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Mastiff Mix

Bear - Mastiff/Shepherd Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

My name is Bear, and I'm over 6 years old now. I am a Fawn Mastiff/Shepherd mix, and I was adopted from BDHP as a young pup back in 2009. Sadly, my owner has terminal cancer and I was very sad and depressed being left alone all the time when she went into the hospital. Her family was stopping in to see me, but they can't keep me after they lose her, and it was no way for a guy like me to live, anyway.

Angus - Mastiff/Saint Bernard Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

Hello! I'm Angus, a 3-year-old, 162 pound Apricot English Mastiff/Saint Bernard mix. I'm a BDHP alum and I'm back in rescue because my family's financial situation changed dramatically and they no longer felt like they could afford the food or vet care I needed. They know I deserved better, which I appreciate! I'm house trained and leash trained, though I do need a head halter due to my size and strength.

Indigo - Neapolitan/Cane Corso Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Hi! Indigo the 8-month-old, Blue Brindle Neapolitan Mastiff/Cane Corso mix here to introduce myself! I don't really know why my last family decided I didn't fit in with their family anymore. I wasn't aggressive with their kids or anything, but I guess maybe I was just too big or too playful for them, because I got the boot.

Moose - Mastiff/Lab Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Howdy, I'm Moose. I'm a 5-year-old, black with a white chest and muzzle, Mastiff/Lab mix. I'm just over 100 pounds, and I'm house trained, crate trained, and I walk nicely with a head halter. My family's financial situation situation changed and they felt like they couldn't afford my medical care or quality food anymore, which they didn't feel was fair to me.

Forte the Mastiff Mix - 9/25/15

Forte the Mastiff/Anatolian Mix has joined Krista and TJ in Westminster, Colorado! They live just blocks away from a huge dog park that he'll get to frequent daily with his new siblings, two Chihuahuas! He also has a big backyard with plenty of room to run and play in.

Thor the Mastiff Mix - 9/24/15

Doug of Denver Colorado, Doug of Denver Colorado... Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it! He's my new Dad! Hi, I'm Thor, and I just got adopted! I will be living with my new dad in an apartment complex, but he actually thinks enough of me that he already got me a dog sitter who will walk me and take care of me when he's at work. I know an apartment sounds small for a big guy like me but he has a dog park nearby and the apartment said I could live there.

Bravo - Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

"Bravo" is what everyone will be saying if you adopt me! I'm Bravo, a 4-year-old, male, Mastiff mix, brindle in color, and I'm looking for the good cheer of a new home. I was surrendered with another dog and now I'd love a permanent residence. I'm house-trained and I am learning the ropes about indoor life and basic commands. I'm good with other dogs and I am presently living with four furry siblings.

Andre the Mastiff Mix Puppy - 9/17/15

Andre the puppy here. Am I cute or what? Me and all my littermates (there were 9 of us in all) have all been hanging out together, getting bigger, eating (a lot), sleeping (a lot) and generally just getting ready for our forever homes. I was super stoked to find out that Megan and Brian from Seattle Washington selected me to be their forever dog.

Bijou the Mastiff mix - 9/6/15

Hi, my name is Bijou and I am thrilled to report that I have my own family! Heather and Scott of Arvada Colorado adopted me! I will have one canine sister and several human siblings as well. When  all my shots are done (yuck!) I will be able to go to the dog park, and until then I will have plenty of company in my new family! I can't wait! It is so nice to know that my future is secured. Thank you for being there, Heather and Scott.

Luey the Mastiff mix - 9/6/15

Hi! My name is Luey, and I have a family! Really! At 8 weeks of age, I now have a wonderful human who agreed to make me her own, and to be mine! Her name is Paige, she lives in Englewood Colorado and she is experienced with adopting big dogs like me! I am so excited to be the apple of her eye and I look forward to going through puppy classes and to the dog park so I can get socialized with other pups who like to play too. Such a lovely, giving human and I am proud to call her my new mom!