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St. Bernard

Brownie the Saint Bernard - 10/9/10

Brownie the Saint Bernard is now home with new family, Charles, Amanda, and Marley in Commerce City, Colorado. They were so excited to meet her that they couldn't wait and drove to her foster home right away! She has three 4-legged companions to play with and keep her company, Lenny the Shihtzu, Cha-chi the cat, and Millie the cat, who were all rescued as well! Someone is home all but around 3 hours a day, they go for lots of walks, and they have owned a Great Pyren

Nick the Saint Bernard - 10/8/10

Nick the Saint Bernard is home for good with Tim & Jean in Loveland, Colorado. He hit it off with his new furry pal, Duke the Golden Retriever who was also rescued. They have owned a Saint Bernard previously with similar behavioral issues and are very devoted to continuing to work with him on training and socialization. They admire his stubborn nature and have made a commitment to provide him the leadership and structured environment he needs for future success.

Jennings the Saint Bernard - 10/2/10

Jennings the Saint Bernard has been united with his new family, Lauren, Michael, Avi, Charlie, & Emma, in Boulder, Colorado. They were overcome with excitement over meeting their new big baby and he was everything they dreamed up and more! He has 3 4-legged siblings to keep him company and show him the ropes, including Scout the Bernese Mountain Dog, Otis the puppy in the photo, and Aiko the Havanese.

Ginger the Saint Bernard - 9/26/10

Ginger the Saint Bernard has become a permanent addition at her foster home with new parents, Megan & Steven, in Youngsville, North Carolina. Their kids, Mike, Mary Kaitlyn, and Mackenzie all fell in love with her also and they simply couldn't let her go anywhere else! She has a Golden Retriever brother named Shadow and a Newfoundland brother named Bruiser to keep her company and her new mom works from home which means she always has human company also.

Brewsky the Saint Bernard - 9/15/10

Brewsky the Saint Bernard has been welcomed officially into his forever family with Joe, Nancy, Sophia, Pete, and Mack in Aurora, Colorado! He had lots of kisses for his new older brother, Gromit the Greyhound, and couldn't wait to get home and meet Ollie the Rabbit and Smokey the Cat.

Leroy & Penelope the Saint Bernards - 9/5/10

Leroy & Penelope the Saint Bernards BOTH found their forever home with Luz & Dennis and their daughter Loren in Stafford, Virginia. They join Cinni Bon Bon the Himalayan and Ashy Boo Boo the Maine Coon mix cats as their new furry friends.

McLovin the Saint Bernard - 9/1/2010

McLovin the Saint Bernard warmed his way int the hearts of Heather and children, Kaleen, Gianna, & Hea'dyn in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He'll be their only dog and their loyal guardian and protector! His new mom works from home and will rarely if ever have to leave the new man of her life alone. They look forward for taking him for daily walks and showing him off around the neighborhood! He will be well loved and receive only the best of care forever.

Mollie the Senior Saint Bernard - 8/9/10

Mollie is now happily in her forever home with Kerry in Castle Rock. Kerry has two kids, Kevin & Hannah, that also live with him and are very excited about their new addition! She joins Koda the senior Alaskan Malamute as her new furry brother. They are very excited about the opportunity to rescue an old lady who still has lots of love to give and had a brand new leash, collar, and pet ramp to help her get up into the car!

Carmen the Saint Bernard Puppy - 7/18/10

Carmen the Saint Bernard puppy went to a wonderful forever home with Nathan & Katharine in Lakewood, Colorado. They have no pets currently so she will be their only baby girl and they have promised to spoil her rotten! They had a new leash and collar ready for her and plan to sign up for obedience classes right away.

Ricky the Saint Bernard - 7/15/10

Ricky the Saint Bernard is now in his forever home with Taylor in Denver, Colorado. He has a new 4-legged friend to pal around with named Trunks the Hound/Lab mix who belongs to her boyfriend. Someone is home almost all the time which means our buddy Ricky will be spoiled rotten, just how he deserves! They live near City Park and plan to take him for lots of walks, hiking, camping, and wherever they can with them!