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St. Bernard

Eiger the Saint Bernard - 10/18/14

Pssst! Hey, come here! I wanted you to be the first to know! My name is Eiger and I have a home! Martin and Ann of Omaha Nebraska have agreed to allow me to be their companion! They have three human kids who do not live at home, but I will share fun times with my new sister Chloe! She's part Saint Bernard too! We will have a great time running and playing together. My new job is being a loving pup for them and I am determined to do it well.

Sallie the Saint - 9/28/14

Hi! My name is Sallie and I have some NEWS! I have a new family! My foster mom, Chelsea, told me that Jamie and Daniel of Beaver Dam Wisconsin took at look at the BDHP available dogs, and of all the dogs there, they chose ME to live with them and be one of their furry companions!

Beauregard the Saint Bernard - 9/13/14

Beauregard the Saint Bernard will have 20 acres to roam on as he becomes the newest addition to Alisia and Brad's family in Davey, Nebraska. He will join the couple's two kids and Claire the senior Newfoundland. Claire will have a four-legged companion, and Beauregard will have a wonderful family to love and cherish him. THANK YOU, JENNIFER & FRITZ, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVE MUFFIN! 

Flower the Saint Bernard - 8/31/14

Flower the Saint Bernard has found a happy place to live out her senior years with Carolina and her two sons in Redwood Meadows, Alberta, Canada. Nine-year-old Flower will get plenty of exercise and love from Carolina, who is Gentle Giant experienced. Carolina is a loving pet owner and will help Flower live out her golden years to the fullest. THANK YOU, KRISTAN & JOE, FOR FOSTERING THIS AWESOME GAL! 

Gus the Saint Bernard - 8/12/14

Gus the Saint Bernard will be moving! His toys are all packed and he is ready to leave for his forever home. He will take up residence with Nancy and Jon of Thornton, Colorado and their son Carter. He will have two furry siblings, canine Tessie and feline Maow. Congratulation to all! THANK YOU, AMY, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG GALOOF! 

Ellie the Saint Bernard - 8/1/14

Hi! My name is Ellie, the Saint Bernard, and I have a great piece of advice for all you BDHP foster pups out there. You see, after I got offered up on Craig's List, I decided I would choose MY owners next time. So I was sent into the foster system. I looked and looked and looked, and the very best I could find was my very own foster family, Julie & Sam, and their dogs, Belle the Golden and Ruby the Heeler/Husky mix in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Candice the Saint Bernard - 6/14/14

Hi! My name is Candice, and I just got adopted! This is so great, I just have to tell somebody! Lisa and Corey of Highlands Ranch just adopted me! They are absolutely perfect to be my parents! I Have two human brothers, Jack and Charlie, and a Great Pyrenees mix sister, Roxy, so I'll never be lonely again! I have a dog door leading out to a six foot wall around my yard to protect me from strangers, unless I am walking with my parents!  Mommy stays at home, so I have someone to take care of, and to take care of me! LIFE IS GOOD!

Tiffany the Saint Bernard - 6/6/14

Tiffany the Saint Bernard couldn't have found a better home than with Michael in Foxfield, Colorado. Now only does Michael have a home with a fenced yard, but he's Giant Breed experienced, having had Saints and Great Pyrenees his entire life. And that's not all. Michael designs dog toys, dog games and dog accessories as part of his own business.

Cisco the Saint Bernard - 3/31/14

Cisco the Saint Bernard joins the furry ranks with Saint Bernard sisters Cocoa and Ava (BDHPI Alum) in Omaha, Nebraska along with human mom, Lori! Lori recently lost her Newfoundland Mix, Buddy, who was also adopted from BDHPI and this gentle giant was the perfect new addition to complete her pack. We are thrilled he will be staying in the "family" and know he is in good hands! 

Lucille the Saint Bernard - 3/30/14

Lucille is home forever with Elizabeth & Brian and their 2 kids, Johnny and Kate, in Denver, Colorado!  She will have a 6 ft fenced yard to run and play in and Elisabeth works from home which means constant companionship which is exactly what this sweet girl needs. Luci has a Bloodhound/Lab mix brother named Pancake to wrestle with as well and she is pretty much in heaven with this match made in heaven!