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Duke the Newfoundland Mix - 12/4/17

Duke is a Newf mix and at the beginning of his stay as a BDH foster his feelings were also mixed because he didn't really know what to expect. After all he had been a stray and had spent some time in a shelter, very frightening. Although he will always be a Newf mix, his feelings will definitely not continue in a mixed state.  He has been adopted by Louisa, Mark and their two kids who will give him the consistency and love he so deserves.

Sipsey the Newfoundland - 11/15/17

One meaning for Sipsey is popularity.  This unusual name belongs to our very popular and unique Sipsey, a black and white Newfie.  Yaaay, she is being adopted by an unusual and wonderful family who have a Golden Doodle, 2 Newfies and two indoor cats who are very used to giant dogs. She is so lucky to have such a ready made four legged family along with her new people Valerie, Jason and their three kids, two who live at home.

Kiki - Newfoundland - SENIOR / PENDING ADOPTION

Kiki the 8 year old black Newfoundland is another lucky pup who after 8 years of being a breeding machine will finally be living the life she's always deserved. Kiki is great with other dogs, as that is primarily all she has known, so it would be best if she had other doggie siblings to follow their lead.

Birmingham - Newfoundland - SENIOR

Howdy from this adorable black boy, Birmingham! He is an 8 year old, black, neutered male Newfie who is so happy not to be in the business of puppies anymore. This boy needed some TLC, which his foster family was happy to provide. Now he's ready to go on to the bestest, forever family. He only eats when he's hungry - wants to keep looking slim and adorable for life. He is good with dogs and kids, and he might even be good with cats.

Alaya the Newfoundland - 10/25/17

Alaya the Newfoundland is just what the doctor ordered to heal the hearts of her new mom and dad, Lindsay and Colin, of Larkspur, Colorado. They recently lost their third giant breed dog in the last year and the house was feeling a little lonely, as was their French Bulldog, Tank.

Boots the Newfoundland - 10/25/17

"These Boots are made for walking" and I will be walking to a wonderful life with my new family that includes Kevin, Jennifer and their two great kids to play with me at my new home in Lafayette, Colorado!  This Newfie is out of my mind with happiness! Chloe, my new Newfie sister, who also came from BDHP, will be there to also play and show me the ropes.

Tonya the Newfoundland - 10/21/17

Tonya the Bronze Newfoundland two year old didn't have to go far to find her forever home! This lucky girl was rescued from a breeder and quickly won the hearts of her foster family, Carrie, David, and their kids, Mia, Sam and Lizzy of Greenwood Village Colorado. She'll enjoy being the center of attention as the only dog in her family and will enjoy all the love and attention she deserves. Best wishes for a golden future, you bronze beauty, Tonya!

Sadie the Newfoundland - 10/21/17

Andrea of Boulder, Colorado is thrilled to welcome Sadie the Newfoundland into her family. She lives in a very pet friendly complex and town and looks forward to taking her new addition just about everywhere she can. She also works close to home and plans to come home at lunch every day to spend time with her new baby. Sadie will have her own futon mattress to sleep on and will go on regular hikes in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. She will be one spoiled pup!

Sonya the Newfoundland - 10/19/17

Sonya is now happily in her forever home with Belinda in Pueblo West, Colorado. She joins Maddy the Lab, Lila the Terrier and Adele the Doberman as well as Claire the cat. Belinda raised an English Mastiff previously and has rescued most of her dogs so she couldn't be in better hands! Sonya will enjoy dog door access to a fenced in yard where she can frolic with her new 4-legged siblings. THANK YOU, LINDSAY & COLIN, FOR FOSTERING THIS GENTLE GIANT!

Poppy the Newfoundland - 10/15/17

Ada the Bronze 1 year old Newfoundland dog has hit the happy dog jackpot and is on her way to her forever home in Sammamish, Washington. She will join her Travis (who is a veterinarian!) Tricia, Maya, and their cat, Gracie Face. Her forever home has lots of Newfoundland dog experience so we know this is going to be the perfect home for Ada. She'll have a little one to watch grow, as Nanny dogs dearly love to do, and a cold climate to keep her comfortable.