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Fuzzy the Leonberger Mix Puppy - 1/16/12

 Fuzzy the Leonberger mix warmed her way right into the hearts of Diana, Michael, and their kids, Garret, Jarrod, and Tori in Elizabeth, Colorado. They were fostering her and after nursing her through surgery to repair a broken leg, they decided that she was the perfect addition to their pack and decided to make her a permanent member of the family. She has plenty of furry friends with Stetson the Newf/Golden mix, Jesse the Great Pyr, Barron the Boxer/Mastiff mix, Decklyn the Border Collie mix and 4 cats. She has 3 acres to run around on and explore once she is ready and someone is home most of the time to provide plenty of love, attention and training as she grows. She is a lucky girl with a bright future ahead of her!