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Mixed - Large Breed

A little of this a little of that

Bonnie - Great Dane Mix

Bonnie the 4-year-old, Black and White Great Dane/Lab mix here! I was found as a stray by my foster mom who nearly hit me with her car. I'm very grateful that she didn't hit me, and gave me a warm bed to sleep in instead! It took me a couple weeks to settle into my foster home. I'm hand-shy and learning how to trust people again but as sweet as sweet can be. I'm house trained and trustworthy with free roam of the house when left alone.

Bernie the Great Dane/Saint Bernard - 12/22/14

Ahem. Hello? Is anyone out there? I have an announcement to make! My name is Bernie and I have great news. After a bit of searching, I have adopted a dad. His name is Joseph and we'll be living in Omaha, Nebraska. After careful consideration, Joseph was the clear winner to be my forever dad. He's even had a Saint Bernard/Great Dane mix in the past - just like me! I am really excited for the rest of my life with my dad by my side!

Thutmose the Boerboel/Great Dane Mix - 10/11/14

Thutmose is wagging his puppy tail so hard his whole rear end is moving. He wants to announce, through BDHP, of course, that he will be going to his forever home! He will have three human sisters and brothers and three canine brothers and sisters! Plenty of playtime and exercise for this plucky little puppy! Greeley may never be the same! Andrea and Gary, get your running shoes on, here he comes, full of energy, enthusiasm and puppy love! THANK YOU, EMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS SPEED DEMON! 

Nefertiti the Boerboel/Great Dane Mix - 10/5/14

Queen Nefertiti might have been Queen of the Nile, but our own little Nefertiti royally snatched the love of her new people, Emily and Trevor of Raymond New Hampshire. She has, with a dignified wag of her puppy tail, graciously consented to accept their fine offer. She will be granted her own living room, shared with her new furry brothers and sisters, and will have a human sister too! All in all, not a bad selection by a puppy!

Oliver the Great Pyrenees/Wolfhound Mix - 5/8/14

Oliver the Great Pyrenees/Wolfhound mix will enjoy lots of playtime with his new family, Eileen and Jay, along with their two children, in Denton, Nebraska. While this is the family's first experience with Gentle Giants, they're no strangers to dogs in general or herding dogs, having owned border collies in the past. They understand what this big dog needs: long walks, sunbathing and lots of love. Oliver is a lucky dog to move in with such a great family.

Princess the Great Dane/Mastiff Mix - 5/3/14

Princess the Great Dane/Mastiff mix will be treated like a princess at her new home with Grethe and Birt, and their teenage children, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She'll have a backyard to lounge in and go for walks at Chatfield Reservoir. She'll also be getting aquainted with the family's two small dogs and a cat, so Princess will have a new large family to fit into.

Dojah the Mastiff/Saint Bernard Mix - 4/30/14

Dojah the Saint Bernard/Mastiff mix has a new glow of contentment about her now that she has joined Inga and Skye in Sandy, Utah. Dojah will be treated like a member of the family, sleeping on the bed or on one of the dog beds in the master bedroom. She will be in a family that knows how to treat Gentle Giants right. THANK YOU, TARA, FOR FOSTERING THIS SENSITIVE SOUL! 

Zena the Anatolian Shepherd Mix - 1/10/14

Zena our little warrior princess is off to battle crime in Littleton, Colorado with her new mom and dad, Kevin and Aubrey. These guys have no kids so Zena will get to be the center of their universe.

Beau the Great Pyrenees/Akbash Mix - 11/20/13

Cathy is thrilled to welcome Beauregard into her family and home in Fort Collins, Colorado! He will have his very own fenced yard to patrol with dog door access so he can come and go as he pleases. She has owned Great Pyrenees and a Saint Bernard before, so she understands the long hair and slobbery ways of our gentle giants!

Tango the Great Pyrenees Mix - 9/27/13

Tango, it’s time to put your best paw forward and dance like never before! Your forever family has finally found you and you are going home to Loveland Colorado. Sarah and Arjan will be your new parents and their daughters, Zara, Nadya, and Alaina will help lead the way for you to be happy and feel at home. Your new furry family is full of BDHP Aumni, so you won’t be the only Big Dog on the block.