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Shawna the Newfoundland - 6/25/17

I thought finding a home for me would be a real, tough job.  Not too many people want a 6 year old Newfoundland who has hip displaysia and an old knee injury.  Surprise, surprise, I have a new home!  Two human parents, Melinda and Lewis, and two Newf siblings - that is just more than great!  Even though I will be an Arizonian, the weather is cool at night there and my new parents love to play with their Newfs when it's cool.  These are Newfie peop

Xcaliber the Newfoundland - 5/27/17

WWWOOOHHHOOOOOO!!! I have a forever home! That’s right, me XCaliber! I will be living with John and Sonya in New Prague, Minnesota. They are experienced Newfie owners, so they already know what I’m all about, and they will be able to help me overcome my past life in a “back yard breeder” situation. It will be so great to be with my new fursiblings as they will help me learn the ropes and gain confidence. I cannot believe I lucked out like this! Thank you Big Dogs and Foster Mom and Dad, Carrie & David, for helping me get ready for a home just right for me.

Jolene the Newfoundland - 5/19/17

Jolene, Jolene, you're future's looking brighter by the day, sweet Jolene! Jolene is heading East to her forever home in West Charlton, New York, where she will be joining Michael and Amy and their 3 year-old Newfie and two Main Coon cats.

Reese the Newfoundland - 5/19/17

Reese is going from a tough life as a breeder dog to a bright new future in a forever home with Newfoundland lovers! Jeane and Michael live in Nederland, Colorado where Reese will not only enjoy a fenced yard but beautiful mountain trails for adventurous walks through the woods. Jeane and Michael have Newfoundland experience and currently have a Newfie-mix, Guthrie, who will be a fun companion for Reece.

Neely the Newfoundland - 5/5/17

Neely the Landseer Newfoundland went from a breeding situation where she was just about money into a wonderful home where she is part of the family. She is going to spend her days with her foster family, Joseph and Trish of Lawrence, Kansas. This family has fostered several dogs through BDHPI and currently own several other giant breed siblings for her to play with. They know what Neely needs to be super happy her whole life.

Galahad the Newfoundland - 4/30/17

Sir Galahad has left the round table to find his one true family! This darling boy came to BDHPI after a breeder surrendered him. After some TLC, he found the perfect home with Shannon and Matt of Denver, Colorado. They have two teenagers to give this boy tons of love. They recently lost a BDHP alum, so Galahad will help to ease their pain. He's going to get plenty of exercise with this active family. Three cheers for this wonderful story!

Jax the Newfoundland Mix - 4/29/17

Oh happy day! Jax, the Newfie mix, has a home with Alexis and Joe in Denver, Colorado. This couple rescued their current dog who had his own issues to work through and who is now a happy boy. Jax has all the puppy playfulness and behaviors typical of his age, but his new mom and dad already know that he needs exercise and positive re-enforcement training. Luckily, he will get plenty of both with daily hikes and playtime.

Alexa the Newfoundland - 4/29/17

Oh Alexa, your tough years as a breeder dog are over and from here on out we promise you a life of green grass, fluffy snow, and warm beds as you begin a new life with Janine and Mike in Broomfiield, Colorado. You're going to love your new home, they have lots of experience with Newfoundland dogs and know just how special you are. They have a 10 year old Newfie, who will be your new best friend and a 16 year old daughter who will love you forever.

Sadie the Newfoundland - 4/12/17

"Sweet Sadie, Sweet Sadie won't you come home to me!" That's Dianna, Sadie's forever momma singing a song to welcome Sadie the 3 year-old black Newfoundland dog, to her new home in Apex, North Carolina. Sadie is going to love being a Southern girl, I bet she'll pick up the accent in no time at all!

Jett the Newfoundland - 3/17/17

Jett the bronze Newfoundland has a St. Patrick's Day present! This lucky boy came into rescue after he was found wandering as a stray. Now he's off to live with Amie and Mike of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. They have an older mastiff named Grim that was also adopted from BDHPI for Jett to love on and cuddle with during the day. This family has owned many giant breed dogs previously, including Newfies. There is also mention of a kitty cat, but Jett will be fine if it appears or not. This boy could not have landed in a better situation and off the streets.