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St. Bernard

Kujo the Saint Bernard - 10/10/17

Welcome, Gretchen and Ryan of Aurora, Colorado, to the FFFC! (That's the Fabulous Foster Failure Club, of course!) Yes, they were fostering Kujo the St. Bernard and simply couldn't let him go, so now he has a fabulous forever home with his former fosters. (Say that five times fast…) He will be the only dog now, as the couple lost an English Mastiff/Great Pyrenees rescue to heart failure recently. They actually moved to their current home with that dog in mind, as it's a large house with lots of room for a giant dog. They fostered Kujo, and he made himself right at home.

Autumn - Saint Bernard (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Autumn is a precious, 7 month old, tri-colored (but mostly white), female Saint Bernard. She has never been a house dog before and doesn't quite know what to think about it all right now. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body but hasn't been well socialized and is quite shy and timid and the world is a scary place for her right now. Autumn does great with other pups and will be most successful with canine siblings around to show her the ropes.

Pumpkin - Saint Bernard (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Pumpkin is a scrumptious, 3.5 year old, tri-colored Saint Bernard with a big wrinkly face that is to die for! She sure sure cleans up nice and seems to enjoy the luxuries of indoor living. She is doing great with house training, crate training, and even learning some basic commands in her foster home. Pumpkin does very well with other dogs and seems to really enjoy the companionship of her 4-legged friends. She also enjoys attention from the 2-legged kind as well.

Charlie - Saint Bernard (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Charlie is an adorable, 11 month old, tri-colored, male Saint Bernard. Being an indoor dog is new to him but he is super sweet and eager to please and we have no doubt he will catch on quickly as he learns the basics of potty training, crate training, leash training and his commands. Charlie seems to do great with other dogs and kids from what we have seen so far and would probably do best with another confident dog around to take the lead.

Queenie - Saint Bernard (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Queenie the 2 year old, female Saint Bernard needs to find a home that will treat her as her namesake. This poor girl has had a rough go of it so far, she's emaciated and only weighs 80lbs and her owner never picked her up from the animal shelter, so she is now a member of our BDHP family. Queenie is great with other dogs, just wants to play and she is a total sweetheart who doesn't have a mean bone in her body.

Moose - Saint Bernard

Moose is a very handsome, 6 year young, tri-colored, male Saint Bernard who is looking for his forever home.  Moose is house trained, trustworthy with free roam, and walks like a good boy on a leash, he also knows sit and down. He is not a barker and does not dig holes like a silly pup or chew on anything that isn't his. This big fur ball is a definite indoor dog and he is quite the couch potato, taking multiple daily snoozes to keep his good looks!

Mack - Saint Bernard (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Mack, a 5 year old, tri-colored, male Saint Bernard, was left with friends temporarily but his previous owners never returned and we cannot imagine why not. This boy is as sweet as they come! Mack is very well behaved in the house and he doesn't get on furniture, chew on anything other than his toys and he doesn't bark. Outside he also chooses to just sunbathe and not to be gopher.

Sharpei - Saint Bernard - SENIOR (new to rescue - under evaluation)

My name is Sharpei, and I'm not. Not a Shar Pei, that is. HA! No, I'm Sharpei the St. Bernard, and I'm a gorgeous, mature female at 10 years young. You know, once we're older we don't have all those goofy puppy behaviors and traits, so we're pretty much the ideal companion for anyone. I like to think I'm exactly that! I'm a tri-colored Saint, very friendly with all people and good with dogs of all sizes.

Axel - Saint Bernard - PENDING ADOPTION

Axel had a mysterious start to his life as he was left on someone's porch as a puppy with some of his siblings. The family kept him for 5 years but have unfortunately fell onto some hard times and cannot take care of him anymore. Axel is a 5 yr old Saint Bernard who is an awesome boy, check him out! He is house trained, crate trained but trustworthy with free roam. He pulls a little on a leash so a gentle leader is your best friend while he works on his leash manners some.

Freddy the Saint Bernard - 9/30/17

Our young Saint Bernard, Freddy, is more than ready to move to his forever home and meet his new Mastiff brother, Bentley.  His family has a huge yard for these two to play in once he has fully recovered from his TPLO surgery and he will be fed the best of organic foods.  This lucky guy will love all the attention showered upon him as Freddy and Bentley are the only "kids" in the home.  Michelle and Matthew's children are 18+ - four humans t