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St. Bernard

Lola the Saint Bernard - 11/21/12

Lola the sweet St. Bernard puppy has found her forever family in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Diane and Don will be welcoming Lola with open arms as she makes her way South to join them and Bruno, the Neapolitan Mastiff. Diane has plenty of St. Bernard experience and has participated in St. Bernard clubs in the past. Diane has also volunteered with 'Friends of Rescue Mastiffs', so we know that this family has a Big Heart for Big Dogs.

Arizona the Saint Bernard - 11/11/12

It's been a long time coming, but our lovely Arizona the Saint Bernard has found her new life in Hays, Kansas. Doug and Stephanie will make fantastic parents to this sweet girl and she will have plenty to do with her 3 new furry playmates, Jake the Husky, Sammy the Poodle/Llasa Apso, and Riley the Llaso Apso/King Charles Cavalier.  Arizona will also have 3 kids, Chris, Josh and Haley, to play with and help her continue to come out of your shell!

Bailey the Saint - 11/10/12

Bailey has scored the jackpot and is now home forever with her new family which includes, Kristin, Christopher, and their kids, Emma, Wyatt, Piper, Asher, and a brand new baby in Loveland, Colorado. Emma is excited to use her new puppy for 4H. Both her parents are nurses who work opposite shifts which means someone is home almost all the time to give this sweet girl all the love, attention, and exercise she could dream of!

Kona the Saint - 11/3/12

Congratulations to Joyful and Todd from Lincoln, Nebraska on their new, 5 year old girl named Kona. She is a beautiful Saint Bernard with an outstanding, silky, tri-color coat. Kona will be joining her two human siblings who are 1.5 and 1 years old and she'll be the best nanny ever. They will go on family walks in the neighborhood and play in the yard for fun time and great exercise. She will sleep in her mommy and daddy's room at night time and stand guard.

Ari the Saint Bernard - 10/27/12

Hello Everyone! I have great news to share. My name is Ari, and I am a very happy boy right now. I have been adopted by my new family, Taylor and Rachel from Sante Fe, New Mexico along with their children I get to share my new humans with my 4 legged sister named Shelby who is a 7 year old Great Pyrenees.

Louie the Saint - 10/20/12

I am so proud to announce to the world that I have been adopted by my new family; Rebecca and Neal from Longmont, Colorado. They wanted to adopt a Saint Bernard and they found me. My name is Louie and I am a handsome Saint that is extremely happy to have my new forever family to go home to. I will also have 3 human siblings that I will get to play with and burn off all of my energy, since technically I am still a puppy. Wuff, Wuff. I will also get to play with my furry buddy who is a 6 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. The fun we will have.

Haley the Saint Bernard - 10/20/12

Haley, the fun loving, prancing, smiling, St. Bernard is joining her new family in Loveland,  Colorado. Lynda and Sean are bringing this sweet girl home to join their 2 children, Shea and Molly, and Oz the Boxer. She also has 2 kitties to keep her occupied and snuggle with. These pups will have plenty of quality time with their family since at least one parent is home most of the time. Lynda and Sean can hardly wait to take Ms.

Georgia the Saint Bernard - 10/3/12

 Georgia the Saint Bernard puppy is heading to her forever home in Canada! She will fit right into the cool weather with her new family, Christine and Andi, and her new 4-legged sister, Tia Maria the Dachshund.  She will be loved like no other with the cozy lifestyle of these Giant Breed lovers. Walks twice and day and many doggy dreams await her in her new homeland!  Congrats, Georgia, make us proud and spread the word about BDHPI in Canada!

Lucian the Saint Bernard - 9/30/12

Our miracle boy, Lucian the Saint Bernard has been adopted by a great couple, Angelina and John from Colorado Springs, Colorado. They also have a 9 year old son who will also welcome Lucian by making his homecoming a great one. He will have two hamsters that are at his new home, but there will be no playing with these two little guys.  Lucian will go on walks and to the dog park for fun and exercise.  When his human family i

Wesley the Saint Bernard - 9/16/12

 Wesley the handsome Saint Bernard is moving on up to Billings, Montana to join Kenneth and Sandra and their 4 year old St. Bernard and Mini Daschund. Kenneth has been loving the breed for a long time and has fostered Saints in the past.Sadly, he lost his failed-foster last year due to old age and it's Wesley's job to heal those sad days and bring new love and life to the family.