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Mastiff Mix

Ruby - Mastibull (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Meet Ruby! This beautiful, 14 month old, Fawn, Mastiff/American Bulldog mix came to BDHPI because her new owners had a new baby and didn't have time or the space for her anymore. She is house trained, crate trained, and knows sit, down, get back, go outside, and go potty. Ruby does get a little excited on walks so a proper harness to prevent pulling is a good idea.

Chester - Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Hi guys! My name is Chester and I am a 5 year old, 100 lb, Fawn, male Mastiff Mix. I was turned into rescue because my owner was moving to a home with a much smaller yard and didn't want to bring me along. I was an outside dog previously in an acre yard but I am pretty pumped about the fact that I get to be inside now that I am in a foster home with BDHPI. I am timid but 100% gentle and loving!

Jade the Mastiff Mix - 1/23/16

Jade is a beautiful green stone that you see on fancy jewelry or fancy houses. And wouldn’t you know it, now my beauty has been found. My mom was rescued from a house that burned down and then she had me and all my siblings. Luckily someone rescued mom and now me and all my brothers and sisters have found our forever homes. I get to live with Nicole and Kaelin in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, and my new sister who has a name kind that starts with a J too. We were meant to be together.

Moose the Mastiff Mix - 1/20/16

Congratulations to Barbara and Howard who are now proud adopters of Moose, our Mastiff/lab mix. Moose has moved from Colorado to Missouri to find his forever home with a loving and caring family who has owned a Mastador previously.

Cupcake the Tosa Inu/Great Dane Mix - 1/16/16

Good things come to those who wait, I've heard, and that was certainly true for this girl. I waited patiently for just the right family, and now I've found it with Kristin and Mike in Fort Collins, Colorado! It's Cupcake the Tosa Inu/Great Dane mix here to tell you the good news, in case you didn't pick up on that.

Bravo the Mastiff Mix & Cali the Great Dane Mix - 1/16/16

"Bravo"...I must say that my name fits me. The dictionary defines bravo as: used to express approval when a performer or other person (or dog) has done something well. I am ready to express my approval for my new forever home with Kris in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Even cooler is my new brothers and sisters including a Mastiff mix just like me to show the ropes and play with AND do you want to know the coolest part???


Hi, my name is Ezra! I am very grateful to have found a warm place to stay and comfy place to lay this holiday season. You see, I am the victim of neglect and at 7 years young, I currently weigh only 65 lbs and I am skin and bones. The vet says my ideal weigh should be around 120 lbs so I have a long ways to go to get healthy but now that I am getting 3 meals a day and good nutrition, it shouldn't take long.

Peyton & Eli the Daniffs - 12/12/15

Peyton & Eli the Daniffs have had quite a journey. After being found as strays originally and then adopted and returned due to an unexpected kidney transport for the owner, they are finally heading home "forever" with Joey & Eric in Omaha Nebraska! They owned a Dane mix previously so they are no strangers to big dogs and it was as if these two had lived there their entire lives.

Echo the Mastiff Mix - 12/4/15

Wow! I am such a lucky dog! My name is Echo, and I am a 4-year-old English Mastiff/Fila Brasiliero Mix. I was taken in at a shelter in Tennessee and traveled to my foster home on a huge ranch in Texas. My foster parents, Ben and Tracey, loved me so much that they decided they just had to adopt me. Yes, I'm just that charming! I get to spend my days running on over 600 acres of land with Ben and Tracey and all of my new doggie brothers and sisters.

Bear the Mastiff Mix - 11/26/15

Bear the Mastiff Mix is happy to call Colorado Springs "home sweet home"! He has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving including his new mom and dad, Suzanne and Charles, their 3 kids, Matthew, Bradley & Samantha especially! He is grateful to have a Newfoundland brother named Brisco, also adopted from BDHPI, and 3 cats named Sylvester, Spooker and Crystal as his new furry siblings!