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Mastiff Mix

Drogo the Mastiff Mix - 2/10/18

Supposedly humans with the name Drogo love change and excitement. This sweet 2 1/2 year old, male, Bullmastiff prefers living a secure life and calm days. Brittney is ready to give this guy a consistent, loving home. No more moving around for Drogo. Brittney wants to give this boy a life where he can expect to stay in his house every day for the rest of his life. She and he will walk together, play and develop a bond that will give him the steadiness he needs - things most people and dogs want. He will have a good home and in return Brittney will live with a loyal, sweet boy.

Duke the Mastiff Mix - 1/31/18

Duke the beautifully brindle 3 year old Mastiff Mix has waited so patiently for his forever home after undergoing TPLO surgery. Now his wish has come true, as he will be off to live with Brooke and Hunter of Carbondale, Colorado. This family has two wonderful children to give Duke 110% of their attention, and he will have a new brother in their Swiss Mix. This family is quite experienced with giant breed dogs, having adopted two previous BDHP alum who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Lil Bo - Mastiff Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

Lil Bo is a 3 month old, brindle male Mastiff Mix puppy who will steal your heart with one glance! He is as sweet as he is adorable and will be going through puppy boot camp in preparation for meeting his forever family very soon. Bo's new owners will have to have the energy to keep up with a puppy and of course plenty of chew toys and walks will be important to keep him out of trouble. He loves playing with other dogs so a playmate would be great fun too.

Oxford - Mastiff Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

Oxford is a beautiful soul who has found himself in a good place finally at the young age of 2. He was  left in a field, tangled up, with no water, food, or shelter and was taking to the shelter where he was kept safe, warm and fed. While only at 98lbs he has no problem eating and with regular, nutritious meals he is gaining safely and is happy as a "little" lamb.

Doc Holliday the Mastiff Mix - 1/20/18

Doc Holiday, the Mastiff mix, has a wonderful home with Hannah and David in Papillon, Nebraska. They do not have children, but Doc will have a fursibling to play with when not sleeping or going for walks or the park. This will be the best “rest of his life” for Doc Holiday. THANK YOU, JILLIAN & NICOLAS, FOR FOSTERING THIS PLAYFUL PUP.

Blues the Mastiff Mix - 1/6/18

Happy New Year to me! I’m Blues the Neo Mastiff Mix. My life started in a puppy mill but a good Samaritan rescued me and then Big Dogs Huge Paws found my best forever home! I’ll get to spend the rest of my life with Lindsey and Benjamin in Denver, Colorado and have 2 fursiblings to play with and help me learn the ropes and gain more confidence. Life sure is good now, and I’m so very happy. Thank you, Emily, for fostering me!

Jake - Mastiff Mix

I'm Jake the Mastiff Mix, and I have a sad story to tell you. I used to have a nice home where I had a small dog buddy. But my owner passed away suddenly, and it took a while before my little canine friend and I were found. Needless to say, we were pretty traumatized by everything that happened. So I'll need a very special home that will understand the past I lived through and that will have the patience to teach me to love again.

Magnus the Mastiff Mix - 12/3/17

Magnus the Mastiff mix will gain all the confidence and love he has been missing, as he has been adopted by Brad and Tammie from Monument, Colorado! They adopted Nala the Mastiff/St. Bernard/Great Dane mix from BDHP last year, and Nala needed a friend. So enter Magnus! He'll get to learn the ropes from Nala, and there's also a cat named Romeo (who thinks he's a dog) that Magnus will get to pal around with.

Goofy the Mastiff Mix - 12/1/17

David & Jenifer of Denver, Colorado are proud to announce the arrival of their new addition, Goofy the Mastiff Mix. They are previous adopters who lost their Great Pyrenees Moonshine to cancer and are thrilled to welcome another gentle giant into their home again. She joins Guster the Chocolate Lab who will be her new companion and playmate.

Athena - Neapolitan Mastiff/Cane Corso Mix

Meet Athena! This adorable, 4 year old, 96.2 lbs, blue female is a stunning Neapolitan/Cane Corso mix who found herself behind bars at a shelter when her previously owner couldn't afford to take care of her any longer. She recently underwent bilateral cherry eye repair surgery and is receiving only the best of care now. Athena gets along well with other dogs, but hasn't been around cats yet. She is loving and super friendly with people, including kids.