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Mastiff Mix

Shadow - Saint Bernard/Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Shadow is my name and puppyhood is my game! Well, I'm technically a year old now, which I guess means maybe I'm not a puppy anymore, but I like to think so since I still have 2 years of filling out to do before I am full grown. I'm a Saint Bernard/Mastiff Mix - I was found with my momma as a stray, and she is a purebred Saint Bernard.

Danni the Daniff - 9/2/14

I came, I saw, and I conquered! My name is Danni, and I prefer not to talk about my past. Suffice it to say that I was hungry and lonely. Then BDHP came along and took me to the home of my foster parents, Mark, Michelle, Logan and Luke, in Canon City, Colorado. Now I am no fool, and it didn't take long to realize that these humans were the kind of people I wanted to be with. So I decided to take a calculated risk and give them my heart.

Moose - Daniff (Great Dane/Mastiff Mix)

You know, sometimes I hear that BDHP adoptive families can't decide between a mastiff and a dane. Do they want a tall, dark, and handsome dane who will be their constant companion and friend? Or do they want a soulful, tender, and sensitive mastiff? If you're on the fence, I'm your guy! Hi, my name is Moose, and I'm a male Daniff! That means I'm a Great Dane / Mastiff mix, and I'm the best of both worlds, if I do say so myself.

Samson the Mastiff Mix - 9/6/14

Hi! I am Samson the Mastiff mix puppy, and I am as strong as my namesake. I am pleased to announce that I have adopted someone just like me, big and strong. He's an athlete and has promised to keep me well exercised. What he doesn't know is that I plan on keeping HIM fit! So here's the scoop, his name is Zach and we will be living in Broomfield along with my 4-legged brother, Apollo the German Shorthair Pointer.

Dakota - Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Hey! My name's Dakota! I'm a 2-year-old, Fawn, Mastiff, and a pretty big girl at 115 pounds! I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws with my sister Shanie, and I have to say I'm glad to be here! We used to live in a home out in the country and we were inside/outside dogs. We got into a little mischief and kept digging out of our yard, but honestly it was just because we were bored and not allowed to be inside and part of the family!

Shanie - Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Hi there, Shanie here! I'm a 2-year-old, Fawn, Mastiff Mix and I came to Big Dogs Huge Paws with my sister Dakota. I'm a little smaller than her at about 106 pounds, but I'm very skinny and a pretty big girl with lots of filling out to do! Dakota and I came here because we used to live out in the country, and we would get a little bored and dig out of our yard.

Valkrie the Mastiff Mix - 8/31/14

Jules and Georgia in Boulder, Colorado, will have their hands full with Mastiff mix puppy Valkrie, but we know they're up to the task, having loved Gentle Giants before. They have waited a long time to bring a new Giant into their home, but they're ready now with a large, fenced backyard with a lot of trees, and time to take Valkrie for walks, trips to the dog park and hikes in the woods.

Valhalla the Mastiff Mix - 8/31/14

Let's hear it for puppies! I cam, they saw, and I conquered! Not bad for a puppy under six months. I will be adopted by Karissa and Matthew of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I look forward to long walks, house training (sort of), and hours pf playtime with these great people. They even know about giant breeds. I can't wait! I know they will take good care of me and I will soon have a forever home and a family to call my own.

Bronco the Mastiff/Great Pyrenees - 8/19/14

It is with great pleasure that Bronco announces his adoption of Sarah and Seth of Longmont Colorado. In addition, he will also be taking possession of the hearts of his new housemates, son, Hayden, dog, Angus the Bulldog, and cat, Gilligan. He will walk them, take them to the dog park and do his best to provide any security needs they might have. THANK YOU, HEATHER, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOYAL PROTECTOR AND SPECIAL GUY! 

Delilah the Mastiff Mix - 8/10/14

Delilah the Mastiff mix puppy has gone to her forever home with Misty and Jason in Gretna, Nebraska. This growing girl will get lots of attention and love from the couple and their two children. She'll get to know the two cats and the 10-year-old Neopolitan Mastiff mix. There won't be any dull moments for this pup as she grows up to be a wonderful companion! THANK YOU, NICOLE & NICK, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVELY LADY!