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St. Bernard

Natalie the Saint Bernard - 5/6/15

Hi, Natalie here. I am an older girl who is in fairly good health. Little is know about me as I was picked up by Animal Control and I am not the sort of Lady who spreads tales about anyone. Whatever my past is, it is over and I prefer to start each day fresh. And today I learned that I will indeed be starting a new life. I will be leaving my lovely foster family, Laura & her girls, I have to live in my forever home! I will be sharing all my love with Doug and Judi and their two older dogs.

Ducky the Saint Bernard - 4/27/15

Hi, Ducky here! Isn't today a wonderful day! This IS the most special day ever! I once met the nicest lady, Maureen of Denver Colorado, at one of the fundraisers for BDHP, and she and my lovely foster Mom, Linda, became friends. I have seen her since then and she has never failed to be so sweet that she stole my heart.

Trixie - Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix

Hello! I'm Trixie, a tri-colored Saint Bernard mix, somewhere between 1 and 2 years old. I am a mini-giant weighing 55 lbs but I have a huge heart! I'm house trained, leash trained, and I know sit, come, down, and stay. I'm also trustworthy with free roam. I ended up in rescue because I was a little too high-energy for the older dog who lived with me and my family didn't want me to hurt the other dog.

Duncan the Saint Bernard - 4/21/15

Hi, Duncan the Saint here! I am called that not only because of my breed but because I had fosters that have turned into my parents, and they are Saints too. No, not the dog breed kind, but the people kind! They are the best. I am not their first foster failure, although I think its silly to place such a negative connotation on such a wonderful event.

Sophie the Saint Bernard - 4/19/15

Hi! My name is Dawn and I won two people! I just adopted Dawn and Frank of Colorado Springs Colorado. Dawn is a lovely lady who groomed me. We had an instant connection and I think we will do well together. I will have two furry siblings, both of whom are adopted and come from bad backgrounds. Dawn understands that I might have issues and is willing to work through those with me.

Nerd the Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix - 3/29/15

Hi! My name is Nerd and I just got a new leash on life! That's right, I've been adopted! My new Mom and Dad are Marty and Barbara of Littleton Colorado. They have grown kids and no other pets are the moment. They took their previous dog camping and fishing and can't wait to do the same with me. They were very smart about the things I need, like raised feeders and stuff like that so they are well prepared. I am so Happy!

McCool the Saint Bernard Mix - 3/18/15

McCool's the name is hunting for a good home has been my game, at least until today! I was found as a stray and I wasn't talking about where I had been. When the rescue I was in closed, I was sent to BDHP because of my size. Well, I got a great foster family. They have taught me SO MUCH about being what they call a good dog, training me to find that home I wanted. Well, it must have worked, because I have found my forever home! Donna and Dennis of Highlands Ranch Colorado have asked for ME!

Sammy - Saint Bernard

My name is Sammy, and I'm a 5-6 year old, tri-colored Saint Bernard. I'm here with Big Dogs Huge Paws because I had an incident with a grandchild at my last home, so I would definitely rather go to a home without small children. Other than that, I'm a really big, goofy guy who's really quite awesome! I'm good with other dogs - honestly, I'm pretty indifferent to them.

Tiny - Saint Bernard

Tiny may be my name, but it's certainly not my stature! I'm a 111-pound smooth-coated, Saint Bernard, 3-year-old, male. I'm here because there was an incident in my former home where I nipped a teenager I lived with, but everyone says it wasn't my fault, as he was trying to forcefully drag me out of a kennel to move me outside.

Argo the Saint Bernard - 2/15/15

Hi, Argo here! I am about to launch on the adventure of my life. I've been adopted! Joe and Kiana of Denver Colorado, and their son, Robbie, have kindly agreed to have me be a part of their adventure, also called their life. Well, life is an adventure, isn't it? The greatest adventure there is? Anyway, I'll be taking off here any time to join them. We can go walking and hiking and play together and so much else! I cannot wait to get there!