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Mastiff Mix

Blue - Great Dane/Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Hi there, my name's Blue and I'm a 6-month-old Great Dane/Mastiff mix. I'm a thrilled to be here with Big Dogs Huge Paws! I was surrendered to a shelter and was extremely underweight when I arrived. My former owner wasn't feeding me enough - I need lots of food because I'm going to be a pretty big guy! I'm house trained so far and I know sit, but my foster family will of course be working on crate training and the rest of my basic commands.

Brownie the Mastiff Mix - 3/1/15

Hi, guess what? I have a home, with a human in it! Isn't that amazing? Me, Brownie, who never owned a home or a family in his life, now owns both! I will be living in Bennett Colorado, wherever that is, and I really must confess that I don't care where it is, wherever it is, it's MINE! And my wonderful human's name is Lisa! I'll even have a canine brother, Archie!

Sadie the Mastiff/Great Dane Mix - 2/28/15

Sadie the Daniff here to let you know the good news - Erinn and Sam in Elkhorn, Nebraska have adopted me! My new mom is home during the day, so that's pretty neat. I have two kids to grow up with and a big back yard to run in. Then there's Clyde, the resident dog. He's a Native American Indian Dog, and he needed a buddy - so here I am! I'll get lots of playtime, walks, and love. It's a fantastic happy ending for me - thank you BDHP!

Bolo the Mastiff Mix - 2/26/15

Well, all's well that ends well, I always say... Hi, I'm Bolo, like the western tie fashion and, like that, I intend to wrap myself around my new forever family's hearts, like those ties wrap around people's necks.

Henry the Mastiff Mix - 2/21/15

Hi, my name is Henry, and I have found a home! As a returning BDHP alumni, I am glad to have this safe haven to return to when it didn't work out with my family. But it wasn't my fault - they worked to much to spend time with me. But the greatest news is that now I have been adopted. I have moved in with my new Mom and Dad, Leni and David of Thornton Colorado. They rescued a Mastiff named Medusa AKA Sunshine from BDHPI in April 2011.

Fezzik - Mastiff Mix - SENIOR

Hello friends! My name is Fezzik, and I'm a 7-year-old, Fawn English Mastiff/Bloodhound Mix. I've got some skin allergies and some back leg/hip weakness, so I can't do a lot of stairs, but other than that I am a pretty great guy. I'm house trained, crate trained, and leash trained. I know sit, shake, down, and stay. I'm an inside dog, and I'm trustworthy with free roam. I don't bark, dig, or chew, and I'm not allowed on the furniture.

Kahuna the Mastiff Mix - 1/25/15

Hi! My name is Kahuna, like the Big Kahuna, and even though I am just a pup, at 13 months I am just that! I was a stray at the shelter until BDHP picked me up, and for that I will be forever grateful! With my wonderful foster family, Teri & Eric, I have learned to be calmer, accept treats better and in general be a more mannerly dog, and it has sure paid off! I am adopted! I am a member of a family!

Paris the Mastiff/Great Pyrenees - 12/29/14

Paris didn't have to travel to France to find her forever family, she thought Josh & Sarah in Lewisville, Texas would be the perfect mom and dad! Paris will join Madison, a Pyrenees/Coonhound mix who was also adopted from BDHPI, and will have a fenced yard to play in, as well as regular walks and trips to the part. Congrats, Paris! THANK YOU, CHRISTY, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVER GIRL! 

Sandwich Head aka Sammy the Great Dane/Mastiff Mix - 12/26/14

Sammy the Dane/Mastiff mix found his forever family with Connie and James from Aurora, Colorado! These two are no strangers to rescuing - in fact, Sammy will be joining two other rescues - a bonded pair from Denver animal shelter. Sammy will also get to enjoy his time with a feline friend named Ragdoll. Sammy can't wait to get tons of loving from his new family, and enjoy playtime with his new fluffy siblings!

Bali the Mastiff/Great Pyrenees Mix - 12/26/14

You know that saying, "Who rescued who?" I'm Bali the Mastiff/Great Pyrenees mix, and I have a feeling my new family and I can say that in unison. I finally have a forever home with John and Denise in Littleton, Colorado, and they're thrilled to have me, as their two large dogs passed away recently. They have adult children and a nice fenced yard where I can run and play. They'll take me camping, on walks, and just let me hang out with them and be loved.