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St. Bernard

Paul-o the Saint Bernard Mix - 1/6/14

Man has Paul-O the Saint Bernard gone and found himself the perfect family.  This could not have come at a better time, as Paul-O's foster mom recently lost her life in a tragic car accident and we know that the big guy has been so sad.  He is off to live with Catherine and James in Castle Rock, Colorado. He will have 2 new, 10 year old twin human siblings named Thomas and Gianna.

Maggie Mae the Saint Bernard - 12/23/13

Maggie Mae, the beautiful girl that has graced us with her presence at so many events, is staying in the Big Dogs Huge Paws family of Volunteers. Tom and Katie of Littleton Colorado are Big Dog lovin' folks and Maggie Mae will be well loved in their family. Rocketship the German Shepherd / Lab mix is surely going to be up for the best game of zoomies that Maggie Mae has ever had. This beautiful St.

Bria the Saint Bernard - 12/11/13

Bria the Saint Bernard has a whole new world to look forward to!  Kimberly and Isaac are taking this beautiful girl home for the holidays.  Pierson, Rigby and Moselle, the children of the house, will be thrilled to have their new friend home in time for winter break. Bria can look forward to being the only furry companion in the house and keeping all the attention to herself. Congratulations Bria, your family is going to love you like no other!

Archie the Saint Bernard Mix - 12/9/13

Archie the Saint Bernard Mix has won the hearts of his foster parents, Lynn and Richard, and their two children Sara and Charlie! Archie was found as a stray, but wandering the streets is a thing of the past for this handsome red & white boy. Lynn and Richard already have 2 well-loved Great Danes in their family, but they always seem to have room for more furry love to join their home. We are thrilled that Archie will get to stay in the Big Dogs Huge Paws family and are very thankful for the effort that Lynn and Richard have made for their forever friend.

Holly the Saint Bernard - 12/7/13

The Town of Parker Colorado will be welcoming another Big Dog to their community!  This little community is fond of their Big Dogs and Holly will fit right in at the dog parks or just going for a stroll around town. Krystal and Craig are excited to get their new addition home and their 6 year old daughter, Callie, will be enjoy having a pup to play and cuddle with. Holly is a wonderful family dog and will fit right in to her new home.  Congratulations Holly!

Willow the Saint Bernard Mix - 11/29/13

Look out Willow because your new life is about to full of windy turns and exciting rapids... but don't worry, these are the good kind of waves! Mark and Sarah of Buena Vista Colorado have not only invited you into their homes, but will make you the mascot for their River Rafting business!  You'll get to meet all the customers at their shop and we are sure that you will be loved by all!

Matilda the Saint Bernard - 11/23/13

Matilda the Saint Bernard has an amazing life ahead of her! Lori and David of Uniontown Pennsylvania are bringing their Big Girl home to meet Jake the Lab and the 2 kitty crew. Lori owns a Doggy Daycare so Matilda will never be without a play mate! Who could possibly ask for more out of life than endless playtime with tons of friends!

Brody the Saint Bernard - 11/16/13

Brody the Saint Bernard will be living the life with his new mom, Andrea, in Aurora, Colorado! He has gone from life on the streets as a stray to the luxury of indoor living as the only child where he will be spoiled rotten. Andrea recently lost her previously rescued Saint Bernard/Great Dane mix and Brody is helping her heart to heal in a big way!

Maggie Mae the Saint Bernard - 10/22/13

Hip, hip, horray! Maggie Mae is homeward bound with Jeremiah and Megan in Englewood, Colorado. Jeremiah grew up with a Saint Bernard and couldn't wait to have a giant of his very own. Their current Lab, Lucky, and African Grey Parrot, Elvis, are both thrilled to welcome their new sister into the family.

Ducky - Saint Bernard - MEDICAL HOLD

Ducky is special. You can see it immediately when he walks over to greet you.  You can sense it in his charming, happy spirit and feel it in his gentle, loving touch. Ducky is a 1.5 year old St. Bernard and was found by the County as a stray. We don’t know much about Ducky, but we know that he is unique. He was affectionately named based on his “duck legs” in his hind quarters.