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St. Bernard

Rochester the Saint Bernard - 12/9/16

Merry Christmas Rochester!!!! You must have been extra good this year because Santa Claus and the elves at BDHP have found the perfect home for you sweet old Saint. Mr. Rochester will be spending Christmas and every day after with Dana and Brian in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dozzer the Saint Bernard - 12/2/16

Dozzer the Saint Bernard has the best holiday news EVER! He came to BDHPI after being rescued on Facebook and relinquished due to his size. Now he is going home with Chad of Littleton, Colorado, who has lots of experience with Saint Bernards. He lives in a two level condo, so Dozzer has tons of room to hang out. He also lives five minutes from a huge dog park, so Dozzer will get plenty of exercise. He is so happy that BDHPI gave him this third chance.

Bullwinkle the Saint Bernard - 10/22/16

Bullwinkle has found his home! He will be going to live with Nancy, Jon and their son Carter in Thornton, Colorado and he will also be gaining new siblings! He will have Tessie Marie the Springer Spaniel and Shadow Baby the Saint who also happens to be a BDHP alum so Bullwinkle will never feel lonely again.

Grace - Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix

Grace is a 4-year-old white Saint Bernard/Pyrenees mix. She was born on a sanctuary and lived outside with lots of other dogs in kennels with little human contact so she hasn't been well socialized. In spite of that, she is a super sweet wiggle butt who is eager to learn and to please and loving all the attention she is getting now. She gets along with other dogs and is living with 2 currently, but kids might be a bit much for her due to her timid nature.

Bernie the Saint Bernard - 10/16/16

Erin of Lakewood, Colorado is happy to welcome Bernie into her heart and home! She'll be the only dog and apple of her eye. Her previous dog was a Golden Retriever and she grew up with Great Danes so she is thrilled to have another big dog in the house to love and spoil. Bernie is super excited to hear that her mom works from home a lot which means lots of time for extra snuggles and attention. THANK YOU, JULIE, FOR FOSTERING THIS SUPER SWEET GIRL!

Boris the Saint Bernard - 9/17/16

Greetings, it's Boris the Saint Bernard with an amazing story. I lost my home when my previous owner passed away. So I came to BDHPI and started to heal from that loss. Now my foster parents have decided I'm not going anywhere. Lisa and Darryl of Estes Park, Colorado have been looking for a new pup, and I'm their guy. They have a Great Pyrenees who has become my playmate. They're also home a lot, so I get plenty of attention and love.

Sable the Saint Bernard - 9/11/16

Sable, the 7-year-old St. Bernard couldn’t possible have found a better home than with John in Broomfield, Colorado. While John has not had his own personal giant, he and his family has had extensive experience with animals that included giant breeds. He also has experience working with dogs with physical and training needs, and Sable does have special needs as she is nearly deaf.

Millie the Saint Bernard - 8/27/16

Psst, psst! Hey, you, big dog, come over here! Hey, you look kind of lost and hungry ad scared. Come on over here! My name is Millie and I have the answer to your prayers! Let me tell you a story... I was once like you, scared and battered, without a place I could rest my head. I had at least two homes, maybe three, before I got my lucky break.

Paul the Saint Bernard - 8/19/16

Hi, It's Paul the 5-year-old Saint Bernard, and I finally to get to tell my success story! I used to be tied on a chain in my previous owners' backyard before I came to BDHPI. After living with my awesome foster parents for a bit, they decided I wasn't going anywhere!

Josie the Saint Bernard - 8/17/16

Josie, the tri-colored St. Bernard will have her very own furever family with experienced Saint owners Kevin & Debbie in Casper, Wyoming. She will also have a fur sibling in Joe the Cocker Spaniel. Kevin and Debbie wanted to open their home and hearts in being a final home for a senior, and Josie was chosen. She will be loved and spoiled in a quiet atmosphere.