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Great Pyrennes

Ben the Great Pyrenees - 5/20/17

Ben the Great Pyrenees here to tell everyone about my new human! Matthew from Golden, Colorado chose to adopt me, and I'm so happy! I'll be the only pet, but his parents have five hound-dogs that I'll get to see occasionally. There are also roommates I'll get to chill with. I get to sleep in Matthew's bedroom, go on lots of walks, and even hike once in a while and take in all the beautiful scenery!

Kopo the Great Pyrenees - 5/20/17

Kopo the Great Pyrenees now has two poodle siblings named Scooter and Shadow to play with… as he's been adopted by Marilyn and Robert from Elizabeth, Colorado! Kopo will enjoy his friendly canine buddies, as they used to live with a Pyr/Lab mix named Sam. He'll get to visit lots of other animals in the neighborhood, check out some horses, and even get to know the family cat.

Baley the Great Pyrenees - 5/20/17

Baley the Pyrenees mix has a wonderful forever home with Elise in Denver, Colorado. Elise is giant breed experienced, so this 13-week-old pup will have a mom who knows what to do to help Baley grow up into a wonderful, well-mannered, confident adult she has a right to be. Enjoy your wonderful life sweet Baley! THANK YOU, CHRISTY, FOR FOSTERING THIS FLUFF MONSTER!

Bill the Great Pyrenees - 5/10/17

Lucky, lucky me!  My wandering and hungry days are over. Rachel has decided I would be a great fit for her and, even better, BDHP found from all references that she is a very good person who treats her four leggeds as part of her family.  We will live in Aurora, Colorado, a very dog-friendly place, where we will go for long walks and visit the doggy park. I am not cat prejudiced but will have to get used to new ones.

Frosty - Great Pyrenees - PENDING ADOPTION

Frosty is coming back to the BDHPI family due to no fault of his owner and his owner was devastated to give him up but life circumstances dictated otherwise and we completely understand and are always here for our dogs and our adopters. Frosty is a 4 yr old Great Pyrenees, with an emphasis on great! He is house, leash and crate trained and he knows how to sit, what "not" means and "bedtime".

Cooper the Great Pyrenees Mix - 5/8/17

Cooper has just been adopted to his forever and what a home! Quite a match! A superb Great Pyr to a superb family!  Mark and Sarah of Buena Vista, Colorado are the consummate dog lovers and Cooper is the consummate two legged lover.

Milo - Great Pyrenees - PENDING ADOPTION

Meet our newest pup in need, Milo the Great Pyrenees! This adorable munchkin is a 3 month old who was found as a stray and is now looking for his happily ever after. His foster family will be working on basic training to prepare him for his new family and he is already catching on quickly to potty training, crate training, and eager to please so further training should be a breeze.

Patches - Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

Patches, patches, we all go through some rough patches in our lives. I'm hoping I've been through mine, and I'm looking for a furever home with you! My name is Patches, and I'm a 10-month-old male Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland mix. (Many of the Newfie experts say it looks like I have some "Landseer" markings, so I think that's pretty special, right?) I'm a growing boy with big paws to grow into and I am already around 80 lbs!

Haley - Great Pyrenees Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

Oh my goodness, look at this adorable fluffy darling! Haley is a 11 to 12-week old tricolor Great Pyrenees Mix. She and her sister have come to rescue because their owner can't handle their puppy antics. That's OK though -- we are sure a family is out there who can handle it and love them as they grow up. Since she is a puppy, training will be a must with this girl as she grows. She will also need lessons in basic obedience, potty/crate training and socialization.

Brody the Great Pyrenees Mix - 4/11/17

Brody the Great Pyrenees Mix went from a home who didn't love his barking to a family who is more than happy to enjoy his voice! Ann and David of Omaha, Nebraska previously owned a golden retriever, and she was just as special as Brody. This boy will have a wonderful family, including two children, and he will be the only furry person in the house. There are also cats somewhere in the house, but Brody will be too busy loving on the humans to notice.