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Great Dane

Bella the Great Dane - 9/2/17

Bella, the 3-year-old Great Dane has a wonderful forever home with Jeffrey and Diane in Omaha, Nebraska. Bella will have her very own fursiblings to play with and for companionship. But most of all, Bella will have love like she’s never known before (strong possibility of physical abuse in prior home). Her parents are giant breed experienced and fully understand her needs. They are willing to help her continue to overcome the negative experiences of her past so that she can fully feel the joy of life that every dog deserves. Blessing Bella!

Luka the Great Dane - 9/2/17

Luka the Great Dane has found an ideal home with Anne in Boulder, Colorado! Anne has loved Danes for a long time… she fell in love with the breed as a college student when she regularly walked a blind Dane. Since then, she's researched, asked, studied, and now found her dream dog in Luka. And Luka will get to sleep in the bedroom, which she'll likely need after romping around with four children in the house! She'll be the only dog and be loved like no other.

Artemis the Great Dane - 9/2/17

My storybook ending begins in Denver, Colorado with my new adoptive pet-parents, Kevin and Kerri! It's Artemis the Great Dane here, letting everyone know that my life changed in a hurry for the better! One of my new humans is home almost all of the time, so I have company. They have a daughter living nearby who does therapy dog training, and a friend who is a vet, so great resources there for my special needs!

Ozzie the Great Dane/Mastiff Mix - 8/31/17

Ozzie the Great Dane ("Daniff") here to let everyone know that my world changed in a hurry when I was adopted by Diane in Lakewood, Colorado! I came from such an unsure situation to one where I'll be loved forever! Get this… Diane and her daughter Tracey live next to each other, and their backyards are fenced-in as one. They both wanted to adopt a gentle giant, so I'll get the best of both worlds with two places and people to enjoy! Diane has had many Danes in her life, so she/they know all about the breed.

Luke the Great Dane - 8/28/17

Luke the Lover is no longer a homeless guy.  One of our volunteers who has been fostering Luke has fallen in love and will keep him in her home.  We call these situations foster failures but they are far from failures.  These big guys tug at everyone's hearts and sometimes the tug is so strong the foster wants to give one a forever home.  When this happens, dogs like Luke are extra lucky to have a home with someone who is so dedicated to these huge dogs.

Mia the Great Dane - 8/26/17

Mia the Great Dane has a new home with Rebecca and Rocco in Louisville, Colorado! Two mature teenaged girls are very excited to welcome Mia into the family fold, and they will work on consistent, gentle training with her as needed. The family is active and will go on lots of walks with Mia and introduce her to all the neighbors. After having a Corgi for a long time, they were ready for a slower-paced, gentle, family dog.

Winnie the Great Dane/Standard Poodle - 8/26/17

I guess everyone knew my unique looks and Great Dane/Standard Poodle mixture would lead to a quick adoption, and I'm grateful that's exactly what happened! I, Winnie the "Great Poodle," now have a home with Maureen and Raymond in Arvada, Colorado. My new pet-mom works at a veterinary eye clinic and has seen (no pun intended, though it works) and done it all with us canines, along with personal large-breed experience.

Fang the Great Dane Mix - 8/25/17

Fang the Daniff has finally landed in the right place for him. After his previous owners couldn't keep him, he went from place to place looking for a home. Then BDHP took him in and placed him with a loving family with lots of experience. Well Fang must've worked some Daniff magic because he's staying with the fosters! Teri and Eric of Castle Pines, Colorado have been wonderful fosters to other dogs. Their other foster failure, Frankie the Saint Bernard, is going to be the bestest big brother to Fang ever.

Lucy the Great Dane - 8/25/17

Lucy the Great Dane was the perfect match for Lisa in Aurora, Colorado! She originally arrived as a foster but it soon became apparent that she wasn't going anywhere. She was instant friends with their newly adopted Great Dane, Shrek, and also has Sophie the Havanese, and Dexter the Standard Schnauzer to keep her company. Someone is home most of the time to keep her company and she'll enjoy plenty of walks and trips to the dog park. Here's to a bright future, Lucy!!!

Bella the Great Dane - 8/19/17

We all know that Bella means beautiful. This beautiful Great Dane is going to two kind and caring people who will give her a lovely home.  Her new parents are seasoned rescuers and genuinely love animals who are interested in also doing some fostering.