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Great Dane

Zeus the Great Dane Mix - 11/5/17

Zeus the Great Dane mix pup has taken his high energy to the home of Grant and Elizabeth in Aurora, Colorado. They both love Great Danes and have a neighbor with one that they've also fallen in love with. They are great pet-sitters, needless to say. There's an adult daughter in the home, as well as a cat named Herman. Zeus will have a large back yard with a six-foot fence to run, run, run in.

Cheyenne the Great Dane - 11/4/17

Cheyenne the Great Dane is thrilled to report that she will be the princess of the castle where she will now reside with Ryan, Kathy, and their daughter Riley. They are no strangers to giants after owning a Newfoundland, Fila Brasiliero, and two English Mastiffs so she is in wonderful experience hands. They are also long-time adopters and volunteers for BDHPI so she will receive all the patience and understanding she needs as she adjusts to her new environment.

Skye the Great Dane - 11/4/17

Skye the Great Dane is a very special girl...not only is she blind and deaf but she has been searching for her forever home for over two years! During those two years she showed us that changes were really hard on her but there was one person who she trusted more than anyone in the world and that is her foster mom, Alicia, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Petra the Great Dane - 11/1/17

Petra, the 5 year old Great Dane has found the perfect home with Morgan and Thomas in Clark, Colorado. Petra will have the quiet she enjoys, plenty of room to roam and explore, and two new parents who can’t wait to fill her life with love and lots of fun. She has also already made friends with Rouge the Pitt/Lab mix who is her new brother and partner in crime. We are so happy for her!

Groot - Great Dane - PENDING ADOPTION

My name is Groot, and I am root, root, rooting for a new home while I toot, toot, toot my own horn a little! Check me out: I'm a 1-year-old male harlequin Great Dane, and you can see how handsome a man I am. The reason I'm here at BDHP is because my former owner simply wouldn't afford my medical care, and that's sad, but I know that everything happens for a reason and that I'll be equally as loved in a new home.

Little Pony the Great Dane - 10/29/17

Little Pony the Great Dane will now be the little pony of Jeanne in Pearland, Texas - a woman very familiar to the BDHP family, having adopted from, fostered for, and serving as Medical Coordinator for us in the past! Little Pony will join Dimitri (formerly Sam) the English Mastiff, Alessandra the mixed breed, Nico, Santini, and Tatiana the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Lily the Daniff - 10/28/17

Simone, Eric, and their two kids of Berthoud, Colorado are proud to announce the arrival of their new baby girl, Lily the Great Dane/Mastiff Mix.  While she will be the only dog right now, she will have plenty of company with their chickens, goats, and llamas and they dog sit regularly as well. They also intend to take her to the dog park and doggie daycare regularly so she'll get plenty of playtime. Eric works from home and can give Lily the attention and instruction she needs during the day. 

Popeye the Great Dane - 10/26/17

Popeye the Great Dane has sailed off to live with Madison in Anaconda, Montana. Madison grew up around large-breed dogs and she looks forward to loving Popeye just as much. Her grandmother currently owns Great Danes that have been adopted from BDHP and was often part of transports for those dogs, so she's almost like family. Popeye will get to go hiking a lot, as his new backyard is basically a national forest area! He will receive plenty of exercise, needless to say.

Snow White the Great Dane - 10/25/17

I'm Snow White the Great Dane… and yes… I did find my own charming home! Gretchen and Daniel from Lombard, Illinois fell in love with me, and I look forward to a wonderful life with them. They have lots of giant-breed experience, as well as experience with deaf dogs and our special needs. I'll get to play with a 10-year-old boy who knows how to treat us biggies, and I'll get to go on lots of walks and play ball in my big, fenced back yard.

Avery the Great Dane - 10/22/17

Avery the Great Dane hopes to never see another porcupine in her life. This darling Great Dane got into a row with a porcupine, and her owners couldn't afford treatment. BDHP took in this loving girl and got her back to shape. Now she is going to live the cushy, amazing life a new family can offer her. Vauna and Chris of Loveland, Colorado have been long-time members of Big Dogs, so they know exactly the kind of care Avery needs.