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Lexi the Newfoundland - 3/12/16

Hi, Lexi here! I just had to tell you, so you'd be the first to know. I got adopted! My new Mama, Ruth, who lives in Edmond Oklahoma, wants me! She has another dog and also has a grandpuppy staying with her, as well as something called a cat. She has all sorts of puppy conveniences like dog doors. I am so thrilled! Furry friends to play with, a good Mama, enough to eat and no more puppies!

KC the Newfoundland - 2/3/16

KC the Newfoundland is happy to be home for good with foster family turned forever family, Jill, Mark and their daughter, Stella, in Bellevue Nebraska. He fit into the pack perfectly with Ruby the Saint and Gordon the Maltese/Cavalier Mix and they simply couldn't let him go. Someone is home almost all the time which means constant love, companionship, and plenty of attention for this guy who has come a long ways from his life as a stray! 


Keester the Newfoundland - 1/20/16

From one loving situation to another - that's what happened to me, Keester, the Newfoundland boy recently! My former owner fell on hard times and reluctantly had to give me up to a local shelter. But I bet he'd feel better knowing I have a great new home with Michael in Draper, Utah now! I now have a built-in Newfie family, as I'll join Zoe who is 13 and Sampson who is 12. There's also a 2-year-old Malamute named Artemis, so I'll get to pal around with a lot of canine buddies.

Jama & Sophia the Newfoundlands - 12/23/15

It's the dynamic Newfoundland duo of Jama and Sophia here to tell everyone the good news. Vern and Eileen from Aurora, Colorado have adopted us! They have large breed experience and unfortunately lost their rescue St. Bernard to illness. We're hoping we can help their hearts heal. They have a six-foot fence so we won't be able to escape like we have in the past, they have lots of children who are grown and one who still lives at home, and they like to walk and hike.

Otis the Newfoundland - 11/21/15

Hi! My name is Otis! I'm not sure of my last name yet - foster mom and dad, Becky & Chad, told me, but I forget. Darn! I just let out the secret, didn't I? {Otis hangs his head} Sorry, didn't mean to blow it like that, but I really am excited! I am going to live with Steve and Chelsea in Aurora Colorado! They already adopted Darla the Great Dane from BDHP and now they have asked for me.

Marley the Newfoundland/Saint Bernard Mix - 10/4/15

Hey it’s me, Marley, and I be takin’ it easy man, especially now that I have found my forever home with Charles and Judy. I’m excited to be taking a long road trip to Massachusetts and to swimming in the many ponds around Charles and Judy’s house ‘cuz that what us Newfies were born to do.

Stella the Newfoundland - 10/3/15

Stella the Newfoundland is now happily in her forever home with Cindy & Steve and their son, Ray, in Conifer Colorado! They adopted their current Saint Bernard, Shelby(formerly Duchess), back in 2011 and also have a newly acquired Lab/Golden mix who loves to play and is ready for another big furry sister.

Bronson the Newfoundland - 10/2/15

Hi, my name is Bronson, and I am filled with joy this evening. I came from a breeder, so I had a lot to learn when I got here.My foster mom, Mandi, taught me so much about living indoors and getting along with people and other dogs. Well, all that paid off. Today they told me I have been adopted.

Rocky the Newfoundland - 9/11/15

Hi, Rocky here. I am a Newfoundland, and I'm a pretty handsome guy, if I do say so myself. I was with a breeder until I came to BDHP, which really didn't displease me. I like cats and dogs and kids and just about everyone I have ever met. I guess all these things paid off because I've been adopted!

Thomas the Newfoundland - 9/7/15

Hi, Thomas here. I have a long sad, story, like everyone else in rescue, but I'd rather not go into that right now. I have MUCH more important news! I am adopted! My new human is Ashley of Omaha Nebraska. She wanted me! She will be with me most of the time and even had a canine sister for me to play with! I really can't wait!