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Sweetie the Newfoundland - 2/26/17

Sweetie the Newfie is going to be right at home with Kevin, Jennifer, Liam, Fiona and Oscar in Lafayette, Colorado. Newfies love children, so sweetie will have two lovely children to enjoy. Oscar is a Newfie/Lab mix also an alum of BDHP who will be Sweetie's new pal. Kevin and Jennifer have lots of giant breed experience and have adopted from BDHP before. Sweetie, your future is looking like sugar plums and candy canes!

Kylie the Newfoundland - 2/25/17

I LOVE Newfies and I love happy endings. Well, Kylie the beautiful bronze Landseer Newfie who was surrendered by a breeder will now be enjoying comfort, security and freedom with Cynthia and Richard in Centennial, Colorado, and their Newfoundland, Macy. Kylie will enjoy living with a family who know and love giant breeds. And she'll have the companionship of a fellow Newfie and BDHPI Alum.

Mandy the Newfoundland - 1/22/17

Mandy the Newfoundland is so pleased to have found her perfect fit. She came to rescue when her owner passed, and the others couldn't care for her. She had special needs and waited for a home that would work with her. Now she's going to live with Judy and Todd of Madison, Wisconsin. There are two other dogs in the home, so Mandy will not be lonely. The family is also home fairly often, so she'll get constant attention and love.

Kevin the Newfoundland - 12/28/16

Kevin the Newfoundland has gotten his wish for 2017! He came to BDHPI from a breeding situation, and he was so glad to be done with that. After spending time with his foster family, he's decided this is the place to stay forever. Susie and Dave of Shawnee, Kansas are so happy to keep this darling in their home. They are fosters, so any new dogs coming into rescue will have Kevin's amazing example to learn from.

Bella the Newfoundland - 12/20/16

I'm glad I got to stay in Colorado, because I love this white, fluffy stuff you humans call "snow!" It's me, Bella the Newfoundland, telling my wonderful adoption story. Carolyn and Robert from Littleton, Colorado saw me and picked me to add to their pack. I'll join three other dogs - Stella, a 4-year-old Boston Terrier/Pug mix; Sarge, a 14-year-old Boston Terrier/Pug mix; and Gracie, a Carolina Dog mix.

Cole the Newfoundland Mix - 12/19/16

Cole the Newfie mix is pleased to announce his holiday wish has come true. He came to BDHPI after being found by police on the side of the road, with a gash and other injuries. After going through treatment for his ailments, he will now be spending the rest of his happy days with Tyrene and Brian of Centennial, Colorado. They have three other dogs, and one is super excited to have an active playmate.

Nelson the Newfoundland - 12/13/16

Nelson is so happy his Christmas wish has been answered! He will be off to sunny Roseville, California to live with Christine and Joel. They have two other dogs and two cats for Nelson to play with. They are also experienced working with the large breeds. Nelson is so glad to not be used for breeding anymore. He can't wait to soak all the sun into his black fur and enjoying lounging in the backyard.

Riggs the Newfoundland - 10/30/16

Riggs the adorable Newfoundland dog is heading to Elizabeth, Colorado to live with Russell Jackson, who is retired and has no other dogs, which means Riggs and Russell will soon be the stars of their own buddy film. Riggs will enjoy sleeping in Russell's bedroom, he'll have a backyard with a 6-foot fence and will be the perfect companion. Mr. Jackson previously adopted Fiona the Newfoundland from BDHP in 2012, so we know he loves Newfies! Ride into the sunset, Riggs! THANK YOU, LOUISE & JOSH, FOR FOSTERING THIS GIANT TEDDY BEAR!

Seamus the Newfoundland - 10/22/16

Hi, it's Seamus the Newfoundland, and I've found my forever home. I came back to rescue when my family moved and couldn't take me along. I had some medical issues, but now I'm all better and ready for this new home. Jim and Mary Ann of Durango, Colorado are very experienced Newfie owners, so they know what to expect with me. They live on 5,000 acres and have plenty of room for me to play.

Marco the Newfoundland - 10/15/16

Newfie lovers, unite! Marco the Newfoundland pup here to tell everyone the good news - I've been adopted by Anthony and Kirsten from Colorado Springs, Colorado! They used to have two Newfies, so they're very familiar with my breed. I have a new human boy to play with and grow up with, and someone is home all the time to supervise me. I've got a lot of land in a big backyard to roam, and I'm looking forward to learning the ropes and sharing my new life with amazing, experienced owners! Thank you so much for the second chance, BDHPI, and Susie and Dave for fostering me!