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Great Pyrennes

Tank the Great Pyrenees - 11/18/17

Tank the Great Pyr with Special Needs has found the perfect home with Julie and Jim in Parker, Colorado. Jim and Julie have experience working with dogs with special needs, so we are confident that Tank will be in good hands and will quickly settle into his new home and become a loving member of the family very soon. Tank will also be able to learn the ropes at his new home from his new canine companion, a six-year old Doberman mix. We believe Tank has found a happy home!

Miso the Great Pyrenees - 11/8/17

Wow, I'm going to live forever with a terrific group!  Two new four legged siblings and four two legged - a ready made family!  Natalie and Scott of Arvada Colorado have large dog experience, which will be great for me because I'm a 4 month old Pyrenees who will grow, grow, grow!  Miso is my name and love will be my game as I grow into adulthood and into a treasured family member. My humans know I will need patience and calm, firm, loving hands.

Molly - Great Pyrenees (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Miss Molly is a lovely lady that has been passed around far too many times in her short 3 years. She has been kept inside and is crate trained already. Molly is good with other dogs, with kids and even with cats, this sweetheart wants everyone to be her friend. She does need a 6 foot fence to keep her safely contained as she's not had much stability in her life.

Chase - Great Pyrenees Mix

Chase is a 3 month old, white, Great Pyrenees Mix puppy. This spunky monkey is excited to find his forever family! His foster family reports he gets along great with other dogs and kids and is a happy-go-lucky guy who is very eager to please his humans. They are giving him a crash course in potty training, crate training, and basic commands but his new family will of course need to be prepared to continue with his training.

Ledoux the Great Pyrenees Mix - 10/14/17

Ledoux the Great Pyrenees Mix has found the perfect forever home after being found as a stray. This sweet boy will now spend time enjoying living with Roger and Ednalynn and their two dogs and a horse in Parker, Colorado. Country living will suit the instinctive breed needs that Ledoux has, a need to guard, protect, and lead an active life. Ledoux has come a long way and we wish him happy trails from here. THANK YOU, MANDI, FOR FOSTERING THIS STUDMUFFIN!

Edison the Great Pyrenees - 10/14/17

Renee & Jess of Issaquah, Washington are the proud new owners of Edison the Great Pyrenees! He joins Max the Chocolate Lab and they are experienced with the big hairy guys after owning a Great Pyrenees/Bernese mix previously so he'll be in great hands! They have no 2 legged kiddos which means their dogs are their children and very spoiled.

Einstein the Great Pyrenees - 10/12/17

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Einstein has discovered the perfect home with Jill and Mike in Littleton, Colorado. They have giant breed experience and will provide a safe environment for Einstein to thrive and play, including an eight foot fenced backyard. Einstein will rarely be home alone, and we believe he'll love his new surroundings. THANK YOU, KALEE, FOR FOSTERING THIS FURRY FRIEND!

Bella I - Great Pyrenees - SENIOR

Bella is an 8 year old, white, female Great Pyrenees mix that is looking for a retirement home where she can be loved, cared for and kept indoors. Bella is house trained and walks well with a gentle leader. Even though she's a Pyr mix she and an indoor dog she enjoys patrolling her yard every now and then, barking and letting her inner Pyr out! Bella might dig to find a cool spot to lay but we all have our quirks.

Athena the Great Pyrenees - 9/23/17

Athena has a home!  This beautiful Great Pyrenees has a place to patrol in her new fenced yard and two people who will love her for the rest of her days.  She will dream atop a pillow top bed and during the day she will be able to come in and out of her home at will.

Henry the Great Pyrenees Mix - 9/2/17

Being around those who have similar dispositions is a great thing, and it's Henry the Great Pyrenees Mix here to let you know that I found an amazing forever home with two like-minded brothers! Kealy and Adam from Lafayette, Colorado chose me to add to their pack, and boy, do I ever fit in well! I now have two Blue Heeler mix brothers named Pip and Sam (and a cat and six chickens) that I get to pal around with.