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Mastiff Mix

Little Girl the Bulmastiff/Pyrenees mix - 5/17/15

Little girls are full of sugar and spice and everything nice, so the story goes. Well, I did even better than that - I got adopted! It's true - Douglas and Linda from Littleton, Colorado chose me, Little Girl the Bullmastiff/Great Pyrenees mix pup, as the new addition to their family! They have large breed experience and are even familiar with canine health issues. Their previous beloved dog lived to be 16, so I know I have big shoes to fill.

Scout the Mastiff/Great Pyrenees - 5/17/15

It's Scout the Mastiff/Great Pyrenees pup here to tell you that I'm not scouting for a family any more - I've been adopted by Jacqueline and Clinton from Arvada, Colorado! They adopted a Great Pyr from BDHP six years ago, but she recently sadly passed away from cancer. I'm hoping I can help their hearts heal a little bit.

Leroy - Tibetan Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

LeRoy here, and boy am I ever glad! Rescue is one of the best things that has happened me!

Harvey the DogueDoodle - 5/13/15

Hi, Harvey here! I have some amazing news. Kinnick, of Denver Colorado, is now my new Mama. I will be living in something called a condo. That, from what I understand, is a big building with lots of homes in it, so we will have lots of doggie friends and neighbors! There is an area outside that has grass to play in and do the necessities, as well as a dog park nearby to play in.

Carmel - Bullmastiff/Great Pyrenees Mix Puppy - PENDING ADOPTION

Hi there! My name is Carmel. I was born on 3/21/15 and my mom and dad were a Bullmastiff and Great Pyrenees. Sadly, mama passed away while giving birth to me and my littermates so I went to live with another family whose dog had recently given birth and didn't mind us drinking her milk until we got older. I am happy to report that we made it even though it was a little scary there to start.

Henry the DogueDoodle - 5/6/15

Hello, Henry here! I am a pup you may have never seen the likes of before. My Mama was a Dogue de Bordeaux and my Daddy was a Standard Poodle. With that background, I was afraid people would not want me, not knowing WHAT I would become. But you know, I should never have worried. Here at BDHP, my foster family, Kristy & Nolan, and everyone else has worked to get me the exposure to that perfect family, and I got it! I have been adopted!

Toby - Mastiff Mix - BONDED PAIR

Toby here! I'm a 2-year-old, fawn Mastiff mix, and I weight in at 142 pounds. I might be a big guy, but that doesn't stop me from being darn great. I'm already house trained, crate trained, and leash trained, plus I know sit, stay, come, down, leave it, kennel up, fetch, and shake. Why did my family surrender me? They felt like me and my brother, Karl, deserved more love and attention than they could give us, so we got to come here!

Brownie the Mastiff Mix - 3/1/15

Hi, guess what? I have a home, with a human in it! Isn't that amazing? Me, Brownie, who never owned a home or a family in his life, now owns both! I will be living in Bennett Colorado, wherever that is, and I really must confess that I don't care where it is, wherever it is, it's MINE! And my wonderful human's name is Lisa! I'll even have a canine brother, Archie!

Sadie the Mastiff/Great Dane Mix - 2/28/15

Sadie the Daniff here to let you know the good news - Erinn and Sam in Elkhorn, Nebraska have adopted me! My new mom is home during the day, so that's pretty neat. I have two kids to grow up with and a big back yard to run in. Then there's Clyde, the resident dog. He's a Native American Indian Dog, and he needed a buddy - so here I am! I'll get lots of playtime, walks, and love. It's a fantastic happy ending for me - thank you BDHP!

Bolo the Mastiff Mix - 2/26/15

Well, all's well that ends well, I always say... Hi, I'm Bolo, like the western tie fashion and, like that, I intend to wrap myself around my new forever family's hearts, like those ties wrap around people's necks.