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Mastiff Mix

Bear the Mastiff Mix - 11/26/15

Bear the Mastiff Mix is happy to call Colorado Springs "home sweet home"! He has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving including his new mom and dad, Suzanne and Charles, their 3 kids, Matthew, Bradley & Samantha especially! He is grateful to have a Newfoundland brother named Brisco, also adopted from BDHPI, and 3 cats named Sylvester, Spooker and Crystal as his new furry siblings!

Tiny the Mastiff Mix - 11/14/15

My name is Tiny, and I have just been adopted by a family who has a HUGE heart and wonderful home in Denver Colorado!   See, my new family includes two canine siblings who are also rescues!   They are giants too, so when I grow up there will be no place on the couch for my new parents, Lynn and Douglas.  That’s ok I’m going to keep them so busy while growing into my big paws they won’t have time to sit down!  Did I mention my new home has cats?   Cats are awesome, becaus

Echo - English Mastiff/Fila Brasiliero Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

Meet, Echo! This beautiful, Fawn, 100 lb, 3-4 year old girl is 3/4 English Mastiff and 1/4 Fila Brasiliero. She was one of many breeding dogs living in horrible conditions that are in the process of being confiscated from the owner. Echo is very shy and fearful, but does let people approach her and pet her if you go slow. Her foster family is working with her on positive socialization and building her confidence.

Marco the Bullmastiff Mix - 11/7/15

I don’t know for sure but I may have been named in honor of the great explorer, Marco Polo. I can’t confirm this but I think it’s true because I love to go on adventures. BDHP is giving me the chance to explore a forever home with Maria and Banipal of Denver, Colorado. So, now, instead of having to look for a place to live or figure out how I am going to eat, I will have humans to take care of me.

Hades - Great Dane/Mastiff Mix

Meet our newest gentle giant, Hades the Great Dane/Mastiff Mix! This 4 year old boy wonder found himself at a high kill shelter after a supposed run-in with a small puppy. We suspect his owners must have been feeling bad about surrendering him and gave this guy a bad rap because he is definitely a wonderful guy who deserved a second chance based on our experience! Hades is house trained, not destructive, and an all around friendly guy.

Eric the Mastiff Mix - 11/1/15

Guess what? Come on, guess!!!! I'll give you a clue! Now, what's fawn with a black face and young and has the best home in the whole wide world? Did you guess? Me.of course!!! My foster Mama, Mandi, the bestest human in the whole wide world and also a vet tech, decided to adopt me so I now reside in Lincoln Nebraska!

Tiger the Mastiff Mix - 10/26/15

I am a foster fail, I am a foster fail! Yay!!! That mean I finally did it right. I can't tell you how much this means to me! I was a stray, and since ladies do not speak ill of people, I find it best to leave my past a secret. Let's suffice it to say it was not nice! But then I got turned over to BDHP, and sent to the most wonderful family I had ever met. I never dreamed that humans could be so kind and loving!

Lil Bit - Mastiff Mix

Howdy! My name's Lil Bit, and I'm a 3-year-old, Fawn, 1/4 Fila 3/4 English Mastiff Mix. I was surrendered to a shelter along with 10 other dogs from a breeder. It's probably for the best, and I'm glad to move on with my life and looking forward to a brighter future! I'm about 100 pounds and I'll admit I need to learn some manners but I have already come a long ways in my foster home.

Anna the Mastiff Mix - 10/24/15

Hi, I’m Anna, a southern dame originally from Texas and now, happily, on my way to my forever home in  Parker, Colorado. Because I am from the south, I was raised to be polite so I won’t talk about my past except to say it was less than good. That’s all changing because Heidy and Tim (and their four boys) have agreed to give me the love and comfort (yes, I will have my own dog bed) every dog deserves.

Indigo the Mastiff Mix - 10/24/15

Hi, I'm Indigo. Isn't that just a cool name? Anyway, this must be my lucky year too, because I just got a new family! Their names are Dana and Brian, and they live in Omaha Nebraska. They already have two dogs, Ernie & Molly, but want to open their home to me! See the thread here; cool name, cool adoptive parents?