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St. Bernard

Harry & Lloyd the Saint Bernards - 3/14/16

Hi!  Harry and Lloyd here, just checking in.  Wanted to let everyone know that we've been adopted by Greg and Lisa of Aurora, Colorado!  It was a hard life wandering the streets before coming to BDHP, but now we get a warm house and a family to love us and take care of us!  Our family has two children who we'll get to play and exercise with, so that will be fun!  They also have this thing called a cat – we aren't too familiar with those things, but we're sure we'll get along.&

Bernie - Saint Bernard

My name is Bernie, and I am a sweet, shy girl that was found wandering around the countryside. A nice family was kind enough to take me in while they looked for my owners but had no luck so I ended up at the local shelter and I was very scared there. Now, I am happy to report that I am in a foster home and I am a honey once I feel comfortable with you, says my foster mom.

Denali the Saint Bernard - 1/15/16

Sometimes, pairings just work out the right way, don't they? I, Denali the Saint Bernard, lost my home when my beloved former owner passed away. Catelyn from Denver, Colorado chose to adopt me after she recently moved into a home and needed a big dog to love, as she was missing her family's Bernese Mountain Dog (and two Shih-Tzus) that she used to live with.

Jacquelyn - Saint Bernard - PENDING ADOPTION

Jacquelyn is a 5-6 year old, Tri-Colored, beautiful Saint Bernard. She was picked up by animal control after being abandoned and locked in a vacant house for some time. Luckily, a concerned neighbor came to the rescue and she now has a much brighter future ahead of her! You see, Jacquelyn was incredibly filthy and matted and the groomer had to shave her down completely and start over.

Charlie the Saint Bernard - 1/3/16

Well there is no more, “sorry Charlie” excuses for me, not after finding my forever home with Lana in Highlands Ranch, CO. I’m not really sure why my previous owner gave me up, but thanks to BDHP I have a new forever home with Lana and her kids Evan and Ashley. I have some previous experience with kids so I am excited to have them back in my life especially since I am the only dog in the family.

Nana the Saint Bernard & Bailey the Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix - 12/5/15

Giant sized congratulations to the bonded pair Bailey and Nana! They have a new home in Aurora, Colorado. It is a wonderful home with parents, Ken and Melissa, and a 16 year old human brother, Jamie. These people already know about hair and drool because they already have two Saint Bernards! That’s right, there will be FOUR Saint Bernards under one roof! This is truly a special family to open their hearts to two giants at the same time.

Lucy the Saint Bernard - 11/27/15

Hi, it's me, Lucy! You know, I used to be afraid of people, and I kind of still am. But I have made a magnificent discovery - there are some humans out there that are just exceptional - and I just agreed to become adopted by one of them.

Trixie the Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix - 11/15/15

Jumping over four foot fences used to be my favorite thing. But I have decided I’m not going to jump over anymore fences or run away ever again. Big Dogs Huge Paws helped me find a forever home in Fountain, Colorado with Shanna and Shawn, and I’m never going to leave.

Bernard the Saint Bernard - 11/7/15

Bernard the Saint Bernard is thrilled to report that he now resides with Dennis in Fort Lupton Colorado! He has a large fenced in yard to run and play in and his new dad is retired with plenty of giant breed experience after owning several Irish Wolfhounds in the past. Dennis is considering fostering once he gets his new addition settled and we are confident Bernard would be an excellent example for other giant breed's looking to find their happy ending like him!

Kobe the Saint Bernard - 11/4/15

Kobe the Saint Bernard decided he was staying and it didn't take long to convince his foster family turned forever family which includes, Kathy, Brad, Kitty, MaraJo, and Jon in Littleton Colorado! He made instant friends with Phoebe the Great Dane, another BDHPI "foster failure" and promises to continue to be a wonderful ambassadog for our cause and teach other foster dogs the tools they need to find their own forever families!