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St. Bernard

Molly the St Bernard - 10/19/11

 Molly the Saint Bernard went to her forever home with Sabrina & Michael in Broomfield, Colorado! After adopting Lily the St Bernard (formerly Gigi) from BDHPI previously they decided they had plenty of room in their hearts and home for another rescued giant. The girls also have Hank the cat to keep them company as well. She will be very loved and pampered for the rest of her days. THANK YOU, JILL, MARK, & TAILS UP, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVELY LADY!

Fletcher the St Bernard - 10/3/11

 Fletcher the Saint Bernard joins Michelle, Ross, and their kids, Lindsey & Eric, as he embarks on his new adventures in Aurora, Colorado! He has a fenced in yard where he can romp and play with his new Bullmastiff sister, Kari, and he'll also get to enjoy the companionship of Zoey, Jesse, and Moosey the cats. He'll have a healthy diet of Wellness and Blue Buffalo, lots of walking and ball chasing, and snuggle time in bed.

Tubby the St Bernard - 9/24/11

That sweet older lady named Tubby, who was part of a huge family including dogs, cats, and goats, has found a new forever home that's a little less hectic. She'll be moving to Lawton, Oklahoma to live with Darlene and her 2 kids, Tristen & Clayton, and 3 cats, Shadow, Poncho, & Moose, and will get to live on a ranch since Darlene's occupation is rancher. How cool!

Mack the St Bernard - 9/17/11

 Mack was being fostered by Meredith and Eduardo and their son, Gus, in Englewood Colorado when they fell head over heels in love with this guy and decided to make him a permanent part of their family. Mack's new animal family includes two other dogs, a Great Pyr named Delayney & Mai the Lab mix, a donkey named Sunny, and a llama. They live on a farm with a lot of room for Mack and his new friends to run around and play all day.

Gozer the St Bernard - 8/31/11

That playful, goofy puppy known as Gozer the St Bernard is headed to live with her wonderful new forever family in Parker, Colorado! This good-natured baby is going to have a great time getting to know Dean, his girlfriend, his two kids, and their Lab. How fun! Gozer has already shown that she's smart as a whip - she knows quite a few commands and she's not even a year old yet - and one look and you can see how beautiful and charming she is.

Duchess the St Bernard - 8/20/11

 Hear ye! Hear ye! The gorgeous and friendly Duchess the St Bernard has found a kingdom to call home, and that kingdom is with Cindy and Steven in Confier, Colorado. Her fosters, Kris and Amanda have done a great job caring for Duchess, but now her time has come to move on to her forever home. This sweet tempered young girl will have a new canine brother and hopefully her playful ways will help her new brother get over the recent loss of his doggie buddy.

Max the St Bernard - 7/31/11

 Max the St Bernard was the perfect match for Keely & Ryan in Wichita, Kansas. He has an Australian Shepherd mix named Penelope as his new 4-legged canine sister and Tandy the Maine Coone Cat as his new feline sister.

Clive the St Bernard - 6/12/11

Clive the St Bernard Mix now calls Cheyenne, Wyoming home sweet home! He has joined Brandee, Robert, and their kids, Spencer, Grace, and Murphie as his new human guardians. He has a fenced in yard, a stay and home mom, and lots of walks and lovin to look forward to! Clive's new family couldn't wait to get him home where they could show him what an amazing new life he has ahead of him! THANK YOU, TOM, FOR FOSTERING THIS GOOFY GIANT!

Daphne the St Bernard - 5/27/11

Daphne is happily home forever with new parents, Anthony & Rhonda, in Espanola, New Mexico. She has a 2 acre playground to romp and explore with her new doggie friends, Bernie the St Bernard, Roxy the Pit Bull, and Bumble the Chow Mix. She also has Buttercup and Bea the cats to snuggle with as her new feline pals.

Valentine the St Bernard - 5/27/11

Valentine the St Bernard is now happily in her forever home with Lynn & Eric in Arvada, Colorado. She has a St Bernard/Border Collie sister named Punkin and two cats named Breck and Ridge to keep her company. She'll be spoiled with daily walks, playtime in the backyard, backcountry skiing in the winter and hiking in the summers.