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Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff)

Belle I - Cane Corso (new to rescue - under evaluation)

This wonderful pup is Belle, the Cane Corso. This sweetheart of a girl knows her basic commands and is housetrained and crate trained. She’s never met a cat, so we do not know how she would respond, but she is good with other dogs and loves to play. She’s docile and gets along with kids and loves car rides. In short, what’s not to love about this girl? So why is she in rescue?

Beauty - Cane Corso (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Beauty is a gorgeous, 3-year-old, black, female Cane Corso who is looking for her forever home. She was an owner surrender to a shelter due to moving and no fault of her own. She was living with small dogs and 1 other large dog and gets longs with dogs of all sizes. Beauty also gets along great with kids. She loves car rides, walks and string cheese and knows some basic commands.

Lucy - Cane Corso (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Lucy the 1 year old, Brindle, Cane Corso is one lucky pup! She was saved by one of BDHPI's partnering vets who saw her being advertised for "free" and wanted to make sure she ended up being spayed and placed in an appropriate forever home. Lucy is a doll who loves to play with other dogs, is great with kids, and is learning all about house training, crate training, leash training and basic commands in her foster home.

Eenie the Cane Corso Mix - 7/8/17

Cane Corso, Eenie, was sadly being sold in a parking lot. A veterinarian thought it would be much better for BDHP to foster her and her brothers and sisters. What a rescue that was! Poor little pups sold in parking lots can be walking into less than loving homes - very bad plight for them. So, now little Eenie will be joining a family with three children, all under 10 years old who will love and play with her.

Tater Tot the Cane Corso - 6/24/17

Tater Tot, the Cane Corso, is so lucky! He will be living with Katie and Matt in Omaha, Nebraska. There he will enjoy playing with his fursibling and getting a lot of belly rubs and walks. Katie and Matt are familiar with the giant breeds so little Tater Tot will get the positive re-enforcement training, leadership and socialization he needs as he continues to grow up. It will be a great life for this “little” guy!

Moe the Cane Corso Mix - 5/28/17

Moe, the Cane Corso, has a great home with Tara and Nathan in Denver, Colorado. Tara works from home unless she has to go out on a call. This means that Moe will have his mommy home to love on him whenever he wants and to work on training. He also has Pepper, a 3-year-old hound mix, to show him the ropes and play with. Other days, Moe and Pepper will have fun on hikes and going here and there with their mom and dad. This little boy has hit the jackpot! Thank you, Christy, for fostering this boy wonder!

Cannoli the Cane Corso - 5/11/17

Cannoli the Cane Corso has landed in the best place for her ever! She used to be tied up in a backyard with no one to love on her. Now she gets the run of a doggy daycare and an apartment all to herself. David of Fort Collins, Colorado started fostering this doll face and couldn't resist keeping her. He's had previous experience training dogs and caring for them, so he knows just what Cannoli needs to be happy.

Miney the Cane Corso Mix - 5/11/17

Miney the Cane Corso Mix is the first of his litter to find his forever family. This little pup and his siblings were being sold in a parking lot. A good Samaritan took them in and transferred them to BDHPI. Miney, in particular, went to live with an amazing foster family. It didn't take long for them to fall in love with his face, and he with their affections. John and Joy of Erie, Colorado have been fostering dogs for a little while. It seems they were waiting for this amazing dog to come along and greatly brighten their lives.

Mama - Cane Corso

Mama mia! My name is Mama, and I'm a 6-year-old, Black Brindle, female Cane Corso looking to brighten up your family! I weigh about 116 pounds right now, so I'm a decent-sized Mama. I'm good with other dogs of all sizes, humans of all ages and sexes, and I've been described as a "very sweet girl who just loves attention from anyone and everyone." I can't tell you much about my past, because I was found as a stray.

Chopper the Cane Corso - 4/21/17

Chopper the Cane Corso is on his way to his forever home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He'll be enjoying the bachelor life with his new Dad Andrew. Chopper will enjoy living in an apartment with free roam during the day while and lots of walks before and after work. Andrew currently has a Neapolitan Mastiff named Sophia, a Cane Corso named Maura, and a history of rescuing dogs, so he knows all about the adjustment period.