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Mixed - Large Breed

A little of this a little of that

Carl - Leonberger Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

We don't know much yet about Carl the Leonberger mix, but we're planning to find out! This 2-year-old brown-and-white teenager weighs 93 pounds, and he was picked up as a stray and brought to BDHP. He's good with other dogs, and he seems to be leery of some men but warms up quickly with just a little positive reinforcement and treats.

Penny - Great Dane Mix

A penny for your thoughts, Penny! We're sure Penny is thinking that there's a new family out there just waiting to welcome her into their home. Penny is a 2-year-old brown Great Dane/Mastiff/Shepherd mix. She's a well-trained young lady and knows basic commands such as sit, stay, shake and lay down. Her family gave her up because they were moving and couldn't bring her with them.

Zena the Anatolian Shepherd Mix - 1/10/14

Zena our little warrior princess is off to battle crime in Littleton, Colorado with her new mom and dad, Kevin and Aubrey. These guys have no kids so Zena will get to be the center of their universe.

Daisy - Great Dane/Saint Bernard - SPECIAL NEEDS / PENDING ADOPTION

At 1 year of age, Daisy is being replanted. Daisy is a brown and white, female, St.Bernard /Great Dane cross breed. Daisy comes to us as a special needs pup. This pretty girl had a deformity in her front leg requiring the amputation of the limb so she is a tri-pod now. Daisy came to us with some pain at the amputation site but it is now well managed and she is a happy, comfortable girl.

Beau the Great Pyrenees/Akbash Mix - 11/20/13

Cathy is thrilled to welcome Beauregard into her family and home in Fort Collins, Colorado! He will have his very own fenced yard to patrol with dog door access so he can come and go as he pleases. She has owned Great Pyrenees and a Saint Bernard before, so she understands the long hair and slobbery ways of our gentle giants!

Tango the Great Pyrenees Mix - 9/27/13

Tango, it’s time to put your best paw forward and dance like never before! Your forever family has finally found you and you are going home to Loveland Colorado. Sarah and Arjan will be your new parents and their daughters, Zara, Nadya, and Alaina will help lead the way for you to be happy and feel at home. Your new furry family is full of BDHP Aumni, so you won’t be the only Big Dog on the block.

Helga the Newfoundland Mix - 9/1/13

Helga the lovely Newfie cross is heading to her forever family in Englewood Colorado. Helga’s new parents, Micah and Brandy, have been looking forward to adding a Big Dog to their family and can’t wait to get their new girl home. Englewood is full of fun places to show off Big Dogs, so we hopeful that we will see you around town with your new family.

Max aka Mack the Senior Great Dane Mix - 8/24/13

Max will be spending his retirement years with William and Claire in Englewood, Colorado! His new dad is retired himself and home all day so he has someone to chum around with and won't every be lonely. He also has a Bernese Mountain Dog named Charlie and Mr Bubs and Peanut the cats to play and snuggle with as well. His new parents feed their 4-legged kids a special raw diet and spare no expense to ensure their pets receive the best nutrition!

Princess - Dane/Mastiff Mix

I Am A Princess. I should be sleeping in a plush bed with a jeweled collar around my neck. Instead I have been kept outside every day of my life… through frigid winter nights and scorching summer days, I endured. I was not alone. My sister, from the same parents yet a different litter, was with me. Her name is Cocoa and she has been rescued with me.

Walter - Great Pyrenees/Akbash Mix - 8/11/13

Can you believe it? I’m going home!! My name is Walter the Great Pyr-Akbash Pup and my forever family found me! Christelle and Eric are going to be my new parents and they are taking me home to live in Aurora Colorado. I’m going to have a Beagle Mix friend that is 6 years old and a cat buddy too. They have an 8 year old little person that I’m going to get to grow up with and I’m sure that they will keep me busy with tons of play time.