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St. Bernard

Hercules the Saint Bernard - 11/1/15

Hi, Hercules here. I want you to know just how special today is. I have just discovered that I have been adopted! When I came to BDHP they didn't really know too much about me. I had been found as a stray and went to the shelter. They were kind enough to send me to BDHP.

Sammy the Saint Bernard - 10/26/15

What is it about us dogs and humans? I know that there is a connection that goes back thousands of years, AND I know that ir affects me as well. Here I go, adopting a human! I want to announce to everyone that I have adopted the most wonderful human! His name is Denis and he lives in Denver Colroado. I will be taking up residence as soon as possible!

Gracie the Saint Bernard - 10/17/15

Gracie the Saint Bernard is happily in her forever home with Teri Ann, Kyle, and their son, Tobias, in Sheridan, Wyoming! She joins Max the mutt and two cats as her new 4-legged siblings. She'll rarely be left alone because Kyle works from home and is going to be one lucky pup!

BoDell the Saint Bernard - 10/17/15

Hi! BoDell here! I am so excited! I have a home! Kristl in a place called Salt Lake City Utah decided I was the pup for her! She has two cats, and I don't mind that! I like cats! She wanted a Saint Bernard, and fell in love with me! I am so happy! She has a dog door and an 8 foot fence around the yard and has promised daily walks or hikes! I am so happy! She wants to take me with her when she goes laces too!

Sable - Saint Bernard - SENIOR

It's going to start getting cooler soon - who needs a big, furry sidekick to keep you warm on those long, winter nights? I'm Sable, a 7-year-old, 88-pound, tri-colored Saint Bernard, and I'd love to be your snuggle pal! My owner had to surrender me to a shelter because of moving/landlord issues, so I'm at BDHP looking for a great forever home. I'm house-trained, crate-trained, and not destructive. Proper worldly ladies don't do those things, you know.

Boo the Saint Bernard - 9/5/15

Boo the Saint Bernard here with some great news - I found a furever home all the way up north in Canada! Mark and Sharon from Alberta wanted me, and I'm excited to explore this new land! They're veteran BDHP adoptees, as I'll get to join alums Kira the Tibetan Mastiff, Tasha the Newfoundland, and non-BDHP alums Vienna the Leonberger, Dallas the Great Dane, Josephine the Neo Mastiff, and Poppy the Maremma Sheepdog!

Tilla the Saint Bernard - 8/10/15

Hi, I’m Tilla and I am thrilled to announce that I have found my forever home with Leah and Omar of San Antonio, Texas. I can already envision strolls down the Riverwalk with my new parents and hanging out with my new sibling, Forrest the Great Dane. Like most St. Bernards, I’m a lover at heart (hence my nickname Honey) so I’m looking forward to cuddles with Leah and hanging out in a safe environment where I don’t have to worry about my next meal.

Baxter the Saint Bernard - 7/22/15

I'd just like to give a shout-out to all my fellow foster "failures," because I became one recently, too! Baxter the St. Bernard here to let you know that Bill, Lisa, and their kids, Kaleb, Kylee, Kelsey, and Karli from Hickman, Nebraska simply couldn't bear to part with me.

Louie the Saint Bernard - 5/23/15

Wow - you know those people you hear about who really will do anything for their pets? Well, it's Louie the St. Bernard here to tell you I've hit that jackpot with Karen and Peter in St. Louis, MO! I now have a really cool, multi-level historic home to live in. There's even dog-friendly Astroturf in the yard and a park right across the street! My new humans have lots of St.

Belle the Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees - 5/23/15

I'm Belle the St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix pup, and I really did become the Belle of the ball, as I've been adopted by Amy and Christopher in Lakewood, Colorado! They already have a Great Pyrenees named Roscoe, and he came from a shelter after a bit of a rough start. So I'll have a good role model, and I'm looking forward to becoming his buddy!