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St. Bernard

Callie the Saint Bernard - 3/27/14

Callie the St. Bernard is leaving her past in the dust and going home to her new family in West Jordan, Utah! Kathleen and Sean are no strangers to rescuing Big Dogs and they currently have Guinney, a 5 year old Newfie and Oliver, a 4 year old Newfie, St. Bernard and Great Dane Mix! Callie is going to feel right at home with this pod of pups and we know that she is going to be loved like no other.

Nesta the Saint Bernard - 3/26/14

Nesta the Saint Bernard is going home! Cindy and Paul of Aurora Colorado will be bringing this furry Saint home to join their family and light up their lives. There are two teenage children in the house and they will enjoy every minute that they get to spend with this sweet girl. Cindy and Paul used to have a Bull Mastiff in their family and have been missing him every day since they said goodbye due to lymphoma.

Max the Saint Bernard - 3/23/14

Max, you have found the perfect home with your new family, Courtney and Aaron in Elbert, Colorado! Now you have a human sister and a St Bernard Mix canine sister to play with and hang out with in your fenced backyard, and you have a dog door to get in and out of the house as you please. There are also some llamas to make a dog's life more interesting. Life couldn't be better for this Saint Bernard, who will be among the apple's of this family's eye.

Angel the Saint Bernard - 3/11/14

Angel the Saint Bernard dug her heels in and is refusing to leave foster home, turned forever home, with Rich and Terri in Watkins, Colorado! Terri is a housewife and home all day to spoil this sweet girl rotten and their 5 grandkids visit often so there is always plenty of love to go around. Her 4-legged pack includes Brodie the German Shepherd Doberman mix, Sophia Bella the Mini Poodle and Valentino and Vincent Antonio the cats. After losing their last Saint Bernard to cancer, they are thrilled to have another furry, slobber monster to love always! 

Pandora the Saint Bernard - 2/24/14

Pandora the Saint Bernard has opened up a special box and has found her forever family with Carol and Dave in Brunswick, Georgia. Pandora's new parents are retired and have a long history of Gentle Giants in their home. Pandora has a new sibling, a 1-year old, rambunctious Golden Retriever, so she will never be wanting for a playmate. They will go on vacations together, plus take long walks on the beach.

Biggin the Saint Bernard - 2/9/14

Biggin the Saint Bernard has come a long way since he days of being neglected and locked outside in a pen and used for breeding! He has now been neutered and treated for heartworm and is facing a bright future with new mom and dad, Lynn and Paul, in Westminster, Colorado. He also has their kids, Amber & Brittany, to spoil him with lots of attention and a cat named Loki to snuggle with for now. His humans are looking to expand their pack with another gentle giant soon!

Hokey the Saint Bernard - 2/1/14

Lucky Hokey the Saint Bernard is moving home with Astonna and John in Mead, Colorado. He will have a backyard to play in plus be treated to long evening walks. He will also have two kitty siblings to hang out with. Among the new family's first experiences will be doggie-parent training, which will help make the family bonding that much stronger. There's also plenty of cuddle time and car rides for this beautiful Saint.

Paul-o the Saint Bernard Mix - 1/6/14

Man has Paul-O the Saint Bernard gone and found himself the perfect family.  This could not have come at a better time, as Paul-O's foster mom recently lost her life in a tragic car accident and we know that the big guy has been so sad.  He is off to live with Catherine and James in Castle Rock, Colorado. He will have 2 new, 10 year old twin human siblings named Thomas and Gianna.

Maggie Mae the Saint Bernard - 12/23/13

Maggie Mae, the beautiful girl that has graced us with her presence at so many events, is staying in the Big Dogs Huge Paws family of Volunteers. Tom and Katie of Littleton Colorado are Big Dog lovin' folks and Maggie Mae will be well loved in their family. Rocketship the German Shepherd / Lab mix is surely going to be up for the best game of zoomies that Maggie Mae has ever had. This beautiful St.

Bria the Saint Bernard - 12/11/13

Bria the Saint Bernard has a whole new world to look forward to!  Kimberly and Isaac are taking this beautiful girl home for the holidays.  Pierson, Rigby and Moselle, the children of the house, will be thrilled to have their new friend home in time for winter break. Bria can look forward to being the only furry companion in the house and keeping all the attention to herself. Congratulations Bria, your family is going to love you like no other!