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St. Bernard

Daliela the Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix - 2/1/15

Hi, Daliela here! I am a year old Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix. I was the victim of divorce. Mom could not keep me where she had to move, so I came to BDHP. Today I got the news that William and Kimberly want me to come and live with them! They live in a place called Aurora Colorado. THey have human children, which I like, as well as a canine brother and three feline siblings to play with! I can't wait! There is life after divorce and I can prove it!

Petey the St Bernard - 1/19/15

Carol and La Vaughn, I LOVE YOU! Foster Mom just told me that you decided to accept me into your home as a member of your pack, um, family. I am SO EXCITED! Even as they write this for me, I cannot keep my tail still! Even my butt is wiggling! I've never been adopted before, never REALLY belonged to anyone! But I do now! I have a family, I have a FAMILY! I will be packing my toys and heading to Aurora Colorado as soon as they can arrange transport for me!

Sophie - Saint Bernard - PENDING ADOPTION

HI, there! My friends call me Sophie! I am a 1.5 year old, Tri-colored, female Saint Bernard. I am house trained, trustworthy with free roam, and I know sit, down, stay and off. I really don't like to be confined at all so a crate is not my friend but I don't chew things I shouldn't or cause any destruction, I promise. I am an inside dog and I love to chew on bones and play with tug toys and Kongs.

Abbey the Saint Bernard - 12/14/14

Abbey the Saint Bernard here. I have an update - I've been adopted! Shannon and Mark from Denver Colorado are going to let this big gal rest her bones at their pad fur-ever. They have two older children and two cats. Get this - their cats are even leash-trained! That kind of makes me chuckle, but it shows how much they adore their pets and how much I'll be loved. I'll get plenty of exercise, as they like to hike, camp, jog, and walk.

Maggie the Saint Bernard - 12/10/14

My name is Maggie and I just adopted a family. I think they really need me! I will be taking over the day to day care for Sorel the Bernese Mountain Dog, who is under the weather sometimes and needs a companion. Also included in my adoption are Jessie and Drew of Wheat Ridge Colorado. I know it is a lot for one young dog, but I have a lot of love to give, a big heart, and I feel equal to the task. So look me up if you're ever in Wheat Ridge, wherever that is.

Lenox the Saint Bernard - 12/4/14

Hi, my name is Lenox, not like the crystal! I am definitely not fragile, but people do say I am beautiful! I came to BDHPI from jail, or at least that's what it felt like. I am learning my manners, as I never had anyone teach me any. But I hear there is a family that wants me anyway! I'm to be adopted! My new Mom and Dad will be Jennifer and Michael of Evergreen Colorado! I will have two  human siblings, as well as a furry one! I hope they like to play!

Tchaikovsky the Saint Bernard - 11/15/14

Hi, my name is Tchaikovsky, and I am a Saint! Saint Bernard, I mean. I just got word that I have been adopted, and I am really excited!

Shadow the St Bernard/Mastiff - 10/18/14

Shadow the St. Bernard/Mastiff mix pup will be staying with his foster mom, Ginger, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and his new brother, Eddie Better the Newfoundland. Ginger just fell in love with this handsome fellow and couldn't let him go. He was just the man for the job of healing her heart after losing members of her pack previously this year. Shadow will have lots of play time and cuddle time in his forever home and we are thrilled he'll be staying in the family! 

Eiger the Saint Bernard - 10/18/14

Pssst! Hey, come here! I wanted you to be the first to know! My name is Eiger and I have a home! Martin and Ann of Omaha Nebraska have agreed to allow me to be their companion! They have three human kids who do not live at home, but I will share fun times with my new sister Chloe! She's part Saint Bernard too! We will have a great time running and playing together. My new job is being a loving pup for them and I am determined to do it well.

Sallie the Saint - 9/28/14

Hi! My name is Sallie and I have some NEWS! I have a new family! My foster mom, Chelsea, told me that Jamie and Daniel of Beaver Dam Wisconsin took at look at the BDHP available dogs, and of all the dogs there, they chose ME to live with them and be one of their furry companions!