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Great Dane

Dozer the Great Dane - 10/22/17

Dozer, the lovely fawn Great Dane, who was abandoned on the streets of Oklahoma has found a soft place to land with Sandra and Rubin in Broomfield, Colorado. We believe this forever family is a perfect match for Dozer. He'll join Zeus, a 3 year old Great Dane and BDHP Alum, for companionship, he'll have a six-foot fence to keep him safe.

Shepard the Great Dane - 10/22/17

When people and companion animals are a perfect match, the tale is a heartwarming one. That's exactly what happened with Shepard the Great Dane, who found his ideal place with Kevin in Lincoln, Nebraska. Shepard is deaf, Kevin has a need and was looking for a specific type of dog, and we feel they were meant to be together! Kevin actually bought a house in order to adopt a dog.

Louise the Great Dane - 10/18/17

Louise the Great Dane will be going from a situation where there were far too many dogs to a perfect home with just enough companions! She was adopted by Danny and Kelli in Grand Junction, Colorado. There, she will join Jolee the St. Bernard, Wilber the old man Pug, and Lacy and Samson the cats. AND three children who were happily surprised with a big dog - they all love Jolee, so Louise will be equally as loved by all (even the cats, who love to lick dog faces a lot)!

Marley the Great Dane - 10/16/17

Marley got lucky!  Rene, Joe and their two teenagers have decided to keep him with them.  They call this a foster failure, but it is never a failure when a terrific family keeps a foster.  He will have an acre of fenced backyard where he can play with his new teenage siblings, daily walks and four two leggeds who will love him.  What more could Dane girl ask for - nothing!

Elvis the Great Dane - 10/14/17

Yaaaaay! I will be getting consistent meals every day! No more garbage digging for me. But more importantly Alyssa and Joe are giving me a real home with all the love and care any dog would need in Littleton, Colorado. This Great Dane is one lucky guy because I will also have a buddy to keep me company when our two legged parents aren't home. His name is Bentley and he is a Great Dane, just like me. Thanks BDHP and to my foster, Jocelyn! Love, Elvis

Hercules the Great Dane - 10/13/17

Melissa and Chris are thrilled to report the arrival of their new addition, Hercules, at their home in Omaha, Nebraska! He was born with a full head of black hair and weighs 125 lbs so he is not your average baby boy. This gentle giant joins their 2-legged son, 2 felines, and will have a Great Dane brother to play, run around in their huge yard, and snuggle on the couch with as well! He is one lucky pup! THANK YOU, MARY, FOR FOSTERING THIS BOUNCING BABY BOY!

Twiggy the Great Dane - 10/12/17

Twiggy now calls Christina and Steve of Centennial, Colorado her new mom and dad. She has Riley the 2-legged sibling to love and spoil her and Mouse the Chiweenie as her new 4-legged sibling and BFF to play and snuggle with. Mouse is thrilled to have another Dane pal after their last one passed away and we are overjoyed that our Twiggy is going to an experienced home! THANK YOU, ALYSSA & AUSTIN, FOR FOSTERING THIS BOUNCING BABY GIRL!

Abby the Great Dane - 10/12/17

Abby the Great Dane pup has found a home with Eric and Jenny in Highlands Ranch, Colorado! They previously adopted a Dane that survived megaesophagus and other ailments but lived to be eleven. They fell in love with the breed and wanted another Dane in their life, so enter Abby! She will be a much-loved part of their family, getting to grow up with two children who are 10 and 13.

Loki the Great Dane/Mastiff Mix - 10/11/17

Amber and Shawn are shouting from the rooftops that their family is complete with the addition of Loki the Great Dane/Mastiff Mix who will now be permanently residing in Englewood, Colorado. He arrived with rumors of being a "temporary visitor" and the word "foster dog" was referenced but he had other intentions from the start and proved them false. He got along famously with their Fox Hound, Physics, and was the perfect match and is now home forever.

Zane the Great Dane - 10/11/17

Our favorite F-word? Foster Failure! Every so often, one of our wonderful foster families discovers that the gentle giant they are fostering is actually the dog they've been looking to adopt! That's what happened when Zane, the 5 year old Merlequin Great Dane joined the household of Karen and Greg in Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Zane will join two gentle giants who are part of his new family, which means Zane will have lots of opportunities to play with dogs his own size.