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Pet Health

Giant Breed dogs are extremely expensive to own and it is very important to be aware of all potential health risks in order to ensure you can afford to provide whatever care may be necessary should your dog get sick unexpectedly or have to undergo emergency or other surgery.

Big Dogs Huge Paws is committed to educating existing and future giant breed dog owners regarding the most common illnesses, diseases, and other medical issues these gentle giants may experience. Our goal is to provide a resource with valuable information about diagnosis, treatment and preventative measures owners should be knowledgeable about in order to ensure the well-being of your giant breed dog.

Pet Insurance is a wonderful way to ensure that you can afford medical care as needed for your dog. Monthly premiums vary depending on the type and amount of coverage you desire, however, on average they range between $25-50 per month. Most insurance companies will provide reimbursement within two weeks of submitting a claim and insuring your giant friend will protect you from having to make difficult decisions during medical emergencies resulting in the life or death of your canine friend. Be responsible and plan for the unexpected because your dog deserves it!


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