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Mollie the Newfoundland Mix - 7/29/17

Mollie the Newfoundland Mix is on her way to her forever home with Jenna in Denver, Colorado. Jenna has giant breed experience, and according to her friends, has the loving temperament that all Newfies immediately fall in love with. Mollie will be the only dog at home, which means this lucky dog will be the well-deserved center of attention. Mollie, you've waited a lifetime to find a safe and loving home. You're home now, sweet girl.

Xavier the Newfoundland - 7/16/17

Xavier has found his perfect forever home in Soult Ste. Marie, Ontario where he will join Jennifer and Enzo in their home and be the only dog. This is the home Xavier's been waiting for, cold winters, dear to every Newfie's heart, the center of attention, Mom will be at home so he will never be left alone, and they have giant breed experience. Xavier, you've had a challenging life before BDHP rescued you.

Badger the Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees Mix - 7/1/17

Badger is my name and digging is not my game - unless there are some fun looking wildlife in my sights. That's what happened in my last home and they just couldn't solve the problem.   My previous parents brought me to BDHP so they could find a better yard for me with a loving family. So, I'm on my way to Nevada to Wendy, Robert and a new four legged brother, Zeke.  My new family has had Newfies over 30 years.

Patches the Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees Mix - 7/1/17

Sean & Laura of Longmont, Colorado are shouting from the rooftops to let everyone know they are the proud new parents of Patches the Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees mix! Patches has 2 human siblings named McKenna and Adison who can't wait to spoil him and Rolo the Pointer mix as his new 4-legged brother. Someone is home most of the time and they are previous adopters who have owned both a Newfoundland and Tibetan Mastiff so he is in wonderful, experienced hands.

Graham the Newfoundland - 6/27/17

Graham the Newfoundland was the perfect fit for foster turned forever family, Cheryl & John, of Windsor, Colorado. They just recently lost their last Newfoundland at 10 years of age and Gertie and Todd the rabbits were lonely without their bear rug to snuggle with. They have also owned a Saint Bernard so this family is no stranger to drool and hair and he fits right in! We are so happy he has found his happy ending and wish them all the best!

Shawna the Newfoundland - 6/25/17

I thought finding a home for me would be a real, tough job.  Not too many people want a 6 year old Newfoundland who has hip displaysia and an old knee injury.  Surprise, surprise, I have a new home!  Two human parents, Melinda and Lewis, and two Newf siblings - that is just more than great!  Even though I will be an Arizonian, the weather is cool at night there and my new parents love to play with their Newfs when it's cool.  These are Newfie peop

Xcaliber the Newfoundland - 5/27/17

WWWOOOHHHOOOOOO!!! I have a forever home! That’s right, me XCaliber! I will be living with John and Sonya in New Prague, Minnesota. They are experienced Newfie owners, so they already know what I’m all about, and they will be able to help me overcome my past life in a “back yard breeder” situation. It will be so great to be with my new fursiblings as they will help me learn the ropes and gain confidence. I cannot believe I lucked out like this! Thank you Big Dogs and Foster Mom and Dad, Carrie & David, for helping me get ready for a home just right for me.

Jolene the Newfoundland - 5/19/17

Jolene, Jolene, you're future's looking brighter by the day, sweet Jolene! Jolene is heading East to her forever home in West Charlton, New York, where she will be joining Michael and Amy and their 3 year-old Newfie and two Main Coon cats.

Reese the Newfoundland - 5/19/17

Reese is going from a tough life as a breeder dog to a bright new future in a forever home with Newfoundland lovers! Jeane and Michael live in Nederland, Colorado where Reese will not only enjoy a fenced yard but beautiful mountain trails for adventurous walks through the woods. Jeane and Michael have Newfoundland experience and currently have a Newfie-mix, Guthrie, who will be a fun companion for Reece.

Neely the Newfoundland - 5/5/17

Neely the Landseer Newfoundland went from a breeding situation where she was just about money into a wonderful home where she is part of the family. She is going to spend her days with her foster family, Joseph and Trish of Lawrence, Kansas. This family has fostered several dogs through BDHPI and currently own several other giant breed siblings for her to play with. They know what Neely needs to be super happy her whole life.