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Great Dane

Sadie the Great Dane/Poodle Mix - 10/8/17

Sadie, Sadie, pretty lady, you're heading to your forever home in Wheat Ridge, Colorado where you will enjoy being the center of attention. Which is exactly as it should be with such a beautiful young Great Dane/Poodle mix like you! Your new family, Douglas and Kevin, have been watching the BDHP website for two years, waiting for you to arrive. And here you are! Now it's time for you to go to your forever home.

Penny the Great Dane - 10/8/17

Barbara & Bob of Colorado Springs are thrilled to report the arrival of their new addition, Penny the Great Dane! She joins Sally the rescued German Shorthair Pointer as her new 4-legged friend. Barbara was a dog trainer previously, they have also owned a Great Dane before, and someone is home most of the time so they are the perfect home to mold and shape this young pup into a gentle giant! We couldn't be happier for her!

Zola the Great Dane - 10/8/17

Zola the 1 year old, Brindle, female Great Dane has found the perfect home to grow up. She'll be joining Richard and Tricia and their three children in Aurora, Colorado where she'll be the only dog. Being the center of attention is perfect for this young dog who craves attention and loves to cuddle. Her new family have had Great Danes before, she'll rarely be home alone, and they have a six foot fence around the backyard to keep her safe when she gets the zoomies.

Lily the Great Dane - 10/6/17

Lily the Great Dane found her forever pad with Jill and Joseph in Chesterfield, Missouri! She will get to grow up with twin teenage girls and an older nephew. Two family cats, as well. There's about an acre of land and many miles of sidewalks to explore. The family has experience with horses and all types of dog breeds, and they were specifically looking for a female Great Dane to adopt at this time. Enter Lily! She'll be loved forever and have a wonderful life. THANK YOU, KATHY & BRAD, FOR FOSTERING THIS FRIENDLY FAWN!

Graceland the Great Dane - 10/6/17

There isn't a dog out there who wouldn't absolutely love to live in a home on 10 acres in Moody Missouri. Graceland is the lucky one because she is going to her forever home with Teri and Steve. Once situated she will have free roam of these 10 acres to exercise those long Great Dane legs. Cody, her new sibling is waiting anxiously for her arrival as he has been longing for another sister since his previous one sadly passed away. Good luck in your dream home, Graceland!

Calli the Great Dane - 9/25/17

I'm Calli, the senior Great Dane who has just been adopted by a wonderful couple who has two wee dogs in Highlands Ranch Colorado.  I am so excited to be going to a loving, quiet home and to have new siblings!  Zoe and Bill also have a 14 year old son who I know will be a wonderful companion for walks and playing. I will also be hosting some grandchildren who I will love too.

Nala the Great Dane Mix - 9/16/17

Stretching these long legs on walks and jogs with my new adoptive pet-parents? Yes, please! It's Nala the Great Dane mix, wanting to share the news that Andrea and Scott from Arvada, Colorado chose me to add to their family! They have lots of large breed experience, a large and fenced yard with trees for me to romp in, and a five-year-old that I'll get to grow up with. Once I'm tired out from all of our daily activities, I can sleep in the room of my choice.

Daisy the Great Dane - 9/7/17

We are so grateful Daisy's adoption moment has come! This little girl came from a hoarding situation in Oklahoma, and was then diagnosed with megaesphagus. After some time and TLC with her foster and the veterinarian, this little girl is ready for her next journey. And she's not going far from her foster mama! Larry of Edmond, Oklahoma fell in love with his daughter's foster dog and decided Daisy will stay in the family.

Mollie the Great Dane - 9/6/17

Mollie, we've found just what the doctor ordered in Westminster, Colorado! Your forever parents, Connie & Joseph, are both nurses and you will be their favorite patient...and by that we mean, their only fur-baby! Because Mom and Dad work different shifts at the hospital, you rarely be alone, which means lots opportunities to go for walk. We hear there are wonderful trails near your new home for you to explore. And you'll be going hiking and camping on holidays!

Jon Snow - Great Dane

Jon Snow is a 16 month old, Great Dane. Jon is house trained, knows how to walk on a leash and he is crate trained also. He has a food allergy but a grain free food is an easy fix for this boy. Jon knows how to come when called, down, sit, stay, stand and wait..which you have to admit is pretty impressive for a teenage boy! He will also bark to alert at the doorbell or if he hears a loud noise, so you have a built in alarm system!