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St. Bernard

Mack the Saint Bernard - 12/7/17

Mack the Saint Bernard is sharing the greatest news this holiday season. When his previously family dropped him with friends & didn't return, this boy was feeling so sad and lonely. However, once he came into his foster family, he learned what was love really means again. Now that family has decided he is going to be a permanent member of the family! Heather of Boulder, Colorado fell in love with this fluffy, adorable bear. She is a long-time foster for the rescue and will take excellent care of Mack throughout his years.

Zaphyna - Saint Bernard (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Zaphyna, a beautiful, 2 year old, 107 lbs tri-colored Saint Bernard is finding herself on the search again and this time we promise this sweetheart it will be her final time. Zaphyna has had a sad life, she was taken from a man who kept her outside and didn’t feed her, the lady that rescued her had her for 2 days and then she was adopted by her most recent owner back in February.

Queenie the Saint Bernard - 11/27/17

Queenie, the 2-year-old St. Bernard, did not have a good start in life. Now, however, the rest of her life will be filled with love and security. She will be living with Dawn and James, and their children, in Elizabeth Colorado. She also will have a fursiblings who will be her playmates as well as show her the ropes. Her job will be to help watch over the children, the chickens and mini goats. Yes, this shy little girl will have the life she dreamed about.

Charlie the Saint Bernard - 11/22/17

What a wonderful holiday for Charlie! This sweet Saint Bernard was previously a breeder dog, and now he's off to the best life possible to start a new career. His foster family will be staying close as they've decided to add him to their pack! Bill and Lisa of Hickman, Nebraska have decided fostering failing is best for them. He will be living with a wonderful role model in their Mastiff Mix, and with four children in the home, everyone will be busy and exhausted by the end of the day. We wish the family and their pets the bestest Christmas ever for years to come.

Autumn the Saint Bernard - 11/17/17

Autumn the sweet St. Bernard pup has found a home with Jascha and Jona Morton in Centennial, Colorado! She will join Lela the St. Bernard, Buster the Newfoundland, Maple the Dogue de Bordeaux, and Darla Dae Roo the Neapolitan Mastiff - who were all adopted from BDHP! Needless to say, this mother-daughter team has a lot of large-breed experience (we can't even begin to list all of the dogs they've owned or fostered over the years), and Autumn will fit right in with the pack, learning all about leadership and structured routines.

Pumpkin the Saint Bernard - 11/11/17

Happy Halloween, Pumpkin! Today is your day as you have been adopted by a great family whose beloved dogs recently went to the Rainbow Bridge. Liza and Scott of Evanston Illinois are so happy to have you come into their lives and are ready to show you a wonderful forever home filled with love.

Axel the Saint Bernard - 10/21/17

Axel the five year old Saint Bernard landed at Amy and Brian's house in Denver, Colorado and never left. This sweet dog made such a positive impression on her foster family, they couldn't bear to see him go any further. Even Bubbles, their existing dog, approved and is quite happy with her new friend. So they've said yes to the Saint! We're sure that Axel is happy his traveling days are behind him and he can enjoy the permanence of finding his forever home.

Kujo the Saint Bernard - 10/10/17

Welcome, Gretchen and Ryan of Aurora, Colorado, to the FFFC! (That's the Fabulous Foster Failure Club, of course!) Yes, they were fostering Kujo the St. Bernard and simply couldn't let him go, so now he has a fabulous forever home with his former fosters. (Say that five times fast…) He will be the only dog now, as the couple lost an English Mastiff/Great Pyrenees rescue to heart failure recently. They actually moved to their current home with that dog in mind, as it's a large house with lots of room for a giant dog. They fostered Kujo, and he made himself right at home.

Sharpei - Saint Bernard - SENIOR

My name is Sharpei, and I'm not. Not a Shar Pei, that is. HA! No, I'm Sharpei the St. Bernard, and I'm a gorgeous, mature female at 10 years young. You know, once we're older we don't have all those goofy puppy behaviors and traits, so we're pretty much the ideal companion for anyone. I like to think I'm exactly that! I'm a tri-colored Saint, very friendly with all people and good with dogs of all sizes.

Freddy the Saint Bernard - 9/30/17

Our young Saint Bernard, Freddy, is more than ready to move to his forever home and meet his new Mastiff brother, Bentley.  His family has a huge yard for these two to play in once he has fully recovered from his TPLO surgery and he will be fed the best of organic foods.  This lucky guy will love all the attention showered upon him as Freddy and Bentley are the only "kids" in the home.  Michelle and Matthew's children are 18+ - four humans t