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St. Bernard

Ginger the Saint Bernard - 9/1/13

After a sad ending to the life with her original person, Ginger the St.Bernard has found a new family that will love her just as much! Nancy, Eric and their 2 boys Jacob, and Isaac will be bringing Ginger home to Aurora Colorado, where she will be adored for all of her days to come. Ginger will have a 4-legged buddy, Gracie the Lab Mix, to keep her company and help her settle in. Someone is home the vast majority of the time, so Ginger will enjoy lots of time with her people.

Bear the Saint Bernard Mix - 8/2/13

Look out Highlands Ranch Colorado, Bear the St.Bernard mix is coming home! Wendy and Dave will be adding a new friend to their family and their two young children can’t wait to get their new buddy home. Bear will be living the good life with his new furry playmate Lucy, the 6.5 year old Newfie. There are daily trips to the dog park in Bear’s future and he will never have a shortage of people to cuddle up with at home.

Zora the Saint Bernard - 7/24/13

Beautiful Zora, Canada is calling  you home! Christine and Andi are previous BDHPI adopters and had invited Georgia, the St.Bernard puppy, to join their family in August of 2012. Since their 3 adult children don't live at home anymore, there is plenty of room to add to their Big Dog Family! Zora and Georgia are going to be best friends and this wonderful couple does everything that they can to ensure a great life for their furry family members.

Honey the Saint Bernard Mix - 5/27/13

Honey will be living a "sweet" life for the rest of her days with Michelle, Seth, and Dakota in Parker, Colorado! They are familiar with big dogs after owning Wolfhounds previously, so she willl be in wonderful hands and they are well versed on everything from health issues to training. She joins Zoe the Ragdoll cat, Tugboat the Blue & Gold Macaw and Gunner the Plummer Terrier as her new 4-legged siblings.

Laiza the Saint - 5/27/13

Laiza the St. Bernard is one very lucky girl. She has been had picked by Dede to join her Big Dog loving family in St. Louis, Missouri. Dede is a teacher, so during the day, Laiza will go to doggy daycare at her Dede’s parents house. They have always had Big Dogs and Laiza’s ‘Grandpa’ will be taking her for walks each day.

Mo the Saint Bernard - 5/22/13

Mo the Saint Bernard is homeward bound to Parker Colorado! His new parents, Nicole and Alan are welcoming this Big Boy into their family which is already equipped with 2 small children. Their 8 year old son and their 6 year old daughter are sure to keep Mo on his toes as he pads through his retirement years. Alan is a Veterinarian, so we know that Mo will get the best care possible.

Dozer the Saint Bernard - 5/8/13

Oh Boy Dozer! Your new Mom can’t wait to have you join her family! Elizabeth in Parker, Colorado is a Big Dog Momma at heart! All of her friends agree that you couldn’t ask for a better person to adopt a Big Dog. Elizabeth will be taking you with her when she shows homes out in the community and wouldn’t dream of leaving Dozer outside to be bored or alone. Dozer, you will also have an 11 year old Big Brother to keep you busy for hours on end!

Nicholas the Saint Bernard - 4/8/13

Nicholas the Saint Bernard will be living the high life from now on with Toni & Russ in Palmer Lake, Colorado! Their kids are all grown and out of the house which means all the love and attention a guy could dream of. As BDHPI fosters, he will have a revolving door of giant friends to play with and keep him company as well. They feed a super premium diet and live right by a lake with trails everywhere for scenic adventures on a daily basis.

Bella the Saint Bernard - 3/28/13

Bella the Saint Bernard has found her forever home with Jessica, Sean and her 2 legged sibling, Dylan, in Hillsboro, New Hampshire. She also has a 4-legged sibling, a 10 year old Springer Spaniel named Wiley, who was very excited to meet Bella. There is always someone home, so Bella will rarely be left alone! After owning a Saint Bernard and Great Dane previously, the Burts are no strangers to giant breeds and she is in experienced hands.

Ruby the Saint - 3/16/13

I have found my forever home in Lafayette, Colorado with my new parents, Kristi and Mark, and Lab sister, Bailey.