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English Mastiff

Phoebe the English Mastiff - 11/19/17

Sweet Phoebe, our 8 year old Mastiff, was so sad that her Mom passed away.  She didn't want to leave her five kids but it was impossible for the family to care for her.  She prays that God gives her family strength to get through their tragedy.  She's now to be happy again although she will miss her former people.  A new family has decided to give Phoebe a caring forever home.  She will have Grimly, a 10 year old English Mastiff, Gus, a 2 year old Newfoundland and a cat named Boo to show her the ropes in her new home.

Dude the English Mastiff - 11/18/17

Dude! It's Dude the Mastiff here with my amazing news… I've been adopted by AJ in Omaha, Nebraska! AJ's brother has a Great Dane and is good friends with a BDHP volunteer who has two English Mastiffs, so he was bitten by the large-breed bug… and I'm ready to fill that need! I get to live in a newly-built house with plenty of space an an extra bedroom just for me.

Lola - English Mastiff - SENIOR (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Lola, l o l a, Lola...heheh she's not quite that Lola but she is ours now and she's on the look out for her retirement home. Lola is a 9.5 yr old English mastiff who was an owner surrender where she had been part of the family for almost all of her days but was unable to go with them when they moved. Lola is house trained and of course an indoor girl who enjoys her snoozes on her dog bed.

Florence the English Mastiff - 11/10/17

Florence, our young English Mastiff lady, has been blessed to be joining a great dog loving family with Nathan and Wendy in Parker, Colorado!  She will have a yard with six foot fence to play in and will enjoy many walks bonding with her two legged adopters.

Tilly the English Mastiff -11/4/17

Once an English Mastiff fan, always an English Mastiff fan. Aaron in Manitou Springs, Colorado is just that, and he recently adopted Tilly the English Mastiff to add to his family! Aaron previously adopted BDHP alum Max, who lived to be 13! He currently has Gus, an easygoing 9-year-old English Mastiff who Tilly will love hanging around with as well. She will have a big, 8-foot fenced yard to romp and lounge around in, and that fresh mountain air to enjoy as she does so.

Roxy the English Mastiff - 10/14/17

Roxy the English Mastiff is another one of our gentle giants who hit the jackpot with an ideal home! She will be joining Marlene and Caleb in San Antonio, Texas for an amazing, relaxing life. Yet another ideal match, as they were interested in Roxy as soon as they saw her, and things worked out perfectly. They're so proud to have her as part of their pack. Roxy will join Diesel, a 3-year-old Mastiff, in the household.

Biggun - English Mastiff

Ok, I’ll admit “Biggun” is not the prettiest name for a princess like me. So, forget that name, let’s call me Grace instead. One day I had a home, and the next day I found myself wandering the streets. I am around 5 years old according to the vet. As I was wandering, I saw a very nice man, and I decided he would be the one I could ask for help. Sssooooo…when his door was open, I just jumped right up in his truck.

Maverick the English Mastiff - 9/16/17

Maverick the English Mastiff is now happily in his forever home with Colorado! He joins a wonderful family and Charlie the English Mastiff as his new 2-legged sibling. He fit right into the pack and will have someone home almost all the time to love and adore him for the rest of his life! He is in experienced hands and will receive whatever he needs to keep him comfortable during his retirement years which we hope are many.

Willis the English Mastiff - 9/1/17

Willis the super sensitive English Mastiff has landed exactly where he belongs. The poor darling had to leave his family because he couldn't handle the noise and children. He went to live with a wonderful foster family, who immediately fell in love with him. Wendy and Eric of Omaha, Nebraska are shouting their news from the rooftops. This boy is a permanent member of their family. He will have a new sister who's a black lab along with a very wise bird. The family is so glad to have this big boy join them.

Rosie - English Mastiff - SENIOR

Rosie, our 8 year old, fawn English Mastiff desperately needs a loving home! This poor old lady was abused beyond imagination. She came to us skinny, was shot at, covered with fleas and ticks, has arthritis and has beginning stages of cataracts but she is doing much better now after proper treatment.  She's a very sweet, laid back gal who would make a wonderful family member.