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Available Dogs

Charlotte is a 7 year old, bronze colored, female Newfoundland who is looking for a home with her sister Bijou the Pyr. Charlotte can be a bit scared of new people but she is very sweet and complacent when she has built up trust with you. She loves other dogs and takes comfort from their presence. She is good with kids having lived with 3 previously ages 9 through 14. Charlotte is house trained and crate trained, going to her crate for comfort and naps.

Bijou is a very lovely, 3 year old, tan and white, female Great Pyrenees that is looking for a home with her sister Charlotte the Newf. She is already house trained, crate trained and leash trained and while she enjoys her indoor time she is a Pyr and likes to go out for a patrol and a bark to let everyone know she's taking care of things.
So, I know that hunting is big with lots of the guys around here. I'm not quite sure why I got in trouble for it! I'm Freddy, and I'm a 2-year-old male, tri-colored St. Bernard. My former home had lots of chickens and ducks and even cats… and things simply didn't go well. Bottom line - I have a prey drive with cats and birds. So my new home will have to be a no-fowl, no-feline one!
Henry is a very handsome 161 lb fluffer nutter...well a Great Pyrenees mix to be technical. This 7 yr guy is house trained, leash trained, knows come, sit, lay down, shake, rub belly, upstairs, inside/outside, leave it, help mama up and off. Yes we were just as impressed as you are! Henry is trustworthy with free roam and true to his breed he will bark to alert. He doesn't dig or chew and hasn't been allowed on the furniture.

Personal space is something we all need, and unfortunately, I'm here at BDHP because someone didn't respect mine. First, the good stuff. My name is Bella (AKA Gracie) and I'm a 3-year-old, female, brindle-colored Great Dane. I am house-trained and not destructive. Other dogs and cats are fine with me and I am a complete doll around adults, but I'd prefer not to be around young kids.

Hercules...yes I was named after "that guy" for many physique, my power to bend you to my will with my almond eyes and well the ladies love me too and who I am to turn down a scratch or a cuddle?! I am a 2.5 yr old Great Dane who was surrendered due to newly developed allergies and not enough time for me but I am doing ok because I'm looking forward to my forever home who will love and cherish me...I'll even take a little worshiping ha!

Dude the 7 year old, brindle, male English Mastiff is sporting a very handsome brindle coat and he's a big boy weighing in at 156 lbs! Duke is house trained, leash trained and also crate trained but he's fine if left free roam too. He also knows how to sit, lay down and come when called. Dukey is past his puppy stage and he knows to not bark, dig or chew and he doesn't get on the furniture unless invited.

Rosie, our 8 year old, fawn English Mastiff desperately needs a loving home! This poor old lady was abused beyond imagination. She's skinny, was shot at, covered with fleas and ticks, has arthritis and has poor sight.  She's a very sweet, laid back gal who would make a wonderful family member. Rosie has adjusted beautifully to her foster home and enjoys finally being loved and being an inside-the-house love bug.

Stability and love. Sometimes, that's all a guy needs. I'm Fang, and I'm a 5-year-old, male, brindle-colored "Daniff" - that's a Great Dane/Mastiff mix. I think I'm kind of the best of both breeds, if you ask me. My previous owners didn't care for me properly, I got passed around to a couple of other families that also couldn't keep me, and I came into rescue very underweight at 112 pounds.

This is Luke, a 1 to 2-year-old, Merle, male Great Dane. Not much is known about his past as he was found as a stray. However, we can tell you that he is good with dogs and is very sweet and playful. While he waits for his very own special forever home, he will be getting any needed guidance from his foster family to help prepare him for a wonderful future.

Anybody ready for this big ball of cuteness? Juno is a 6-month-old Great Pyrenees mix who is in need of a new forever home through no fault of her own. She is crate trained and mostly house trained, but then, she is still very much a baby still. True to her breed, she will bark to alert and does have the typical puppy chewing and digging when bored. Juno loves bones and is good with other dogs and kids (cats unknown). This sweet girl has a wonderful life ahead of her.

Hi, I’m Patches. I am a 2-year-old, tri-colored, male St. Bernard. Besides being super handsome, I’m leash trained, house trained, and I even know the hand signals for sit, down and speak. As you can see, I’m super smart and very easy to train. I also get along with my kids, dogs and even cats! So, what’s not to love? Nothing! However, I am only 2 and you know teenagers. They think they know everything and I’m no exception it seems.

Grayson is a 10 month old, boston merle Great Dane who has been in 2 homes so far in his short life. His first home he got a taste for chickens and started chasing their bull so they decided to rehome him and the second person fell into financial troubles and then released him to BDHP. We have promised Mr. Grayson that third time will be a charm and that his next family will be his forever home!

Hi, guys. My name is Artemis but you can call me whatever you see, I am deaf so I can't hear you anyway! I am a 4 year old, petite, Harlequin Great Dane. While I may be tiny in size, my heart is as big as they come and I am all Dane personality. I am a lover and a leaner and a couch potato. I am house trained, crate trained, and already know the hand command for "sit" and my foster family will be working on teaching me even more tricks.

Elvis is a studly, 2-3 year old, black, male Great Dane who comes to us after life as a stray. The poor guy was found dumping over garbage cans trying to find a way to sustain himself. He is overjoyed to report that his life has just changed...from scavenging for leftovers to three meals a day, comfy couches, and lots of love and attention!  Despite his past, Elvis is a complete Love Bug who is great with other dogs and loves to play.