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St. Bernard

Axel the Saint Bernard - 10/21/17

Axel the five year old Saint Bernard landed at Amy and Brian's house in Denver, Colorado and never left. This sweet dog made such a positive impression on her foster family, they couldn't bear to see him go any further. Even Bubbles, their existing dog, approved and is quite happy with her new friend. So they've said yes to the Saint! We're sure that Axel is happy his traveling days are behind him and he can enjoy the permanence of finding his forever home.

Kujo the Saint Bernard - 10/10/17

Welcome, Gretchen and Ryan of Aurora, Colorado, to the FFFC! (That's the Fabulous Foster Failure Club, of course!) Yes, they were fostering Kujo the St. Bernard and simply couldn't let him go, so now he has a fabulous forever home with his former fosters. (Say that five times fast…) He will be the only dog now, as the couple lost an English Mastiff/Great Pyrenees rescue to heart failure recently. They actually moved to their current home with that dog in mind, as it's a large house with lots of room for a giant dog. They fostered Kujo, and he made himself right at home.

Sharpei - Saint Bernard - SENIOR / PENDING ADOPTION

My name is Sharpei, and I'm not. Not a Shar Pei, that is. HA! No, I'm Sharpei the St. Bernard, and I'm a gorgeous, mature female at 10 years young. You know, once we're older we don't have all those goofy puppy behaviors and traits, so we're pretty much the ideal companion for anyone. I like to think I'm exactly that! I'm a tri-colored Saint, very friendly with all people and good with dogs of all sizes.

Freddy the Saint Bernard - 9/30/17

Our young Saint Bernard, Freddy, is more than ready to move to his forever home and meet his new Mastiff brother, Bentley.  His family has a huge yard for these two to play in once he has fully recovered from his TPLO surgery and he will be fed the best of organic foods.  This lucky guy will love all the attention showered upon him as Freddy and Bentley are the only "kids" in the home.  Michelle and Matthew's children are 18+ - four humans t

Kiara the Saint Bernard - 9/23/17

Kiara the senior St. Bernard arrived into rescue because of circumstances out of her control. Her previous family was forced to relocate & a good Samaritan brought her to BDHP. She spent a grand year learning all the ropes of foster life with her family who was incredibly patient helping her learn to cope with her separation anxiety.

Patches the Saint Bernard - 9/6/17

Patches the Saint Bernard is heading to the Windy City where he'll join Alex and Charlene in his forever home. His thick fur coat will be perfect for those cold Chicago winters. Patches will join two other giant breed dogs, Omar the Great Pyr, Roja an Argentinian mastiff, and Clasby the Lab. Patches will enjoy running in the backyard which is protected by a six foot fence. We hope you'll love your big brothers, Patches!

Larry the Saint Bernard - 8/18/17

Larry the Saint Bernard is happy to report a change in address! He is now permanently residing in Conifer, Colorado with Cindy, Steve and their son, Ray. He has two 4-legged siblings named Stella the Newfoundland and Moe the Golden/Lab mix. Someone is home almost all the time to give him all the love and attention he could ask for! He'll also enjoy a grain free diet, trips to the dog park, walking, hiking, and lots of snuggling.

Bailey the Saint Bernard - 8/13/17

The third time is a charm, isn't it? After adopting Cammie the senior English Mastiff and Jacquelyn the senior St. Bernard from BDHP, I was chosen to join the pack, and I couldn't be happier! Yes, this kinda-sorta senior gal, Bailey the St. Bernard (that's me!) has found a home with the wonderful Michelle and Joe in Trumbull, Connecticut. I'll be joining Keeper the Leonberger and Monroe the Dogue de Bordeaux, too. Needless to say, my new owners have tons of giant-breed experience.

Charley the Saint Bernard - 7/9/17

Charley, sweet Charley the St. Bernard will be spending her time in Hopkinton, Massachusetts with her adopter, Patrick! He used to have Bernese Mountain Dogs, so Charley girl seems like a perfect fit. He has a large plot of land to roam, and a niece who visits regularly - so Charley will get her fill of the littles, too. Enjoy the east coast, Charley! THANK YOU, KARI & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS!

Axe the Saint Bernard - 5/13/17

Yay! Axe, the 2-year-old male St. Bernard, has a great home with James and Teresa in Tucson, Arizona. This sweet boy will have two puppy fursiblings to play with and 2 feline fursiblings to love on and watch over. This is just the job for him. His mom and dad are home almost all the time, so spoiling will be routine in his life now. This boy has definitely hit the jackpot! THANK YOU, REBECCA, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG TEDDY BEAR!