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Mastiff Mix

Bronco the Mastiff/Great Pyrenees - 8/19/14

It is with great pleasure that Bronco announces his adoption of Sarah and Seth of Longmont Colorado. In addition, he will also be taking possession of the hearts of his new housemates, son, Hayden, dog, Angus the Bulldog, and cat, Gilligan. He will walk them, take them to the dog park and do his best to provide any security needs they might have. THANK YOU, HEATHER, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOYAL PROTECTOR AND SPECIAL GUY! 

Delilah the Mastiff Mix - 8/10/14

Delilah the Mastiff mix puppy has gone to her forever home with Misty and Jason in Gretna, Nebraska. This growing girl will get lots of attention and love from the couple and their two children. She'll get to know the two cats and the 10-year-old Neopolitan Mastiff mix. There won't be any dull moments for this pup as she grows up to be a wonderful companion! THANK YOU, NICOLE & NICK, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVELY LADY! 

Dylan the Mastiff Mix - 8/7/14

Hi! My name is Dylan and I am a member of Cuddlers Anonymous. I was found as a stray and taken in by a nice family, but I thought cats were a mobile food item so they had to send me to BDHP. When I arrived at my foster family home I discovered LOVE.

Valhalla - Mastiff Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

BDHP found me and my sister at the shelter. We were lonely and scared but, now we are happy silly puppies looking for our forever families. My name is Valhalla and I am a 2 month old, male, Brindle, Mastiff mix puppy. I was named after the Norse heaven for fallen soldiers. I am a gentle soul, I love to cuddle and play. I am learning to be a confident puppy and explore. I am learning all about how to be a good puppy and go potty outside. I enjoy chewing bones and kongs.

Valkyrie - Mastiff Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

BDHP found me and my brother at the shelter. We were lonely and scared but, now we are happy silly puppies looking for our forever families. My name is Valkyrie and I am a 2 month old, Brindle, female Mastiff mix puppy. I was named after the Norse mythological women who took the fallen soldiers to Valhalla the afterlife. I am defiantly a goddess, a puppy goddess. I am a very curious puppy, I love to play with people and other dogs. I am learning about cats.

Samson - Mastiff Mix

Meet, Samson! This big hunk of love already weighs around 30 lbs at 3 months and has big feet to grow into. While we don't know what he is mixed with he is most definitely a Brindle Mastiff mix. He and his sister were scared and afraid when they ended up at a shelter but they are confident and happy now that they are in a loving foster home environment.

Simon - Great Dane/Mastiff Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

You know how they say tigers earn their stripes? Well I've earned my stripes in my three short years walking around on this planet. I'm ready for someone to love me so I can stop wandering. Hi there! I'm Simon, and I'm a 3 year old Great Dane / Mastiff mix. I know it looks like I have tiger stripes, but those are actually my brindle markings, aren't they cool?

Bubba the Mastiff Mix - 7/26/14

My name is Bubba and I am on a mission! I have been informed that there is a family who needs me, and I am on my way!  Sandra and Ruben, I mean Mom and Dad, I would love to ease your empty home. I will hike with you, play with you and in general make Broomfield, Colorado a happier place for all of us. You have the love and I need the forever home. It is a match made in heaven. THANK YOU, RUTHIE & KYLE, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVE MUFFIN!

Titan - Mastiff Mix

I am Titan. I’m a 5 year old, male, ¾ Mastiff ¼ Bulldog, tan in color, and nothing but love. My original Momma was going off to be a Veterinarian so you rehomed with a family that cared for me until now. They are sadly moving into town from the mountains and the place they have chosen does not allow pets. So here I am, looking for a family that will love me for all of my days to come. I’m a good dog and have good manners.

Fezzik - Saint Bernard/Mastiff Mix

My name is Fezzik and I’m looking for a family to love me for all of my days. I’m a 6 year old, male, St. Bernard/Mastiff cross-breed and I’m a firm 110 lbs. My family has loved me since I was only 12 months old, but they had a baby and that baby has become mobile and that is just way too much activity for me.