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Tonka the Newfoundland Mix - 5/15/13

Tonka, what a love story you are going to be a part of in Rapid City South Dakota. Joe will be the author of your tale, providing you the companionship and adventures that you will so deserve. You will have a leading role in Joe’s journey too.

Maggie the Newfoundland - 4/14/13

Maggie the Newfoundland has won over the hearts of Deborah and Robert in Evergreen, Colorado along with their two daughters, Clarissa and Shelly! She joins their 2 cats and will be the only dog, but she is going to a family with plenty of experience with big, hairy, slobbery monsters.

Stitch the Newfoundland - 3/30/13

Stitch is home forever with Brittany in Denver, Colorado! Brittany was actually his original owner and at the time she made the heartwrenching decision to surrender Stitch, she did so with a a pure heart and sincerely believing that she wasn't able to give him what he needed. Since his leaving, he hasn't left her thoughts and she really struggled with the feeling that she had an enormous hole in her heart that only he could fill.

Sparty the Newfoundland - 3/24/13

We would like to send out a very Big congratulations to Lisa and Mike along with their children, Gwen and Ronan, from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, on their new addition to the family, the one and only, Sparty the Newfoundland. Sparty will be joining his 4-legged sister who is a Bernese Mountain Dog named Diamond. She will teach Sparty how to shine with the best doggy manners, not that Sparty needs much training. He is such a lovable and well mannered boy already.

Jasmine the Newfoundland Mix - 1/26/13

Hello, my name is Jasmine, and I am a 9 year old, Newfoundland/Golden Retriever mix. I wanted to spread the good news to all of my BDHPI families and friends, that I have been adopted by the most wonderful Mom ever. Her name is Mary and she is from Loveland, Colorado. She is absolutely amazing to be willing to share her life with me and she says she doesn't even mind giving me my daily medicine for my arthritis.

Stitch the Newfoundland - 1/19/13

As they say, "good things come to those who wait" and that certainly has happened for me. My name is Stitch and I have landed myself an amazing new mom. Let me introduce her to you...her name is Alison and she lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Emma the Newfoundland - 12/26/12

William and Monica will be the lucky new parents of Emma the Newfoundland. After years of being on her own, keeping to herself, and struggling to get by, Emma will now be comfortable, attended to, and above all, loved. Woodrow, the Newfoundland will be Emma's furry companion in the lovely town of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Emma will also have a few feline confidants that she will be able to watch from afar.

Ebony the Newfoundland - 12/19/12

Great News! Miss Ebony is very excited to tell the whole world that she has been adopted by a wonderful, caring new human daddy named Curtis from Denver, Colorado. She will go on two daily walks for exercise and she will have free roam of her new house to take it wasy when Curtis is not at home. She is quite ecstatic to enjoy her new life indoors after a life of neglect outdoors in her prior home.

Hercules the Newfoundland - 11/30/12

Hercules the Brown Newfoundland has won the adoption lottery and has moved into his new home in the lovely town of Evergreen, Colorado. Suzanne will be Hercules' new Mom and he will be joining the pack of 2 additional Newfies that are also BDHPI Alumni. What an awesome heart Suzanne has to continue to rescuing Big Dogs in need.

Scooter the Newfie Mix - 10/24/12

Congratulation to Cutie Patootie, Scooter, the adorable, energetic, 4 month old, Newfoundland Mix for getting adopted by his new mommy, Terra from Castle Rock, Colorado. Scooter also has a new furry sibling to play with who is a 4 year old Labrador. They will have so much fun bonding as brothers and playing outside in their backyard and taking their 2 scheduled walks a day.