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Mastiff Mix

Aussie the Mastiff Mix - 6/19/16

Amanda & Russell of Centennial Colorado are proud to announce the arrival of their new addition, Aussie aka Colonel the Mastiff Mix. He joins Sadie the Border Collie mix as his new canine sibling and wrestling partner. Sadie is thrilled to have another big playmate again after losing their previous 100 lb Pyrenees mix, Sisko! Aussie's new humans come home during the workday to take the dogs for walks so there will be plenty of love and exercise for this gentle giant!

Simba - Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Hello! Simba here! I'm an 11-month-old, 95 lb, Fawn, Mastiff Mix. I am good with other dogs, playful, loving, sweet and overall adorable. I would prefer a cat free forever home. I am in rescue because I was surrendered by my owner to a shelter, which is actually fine with me because I had kind of a rough life if I do say so myself. I was kept outside all the time and never played with, and consequently I got bored and would chew things up to entertain myself.

Ruger the Mastiff Mix - 6/6/16

Hello hello! This is Ruger the mastiff mix with a HUGE update! After coming to BDHPI after a bad divorce, my brother Remy and I were down on our luck. But NOW, I've found an amazing family with Sandra of Syracuse, Utah. Sandra has two children for me to play with -- I see a lot of snuggling in my future. She is also home all the time, so that means I'll get attention and love 24/7.

Sissy - Mastiff Mix

Hi, I'm Sissy, a 3 year old, 100 lb, fawn, female Mastiff Mix. I am 3/4 English Mastiff and 1/4 Fila Mastiff. I found my way to BDHP after being seized from a breeder.

Moncreif - Tosa Inu Mix

I am the mighty Moncrief, the Tosa Inu mix. I am a 3.5 year old, neutered male who has quite the repertoire of commands under my furry belt - I know sit, stay, down and gentle. You might like to know that I am also house trained, leash trained and an inside dog who is not a barker, digger or chewer AND I'm also trustworthy with free roam....I consider myself quite the catch! I really enjoy car rides and am great with kids.

Rosie - Mastiff Mix - SENIOR

Rosie is a 7 year old, white with brindle markings, 90 lb, Mastiff/Lab mix. We suspect she has had a rough life and was likely a stray for a good chunk of her life and a mama at some point as well. She wants so badly to be with you and cuddle, but she just doesn't know how.

Hazel the Mastiff Mix - 4/15/16

Hi, Hazel here, and do I have news for you! I want you to be the first to know - I've been adopted! My new family is Kristie and Daniel Oenes of Thornton Colorado. What do I know about them? Well, they have a dwarf Hamster and a dwarf rabbit, whatever they are. They also have two kids I can play with. They have a big back yard and they were looking specifically for a big dog. I certainly fit that requirement!

Elway the Mastiff Mix - 4/10/16

Elway the Mastiff Mix here...and I am happy to introduce you to my new mom and dad, Marah and Matt, of Montrose, Colorado! I have 50 acres to enjoy at my new home along with my 4 legged sister, Luna the Dogo Argentino. We hit it off right away and will be the best of friends! I will also get to go to doggie daycare a couple days a week and my new parents are usually home most of the time otherwise.

Chester the Mastiff Mix - 4/8/16

Chester the Mastiff mix here to let everyone know that I have a new home in Edgewater, Colorado! Anne and Jordan chose me to help their hearts heal. See, they recently lost both their large breed dogs to illness, and they felt a new fur baby would help lessen their sadness. They saw me and something clicked, and now I hope I can help ease their pain a bit.

Ezra the Mastiff Mix - 3/26/16

Well, I really have a wonderful story to tell everyone. I, Ezra the Mastiff mix, have been adopted by a wonderful new human mom named Shalyn. I'll get to live in Layton, Utah and hang out with an older poodle mix named Candy and two cats named Monty and Carl. My new mom has adopted from BDHP in the past, so I'm happy to be continuing the tradition.