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Great Dane

Sloan the Great Dane - 6/23/17

Sloan is one lucky, merle Great Dane!!  This beautiful 2 year old gal will now have an older, 7 year Dane, to show her the ropes in her new forever home.  Brian, her new two legged owner, has received glowing reviews.  He loves his Luke and can't wait to add another Great Dane to their family.  He and his partner are definitely partial to this breed and they can even sleep in the bed if they like (when not relaxing on one of their dog beds)!&nbs

Duke the Great Dane - 6/21/17

Woo-woo, go Mr. Duke! This boy left a big family to end up with a small, super loving one. Karli and Eric of Denver, Colorado could not wait to add this lug to their family portrait. He now has a new "big" sister named Wilma to show him around. These two also own a brewery in the area, so we might be seeing this dude's face on logos. Duke will have a nice yard to play in, a couch to lay on and plenty of treats to help him grow.

Duke the Daniff - 6/19/17

Duke the Daniff apparently found his forever home without knowing! This darling Daniff came to rescue from a Craigslist buyoff, and he was pretty scared to start. However, with the patience and love of his foster parents, he bloomed into an amazing dog. Now they have decided this beautiful boy is staying with them for life. Alexis and Michael of Black Hawk, Colorado are so happy to add this boy to their family. They have two dogs and a cat for Duke to spend time with, and they're a very experienced big dog family.

Louise - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Say hello to Louise! This 10 month old, Black, female Great Dane found herself in need of a better home when her first owner couldn't provide her with the training or socialization she needed due to too many animals. She is now happily in a foster home where she is happy to be a valued member of the family and getting some one on one attention.

Bella the Great Dane - 6/18/17

As we like to say, once a big dog fan, always a big dog fan! Lissa from Florence, Arizona is a previous BDHP adopter, and she chose to add Bella the Great Dane to her home! Bella will get to roam around on a farm and hang out with a cat and a horse. Not to mention visit with two grandkids a couple of days each week. Lissa is excited to have another Dane to love, and we know Bella will have an amazing life with her! THANK YOU, EMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS TALL DRINK OF WATER!

Sasha - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Sasha the 1 yr old, brindle, female Great Dane was found as a stray and when no owner came forward BDHP stepped up and brought this beauty into our program to make sure that her life will be nothing but rainbows and unicorns from here on out! Sasha is house trained and crate trained and she already knows to sit. She is very much enjoying her indoor life and the pampering and love that comes along with it.

Lilo - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation

Lilo is a 4 month old, Mantle, female Great Dane puppy that was found wandering the streets and when the shelter reached out to us to for help, how could we say no?

Stitch - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Stitch is a very handsome 4 month old, mantle, Great Dane puppy who was found wandering the streets and when the shelter reached out to us to for help, how could we say no?

Tux the Great Dane - 6/14/17

Tux the Great Dane will be straightening his bow tie so he'll look sharp as he heads to Fort Collins, Colorado to meet his forever mom, Karen. He'll enjoy playing with his new canine siblings, two adorable Shih Tzu's, and enjoy the run of the backyard that is enclosed with a six foot fence. Karen has giant breed experience and is looking forward to sharing the couch with a giant couch potato. Sounds like a job Tux will enjoy! THANK YOU, JANET & STEPHEN, FOR FOSTERING THIS SPUNKY MONKEY!

Moose - Great Dane I - SENIOR (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Moose is the very epitome of what a gentle giant should be and we cannot wait for him to find his forever home where he can grace them with his giant heart and head! Moose is an 8 yr old, merle GREAT Dane who was surrendered due to moving reasons. He loves all cats and dogs and is great with kids of all ages. If he feels bothered he gets up and leaves the room but he really loves teenagers.