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Mastiff Mix

Quinn the Mastiff Mix - 11/24/16

Hello, everyone! It's Quinn the Mastiff mix puppy here, checking in to let you know all about the place where I get to rest my big paws! Kimberly and Zachary from Colorado Springs, Colorado fell in love with me, and the feeling was pretty mutual. I'll get to grow up with a 12-year-old boy and romp in a big, shady, fenced yard.

Sparky - Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Sweet sweet Sparky is a young, fawn, Mastiff mix who even though a little shy he loves people but kids are his favorite! He is always seeking out their company and affection because it makes him happy. He belonged to an elderly lady who passed away and he then went to live with a family member who was arrested and sent to jail for a lengthy amount of time so her boyfriend then took him to another town and unceremoniously dumped him.

Mac the Mastiff/Great Pyrenees Mix - 11/20/16

Mac the Mastiff/Great Pyrenees mix is pleased to announce he's found a forever family. He ended up in a shelter due to circumstances beyond his control when original owners passed & the people who took him in were evicted. Now Mac will be spending his comfortable days with Laurie and Scott of Lee's Summit, Missouri. They have a german shepherd/husky mix for Mac to chill with. There are also four children in the home who will give him constant love and attention.

Grizzly the Mastiff Mix - 11/9/16

Hi there, Grizzly the Mastiff Mix pleased to provide a wonderful update. I came to BDHPI with my brother, Kodiak, and he went to his forever home while I waited patiently for mine. Turns out, I was in it all along! My happily failing foster parents, Maxwell and Natalie of Omaha, Nebraska, realized they could never let me go. I'm the apple of their eye now and will get the treats & cuddles to myself. I will be the awesome ambassador for anymore fosters that came into my home.

Juno - English/Neapolitan Mastiff Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

This gorgeous brindle English/Neapolitan Mastiff mix is Juno. She is 3.5 years old, knows basic commands and is trustworthy to free roam. Not only that, she is leash trained, crate trained and housetrained, and only barks to alert. She’s amazing with kids and good with other dogs (cats unknown). So, why is she looking for a new home? Well, did I mention she is part Neapolitan Mastiff? Yes, and this breed is very protective of their family.

Ruby the Mastiff Mix - 10/16/16

Look into my eyes...You have two dogs I could play with, and cats! You're so perfect for me! Look into my eyes...Resistance is futile...Hey, it worked! They want me! Sherrie and Louis, I don't know where Beeville. Texas is, but I'll find it! Just think, my very own Mom and Dad! Furry brothers and sisters! Oh, but I'll miss my wonderful foster mom, Meaghan, and foster siblings though!

Bones - Mastiff Mix

Dem bones, dem bones, dem big Mastiff/Lab bones! Hello, all! My name is Bones, and I'm a 2 1/2 year-old, male Bullmastiff/Lab mix. My former family fell on hard times and ran out of money and space and time for me, and their yard wasn't fenced so I was getting bored and not nearly enough exercise for my bones. So I'm hoping you can give me room to run and lots of play and exercise time in my new home!

Sky the Mastiff/Bouvier Mix - 9/28/16

Hi there, it's Sky the mastiff mix puppy, and I've found my forever family. I came to rescue as a puppy, and my foster mama has been teaching me good tricks. Now I'm going home with Andrea and Shaun of Kansas City, Missouri.

Bruce - Mastiff Mix

Bruce (aka Luke) is a 4-5 year old, black/brindle mastiff mix who was an unclaimed stray that was found dumped in the country in bad shape. He was very emaciated at 113 lbs and should weigh approximately 145 lbs but he is gaining well now he is being given regular, nutritious meals. His skin was in horrible condition with yeast dermatitis and an infestation of fleas, but all of that is looking much better now.

George - Great Dane/Mastiff Mix

"I will love him and pet him and call him my very own George"....well here I am folks, your very own George! I'm an 18 month old, black Daniff (which is a fancy term for saying I'm a Great Dane/Mastiff mix). I was rescued by my current mama who is unable to keep me because she has severe allergy/asthma issues from my furs.