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English Mastiff

Maverick the English Mastiff - 9/16/17

Maverick the English Mastiff is now happily in his forever home with Colorado! He joins Brian, Bree, and their two kiddos along with Charlie the English Mastiff as his new 2-legged sibling. He fit right into the pack and will have someone home almost all the time to love and adore him for the rest of his life! He is in experienced hands and will receive whatever he needs to keep him comfortable during his retirement years which we hope are many.

Tilly - English Mastiff (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Tilly is a 2-year-old fawn female English Mastiff looking for her forever home. She was found by her previous family as a stray, so the early part of her life is unknown. Her previous family was unable to keep her due to family medical issues beyond their control. She is housetrained, leash trained and knows basic commands. She is also trustworthy to free roam and loves car. She gets along with other dogs and kids. She used to chase the cat, but is doing much better now.

Willis the English Mastiff - 9/1/17

Willis the super sensitive English Mastiff has landed exactly where he belongs. The poor darling had to leave his family because he couldn't handle the noise and children. He went to live with a wonderful foster family, who immediately fell in love with him. Wendy and Eric of Omaha, Nebraska are shouting their news from the rooftops. This boy is a permanent member of their family. He will have a new sister who's a black lab along with a very wise bird. The family is so glad to have this big boy join them.

Roxy - English Mastiff (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Roxy is coming to us as a product of divorce and while sad for her we have promised her that she will get her forever family soon and that they will love and care for her forever. Roxy is a 5 yr old, brindle, female English Mastiff who knows to go potty outside, how to walk like a lady on a leash and like most mastiffs she loves being an indoor dog. She is trustworthy with free roam and her foster family will be working on her crate training.

Dude - English Mastiff - SENIOR (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Dude the 7 year old, brindle, male English Mastiff is sporting a very handsome brindle coat and he's a big boy weighing in at 156 lbs! Duke is house trained, leash trained and also crate trained but he's fine if left free roam too. He also knows how to sit, lay down and come when called. Dukey is past his puppy stage and he knows to not bark, dig or chew and he doesn't get on the furniture unless invited.

Rosie - English Mastiff - SENIOR (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Rosie, our 8 year old, fawn English Mastiff desperately needs a loving home! This poor old lady was abused beyond imagination. She's skinny, was shot at, covered with fleas and ticks, has arthritis and has poor sight.  She's a very sweet, laid back gal who would make a wonderful family member. Rosie has adjusted beautifully to her foster home and enjoys finally being loved and being an inside-the-house love bug.

Betty - English Mastiff

Betty is a precious, 2 year old, Fawn, English Mastiff who is a survivor! You see, she suffers from Diabetes and needs daily insulin but her owner fell on hard times after losing her job and wasn't able to afford her meds. When she arrived in rescue she was in really bad shape and our vet told us she wouldn't have survived another day without medical intervention. Betty is now back on track and winning us all over with her gentle, loving ways.

Isabel the English Mastiff - 7/17/17

If you read the adoption story about Moose the Mastiff, I can pretty much vouch for everything he said, because I'm also been adopted by Jennifer and Michael from Brighton, Colorado! It's me, Isabel the Mastiff, and I am now joining Moose in the family pack. We have land to enjoy and run around on. Two Mastiffs are always better than one, especially when the adopters have no problem with drool!

Moose the English Mastiff - 7/15/17

It's Moose the Mastiff, and I want everyone to know that I have a couple of new pairs of feet on which to lay my head…  because Jennifer and Michael from Brighton, Colorado chose me to adopt! I have lots of land where I can romp with my new canine sibling - BDHPI Alum Isabel the Mastiff. We'll go on lots of walks, maybe even hiking and biking, and I get to sleep in my own bed in the bedroom at night. Best of all… they don't mind slobber.

Cash the English Mastiff - 6/22/17

Holy moley, Cash the Mastiff has found the bestest forever home ever. He came to BDHPI and his foster parents after his family had no room for him. After some time, it seemed that he became a part of the family. Now they are making it official. Cara and Andrew of Peyton, Colorado took in this pup and now he's going to be their newest member. They have three children who adore this boy, and he's going to be the only furry child for awhile.