destined to if he stayed where he was. He is about 5 years old and 120 lbs of fluffy goodness. Hucks was said to be a Saint Bernard/Great Dane mix but we think he is a Great Pyrenees.

Guinevere the 4 yr old Fawn English Mastiff was picked up while on the run with her partner in crime Ruppert. She is clearly underweight at only 84 lbs but with regular meals, which she has no problem eating, she will be looking her prettiest self in no time. She will also have to undergo heartworm treatment before she can go to her forever home because her previous owner didn't use prevention.

Annie was surrendered to the shelter by her owner because as she and her sister grew they ran out of room for the girls. Annie is an 8 month old, black Great Dane who has unfortunately not been well socialized or given much interaction. She is very sweet, a bit shy at first, however, she warms up quickly and loves to be petted once she is comfortable.

Success Stories

Davina the Cane Corso letting everyone know that I found a divine home for the new year! Teri Ann and Melvin from Sheridan, Wyoming chose to add me to their pack, and I'm so glad they did. I'll get to grow up with two children, two cats named Gidget and Finn, and two dogs named Lucy and Max. Lucy the St. Bernard was adopted from BDHP two years ago. Max unfortunately has cancer, so we'll all enjoy the time we have with him until his time comes to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

So, as a 9 year old, gorgeous Great Dane (thus my name Belle) I couldn't be any luckier than being adopted by a Vet Tech!  We all know that as we special Danes approach our golden years we need a little more care than the little know, getting up once down, some extra stuff maybe for pain and to help those old bones and last but not least, what we all need, a tender, loving family.  My new sister, a Bassett Hound, and I will go to work every day with Katie.  Isn't that the dog's woof!  Katie and her Mom are very familiar with large dogs and her Mom

Branch the Newfoundland has landed in a sturdy home for life. This darling boy came from a breeder and was looking for next steps in life. His foster family was more than happy to show him how amazing indoor dog life is. After a while, they also realized he was meant to be a part of their pack. Veronica and Mark of Pine, Colorado are pleased to make this boy part of the family. He will join their two dogs and cat in a wonderful home with lots of attention. We are so happy for everyone and wish them the best.

Julia the Great Dane checking in. Hurricane Harvey was devastating, and I was one of those left behind during the storm. But my story has an amazing, happy ending, thanks to Casey in Denver, Colorado… because she adopted me! She previously owned a Great Dane and is a previous BDHP adopter. Her home felt empty without a Dane in it, and I'll be happy to fill that void! I have a six-foot fenced yard to zoom around in, and a very experienced giant-breed owner to share my new life with. Thank you for the Cinderella story, BDHP, and thank you, Courtney for fostering me!

WWWooohhhhoooo! Rocky, the 18-month-old Great Dane, has a forever home with Don and Lisa in Evergreen Colorado. He had a rough start in life and did not know what it was like to be inside on a cold day or to feel the love of a mom and dad. Now, He will have both! He will also have 2 fursiblings to play with and show him the ropes.

Mack the Saint Bernard is sharing the greatest news this holiday season. When his previously family dropped him with friends & didn't return, this boy was feeling so sad and lonely. However, once he came into his foster family, he learned what was love really means again. Now that family has decided he is going to be a permanent member of the family! Heather of Boulder, Colorado fell in love with this fluffy, adorable bear. She is a long-time foster for the rescue and will take excellent care of Mack throughout his years.