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Great Dane

Moose the Great Dane - 4/23/17

Moose has a home! This sweet boy will be living with Moriah in Flagstaff Arizona. Moriah is a vet tech who has 2 other Great Danes. What a wonderful life to be able to roam and play on 1 acre of land or maybe even go with mom to work on occasion. It will be a life of absolute spoiling for this 3-year-old. THANK YOU, LISA & FAMILY FOR FOSTERING THIS GENTLE GIANT!

Gallant the Great Dane - 4/22/17

Gallant the Great Dane is so happy for his new amazing family! This boy came into rescue after being found as a stray in the desert. Now he is off to the the plains with Nicolle and Rusty in Powell, Wyoming. They have no Danes currently but previously owned two. Gallant will be an only, very loved child. He does have two potential playmates with their cats, but he might be better off just getting human love. This boy is so happy, and we join him in the good news.

Stella the Great Dane - 4/22/17

Yay for Stella the 9-month-old Great Dane. This pup is going to live with Nick and Casey in Lincoln Nebraska. Nick has Great Dane experience, and since Diesel passed away, they need another big dog in their home. It just feels so empty without a four-footed love bug to snuggle with. They fully understand that Stella is still a pup with puppy behaviors and are committed to helping her grow into a lady. Little Stella couldn’t possibly ask for a better forever home.

Mayly - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Meet Mayly...she is a very beautiful, 4 year old, mantle Great Dane who is ready to move on to bigger and better things. She is in rough shape with quite a bit of arthritis form a hard life up until now but it will be cushy dog beds from now on for this girl! Sweet Mayly was given up by her owner who had way too many dogs. A little timid initially, she is good with all sized dogs and wonderful with all people, including children.

Marva the Great Dane - 4/20/17

Marva the Great Dane went from scared and alone to a wonderful family where she is happy, outgoing and loved! Jolene and Greg of Highlands Ranch, Colorado took in this girl as a foster. It took about a week for them to decide she was the perfect dog to foster fail with. This family has fostered a few Danes for BDHPI, so they know how to take excellent care of Marva. There are also two children in the home for Marva to love on. This girl is so glad she got out of a bad situation and into this amazing home.

Butters - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Hi, I’m Butters and as you can see, my coat is smooth as butter. So is my personality!  I’m a year old smooth dude and will do anything for a treat. And smart? I'm house and crate trained!  I will need a six foot fence as I like to get out and wander, especially when I’m bored. As most puppies that's when I chew things, bark some and dig.

Duke II - Great Dane/Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

I come from a very noble heritage, hence my name, Duke! Great Danes are known as the “Apollo of dogs" and Mastiffs are extremely dignified. I am a 13 month “big dog with huge paws” weighing in at 150 pounds.You must be the alpha. Otherwise I will take over the position which will not be ideal at my size. My inherited genes make me a gentle, loving, good natured, calm and affectionate guy.

Barrette - Great Dane - SENIOR (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Barrette how we wish we could erase the past few months for you but all we can do and promise is that your future will be nothing but wonderful and full of all the love, kisses, scratches and treats a boy could ask for. You see sweet, sweet Barrette (the 7 year own Fawn with merle markings Great Dane) was found locked in a trailer with his deceased owner and 3 deceased dogs.

Piper the Great Dane Mix - 4/15/17

I have a new dad to snuggle with, everyone! Piper the Great Dane mix pup here, letting everyone know that this gal has found a wonderful forever home! My new human is Kevin from Edgewater, Colorado. He came to a BDHP event and started falling in love with the giant breeds… and the next thing you know, we found out we were a perfect match! I have a lot of space to roam in my new house, and so many new canine neighbor friends.

Stella II - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Stella is a beautiful, one year old, female, blue merle, Great Dane.  She currently weighs around 90 pounds and is as sweet as they come. Stella is house and crate trained and loves squeaky toys. She is good with other dogs..with proper introductions, and is people friendly. She is not a barker, digger or chewer and is very mellow for a young Great Dane. Her crate is her safe place and all you have to do is tell her night...night and she will walk right in.