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Chena the Newfoundland - 9/24/14

Chena the Newfoundland would like to announce that she has made the decision to open her heart to Ryan and Amy of Chesterfield, Missouri, and their son. She feels she could be of service to them, helping to raise their son to be another dog lover. She checked their references quite carefully and was amazed to find such a perfect home! She promises to take them for walks (well, when Tommy is old enough to walk, and teach him everything she knows.

Jesse the Newfoundland - 9/18/14

Jesse the Newfoundland here, and I'm proud to say I have found my forever home at last! I am living with Carol and Gerald in Grand Junction, Colorado, along with my new Newfie sister, Harley! My new family is fabulous and they love to do lots of training with us pups. Harley is a Therapy dog, and I'm not quite sure yet what I'll do but I'm sure whatever is, I'll enjoy it!

General the Newfoundland - 9/12/14

I was picked! They wanted me! My name is General and I have done this before. I was with BDHP before and had to come back because all the strange people coming and going all the time made me uncomfortable. But these wonderful people, Sally and Scott of Littleton, decided I was the Newfie for them and they were willing to go slow with me and give me the time and space I needed to feel safe with them! I will ride in the car, play in the field and go to something called a lake. It doesn't matter, what matters is that they want me! ME!!!

Bones the Newfoundland - 8/30/14

Bones, the Newfoundland, is pleased to announce is adoption of Mary and Kevin and their two Saint Bernards. He will be moving to Parker, Colorado immediately to take possession. After a little foster care boot camp to prepare him for his new home, he is sure he has learned everything he needs to know and can successfully care for and manage a family. Congratulations to all. THANK YOU, BRIDGET, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVE BUG! 

Smokey the Newfoundland - 8/28/14

Smokey, the lovely Newfoundland, will be adopted by  Janine and Chris of Colorado Springs. He will be joining them, their children, two dogs, Deuce the Newfoundland and Robyn the Great Pyr BDHPI Alum, and a cat. These 4-legged friends have a 6 foot fenced yard to run and play in and will get to enjoy walks, camping, and hiking as well. We look forward to sharing another special gentle giant with this great family!

Lucy the Newfoundland - 8/27/14

Lucy the Newfoundland has found her forever home with Jade in Lincoln, Nebraska.This lovebug will have a new playmate in Ruby the Saint Bernard and will have two new friends in Buddha and Zero the cats. She will go to the dog park regularly and won't be left home very often. She's one lucky dog! THANK YOU, RUSS & TONI, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVELY LADY! 

Bear the Newfoundland - 8/24/14

Bear the Newfoundland has found a new pack with Rachel and David, their four children, dog and two cats in Aurora, Colorado. Bear, who is a pretty laid-back Newfie, will fit right in with this family. He'll have daily walks, playtime and yard time with this new-found family, and he'll rarely be alone at home. We're happy that Rachel and David opened their home to one more family member! THANK YOU, KRISTI & MARK, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG CUDDLY BEAR! 

Lainey the Newfoundland - 7/19/14

Cindy and Steve and their son Ray in Conifer, Colorado are proud to introduce you to their newest addition, Lainey the Newfoundland! She joins Shelby (formerly Duchess) the Saint Bernard who is a BDHPI Alum and Moe the Lab/Golden mix puppy so she'll have plenty of furry friends! She is also in experienced hands as this great family has owned two Newfs previously, one of which was Lola who was adopted from BDHPI as well.

Tasha the Newfoundland - 7/18/14

Tasha the Newfoundland teenager has found her forever home with Mark and Sharon and their kids, Jenny and Tristan, in Alberta, Canada. She's joining a passel of dogs in her new home: two Leonbergers, Indy & Vienna, a Great Dane, Dallas, a Neapolitan Mastiff(Josephine) and a Maremma Sheepdog(Poppy).

Murphy aka General the Newfoundland - 7/18/14

Murphy the Newfoundland has joined Chad and Stacie, their two sons, and Birdie the Newfoundland mix in Lowell, Indiana. Murphy will be treated to play time in the fenced backyard and be part of family outings. Murphy will rarely be alone and will have the best of care that this Newfie deserves. THANK YOU, LAKSHMI & BIJU, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET SOUL!