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Mastiff Mix

Bruce - Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Bruce (aka Luke) is a black/brindle mastiff mix who was an unclaimed stray that was found dumped in the country in bad shape. He was very emaciated at 113 lbs and should weigh approximately 145 lbs but he is gaining well now he is being given regular, nutritious meals. His skin was in horrible condition with yeast dermatitis and an infestation of fleas, but all of that is cleared up now and he looks amazing.

George - Great Dane/Mastiff Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

"I will love him and pet him and call him my very own George"....well here I am folks, your very own George! I'm an 18 month old, black Daniff (which is a fancy term for saying I'm a Great Dane/Mastiff mix). I was rescued by my current mama who is unable to keep me because she has severe allergy/asthma issues from my furs.

Marshall the English Mastiff/Bouvier des Flandres - 9/9/16

Hi it's Marshall the mastiff/bouvier mix with a huge update! Once I came to my foster mama, I started learning how to be a good pup. Now I've found a family to continue my training and love on me a lot. Scott and Julia of Longmont, Colorado have an empty home ready for a dog like me. They are experienced large dog owners, so they know what I need to learn. I understand there's also an XXL dog bed with my name on it.

Rosie the Mastiff Mix - 9/4/16

Rosie’s life has changed drastically now that she has her own furever mom Patty in Denver, Colorado. Previously, Rosie, a 7-year-old mastiff mix, lived her life as a stray—just trying to survive. When she was finally caught and taken to the shelter, no one wanted her, perhaps because she was leery of strangers and unsocialized with humans and other dogs. Life as a stray will do that. Her time was nearly up when she came to Big Dogs Huge Paws.

Prada - Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

As far as trendy fashion accessories go, I think I may be the best buy out there! My name is Prada, and I'm a 2 1/2-year-old female Mastiff mix. I'll match with any outfit, as I'm a pretty brindle-colored girl. I have a smaller build, and that's perfect for cuddling - which I absolutely love. In fact, I love being anywhere my humans are.

Nala - Mastiff/Saint Bernard Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Nala is a gorgeous, 1 year old, fawn Mastiff/St.Bernard mix who finds her in need of some new digs due to no fault of her own; her family has some bad medical news and are now having to be away from home more and more. Nala is house trained but not yet crate trained (however her foster family will be working on this with her) and like most puppies she will chew on inappropriate things at times.

Everest the English Mastiff/Bouvier Mix - 8/26/16

Hi there, it's Everest the english mastiff/bouvier mix puppy and I've already found my home! I came to BDHPI to start learning how to be a good pup, and now my forever family is going to continue my training. Nicole and Michael of Denver, Colorado have owned giant breed pups before and know what I need to learn. They have a BDHPI alum, a Great Dane named River, who is going to help me learn by example.

Chase the English Mastiff/Bouvier des Flandres - 8/26/16

Hi there, it's Chase the English Mastiff/Bouvier mix here to share my news. I came to BDHPI with my three siblings, and I've been learning how to be a good doggy. Now I have a forever family to continue my education and love on me a ton. Robyn and John of Arvada, Colorado have two cats, and their previous mastiff recently passed away. There are giant breed experienced owners, so they know what I need to be a good grownup dog.

Zsa Zsa the Daniff - 8/25/16

Hello, it's Zsa Zsa the 2 year old Daniff here to tell you I have a home. I was found as a stray and came to BDHPI & my foster family. Once I'd been with them for awhile, they decided I must stay with them forever. Kimberly and Steven of Colorado Springs, Colorado are making me a permanent member of their family. They have 4 small dogs and 2 cats, all of whom are my new family now. There are also two grown kids at home, so I will get attention constantly. Kimberly grew up with St.

Sky - English Mastiff/Bouvier de Flandres Mix Puppy - PENDING ADOPTION

Sky the female puppy here, reporting to rescue! I was born on 4/20/16 and my dad was a Brindle English Mastiff and my mom was a black Bouvier des Flandres which is also a big dog, females getting up to 80 lbs full grown, so I have big paws to grow into I am told. My foster family is working on getting me started with potty training, crate training, and introducing me to lots of new things like dogs, cats, kids and more.