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Mastiff Mix

Meenie the Mastiff Mix - 7/15/17

Well, what do you know? Meenie the Cane Corse mix puppy has a forever home with Jill and Jon-Paul in Colorado Springs. He will have a great time with his fursiblings, Kahlua, a 4-year-old Mastiff mix, and Lola, a 5-year-old Boston Terrier mix. Between them both he will have plenty of playtime. When not playing, he will have snuggle time with Jill and Jon-Paul’s older children. Jill works from home, so he and the other dogs will rarely be left home alone for any length of time. Life couldn’t get any better for this little boy.

Stella - Mastiff/Great Dane/Anatolian Shepherd Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

I'm Stella, a 9 month old, Fawn, female Mastiff/Great Dane/Anatolian Shepherd (boy that's a mouthful!).  I will need someone who is a strong leader and will remain committed to providing me with rules, boundaries and train me to become a wonderful adult.

Goliath the Mastiff Mix - 7/8/17

Goliath, the 3-year-old Mastiff/Anatolian mix, is one lucky fella! He was found wandering as a stray pulling a heavy chain, but from the very beginning he loved people. This sweet boy will never go hungry again, and will be loved and appreciated by Shawna in Westminster, Colorado. He will also have a fursibling, Delilah, to love on and take care of. He will so enjoy having his own family to love on and play with. It will nothing but a great life for him.

Bo the Mastiff/Great Dane Mix - 7/2/17

Well, my other people who dumped me may have not appreciated my attributes such as my beautiful black and white coat, my sweet disposition, etc. etc. etc.  But thanks to BDHP this is my lucky day because a wonderful Psychologist (that means he will be in tune with my personality) has stepped forward to bring me into his home in Pueblo Colorado. Maxwell will be my four legged brother and boy will we have fun!  I won't be too crazy with him because he is a little older, even though they say he's pretty patient.

Mya the Mastiff Mix - 6/25/17

Mya the senior Mastiff Mix was very sad when she had to say goodbye to her family. However, she is now going to have an even better life. Amie and Mike of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska are so pleased to add this gal to the pack. They have two other giant breed dogs who love her already. The family has a lot of experience, so her care will be the best possible. We couldn't recommend a safer, more loving and attentive home than with this family.

Rhythm the Mastiff Mix - 6/1/17

Oh, what a wonderful happy song Rhythm has to sing! This darling Neapolitan Mastiff Mix came from a puppy mill situation and to a wonderful foster family. After learning the ropes for a bit, he found an amazing family to take him home. Christopher of Aurora, Colorado is pleased to welcome this darling addition to his pack. He has two other dogs in the home who will teach Rhythm how things work. He also previously owned BDHPI alum Butch, who sadly passed away recently. He knows what Rhythm will need to become the bestest dog ever.

Goliath the Great Dane/Mastiff Mix - 5/9/17

Goliath the Daniff came into rescue from a hoarding situation, but he found his new home right away, as Angie and Roger from Walton, Nebraska fostered him and decided he needed to be a forever part of their family! This big boy will have a Mini Australian Shepherd named Harley to play with, and Calvin and Ranger the cats to check out. Thank you for foster failing, Angie and Roger… and congratulations on your wonderful home, Goliath!

Mack - Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Mack, even though a mix, has all the wonderful Mastiff traits. He is three years and was surrendered because living in an apartment was too confining for him. He loves people and wants to please. We were told he is leery of strangers but since with BDHP we haven't seen this part of his personality. He loves his treats, two legged attention, balls and plush toys, not necessarily in that order.

Rock - Great Dane/Mastiff Mix - PERMANENT FOSTER

Rock (AKA Chance) the Daniff would really, REALLY love to find his forever home after being bounced around a bit previously. This boy does have hip displaysia as well as a slight neurological issues that affects his gate, so he would prefer a ranch style home with limited to no stairs and will need a daily anti-inflammatory to keep him comfortable. He is a 3 year old, black brindle with a white stripe, adorable Great Dane/Mastiff Mix.

Bruce the Mastiff Mix - 4/18/17

Bruce the Mastiff Mix found his perfect forever home without even knowing! He came to BDHPI and his foster family after his owners surrendered him. He had a lot of skin issues and looked very underweight. Once he got to his foster mama, he started to gain weight and look tons better. Samantha of Denver, Colorado fell in love with this adorable boy and so she's decided to make him a member of the family.