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St. Bernard

Bernie the St Bernard - 5/15/11

Bernie the St Bernard was the perfect fit for his new family which includes his two legged humans, Anthony & Rhonda, and his 4-legged siblings, Roxy the Pit Bull Terrier, Bumble the Chow Mix, and Buttercup and Bea the cats.

Chester the St Bernard - 5/14/11

Chester the St Bernard has found the perfect forever home with Paul & his girlfriend Jenny in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He will be their only canine but he joins her two cats, Gisele and Chanel, who will be his new furry friends. They were overjoyed with their handsome new addition and he couldn't get anough tummy rubs and made them laugh with his antics.

Duke the St Bernard - 5/13/11

Duke the St Bernard is home forever with his new family, Jennifer, David, and their kids, Mary Kathryn and Drew, in Longmont, Colorado. He'll be the only dog and get all their love and attention! Someone is home almost all of the time to take him for lots of walks and keep him company. They have owned St Bernards and Great Pyrenees previously so they are very experienced and prepared for caring for a giant breed god.

Max & Greta the St Bernards - 5/7/11

Max AND Greta the St Bernards BOTH found a wonderful forever home with Jean and her boys, Parker & Fletcher, in Littleton, Colorado. They have a big fenced in backyard to run around and wrestle in together! Fletcher is autistic and had a special bond with both dogs who will be part of his therapy.

Loper the St Bernard - 4/28/11

Loper the St Bernard is now happily in his forever home with Kathy & Kris in Paonia, Colorado. He has a big fenced in yard to romp and play with his new Newfoundland sister, Hannah! He also has Kefira & Pima the cats to snuggle with inside. He gets to go to work with his new parents which means he'll rarely be left alone and will receive lots of attention and consistent training.

Hugo the St Bernard - 4/2/11

Hugo the St Bernard found a wonderful forever home with Carter, Sarah, and their kids in Flower Mound, Texas. Sarah is a homemaker and will be around all the time to love on him! He has a Great Pyrenees brother named Oliver to pal around with also. They have fostered for Great Pyr rescue and are wonderful animal lovers who are committed to providing nothing but the best of care and training THANK YOU, KIRSTEN, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG LUG!

Patches the St Bernard - 2/26/11

Patches the St Bernard has found a wonderful forever home with Troy, Debbie, and their son, Ryan, in Wamego, Kansas. They have a Lab named Sampson, a Lab named Tucker, and a Border Collie named Pooh Bear as his new furry siblings! They also foster for BDHPI which means that she'll always have plenty of gentle giants around as well. They were fostering this special older gal and she was the perfect addition to their pack.

Karma the St Bernard - 2/9/11

Karma the St Bernard is now happily in her forever home with Janet & Jim in Fort Collins, Colorado. She joins Maggie the Lab and Morgan and Donkey the horses as her new 4-legged siblings.

Abby the St Bernard - 1/29/11

Abby the St Bernard went to her forever home with Dayna & Dan in Denver, Colorado. She has a dog door our to her new yard where she will enjoy running and playing with her St Bernard sister, Addie. She also has a feline pal named "Kitty" to keep her company.

Havoc the Senior St Bernard - 1/28/11

Havoc the senior St Bernard went home forever with Kelly, Jose, and their two kids, Blue & Luna, in Golden, Colorado today. She will have the beautiful Rocky Mountains as her new backyard to explore and enjoy for daily walks! She shares her new family with Paco the cat. Her new parents went to great lengths to provide whatever medical care needed on their last dog and are thrilled to open their hearts and home to one of our gentle giants.