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Titan the Newfoundland - 6/28/14

Titan the Newfoundland has found his forever home with Carole and Robert and their daughter, Oriane in Laurel, Montana. This big boy will join his new family hiking, fly fishing and camping. He will live the life of luxury, staying in either the climate-controlled garage or a special dog house when his family isn't home.

Kiki the Newfoundland - 6/20/14

Kiki the Newfoundland has found her forever home in Omaha, Nebraska, with Valerie and Jason, their children, Juliana and Tristan, dogs, Griswold and Lola the Golden Doodles and Koda the Newfoundland, and cats. This big family will spend time on the couple's two acres, so Kiki will have lots of supervised play time with her doggie companions. Kiki will have get lots of love from her new-found family! THANK YOU, LAURA, FOR FOSTERING THIS FLUFFY FRIEND!

Destiny the Newfoundland - 6/14/14

Destiny the Newfoundland has gone to the home of Judi in Paonia, Colorado, and Judi knows all about Newfies. She's owned five Newfies before, so she knows the ins and outs of keeping Destiny healthy and happy. Judi has a pet-sitting service, so she's around dogs all the time. Destiny is definitely in good hands with her new human mom!

Willy the Newfoundland - 5/6/14

Willy the Newfoundland landed the perfect foster turned forever home ever with Amie, Mike, and their kids, Tyler and Rachelle, in Omaha, Nebraska! He has Moose the Saint Bernard Mix, Slippers, Mustang and Boo the cats as his new permanent 4-legged siblings and will also enjoy the ongoing company of other BDHPI foster dogs. We are confident that this special guy will serve as an amazing ambassadog for our cause and are so happy that he has found such an wonderful home.

Elsa the Newfoundland Mix - 4/7/14

Elsa and her favorite chicken squeaky toy are feeling right at home with Robert and Mary in Aspen, Colo. Robert has been around Newfies a lot, so you will be cherished like all Big Dogs should. You are joining an older Siberian husky that they rescued earlier this year, and both of you can help fill the void left when they lost their beloved Togo recently to cancer.

Hank the Newfoundland - 3/12/14

No more messing around in foster care for Hank the Newfoundland, because this handsome boy has been chosen to go home! Tim and Colleen of Festus Missouri have selected Hank to join their furry family. With a kitty named "Kitty" and a Senior Great Pyrenees named Pete, this family will welcome Hank into their animal kingdom and love on him for all of his days. Colleen works from home so Hank will have plenty of time with his new Mom...

Charlie the Newfoundland - 3/1/14

Charlie the Newfie is on to bigger and better things, that include growing into his big paws!  He is off to live with his new parents, Eric and Shannon in Littleton, Colorado.  In addition to a new super awesome mom and dad, he gets Henrik the 5 and a half year old human sibling.  He is also adopting Ripley the 10 year old Great Pyrenees as his new canine brother and a few kitties to keep him company.

Lexi the Newfoundland - 2/15/14

Lexi the Newfoundland will be living the rest of her days pain free with Sean & Ashley in Westminster, Colorado! She also has a 2-legged human sibling named Wesley to watch over and protect. Lexi joins Rasha the Belgian Shepherd Mix, Stone the Keeshond and Frank and Dexter the cats as her new 4-legged siblings who will provide wonderful companionship as well. Her new mom is a vet tech so we know she will receive nothing but the best of medical care moving forward!

Willa the Newfoundland - 2/14/14

Willa the Newf is one lucky pup to be joining Kathy & Kris in Peonia, Colorado! She will have a new BFF with Huckleyberry(formerly Loper) the Saint Bernard who was also adopted from BDHPI along with Pima the cat and some chickens to watch over. They recently lost their previous Newfie, Hannah, and are thrilled to be able to rescue another!

Lexi the Newfoundland Mix - 1/29/14

Oh Lexi, you are one lucky girl. Deborah and Robert of Evergreen Colorado are going to love you like no one else could. These wonderful folks have Big Love for their Newfie friends and Lexi will be no different. Deborah and Robert go to great lengths to make sure that their pups are fully cared for and happy and we know that only good things will come to our sweet girl Lexi.