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Neapolitan Mastiff

Heidi - Neapolitan Mastiff (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Have you ever heard the saying "trash to treasure"? Well Heidi, the tawny Neopolitan mastiff, is going to be singing from the hilltops now because this will be her story from here on out.

Kava - Neapolitan Mastiff (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Kava the 3 year old Neapolitan Mastiff is sporting a glorious tawny colored coat and enough wrinkles to make any smoosh face dog jealous! Kava has come to us as an owner surrender as they were moving and unable to take her with them; she lived with a male Neo Mastiff previously and they get along great and she has fit right into the pack at her foster home.

Roxie - Neapolitan Mastiff (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Say hello to our latest gentle giant, Roxie the 1 year old, female Neapolitan Mastiff! This blue beauty came to BDHPI after being purchased from an auction and saved from a life of breeding. She is 96.8 lbs currently with a heart as big as they come.Roxie is doing great with potty training, walks great on the leash and gets along well with other dogs. She was curious about the office cat she met at the vet but no signs of aggression.

Midnight the Neapolitan Mastiff - 3/11/17

Midnight the Neapolitan Mastiff is so pleased to announce his news! His former owner had to put him in rescue when moving to a smaller place. That's fine, though because Midnight came to an amazing foster family who wants him to stay put. Holly and Dave of Windsor, Colorado are pleased to add this baby boy to their family.

Lucinda the Neapolitan Mastiff - 2/6/17

Lucinda the Neapolitan Mastiff is pleased to announce her news. She came to rescue originally after she was bought by a good samaritan at an auction. Once she got some care and TLC, she really started to come out of her shell. She is off to join Jeff and Lisa in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have a rottie for Lucinda to play with, and there are plenty of soft spaces for resting and a quiet environment perfect for her. This baby girl is so happy to have found this home.

Matilda the Neapolitan Mastiff - 1/14/17

Matilda the Neapolitan Mastiff has found her perfect home. She came to rescue after being auctioned off by a breeder. After living with her fosters for awhile, they decided she simply had to stay. Heather, John and their 4 kids of Kansas City, Missouri are so happy to have this adorable girl as a permanent member of their family. She joins Ruger the Golden, Ruby the Mastiff, and Earl the Yorkiepoo as her new 4 legged friends.  Matilda will surely gets lots of love, attention, treats and the best life a dog could ask for.

Paisley the Neapolitan Mastiff - 12/22/16

Paisley, the 10-month-old Neo puppy has a wonderful home with Kimberly and Rick in Aurora, Colorado. Paisley previously lived the life of a puppy mill puppy. A very sad time. But now her life will never again be the same. Kimberly and Rick are giant breed experienced and they do understand that dogs can have issues when their previous life was not a good one, and they will continue to help Paisley overcome and triumph.

Thunder the Neapolitan Mastiff - 11/19/16

Hey there it's Thunder the Neaopolitan mastiff, and I've been hit with the best fortune! I came to BDHP from a shelter where I was very depressed. Now, I'm going to a wonderful forever home! Mandie and Trevor of Evans, Colorado are going to take amazing care of me. They've owned giant breed dogs before and know exactly what I need to succeed.

JaAli the Neapolitan Mastiff - 10/27/16

JaaLi the Neapolitan Mastiff is proud to announce she's found her forever home. When her mama moved, JaAli couldn't go along because of her weight. Now she will be spending the rest of her days with her foster parents, Laurie and Jeff of Denver, Colorado. They have another dog in the home who will be friends with JaAli. The family does a bit of outdoor activity, so JaAli might go see the mountains from time to time.

Baloo the Neapolitan Mastiff - 9/10/16

Helloooo! It's Baloo the Neapolitan Mastiff here to share the good news with my BDHP peeps. I'm heading west and will be living with Jennifer and Alex from Altadena, California! They were looking at big dog rescues in their area but didn't find a good match. So a friend from this area told them about Big Dog Huge Paws, and the rest is history. I'm a Cali boy now!