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Mastiff Mix

Rock the Mastiff/Great Dane Mix - 2/15/17

Rock, the Mastiff/Dane mix will have a wonderful, secure life with Jeanna and Dustin in Denver Colorado. He will never have to worry about being out in the cold and if he will find something to eat. Rock finds comfort and confidence being around other dogs, so he is especially happy to have Louie to be his guide and playmate.

Hank - Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

This is Hank, a 4-5-year-old, Fawn, male Mastiff mix. Not much else is known about him as he was found wandering the streets as a stray but we suspect he has never known the comforts of indoor living before now. He is happy to be inside, warm, well-fed, and have a comfy bed to lay on now and is catching on to basic training quickly. Hank is extremely laid back and super friendly with everyone. He also gets along well with other dogs (cats unknown).

Nala III - Great Dane/Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

This sweet 14-month-old is Nala, the female  Great Dane/Mastiff mix needs a forever home. She lost her home when her owner lost hers. She is house trained, and leash trained and knows “sit” and “here.” She is still quite young, so it may be a good thing to provide her own special den (crate) where she can be when she is not supervised.

Cassius Clay the Mastiff Mix - 1/30/17

Hi there it's Cassius with some awesome news! I was rescued from an abuse situation and then my rescuer had a lot of bad health issues, so I came to rescue. Now I am going to live with Victoria and Sergio of Parker, Colorado. They have three other dogs for me to hang around, but there is also plenty of space for me to sleep quietly when needed. I'm so glad to have found this home and family.

Dakota - Mastiff Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

Dakota is going to be a big only 10 months old he already topping 100lbs...with such large paws to grow into we know this gentle giant is going to be, well, giant! Dakota was abandoned and picked up by animal control where he has been kept safe but the kennel environment isn't great for him, which we find for many of our giants, and so he is coming into our program where he can into a foster home that can work on his confidence levels.

Bones the Mastiff Mix - 1/21/17

Bones the Mastiff Mix is happy to report a change in address...he will be living happily ever after with David and Renee in Denver Colorado! He'll be there only dog but is in experienced hands after raising an 125 lb Rottie and growing up with Saint Bernards. He has a big fenced yard to play in and will look forward to trips to the cabin with his new humans. THANK YOU, JENNIFER & ZAC FOR FOSTERING THIS GOOFY GUY!

Mya - Mastiff Mix - SENIOR

This beautiful 7-year-old, black brindle Mastiff mix is Mya. Unfortunately, her family is no longer able to keep her due to relocation and traveling for work, so someone else is going to be very lucky. She is house trained, trustworthy with free roam, leash trained and knows most of her basic commands. Not only that, buy Mya is very low maintenance, doesn't need much exercise, loves car rides and gets along with other dogs and kids.

Zion the Daniff - 1/14/17

Zion the Great Dane/Mastiff mix is now happily with Ryan, his new mom, in Denver Colorado. She has no other pets so he'll be the apple of her eye, but she does dog sit regularly and he'll have plenty of playmates. She looks forward to spoiling him rotten with all the love and attention a guy could dream of and we couldn't be happier for him! THANK YOU, LAURA & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS PLAYFUL PUP!

George the Great Dane/Mastiff mix - 1/7/17

I know there's a Curious George, but maybe you should call me Happy George. Because that's what I am, now that Tricia and Frank from Littleton, Colorado adopted me, George, the Great Dane/Mastiff mix! At my new home, I join an 8-year-old Mastiff/Bloodhound mix buddy named Andy, a feline friend who I'll enjoy getting to know, and an adult boy!

Sissy the Mastiff Mix - 1/2/17

Sissy the Mastiff mix is so glad to start 2017 on such a high note. Life didn’t start out well for this sweet girl, and it has made her timid and nervous in new situation. Her new parents, Lisa and Tom of Denver Colorado, understand this and will continue to help her gain confidence. Daily walks will be enjoyed by all and the quiet lifestyle will be just the kind that Sissy will relish in. Yes, life will be nothing but blue skies for this sweet girl.