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Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff)

Davina - Cane Corso (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Meet Davina! This 11 month old, blue brindle beauty is pretty close to perfect if you ask us. While she may be an adolescent Cane Corso, which is not the breed or age for just anyone, she has a lot going for sure. She is house trained, crate trained, leash trained, knows sit, lay down, house, no, and leave it. Davina also gets along well with other dogs, cats, and kids, although she is a bit shy initially when it comes to strangers.

Lucy the Cane Corso - 10/1/17

Yay for Lucy the Cane Corso! The wonderful, shy girl has found her forever home with Troy and Victoria in Centennial Colorado. This sweet girl did not have the best start and Troy and Victoria know this. They are experienced giant breed owners, and they will help her gain confidence. Lucy will also have a fursibling to love on and play with. The rest of her life will be lived in security and happiness. So happy for this sweet girl! THANK YOU, MARY, FOR FOSTERING HER!

Duke - Cane Corso (new to rescue - under evaluation)

Duke is a gorgeous, 2.5 year old, 93 lb, Black Brindle, male Cane Corso. He is registered with the International Cane Corso Federation, Inc, which some folks might find cool but we don't care about papers around here. What we find the coolest is that this guy is a complete love bug who is very outgoing and friendly.

Mama the Cane Corso - 9/30/17

Although my name is Mama, I won't be the Mama in my new home but the four legged daughter.  That's just fine with me.  Thunder and a touch of arthritis are the only nemeses for this Cane Corso  (they think between 6 and 7 years-not a youngster for an older lady).

Sadie the Cane Corso Mix - 9/24/17

Some girls have all the meeting their perfect forever home while they're just enjoying playtime at doggie daycare. That's exactly what happened to Sadie the 3 year old Cane Corso mix. While Sadie was spending some time playing around, Walter noticed this beautiful young dog and decided she was going to be his forever dog. We believe this is a match made in Heaven.

Abby the Cane Corso - 9/16/17

Shy Abby, our Cane Corso, has been adopted!  Such good news because Abby didn't have the best start to her life. She will have a wonderful family with a young boy who is very accustomed to large dogs. She will have a 6 foot fenced yard, many walks and playtimes with Adrianne, Dustin and their little boy.  This young lady really deserves a good forever life and she has certainly been blessed to go home with these forever people.

Beauty the Cane Corso - 9/16/17

Beauty the Cane Corso has a wonderful home with Susan in Lakewood, Colorado. This is one lucky girl. She will be the only pup and will get to soak up all of her new mom’s attention, but she will also have a fur-cousin, another Cane Corso, to play with on a regular basis. When not playing or hanging out with mom, Beauty will enjoy keeping her mom safe on her nightly walks—just the perfect job for her. Beauty, you are going to have a wonderful life.

Belle I - Cane Corso

This wonderful pup is Belle, the Cane Corso. This sweetheart of a girl knows her basic commands and is housetrained and crate trained. She’s never met a cat, so we do not know how she would respond, but she is good with other dogs and loves to play. She’s docile and gets along with kids and loves car rides. In short, what’s not to love about this girl? So why is she in rescue?

Eenie the Cane Corso Mix - 7/8/17

Cane Corso, Eenie, was sadly being sold in a parking lot. A veterinarian thought it would be much better for BDHP to foster her and her brothers and sisters. What a rescue that was! Poor little pups sold in parking lots can be walking into less than loving homes - very bad plight for them. So, now little Eenie will be joining a family with three children, all under 10 years old who will love and play with her.

Tater Tot the Cane Corso - 6/24/17

Tater Tot, the Cane Corso, is so lucky! He will be living with Katie and Matt in Omaha, Nebraska. There he will enjoy playing with his fursibling and getting a lot of belly rubs and walks. Katie and Matt are familiar with the giant breeds so little Tater Tot will get the positive re-enforcement training, leadership and socialization he needs as he continues to grow up. It will be a great life for this “little” guy!