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St. Bernard

Khloe - Saint Bernard

HELLO! My name is Khloe, and I'm an 11-mo-old, tri-colored, female Saint Bernard. My family is moving out of state, and I can't go with them -- would you have a place for me? I've lived with children of all ages, so we're all good there. I tend to play a little rough with other dogs, but I really like them a lot and would love another big playmate to run and wrestle with or the opportunity to go to the dog park or daycare regularly otherwise.

Bruce the Saint Bernard - 5/23/16

Bruce has made his way from his foster home in LaVerne, Iowa to Denver, Colorado where he will now be residing with his forever mom, Stacey! She is a very active gal which means plenty of runs, walks, and hikes to tire this guy out! She can also bring him to work with her which he thinks is pretty cool. We are so excited that this big galoof has found his happily every after and are grateful to Kristan and family for fostering him! 

Maggie the Saint Bernard - 5/18/16

Hi it's Maggie the St. Bernard! After being abandoned in the backyard by my previous owners, BDHPI took me in and promised me that I deserved much better! Now they found me a forever owner, Kevin of Denver, Colorado. He's going to take me on lots of walks, and I'm told he has friends with other dogs that I could play with. His apartment also has a dog run where we can go play right after he comes home from work.

Tiny the Saint Bernard - 5/9/16

Tiny the Saint Bernard has made the executive decision that he isn't leaving...he's staying put...because it was clearly meant to be forever with his foster mom now forever mom, Melinda, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma! He joins Miss Lilly Put Put the Boxer and Helix the Mastiff who was also a foster failure from BDHPI. He's come so far from the dog that first arrived and will now be a wonderful example for future foster dogs that come through their doors!

Frankie - Saint Bernard - SENIOR

Howdy-do, my name is Frankie! I’m a 7-year-old, 106.8 lb, smooth-coated St. Bernard. I’m good with dogs, cats and kids – they’re all playmates to me and despite my age, I am still quite a playful guy. I love to run around with other puppies and get them to play -- I'm like a spry 4 year old! I am considered a total sweetheart, although I can be scared of strangers at first.

Moose - Saint Bernard

I'm glad this rescue is called Big Dogs Huge Paws, because that's exactly what I am - a big boy with big feet. My name is Moose, and I'm a middle aged, male, Saint Bernard. I came from a tough situation where my owner could no longer take care of me, then I found myself living temporarily with five other dogs, but some of them are pretty tiny. Like really small. Being I'm a big fella, it was hard to watch out for them all the time, you know?

Bear the Saint Bernard - 4/2/16

Aren't happy endings great? It's me, Bear the Saint Bernard here, to tell you about mine. Seth and Lyndsay from Kansas City, Missouri have adopted me. They know all about giant breeds, and they have one Bernese Mountain Dog currently - his name is Gus. I hear Gus is very mellow and loves to play with other dogs, so I look forward to lots and lots of playtime with my new brother!

Harry & Lloyd the Saint Bernards - 3/14/16

Hi!  Harry and Lloyd here, just checking in.  Wanted to let everyone know that we've been adopted by Greg and Lisa of Aurora, Colorado!  It was a hard life wandering the streets before coming to BDHP, but now we get a warm house and a family to love us and take care of us!  Our family has two children who we'll get to play and exercise with, so that will be fun!  They also have this thing called a cat – we aren't too familiar with those things, but we're sure we'll get along.&

Bernie - Saint Bernard

My name is Bernie, and I am a sweet, shy girl that was found wandering around the countryside. A nice family was kind enough to take me in while they looked for my owners but had no luck so I ended up at the local shelter and I was very scared there. Now, I am happy to report that I am in a foster home and I am a honey once I feel comfortable with you, says my foster mom.

Denali the Saint Bernard - 1/15/16

Sometimes, pairings just work out the right way, don't they? I, Denali the Saint Bernard, lost my home when my beloved former owner passed away. Catelyn from Denver, Colorado chose to adopt me after she recently moved into a home and needed a big dog to love, as she was missing her family's Bernese Mountain Dog (and two Shih-Tzus) that she used to live with.