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Butchie - Bullmastiff - MEDICAL HOLD (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Poor Butchie is now Lucky Butchie!  BDHP is committed to find him a life absent of starvation and abuse which he most likely suffered before his last owner. She rescued him from the pound where he narrowly escaped euthanasia. He comes to BDHPI in need of heartworm treatment, entropion surgery, and has a number of lumps and bumps that we'll be getting checked out and likely removed.

Ivan the Bullmastiff - 11/14/17

Ivan the Bullmastiff has found an amazing home with Paula and John in Oakhurst, California. They have an 8-month-old English Mastiff named Dakota who will help Ivan gain confidence, and she'll be a wonderful playmate for him! With large-breed experience, they're ready to take on any issues or needs that may arise, and there's an adult son in the household who house- and dog-sits when needed.

Rocco - Bullmastiff - SENIOR

Did you know Rocco means "rest"? Well, I am an upper middle aged (some say senior citizen) When I am not taking a nap I am carrying my bowls around the house. I have a bit of arthritis but what upper middle aged dog does not? I would love a quiet home with my people, blankets, and chew bones. I am leash and house trained and will always stay off your furniture. Take me with you on car rides and that will be the icing on the cake.

Zeke the Bullmastiff - 9/10/17

Zeke is one lucky fella. He will be living with his forever dad, James, in Macomb Township, Michigan and his fursiblings Daisy, Otto and Tito (the cat). There will be lots of play time on the large property, which even has a pond to swim in. How cool is that? He can even go with his dad and siblings to work. Zeke, you are one lucky dog. THANK YOU, CHRISTY, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET SOUL!

Belle the Bullmastiff - 8/25/17

Belle, what a beautiful song you have to sing! This darling bullmastiff was surrendered by her family, but the fosters who took her in are keeping her. Shaley and James of West Jordan, Utah are pleased to add this girl to their family. She will stand as the prime example of a perfect foster for any new ones they take in. We are so glad this girl landed in the best home for her. Congrats to everyone!!!

Pablo the Bullmastiff - 6/14/17

Pablo, the 3 year old Bullmastiff, is going from life as a stray to a safe and secure home. He will have Rastafarian, a 1 year old Great Dane, to play with and Jodi and Matthew have lots of giant breed experience. He will love his new home in Colorado Springs where he will get to sleep indoors at night, and play safely in a yard with a six foot fence. Pablo, life is looking bright and colorful for you! THANK YOU, LAURA, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG LUG!

Athena the Bullmastiff - 4/29/17

Athena, the sweet Bullmastiff, has a forever home with a couple who will love her the rest of her life. Thank you, Patricia and John, for giving this wonderful young lady a second chance at happiness! Forever parents always put a smile on everyone's face and Athena is no different.  We're sure she is also saying to herself, "You had Jack Russell Terriers?  What a pleasant surprise you're in for with me.  I don't have half the energy of th

Bella the Bullmastiff - 3/24/17

I found a place to play, play, play… and then get all the belly rubs I want! It's me, Bella the Bullmastiff, and I want to let everyone know all about my new life! Jeffrey and Kristy from Cherry Hill, New Jersey chose me! That's right, I get to be a Jersey girl! I now have a home with a tall fence, and four other critters to play with. There's a Miniature Pinscher, a Beagle, and two felines. I get to run off some of my energy on walks, at the dog park, and in the back yard.

Hercules the Bullmastiff - 1/9/17

Hercules the Bullmastiff has found his perfect Tom Hanks buddy in his new fur-ever Dad, Alan! Alan has lots of giant breed experience and his job allows him the flexibility to be home and with Hercules for most of the day. He is also adopting his best foster buddy/house mate, Hanai, so he'll have a canine companion as well! We think this new buddy film will be as popular as the original and Hercules will be the loved star he was always wanted to be. See you in the movies Hercules and Alan! THANK YOU, ELIZABETH & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS HUNK!

Xena the Bullmastiff - 10/18/16

Hello everyone! Xena here! Not THAT Zena, there is definitely no warrior in me, unless it's the warrior battling to  steal your hearts. And I did! I knew coming into Big Dogs that there would be foster parents for me while everyone worked on getting me a good home. But you see, I was smarter than they were. The fosters I was sent to had already been checked out and were known to be good people, so I decided that THEY would be my new family.