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St. Bernard

Ruby the Saint - 3/16/13

I have found my forever home in Lafayette, Colorado with my new parents, Kristi and Mark, and Lab sister, Bailey.

Sakic aka Louie the Saint Bernard - 3/14/13

Sakic aka Louie the Saint Bernard is now the proud protector and guardian of Lydia, Raul, and their kids, Miranda, Seth, and Avery in San Antonio, Texas. He is their only dog which means no shortage of love and affection is in his future, that is for sure! After owning two Great Pyrenees previously, his new humans are well versed on the ways of the big, furry, and slobbery.

Zoey the Saint Bernard Mix - 3/8/13

My name is Zoey and I'm going home where I belong with Reba and Brad along with my human siblings; Sam, Sophia and Charlie who live in Denver, Colorado. They promised to take only the best of care of me and will do anything to keep me safe and in good health. After a rough start of neglect and starvation, I wasn't too excited about life until BDHPI took me in and showed be what being part of a loving family and inside a warm home was all about.

Maggie Mae the Saint Bernard - 3/2/13

A very big Congratulations is in order for Leksey and Daria from Firestone, Colorado. They are the proud parents of a beautiful, Saint Bernard named Maggie Mae. Maggie Mae is definitely one lucky young lady who will be living like a princess from now on. Her Mom and Dad are very outgoing and active in outdoors activities. They will all three go hiking, enjoy daily walks and even occasional biking with Dad.

Princess the Saint Bernard - 1/10/13

The Royal Princess has been adopted by her Royal Mommy, Kimberly from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Princess has been in foster care with Kimberly, who is now her permanent mommy who could not let her beautiful, 100 pound fur ball companion go. They will go on daily walks together, and daily trips out to the stable to ride, and their favorite time together is to relax at home and chill. We want to give a huge thank you and congratulations out to Kimberly for not only opening her heart to adopting Princess, but for also volunteering for BDHP, it is very much appreciated.

Hannibal the Saint Bernard - 1/3/13

Hannibal the handsome St. Bernard is making a long awaited journey to Pewee Valley, Kentucky to join their household and their hearts! To this family, dogs are family and Andrew and Monica and their 6 children will treat Hannibal with all the love that they give to one another. Sadly, this family recently lost their beloved Bernese Mountain Dog and Hannibal will help them heal with his fun-loving spirit.

Belle the Saint Bernard - 1/2/13

Congratulations to Kim and Vickie from Lakewood, Colorado on their new addition to the family, Belle, the 4 year old, Saint Bernard. Belle has a new brother who is a 5 year old Newfoundland named Thor. Both dogs will snuggle together in the house wherever they decide to rest their sleepy heads. They also have a doggy door that they can use when they feel the need to go outside and play together or use the bathroom.

Beethoven the Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix - 12/31/12

Beethoven the Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix has found the perfect retirement home with Ruthie and her fiance Kyle in Lincoln, Nebraska! They were fostering this sweet old man and he quickly warmed his way into their hearts. As far as other 4-legged friends go, he joins Albus the Sulcata Tortoise and the ever revolving door of foster dogs. After growing up with a Saint Bernard, Ruthie knew that she wanted to ultimately have a gentle giant of her own.

Lola the Saint Bernard - 11/21/12

Lola the sweet St. Bernard puppy has found her forever family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Diane and Don will be welcoming Lola with open arms as she makes her way South to join them and Bruno, the Neapolitan Mastiff. Diane has plenty of St. Bernard experience and has participated in St. Bernard clubs in the past. Diane has also volunteered with 'Friends of Rescue Mastiffs', so we know that this family has a Big Heart for Big Dogs.

Arizona the Saint Bernard - 11/11/12

It's been a long time coming, but our lovely Arizona the Saint Bernard has found her new life in Hays, Kansas. Doug and Stephanie will make fantastic parents to this sweet girl and she will have plenty to do with her 3 new furry playmates, Jake the Husky, Sammy the Poodle/Llasa Apso, and Riley the Llaso Apso/King Charles Cavalier.  Arizona will also have 3 kids, Chris, Josh and Haley, to play with and help her continue to come out of your shell!