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Etta the Newfoundland - 3/19/15

Well, isn't this something. I went from being an "unwanted" puppy because of my heart condition to a much-loved member of a forever family, thanks to BDHP! I'm Etta the Newfoundland, and Bernadette and Kent from Helena, Montana chose me to love for the rest of my days. I'm so grateful. I have 15 acres on a lake to explore, an enclosed area with a custom-built dog door that opens and closes automatically (soooo high-tech!), and a lot of new siblings to play with!

Millie the Newfoundland - 2/22/15

Hi! I'm Millie and I have a home! They will take me for walks and they already announced that they love cuddles! I am good at cuddles! Melody and Dennis of Whitehall Montana are my new humans! I will do my best to be the dog they have dreamed of. The really good news is that I will be their 4th Newfoundland and they have rescued before so I will be in experienced hands.

Zoie the Newfoundland - 1/17/15

Hi, I'm Zoie! I'm a Landseer Newfoundland, and I am six years old. I was just told that I am going to be adopted.  I will be adopting (let's face it, adoption is a two way street) a family from Centennial Colorado, Therese and Dan, as well as their two children. They are used to a dog of my size too! I am so happy! What a lovely end to the story of my life - from breeder dog to home of my own with someone home almost all the time.

Brigid & Loki the Newfoundlands - 11/24/14

Hi! We are Brigid and Loki! No, not THAT Brigid and Loki, we're the furry ones! We came to BDHP as a bonded pair when our former owners had to move and could not find a place that would accept us. But BDHPI came to the rescue and we have stayed with our wonderful foster mom, Suzanne, while we waited for our forever home. Now, that has finally come to be. Peggi, of Denver Colorado, wants us to come live with her and be her forever puppies!

Dozer the Newfoundland - 11/16/14

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date, no time to say hello, goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.  Oh, hi. I didn't notice you in my rush to pack. My very important date is my adoption and I just MUST make that first perfect impression! Laura of Steamboat Springs Colorado must think I am the perfect dog! I need to pack my toys, get my hair you think a new collar would help? Should I get my nails done?

Bodacious the Newfoundland - 11/2/14

Hi! My name is Bodie, and I am ten years old. I used to be a stud dog for a breeder, but then BDHP brought me to a foster home. They were great! They let me indoors, and I REALLY like that. Well, I have to tell you that my foster mom just told me that BDHPI is putting me out to pasture, and I am thrilled! I am getting adopted by a family with 110 acres! LOL But I won;t be outside unless I am on a leash and the rest of the time I will be inside with them!

Kaylee the Newfoundland - 10/17/14

I knew I could do it, I knew it! Hi, my name is Kaylee, and I just convinced my foster family, Becky & Chad of Erie, Colorado, to adopt me! They call it foster fail, I call it foster pass! I cam from a breeder and pet store background, which really wasn't very nice. I began to lose all my fur at the pet shop and looked pretty bedraggled, so they turned me over to a vet, who gave me food I was not allergic to, which caused my hair to grow back.

Chena the Newfoundland - 9/24/14

Chena the Newfoundland would like to announce that she has made the decision to open her heart to Ryan and Amy of Chesterfield, Missouri, and their son. She feels she could be of service to them, helping to raise their son to be another dog lover. She checked their references quite carefully and was amazed to find such a perfect home! She promises to take them for walks (well, when Tommy is old enough to walk, and teach him everything she knows.

Jesse the Newfoundland - 9/18/14

Jesse the Newfoundland here, and I'm proud to say I have found my forever home at last! I am living with Carol and Gerald in Grand Junction, Colorado, along with my new Newfie sister, Harley! My new family is fabulous and they love to do lots of training with us pups. Harley is a Therapy dog, and I'm not quite sure yet what I'll do but I'm sure whatever is, I'll enjoy it!

General the Newfoundland - 9/12/14

I was picked! They wanted me! My name is General and I have done this before. I was with BDHP before and had to come back because all the strange people coming and going all the time made me uncomfortable. But these wonderful people, Sally and Scott of Littleton, decided I was the Newfie for them and they were willing to go slow with me and give me the time and space I needed to feel safe with them! I will ride in the car, play in the field and go to something called a lake. It doesn't matter, what matters is that they want me! ME!!!