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Dogue de Bordeaux

Mongo - Dogue de Bordeaux (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Mongo is a 3 year old, male Dogue de Bordeaux. This poor guy has been in at least two homes that we know of and is ready for some stability in his life and a true "forever" home. He came to us very thin and scared but is putting weight on nicely and feeling more secure every day as he adjusts to the routine in his foster home. He is house trained, leash trained, knows basic commands, and he is trustworthy with free roam.

Hooch - Dogue De Bordeaux (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Well, I didn't know Hooch is actually illicit liquor! Goodness, I am very treat motivated but not of that kind of course. This Hooch is a handsome 2 year old, Dogue de Bordeaux who has been a stray for quite awhile and has had to learn to trust again.

Duke III - Dogue de Bordeaux Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Duke is a very handsome, brindle, 3 year old, Dogue de Bordeaux (3/4) and American Bulldog (1/4) mix who is coming to us because his owners schedule changed and he is unable to give Duke enough time or attention. Duke is house trained and crate trained but he is also trustworthy with free roam so the choice is yours! He walks like a good boy on a leash and he knows his basic commands.

Caesar - Dogue de Bordeaux (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Caesar is a very squishy, wrinkly 14 month old Dogue De Bordeaux who has been passed around at least 3 times in short life that we know of and his past has left him a bit traumatized  Caesar is trustworthy with free roam and he doesn't bark, dig or chew on anything despite his young age. He hasn't been allowed on furniture and is perfectly ok with a dog bed, although we're sure he wouldn't mind some couch cuddles with his new human once he feels he is safe!

Reggie - Dogue de Bordeaux

Reggie is a handsome, 2 year old, Red, male Dogue de Bordeaux who comes to us through no fault of his own as his family is unable to provide the right environment for this boy. Reggie has allergies and these can lead to skin and ear infections but a grain free diet will help keep these at bay. He is house trained and leash trained and he knows how to sit, stay, heel, wait, leave it and shake! Reggie is an indoor dog who is trustworthy with free roam.

Fat Face the Dogue de Bordeaux - 8/13/17

Oh my goodness, oh my gosh! Fat Face (AKA Roger) the Dogue de Bordeaux is dancing himself Snoopy-crazy. This darling lover came to the city shelter as a stray without a place to call his own. BDHP took him and placed him with a super-loving foster mama. This lady had so much love in her heart that she decided to keep this boy all to herself! Meaghan of Albuquerque, New Mexico is a bright, experienced, caring foster who can't wait to show Roger how amazing indoor life is. She has three other dogs who will also show him these great, amazing joys.

Francis the Dogue de Bordeaux - 4/29/17

Francis the Dogue de Bordeaux has landed in the best home ever! This darling boy was a stray who then went to  the Animal Shelter until BDHP took him in. His foster family, Bobbi and Joe of Longmont, Colorado, only needed a few days to decide Francis was meant to be a permanent family member. They are very experienced owners and currently have Oscar the Boxer, BDHPI Alums, Shady the English Mastiff and Hoss the Neapolitan Mastiff, so Francis is in excellent hands with this family. We are so happy for everyone involved!

Fifi the Dogue de Bordeaux - 3/8/17

Finally Fifi gets to share the good news with everyone! She came to BDHPI after not being the right fit for her previous family. After spending time with her foster and waiting patiently, she is off to live with Diana and Jeff of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. There are no pets in the home, so Fifi will be an only child. There are two children in the home, which Fifi is very excited about -- more people to love on her!

Porkchop aka Hooch the Dogue de Bordeaux Mix - 1/17/17

Porkchop the Dogue de Bordeaux here with the best news! I came back to rescue after my adopting family felt they weren't right for me. That was okay, though, because I came to an awesome foster family. Now I get to be part of the family forever. Carroll and Doug of Colorado Springs are long-time fosters for BDHPI, so they know exactly what kind of care I need and will give me tons of love. They also have other big dogs in the home whom I'm learning the ropes from, so I then can be a great example for new fosters. Thank you Big Dogs for placing me with this perfect family.

Penny the Dogue de Bordeaux - 1/13/17

Penny the Dogue de Bordeaux has been scooped up, and she's so happy! Once she got to her foster home, her mama decided she was a perfect new addition and she reminded her so much of her recent Bullmastiff who was also adopted from BDHPI. Kalee of Denver, Colorado is so pleased to have Penny join her family. She has a pug that will teach Penny the basics of living in the home. Kalee has previous experience working with Mastiffs, so she knows how to make Penny into an amazing dog. Penny has won the jackpot!