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Great Pyrennes

Einstein - Great Pyrenees (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Einstein is a fluffy, polar bear cub..okay okay, technically he's a 4 month old Great Pyrenees but he could pass for a polar bear! This sweet boy was owner surrendered to a veterinary clinic and they in turn contacted us and who could say to no to this face? We dare you to try! Einstein is going to be a big boy as he is already weighing in at 57lbs. He is great with other dogs and loves all the people he has met so far.

Edison - Great Pyrenees (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Meet our newest addition, Edison the 4 month old, white, male Great Pyrenees. Edison was owner surrendered to a local vet due to his physical condition and the vet in turn contacted us to help him out. This sweet pup loves other dogs and all humans he has meet so far. Edison has demodex mange on his (completely non contagious) and this is already being treated with some medication and good food.

Henry the Great Pyrenees Mix - 9/2/17

Being around those who have similar dispositions is a great thing, and it's Henry the Great Pyrenees Mix here to let you know that I found an amazing forever home with two like-minded brothers! Kealy and Adam from Lafayette, Colorado chose me to add to their pack, and boy, do I ever fit in well! I now have two Blue Heeler mix brothers named Pip and Sam (and a cat and six chickens) that I get to pal around with.

Juno the Great Pyrenees - 8/23/17

Juno the young Great Pyrenees Mix is heading to her forever home in Rapid City, South Dakota to join Dina and John. Dina works from home so Juno will have lots of company and the attention she needs to grown into well-mannered adult dog. Juno will enjoy romping around the backyard, and will be safe since it they have a six-foot privacy fence. Dina and John are BDHP alums, so they have giant breed experience and have had Great Pyrs before. All of this indicates that Juno has found a wonderful new forever home. THANK YOU, MANDI, FOR FOSTERING THIS FLUFF BALL!

Marty the Great Pyrenees - 8/12/17

Marty the 9 month old Great Pyranees is heading to Wilmette, Illinois to join Carol and Joel,  who have been waiting for a young giant breed just like him. Marty will feel part of the family which includes three young kids to love and protect, a boxer/lab mix to pal around with, and two cats to keep him in line. Marty will have a full house with lots of fun and love to keep him on his toes and his heart full. What a perfect home for a young pup!

Casiber the Great Pyrenees Mix - 7/18/17

Sunna and Joseph of Evans Colorado are overjoyed to welcome Casiber into their hearts and home forever! He will be the only dog and the apple of their eyes. After originally being rescued from an owner that was trying to kill him by giving him antifreeze, he will now be living the life of luxury  and getting spoiled for the rest of his life. THANK YOU, KRIS & STEPHEN, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOYAL PROTECTOR!

Beefy the Great Pyrenees - 7/16/17

Beefy the Great Pyrenees is doing a happy dance! She is going home with two amazing owners, Dennis and Renee of Colorado Springs. There are other dogs in the home for him to play with, and the family will be devoting 100% of their attention to him. Since Beefy is a bit older, she will need some care to keep his joints healthy. This is perfect because one of his new parents specializes in that kind of care. Beefy has landed just where she needs to be, and we're so happy!

Mojo the Great Pyrenees Mix - 7/6/17

Mojo the Great Pyrenees Mix recently found a lot of his own magical mojo when he was adopted by Victoria and William of Fort Collins, Colorado! He'll get to be part of a very loving, active family, as he'll get to go running, camping, and hiking with the crew. He will also learn to love their two cats, Jermaine and Bret. The children know how to treat a dog with respect, and that's exactly what Mojo is looking for. Congratulations on your new home, Mojo!

Aggie the Great Pyrenees Mix - 6/30/17

Oh my goodness! Aggie the Pyrenees mix puppy has an awesome home with Audrey in Kentucky. Her new mom loves to take her dogs with her everywhere she can, so Aggie and her big sister Sequoia, a Newfie, will have plenty of adventures. She will also help Sequoia take care of her mom’s horses. When not out and about or playing with her fur sister, Aggie will nap wherever she chooses, either in the large yard or in her mom’s bed. This little girl couldn’t ask for a better forever life. THANK YOU, MEAGHAN, FOR FOSTERING THIS GOOFY GIRL!

Grace the Great Pyrenees Mix - 6/24/17

Grace the Pyr mix will be joining a wonderful family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mom's a nurse, Dad's in the Air Force, and the 'kids' are an Aussie Shepherd and a Husky, who will help Gracie to grow in confidence and learn how to play and enjoy being a well loved dog in a safe and secure home. Clear blue skies ahead for our sweet Grace who had a lonely start to life, hearts full of love just for you, beautiful girl.