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Mastiff Mix

Henry the Mastiff Mix - 4/5/14

Henry the Mastiff mix has moved to The Village in Oklahoma to be with his new parents, Tom and Debra. This mellow 6-year-old was live the life of luxury that all Gentle Giants deserve, hanging out in the backyard or with the grandkids. Fun times are in this big guy's future, and we're so happy for him and for his new family! We know they have a great future together! THANK YOU, BILL & LISA, FOR FOSTERING THIS LAID BACK BOY! 

Mack the Mastiff Mix - 4/5/14

Mack the Cane Corso/Neopolitan Mastiff mix is getting a new dad who knows all about Mastiffs. Tim in Fort Collins has owned Mastiffs for 20 years, losing the last one recently to bone cancer. He is knowledgeable and sensitive about dogs, and he's excited to open his home to Mack, and we know Mack is excited to have a forever dad in Tim. THANK YOU, TIM & LAUREN, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVE MUFFIN!

Jesse the Mastiff Mix - 4/1/14

This chapter has been long, but it’s time to turn the page and begin anew for Jesse the Mastiff. This gorgeous, young pup spent his early days in an animal hoarding situation, receiving minimal human contact and living in a make shift kennel, but all of that is about to change. Joanne and Kenneth of Livermore, Colorado will be opening their hearts and home to Jesse and providing him the life that other dogs could only imagine. Joanne is an author and Kenneth, a pilot.

Rocky the Mastiff Mix - 3/31/14

The future looks so much brighter for Rocky the Matiff mix -- and for his new parents, Jake and Tamara in Boulder, Colorado. Rocky will have a loving family to call his own, and Jake and Tamara will have Rocky to fill the void left when they lost their two older Newfoundlands. They have had rescue dogs for 35 years, so they know the intricacies of acclimating our Gentle Giants to a new home.

Prada the Mastiff Mix - 3/23/14

Nothing is too good for Prada -- the Mastiff mix puppy, that is. Prada has gone to live with Celia and John in Silt, Colorado. Prada is moving in with a family that knows about our giant breeds and will be growing up with a 6-year-old human brother. Celia and John have provided a loving home to other rescue dogs in the past, and we know they are well suited to give Prada a wonderful life. THANK YOU, EMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS PRETTY LADY! 

Luca the Mastiff Mix - 3/22/14

Lucky lucky Luca the Mastiff mix puppy, you have found a wonderful family with George and Shawna, their 14-year-old daughter, their Australian shepherd mix named Mystic and two cats in Colorado Springs, Colorado. What a wonderful time you will have playing in the fenced backyard or at doggie daycare. You also can scamper through the agility training course with Mystic if you'd like.

Bronco - English Mastiff/Great Pyrenees Mix - MEDICAL HOLD (new to rescue - under evaluation)

While he may not be a buckin bronco yet, our new friend Bronco will be fixed up and ready to run and play soon enough! You see, Bronco is a 5 year old, Fawn, English Mastiff/Great Pyrenees Mix who is in pretty rough shape right now between allergies, an ear infection, vision loss and a torn CCL. He isn't feeling so hot at the moment, but it is clear that he is a special guy with many amazing attributes who deserves a pain free life.

Dirk the Daniff - 3/5/14

Dirk the Dane/Mastiff Mix is another foster failure for the books! He joins Tina & Donnie in Clearwater, Kansas, along with Rosie the Shepherd Mix, 3 horses, and a revolving door of BDHPI foster dogs of course. This guy is one of our special behavior cases who will require strict management and a dog savvy owner which is why we are thrilled to know that he'll be staying in such experienced hands.

Gucci the Mastiff Mix - 3/5/14

Gucci the Mastiff Mix is now livin it up in Omaha, Nebraska with new mom and dad, Kelley and David, and her human siblings, Charle and Grace! She joins Bocephus the Bullmastiff as her new canine sibling and will enjoy daily walks, trips to the dog park for socialization, and of course obedience classes to teach her manners and ensure she grows up to be a gentle giant! THANK YOU, EMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS PRINCESS! 

Versace the Mastiff Mix - 3/5/14

Well, Versace, you are one lucky Mastiff mix puppy. You have a home with Sarah and Dain in Minden, Nebraska. You're joining a family that is well versed in giant breeds, and you have a sister cat named Gigi and a sister giant breed mix named Mable. You will be going everywhere with your new parents, even camping! What a great new life for this beautiful pup. THANK YOU, EMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS HANDSOME MUG!