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Great Dane

Odin the Great Dane - 8/12/17

I've heard the saying that three is a charm, and I believe that to be true. Odin the Great Dane here, and I want to tell everyone about my new home with Hi-D and Dave in Commerce City, Colorado! There will now be three dogs in the family, as I'm joining Panda Bear the Border Collie/Corgi mix and Mr. Allegro the Corgi/Collie/Terrier mix. All three of us are rescues, and as we all know… that's the best kind!

Ringo the Great Dane - 8/4/17

Ringo, our black and white Dane pup has a home in Centennial Colorado!  This always makes us all very happy to say the least!  This pup was dumped which is terrible but luckily he found his way to BDHP and will enjoy a wonderful forever home where he will be able to flourish as he grows into a terrific adult member of a family with a child and a cat (Ringo loves kids and does just fine with cats).  So, another success story that warms out

Shrek the Great Dane - 7/31/17

Shrek is my name but being an ogre is definitely not my game.  I am a lovable, three year old, Great Dane and thankfully Lisa in Aurora, Colorado appreciates the angel in me and my lovability!  I am now part of her family and have a Havanese, Standard Schnauzer and a cat named Sassy as my new siblings.  Her grown daughter who is a teacher with be my other mother and I can't wait to be a part of their pack!  Running around and playing in their 6 foot fenced yard will be just great.

Annie the Great Dane - 7/28/17

We are so happy to announce that Annie, our black Great Dane has found a forever home!  Annie came from a hoarder situation and will be going to Fern in Billings Montana who has had much experience with special needs dogs. All these poor hoarder dogs have had such hard times. Fern and her three pre-teen grandkids will give Annie her space to get used to living in a good home.They live across the street from a park and there will be many walks.

Lilo the Great Dane - 7/28/17

Lilo the young Great Dane will be joining her forever mom, Fern, in Billings, Montana. Fern not only has giant breed experience, she has previously had Great Danes, so we know that Lilo is in great hands. Lilo will enjoy growing up with three pre-teen kids, another BDHP Alum, Annie the Great Dane, and a Chi. Lilo's new home is across the street from a park where she will have the opportunity to work out her 'zoomies' and socialized with other dogs.

Grayson - Great Dane

Grayson is a 10 month old, boston merle Great Dane who has been in 2 homes so far in his short life. His first home he got a taste for chickens and started chasing their bull so they decided to rehome him and the second person fell into financial troubles and then released him to BDHP. We have promised Mr. Grayson that third time will be a charm and that his next family will be his forever home!

Spanky the Great Dane Mix - 7/24/17

Denise & John of Littleton Colorado are the proud new owners of Spanky the Great Dane Mix. She joins Poppy the Mastiff/Pyrenees mix who is a BDHP Alum so she is in good company and will have another big playmate to show her the ropes and keep her entertained. Someone is home almost all the time which is perfect for a puppy that will needs lots of attention, exercise, training and socialization as she grows! THANK YOU, AMANDA, FOR FOSTERING THIS PRECIOUS SOUL!

Alfalfa the Great Dane Mix - 7/23/17

Alfalfa, what an amazing end to his story! After being found with his siblings as a stray trapped in a storm drain, this boy needed someone special to love him. Now he's going home with Shala of Denver, Colorado! Shala lives with a blue heeler who can play with this little love. She is also interested in having a friend for hikes and runs. While this little boy doesn't quite have the legs for it yet, he will in no time.

Brutus - Great Dane - BEHAVIOR HOLD

Brutus the 2 year old, blue, Great Dane here to report I am ready to find my forever home. My previous owner meant well but unfortunately is no longer able to care for me because he is undergoing long-term care for medical issues. I will miss him but I am excited for my next adventure. I would love a home with other pup pals of any size and I love to run and play!

Valuskie the Great Dane - 7/20/17

It's the young-at-heart Valuskie the Great Dane here, just checking in to let everyone know that I have a fabulous forever home with Caryl in Seattle, Washington! My new human loves dogs (and especially Danes) so much that she recently bought a home closer to her work and one that was more of an ideal set-up for her dogs… instead of considering her own tastes first! That's pretty special, and I am a very happy gal to be able to join her pack! I'll get to go on lots of walks - my favorite thing! There's a large yard and no stairs that I'll have to navigate.