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St. Bernard

Bosley the St Bernard - 1/23/11

Bosley went to his forever hom home with Lindsay and Malachi in Superior, Colorado. There were just thrilled when they met him and couldn't believe how big and handsome he is! She is prepared to help him work through his separation anxiety and attend obedience classes to help them bond.

Goliath the St Bernard - 1/2/10

Goliath the St Bernard has found a wonderful forever home with Douglas and his kids, Kaylie, Levi, Mackenzie, and Mitchell in Aurora, Colorado. His girlfriend also has a St Bernard that he'll get to play with! They plan on taking him for daily walks and trips to the park for exercise and have done a lot of research in preparation for their big new addition. They are excited to take him through obedience classes as a way to bond with him and socialize him.

Maggie the St Bernard - 12/29/10

Maggie is happily in her forever home with Kelly & Jonathan in Fraser, Colorado. She has a cat named Tigger to keep her company but is the only dog. She has the gorgeous Rocky Mountains as her new backyard and will enjoy plenty of hikes and camping with her new parents.

Daisy the St Bernard - 12/27/10

Daisy the St Bernard went to a wonderful new home with Ted & Kristi in Laramie, Wyoming. She will be the queen bee as the only dog and shares her new parents with Bongo, Gurghly, Dusty, Mink & B.C. the felines. She also has horse siblings named Surprise Pony, Atticus, Echo, Border and Captain so she isn't even the biggest 4-legger around!

Clyde the St Bernard - 12/26/10

Clyde the St Bernard has found a wonderful forever home with Teresa and Lee in Firestone, Colorado. He has a big fenced in yard to romp and play with his new St Bernard sister, Kaya, and Loki the cat to show him the ropes and snuggle with! His new parents plan to take him for lots of walks and trips to the nearby dog park which he will love! They have also owned a Great Pyrenees previously so he is in wonderful, experienced hands! THANK YOU, CARA, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG LUG!

Rosko the St Bernard - 12/20/10

Rosko the St Bernard is now happily in his forever home with Heidi, Shon, and their kids, Kourtney, Brittany, and Seth, in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He has a big fenced in backyard to enjoy with his new buddy, Brandi the Mini Dachshund. Jewels & Puff the cats made sure to show him around his new digs and welcome him to the family! After owning a Newfoundland Mix previously they are very happy to have another gentle giant to love and to cuddle with.

Samson the St Bernard - 12/19/10

Samson the St Bernard is now home for good with new mom, Pinna, in Denver, Colorado. He will be the only dog and the apple of his mama's eye! She owned a St Bernard and Malamutes previously so he is in good hands with an owner who knows all about owning and caring for giant fluffy dogs.

Murphy the St Bernard - 12/3/10

Murphy the St Bernard went to his forever home today with Leshawn in Grand Junction, Colorado.  It was the perfect match for this BIG boy.  Leshawn knows all about social anxieties and behavioral issues from her past dogs, Trigger the English Mastiff and Durango the Anatolian Shepherd, so Murphy is in great hands!  Murphy's little sister, Jazmine the St Bernard/Great Pyrenees, couldn't wait to play with her new big brother (who is also a BDHP's alumni) and

Bonnie the St Bernard - 11/30/10

Bonnie the St Bernard has found her forever home with Luke & Annie in Aurora, Colorado! She has a brand new house and a fantastic backyard to call her new stomping grounds. She shares her new parents with Achilles and Hammie the cats but will be the only dog. Her mom is a nurse and her dad is a doctor which means she'll receive only the best of medical care and they'll keep her happy and healthy for as long as possible!

Zeus the St Bernard - 11/26/10

Zeus the St Bernard went to his forever home with new mom and dad, Joel & Kimberly, in Denver, Colorado. He will be the only dog and spoiled rotten with all their love and attention! He will have constant companionship since he can go to work with his new mom and the longest he'll be left alone is just a few hours. They are very excited to take him for walks to show him off around the neighborhood and plan to get him signed up for obedience classes right away.