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St. Bernard

Samson the St Bernard - 12/19/10

Samson the St Bernard is now home for good with new mom, Pinna, in Denver, Colorado. He will be the only dog and the apple of his mama's eye! She owned a St Bernard and Malamutes previously so he is in good hands with an owner who knows all about owning and caring for giant fluffy dogs.

Murphy the St Bernard - 12/3/10

Murphy the St Bernard went to his forever home today with Leshawn in Grand Junction, Colorado.  It was the perfect match for this BIG boy.  Leshawn knows all about social anxieties and behavioral issues from her past dogs, Trigger the English Mastiff and Durango the Anatolian Shepherd, so Murphy is in great hands!  Murphy's little sister, Jazmine the St Bernard/Great Pyrenees, couldn't wait to play with her new big brother (who is also a BDHP's alumni) and

Bonnie the St Bernard - 11/30/10

Bonnie the St Bernard has found her forever home with Luke & Annie in Aurora, Colorado! She has a brand new house and a fantastic backyard to call her new stomping grounds. She shares her new parents with Achilles and Hammie the cats but will be the only dog. Her mom is a nurse and her dad is a doctor which means she'll receive only the best of medical care and they'll keep her happy and healthy for as long as possible!

Zeus the St Bernard - 11/26/10

Zeus the St Bernard went to his forever home with new mom and dad, Joel & Kimberly, in Denver, Colorado. He will be the only dog and spoiled rotten with all their love and attention! He will have constant companionship since he can go to work with his new mom and the longest he'll be left alone is just a few hours. They are very excited to take him for walks to show him off around the neighborhood and plan to get him signed up for obedience classes right away.

Kasey the St Bernard - 11/26/10

Kasey the St Bernard has found a wonderful forever home with Daniel & Terry in Albuquerque, NM! She has a big fenced in yard to run around and play in and her parents look forward to taking her for daily walks around the neighborhood.

Juliette the St Bernard - 11/13/10

Juliette the St Bernard has found her forever home at last with David, Andrea, Jeremiah, Jacob, and Johnny in Sheridan, Wyoming. She has another big, furry friend named Dakota Bear the Newfoundland along with Freddie the Dachshund to keep her company and play with.  Andrea is almost always home with plenty of time to spend spoiling their new addition and working on training of course.

Hansel the St Bernard - 10/30/10

Hansel the St Bernard has been happily united with his new family, Katie & Greg, in Thornton, Colorado. He has a big fenced yard to romp around with new brother and best pal, Denali the St Bernard. He'll also enjoy regular walks and trips to the dog park to play with other 4 legged friends and run off some steam.

Brownie the Saint Bernard - 10/9/10

Brownie the Saint Bernard is now home with new family, Charles, Amanda, and Marley in Commerce City, Colorado. They were so excited to meet her that they couldn't wait and drove to her foster home right away! She has three 4-legged companions to play with and keep her company, Lenny the Shihtzu, Cha-chi the cat, and Millie the cat, who were all rescued as well! Someone is home all but around 3 hours a day, they go for lots of walks, and they have owned a Great Pyren

Nick the Saint Bernard - 10/8/10

Nick the Saint Bernard is home for good with Tim & Jean in Loveland, Colorado. He hit it off with his new furry pal, Duke the Golden Retriever who was also rescued. They have owned a Saint Bernard previously with similar behavioral issues and are very devoted to continuing to work with him on training and socialization. They admire his stubborn nature and have made a commitment to provide him the leadership and structured environment he needs for future success.

Jennings the Saint Bernard - 10/2/10

Jennings the Saint Bernard has been united with his new family, Lauren, Michael, Avi, Charlie, & Emma, in Boulder, Colorado. They were overcome with excitement over meeting their new big baby and he was everything they dreamed up and more! He has 3 4-legged siblings to keep him company and show him the ropes, including Scout the Bernese Mountain Dog, Otis the puppy in the photo, and Aiko the Havanese.