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St. Bernard

Eleanor the Saint Bernard - 2/25/12

Miss Eleanor, the adorable, 2 1/2 year old Saint Bernard has found her forever home with Betty in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She now has a sibling named Maggie who is also a Saint Bernard. These two are going to have so much fun together. They have a wonderful human mommy that is home with them all day, so that they can spend the entire day and night together, and go to the park, and take their daily 4 mile walks for exercise.

Macie the Saint Bernard - 1/28/12

 Macie the Saint Bernard was the perfect match for foster mom, Nikki, in Glendale, Colorado. It didn't take long for this big sweetie to warm her way into her new mom's heart with her gentle disposition and loving nature! As a BDHPI volunteer, Nikki recognized that Macie would make the perfect ambassador for our cause and she looks forward to showing her off at future events and using her as an example to further our cause.

Jack the Saint Bernard - 1/17/12

Jack went to his forever home with Tina and Bill in Larkspur, Colorado. They are experienced giant breed dog owners being former owners of a St Bernard "Riley" who passed away just over a year ago from old age. Tina and Bill work from their home so they have plenty of time to spend with their new gentle giant. They look forward to taking Jack for walks and having a furry friend to hang out with and go everywhere together.

Mischa the Saint Bernard - 12/22/11

Mischa has found a wonderful new home with Karen and Craig in Denver, Colorado! Their kids, Noal and Miriam, could not be more thrilled with the perfect Christmas Gift of a gentle giant to love and adore forever. She and her big brother Bear the Malamute/Shepherd mix hit it off right away and after owning two Bernese Mountain Dogs previously, they know all about owning and caring for long-haired breeds.

Nobella the Saint Bernard - 12/4/11

 Nobella the Saint Bernard made her way to Colorado Springs, Colorado where she joins her new humans, Libby and Warren! They adopted their Mastiff, Katie, from BDHPI previously and were excited to have an opportunity to rescue another gentle giant from our organization. Nobella also has a cat named Jaspurr and a cat named Bob to keep her company as well.

Red the Saint Bernard - 11/18/11

Red the Saint Bernard has come a long way since her days of being neglected, unsocialized and used for breeding purposes! She has slowly but surely emerged out of her timid shell and has realized that the world is not such a scary place thanks to her fosters, Thomas & Doris. She is thrilled to be moving on to join her forever family, Thomas, Paige, and Andrea, and we all agree it was worth the wait!

Jill the Saint Bernard - 10/23/11

Jill the Saint Bernard was the dog Wayne and Amy and their daughter, Lauren, had been waiting for for months! She now calls Highlands Ranch home sweet home in sunny Colorado. She is their only pet and will be spoiled rotten as the apple of their eye! Someone is home most of the time and they will make sure she has all of the walks, hikes, and playtime a girl could dream of.

Molly the St Bernard - 10/19/11

 Molly the Saint Bernard went to her forever home with Sabrina & Michael in Broomfield, Colorado! After adopting Lily the St Bernard (formerly Gigi) from BDHPI previously they decided they had plenty of room in their hearts and home for another rescued giant. The girls also have Hank the cat to keep them company as well. She will be very loved and pampered for the rest of her days. THANK YOU, JILL, MARK, & TAILS UP, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVELY LADY!

Fletcher the St Bernard - 10/3/11

 Fletcher the Saint Bernard joins Michelle, Ross, and their kids, Lindsey & Eric, as he embarks on his new adventures in Aurora, Colorado! He has a fenced in yard where he can romp and play with his new Bullmastiff sister, Kari, and he'll also get to enjoy the companionship of Zoey, Jesse, and Moosey the cats. He'll have a healthy diet of Wellness and Blue Buffalo, lots of walking and ball chasing, and snuggle time in bed.

Tubby the St Bernard - 9/24/11

That sweet older lady named Tubby, who was part of a huge family including dogs, cats, and goats, has found a new forever home that's a little less hectic. She'll be moving to Lawton, Oklahoma to live with Darlene and her 2 kids, Tristen & Clayton, and 3 cats, Shadow, Poncho, & Moose, and will get to live on a ranch since Darlene's occupation is rancher. How cool!