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Seamus the Newfoundland - 10/22/16

Hi, it's Seamus the Newfoundland, and I've found my forever home. I came back to rescue when my family moved and couldn't take me along. I had some medical issues, but now I'm all better and ready for this new home. Jim and Mary Ann of Durango, Colorado are very experienced Newfie owners, so they know what to expect with me. They live on 5,000 acres and have plenty of room for me to play.

Marco the Newfoundland - 10/15/16

Newfie lovers, unite! Marco the Newfoundland pup here to tell everyone the good news - I've been adopted by Anthony and Kirsten from Colorado Springs, Colorado! They used to have two Newfies, so they're very familiar with my breed. I have a new human boy to play with and grow up with, and someone is home all the time to supervise me. I've got a lot of land in a big backyard to roam, and I'm looking forward to learning the ropes and sharing my new life with amazing, experienced owners! Thank you so much for the second chance, BDHPI, and Susie and Dave for fostering me!

Peanut the Newfoundland & Boomer the Bernese Mountain Dog - 10/15/16

Boomer the Bernese Mountain Dog and Peanut the Newfoundland found themselves in rescue when their parents got a divorce and couldn't find appropriate housing! They didn't let their situation get them down though and have found the perfect forever home with Darlene & Mike in Westminster, Colorado. Their new mom is a florist who works from home so they will rarely have to be left alone! They also have a big backyard to play in with a fountain to drink out of of event!

Polo the Newfoundland - 10/15/16

Polo the Newfoundland pup here with my own amazing success story. From being sold at an auction to a wonderful new life, thanks to BDHP! Crystle and Eric from Wesminster, Colorado chose me to be their new pup, and I'll be forever grateful. They already have a Newfie named Nala who I'll be able to learn from, and I'll have two human children to grow up with. I'll get lots of walks and backyard romping for exercise, and I'll also get to hike and…  swim!

Tommy the Newfoundland - 8/28/16

Tommy the Newfoundland is packing his bag and heading south to Arkansas to meet his forever family. He's going to to have a sister named Millie, who's a Great Pyr/Golden mix. Millie is looking forward to Tommy's arrival since her human child has started school and Millie would love another dog to hang out with during the day.  Tommy will have a fenced backyard to relax in and be an indoor dog with Millie, and Daisy and Chloe, the two cats.

Twinkles the Newfoundland - 8/27/16

Twinkles the 9-year-old, Landseer Newfie has a wonderful furever home with Robert and Mary of Aspen Colorado. Twinkles’ (aka Millie) life as a back-yard-breeder/puppy mill female was a difficult life, as it is for all back-yard-breeder/puppy mill dogs. With little human contact, let alone real love, Twinkles is fearful of people, but with Robert and Mary Twinkles will have the gentle, patient love she has never experience before.

Bunny the Newfoundland - 8/19/16

Hello there it's Miss Bunny (also known as Cleo) to provide you with my major update. I used to be a breeding dog until I was saved from an auction so I could have a chance at a normal doggy life. And now I have found a family to provide with love and care forever.

Eja the Newfoundland - 7/30/16

Eja the senior Newfoundland has adopted her new humans, Reta and Joe of Lafayette, Colorado! She joins four 4-legged siblings including Nala and Snoodles the cats, Pepper the Corgi and JJ the Berner, so she will have plenty of furry friends to play and snuggle with!  Joe works from home which means constant companionship and lots of love for this sweet old lady! THANK YOU, SUSIE & DAVE, FOR FOSTERING HER! 

Boris the Newfoundland Mix - 7/27/16

Boris the Newfie Mix here. I must say, it’s going to be something living in my furever home. After being on my own as a stray, I need a place to call my own, and Nancy in Florissant Colorado has opened her heart and home to me. I will be the only dog in a very rural setting, but that just means that I’ll get all the belly rubs.

Cinnamon the Newfoundland - 7/12/16

Cinnamon has found her very own furever family with Kristi and Adam in Denver, Colorado. They lost their previous Newfie at 11 years and their home hasn’t been the same, so 1-year-old Cinnamon will be a much loved addition. She will also have a fur sibling, Millie, to play with, and her new mom is the manager of a doggie day care, so Cinnamon would be able to go to work with Mom for even more playtime with lots of new friends.