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St. Bernard

Hercules the Saint Bernard - 6/24/12

Huge changes coming to Hercules the Saint Bernard, who is swooping into Ft. Collins, Colorado to show his new parents Tracy and Geoff, some Big Dog Love! Hercules will never have a lonely moment with Roxy, a Bulldog mix, and 3 young boys ages 10, 8, and 4 to call his own. He will be one active dog, going on daily walks and doing all kinds of activities with his new forever family!  Congratulations Hercules!  You've found the family you were looking for!

Sugar Bear the Saint Bernard - 6/22/12

Oh Sugar Bear! What a sweet life you are going to have with Cynthia in Omaha, Nebraska! You, will have a new found Newfoundland friend named Jessica to pal around with.  You will also have a little Maltese named Snowy and a Guinea Pig named Winston in your pack that will be a great forever friend. Sugar Bear, you can look forward to walks with your mom and cozy, comfy nap time accommodations. It will be a fantastic life Sugar Bear!  Congratulations and enjoy your loving family.

Xena the Saint Bernard - 6/2/12

What amazing changes are coming for Xena, the fabulous St.Bernard.  This beauty started her journey in Montana, but will be calling Denver Colorado home. Her new patient and loving Mom, Rebecca, will be able to provide her with the healing and healthy environment that will cater to her slow moving needs.  Xena will get to be the Big Guardian Angel Dog to both of the small children in the family, Brody & Taryn.

Pookah & Artoo the Saint Bernard Mixes - 5/4/12

We are very proud to announce that Jody and Carter from Coralville, Iowa.

Harvey the Saint Bernard - 4/7/12

 The days of chasing the goats on the farm in Kansas are over for Harvey the St. Bernard! This goofy boy has been invited to join the family of his new Mom and Dad, Nina and Steve, as they start their marriage and new life together in Thornton Colorado. Harvey’s world is going to be full of hiking, camping, walks, long lazy naps, and playing with his 3 feline companions.

Melrose the Saint Bernard - 3/27/12

 Melrose the 5 year old Saint Bernard is moving Denver, Colorado, to be with her loving Forever Mom, Susan and her new little person, Brenden! Brenden is 4 and a half and is really looking forward to having a Big Dog to grow up with! Melrose will be living the good life, sleeping in the bedroom with her people, taking naps in the sun room, and going for daily walks to the park to run and play in the beautiful outdoors.

Roxy the Saint Bernard - 3/20/12

 Roxy the 4 year old Saint Bernard has found true love in Anchorage, Alaska with Brent, one of our own volunteers. Roxy’s journey started out as a stray, on the streets in Utah which landed her in a shelter. Thankfully, she left that bad dream behind her when she found her way to BDHPI and she’s now looking forward to comfy dog beds and lots of cuddle time as the only child! Brent has quite a bit of giant breed experience and is the ideal Big Dog Papa.

Skye the Saint Bernard - 3/19/12

 Ahhh, one of the most adorable Saint Bernard's, Skye has been adopted into her forever home with, Gary and Mary, from Evergreen, Colorado. Skye is extremely happy, and exited to meet her new family and her new furry, 6 month old, Newfoundland brother named, Charlie. They are both so close in age and will have the time of their lives playing together and going on lots of walks, playtime, and obedience training.

Sampson the Saint Bernard - 3/2/12

 Sampson, the Saint Bernard, went to his forever home with Kevin and Nancy in Morrison, Colorado. Kevin and Nancy have plenty of Giant breed experience and currently have 2 other Saints, Dolly and Annie, in the home. They also adopted Royal, the special needs English Mastiff, from BDHPI last year. We know that Sampson will be spoiled rotten in his new home with Kevin and Nancy.

Sweet Em the Saint Bernard - 3/2/12

 Sweet Em the lovely Saint Bernard is leaving her breeding past behind her and has found her forever home with Tiffany and Danny in Denver, Colorado. Sweet Em is going to be an ‘only’ pet for now which means a lot of mellow, one on one time with her new family. She can look forward to plenty of play time at the park and continuing her education with behavioral training and loads of positive reinforcement. Congratulations Sweet Em!