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Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd

Moxie the Anatolian Shepherd - 3/11/17

Moxie the gorgeous two and half year old Anatolian Shepard is heading to Westcliffe, Colorado to join Larry, Monica, and London the Mastiff Mix and BDHPI Alum. This is sure to be a made a match made in Heaven. Larry and Monica have lots of giant breed experience, have lots of acreage for the dogs to roam (safely on leash, of course) they can't wait to share their lives with Moxie. We are sure Moxie is going to enjoy a long and happy life with her forever family.

Holly the Anatolian Shepherd Mix - 1/15/17

I'm Holly the Anatolian Shepherd mix who was picked up as a stray. But I'm a stray no more, as Ayla and Rob from Page, Arizona saw me and adopted me! My new humans are wonderful, as they volunteer at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. They have large breed experience, a large (and fenced-in) backyard where I can romp, and even a covered patio where I can rest after those romps.

Penny the Mastiff/Anatolian Shepherd Mix - 12/13/16

Penny the Mastiff/Anatolian Shepherd mix is happy to announce she's found her perfect forever home. She came to BDHPI as a stray from a shelter and was looking for someone to love her. After spending time with her, Penny's foster mom decided she is going to stay there forever. Sherri of Littleton, Colorado is happily keeping this adorable girl, who has grown quite fond of her yellow lab, Sandy.

Koda the Anatolian Mix - 11/14/16

Koda the Anatolian puppy is happy to announce he's found a forever home. Debra and Christopher of Evergreen, Colorado are taking in this adorable pup. He's going to learn lots from them, so he's going to be a great adult doggy. There are two other dogs in the house who are near the end of their lives, so Koda will help comfort the family to grieve and heal.

Annie aka Avery the Anatolian Shepherd - 10/17/16

Annie the Anatolian Mix and Michelle of Broomfield, Colorado are about to become the next Thelma and Lousie (minus the cliff jump, of course ;) These two gals have found each other and it looks like a match made in heaven. Michelle has done a lot of research on Mastiffs, has worked as a vet tech, and she helped her mom train Goldens for show.

Bode - Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix - SENIOR

This regal, gentle 8-year-old Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Mix is Bode (now called “Leo” for Leonidas). He is looking for a place to call his own after his owner’s circumstances changed. He would be best as the only dog and he is truly a gentle giant. when it comes to people True to his breed he will calmly and quietly patrol the property, mark his territory, and will bark to alert.

Sir Martin the Anatolian Shepherd/Great Dane Mix - 4/29/16

Sir Martin is leaving BDHP and heading to the perfect forever home in Durango Colorado. He will be the only dog in the home of Dot, who is known to treat her dogs like her kids, so we expect he will get lots of love and attention. Dot is an experienced large breed Mom, with experience in training young dogs and her son, Dominic, grew up around her St Bernard.  Sir Martin will enjoy a fenced yard, and the regular companionship of her tenant's dog, Harley the Lab/Heeler mix.

Stella the Anatolian Shepherd - 4/26/16

Hi, Stella here! I am the luckiest dog EVER! When my owner could not keep me he settled me with a friend, but the arrangements he made for me fell through and they had no choice but to send me to BDHP. That's where the lucky part comes in! They cared enough to send me here! I settled in to a home with cats, kids and another dog. They were pretty wonderful!

Atius the Anatolian Shepherd - 12/30/15

Atius the Anatolian has scored the jackpot with new mom and dad, Michael & Angelina, in Denver Colorado! Their three kids, Clarence, Colin, and Cierra are also thrilled about their new addition. He has a 6 foot fenced yard to patrol with his new doggie pals, Shadow the American Tudra Shepherd and Bandit the Karakachan.

Kizzy the Anatolian Shepherd - 12/5/15

Beth, Addie, Sadie, and Hiro have warmly welcomed Kizzy, the Anatolian Shepherd into their Denver home. Kizzy is thrilled to join their family and resident dog, Hiro, who is full of love for everyone and every dog. Hiro is grateful for his new friend--someone he can hang out with at the dog park and keep him company at home during the day.