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St. Bernard

Georgia the Saint Bernard - 10/3/12

 Georgia the Saint Bernard puppy is heading to her forever home in Canada! She will fit right into the cool weather with her new family, Christine and Andi, and her new 4-legged sister, Tia Maria the Dachshund.  She will be loved like no other with the cozy lifestyle of these Giant Breed lovers. Walks twice and day and many doggy dreams await her in her new homeland!  Congrats, Georgia, make us proud and spread the word about BDHPI in Canada!

Lucian the Saint Bernard - 9/30/12

Our miracle boy, Lucian the Saint Bernard has been adopted by a great couple, Angelina and John from Colorado Springs, Colorado. They also have a 9 year old son who will also welcome Lucian by making his homecoming a great one. He will have two hamsters that are at his new home, but there will be no playing with these two little guys.  Lucian will go on walks and to the dog park for fun and exercise.  When his human family i

Wesley the Saint Bernard - 9/16/12

 Wesley the handsome Saint Bernard is moving on up to Billings, Montana to join Kenneth and Sandra and their 4 year old St. Bernard and Mini Daschund. Kenneth has been loving the breed for a long time and has fostered Saints in the past.Sadly, he lost his failed-foster last year due to old age and it's Wesley's job to heal those sad days and bring new love and life to the family.

Saul the Saint Bernard - 9/16/12

 Woohoo, I have been adopted by one really special and caring mom. Let me tell you a little bit about her. Her name is Kelly and she is from Denver, Colorado. She cried when she met me and she swept me away to live with her forever and ever. I am so excited. I am only 2 1/2 years old and my name is Saul.

Betty Jean the Saint Bernard - 9/15/12

 We are very proud to announce that Ms. Betty Jean, the tri-colored, 7 year old Saint Bernard has found her retirement home with Ben and Tracy from Simms, TX. Betty Jean has definitely found the most wonderful family that any dog would love to belong to. Ben and Tracey have 6 dogs that Betty Jean will be joining.

Molly & Moira the Saint Bernards - 7/27/12

 Molly and Moira, the lovely Saint Bernard sisters, get to continue living their lives together as buddies as they join the new family of Daniel and Jessica in Frisco, Colorado. This mountain lifestyle will be a huge change from their past lives in the plains of Kansas and they are looking forward to the cooler weather and fun in the lake and snow.

Diablo the Saint Bernard - 7/18/12

 Wonderful news. Alissa and Paul from Denver, Colorado adopted the one and only, Mr. Diablo, after fostering him and falling in love. Diablo is a gorgeous, 2 year old Saint Bernard who now has a furry sibling, Kobi the Newfoundland, who was also adopted from BDHP. These two will have the best of time together and will have the most loving mommy & daddy to take care of them. Mommy works from home, so the dogs are rarely left alone.

Vega the Saint Bernard - 7/17/12

 Congratulation to Kaydee from Omaha, Nebraska for adopting the biggest teddy bear ever! Kaydee is the proud owner of Miss Vega, a 7 month old Saint Bernard puppy who she had the opportunity to meet and get to know at her work, Pawz Pet Services. Vega now has two furry siblings who she can play with which include, Dax the Shetland Sheep Dog and Packy the Pomeranian/Chihuahua.

Lulu the Saint Bernard - 7/5/12

 Big News, Miss Lulu, the beautiful, 2 year old Saint Bernard is staying with her foster family, Todd and Jan, in Elizabeth, Colorado. They were all brought together for a reason, and now they know what that reason was. It is for them all to remain a family in the same home and never part ways.

Hercules the Saint Bernard - 6/24/12

Huge changes coming to Hercules the Saint Bernard, who is swooping into Ft. Collins, Colorado to show his new parents Tracy and Geoff, some Big Dog Love! Hercules will never have a lonely moment with Roxy, a Bulldog mix, and 3 young boys ages 10, 8, and 4 to call his own. He will be one active dog, going on daily walks and doing all kinds of activities with his new forever family!  Congratulations Hercules!  You've found the family you were looking for!