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Aimy Scroggins - Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming State Medical Coordinator

Aimy Scroggins has been a Registered Nurse since 1999, and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist since 2006.  She had dedicated her entire professional career being at the bed-side and in the operating room.  She has provided anesthesia care in a variety of medical settings the past several years.  Her patients have ranged from healthy, out-patients, needing routine surgery and procedures, to sick medical patients, needing complicated surgery, to the emergent, trauma patient, needing life-saving surgery. 

Aimy was raised around a myriad of animals, helping care for dogs, cats, horses, cattle, chickens, pigs, goats, rabbits, ducks and geese, to name a few.  She loves horse-back riding, and even tinkered with barrel racing as a young girl.  In 2014, a year-and-a-half after the death of her first Great Dane (Xena), she decided she needed to put her love for animals to use and started researching Giant Breed Rescues.  In June 2014, in honor of Xena, Aimy took her first foster for Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc.  Since that time, she has fostered many Giants, helps with transports for BDHP and other local rescues, processes applications of potential adopters, performs home checks, and performs temperament testing for potential dogs coming into rescue.  Since becoming a volunteer for BDHP she, along with a couple of other dedicated BDHP volunteers, has worked hard and helped grow the small group of OK volunteers.  She attends many local rescue events, and educates the public about the great work that BDHP does for Giants, and specifically about the Yellow Dog Project. In March 2016, she wrote a BDHP featured article in a local magazine, People of Midtown.

Aimy resides in Tulsa, OK, with her husband, J.D. Walker, BDHP Alumni Donii, and Kit the cat.  As Medical Coordinator for CO, WY, and NM, Aimy looks forward to learning more about the volunteers in those states and helping with the medical needs of BDHP Giants.

Andrea Davis - Administrative Assistant to the President

Andrea has been in love with dogs since she was a child. She had two American mutts growing up, Honey and Patches, that she adored. She volunteered at a vet clinic for two years and house sat people's dogs until she went to college. After moving from Texas to Colorado, she started volunteering with BDHPI in 2016. She also helps LOLA's Rescue & Friends of Retired Greyhounds (FORG), though she wants to help more rescues & save all the puppies! She has resumed house sitting other people's dogs as well. For Big Dogs, she fosters, processes adoption & foster applications, completes homechecks, moves dogs across state lines, manages the website and whatever else BDHP needs her to do. A big part of her job is trying to make the President's life easier, along with that of the Board.

Andrea lives in Littleton, Colorado with her significant other & logical half, Dave (who keeps her from bringing 20+ dogs home) and three herding dogs - Rhea (pictured above), Ashe & Sudo (plus Widget the cat who rules everyone). The right giant breed dog hasn't come along yet to "foster fail" on, but she's sure the day is coming. 

Andrea has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity University and currently works as a vet assistant for Woodlawn Vet Clinic. She previous worked at HomeAdvisor for almost four years and can answer almost any question around home improvement -- especially when it comes to pet-proofing!


Jessica Lambrecht - Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas State Medical Coordinator

Jessica Lambrecht was born and raised in Oklahoma. Her first dogs were a set of Great Pyrenees which is where her love for big dogs began. Throughout her life she has owned a wide variety of dogs including: Great Pyrenees, Dane/Rottie mix, Malamute, Husky, Australian Shepherd, Boston Terrier, and of course, her favorite, Great Danes. She also used to live on a ranch and had four Clydesdale horses and barn cats, so she has a huge heart for animals. 

As a child, Jessica always wanted to be a vet when she grew up, so in high school she interned at a local vet for two years. After her internship she went to OSU and completed 2 years of pre-vet undergraduate studies and realized that her heart wasn't in the science of veterinary work, it was in the rescue aspect of helping dogs which inevitably ended her up where she is today, volunteering for BDHPI. 

Jessica currently resides with her boyfriend, Anson, four Great Danes and a tabby cat in Edmond. One of her Danes, Achilles, is a certified therapy dog whom she enjoys visiting hospitals, libraries, and nursing homes with in order to better the lives of others. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master's Degree of Business Administration and currently works for a construction company as the office manager, keeping the books, handling property management, and marketing for the company.

Jessica has enjoyed volunteering for BDHPI so much through the years as a foster, transporting dogs, and attending events, that she is thrilled to help out the rescue even more by becoming a Medical Coordinator for the states of TX, OK, KS, and MO.  Between her personal experiences and foster dogs, Jessica has dealt with just about any medical issue you can imagine so she brings loads of experience to the job and hopes to be a valuable resource to the foster families within her region. 


Jascha Morton - Medical Co-Coordinator, Medications & Heartworm Prevention


Jascha lives in Centennial, Colorado and works as a Swim Lesson Coordinator at a local recreation center, works part-time as a Veterinary Assistant, coaches a swim team, and does quite a bit of dog sitting on the side as well.  She has a huge heart for animals and quite a bit of experience in working with dogs in particular.

Jascha has been involved in rescue for several years and is happy to be a member of the Big Dogs Huge Paws team. She knows the importance of each and every volunteer and is happy to make a difference by helping to distribute medications and heartworm prevention to foster dogs in our program.  Her personal pack includes 3 Saint Bernards named Brigsby, Ruby, and Sadie, a Newfoundland named Wilhemenia and a permanent foster Great Dane named Bebe. She also owned a Great Pyrenees/Mastiff mix previously as well so she is no stranger to giant breeds! 



Trish Hilliard Emmons - Records Coordinator

Trish and her husband, Joseph, first adopted from BDHP in 2010.  Since that time they have fostered (failing with their fourth foster) and help transport dogs whenever they can.

Once Trish retired from her career in health care administration, she began processing adoption and volunteer applications.  When presented with the opportunity to coordinate medical records, Trish happily accepted.

Trish and Joseph split their time between their two homes in Taos, NM and Lawrence, KS along with their 4 dogs:  sisters Una and Bella (Newfie/BMD), and BDHP alums Gracie (formerly known as Vivian the Newfie mix) and failed foster Pierre (Great Pyrenees).







Tina Ellifrits - Kansas State Coordinator

Tina and her husband, Donnie, are new to rescuing having joined BDHPI in May of 2013. However, they are no strangers to giant breeds and have owned 3 Bernese Mountain Dogs and a Great Pyrenees. All four were certified therapy dogs so they understand the importance of training, socialization, and community service. They currently live on a farm in Kansas with 3 horses, 2 BDHPs alums Dirk the Dane/Mastiff Mix and Annie the Bernese Mountain Dog, along with a Shepherd mix that ‘adopted’ them soon after they arrived in the area. 

Since joining the BDHPI family, they have been actively involved with fostering, transporting and phone interviews. Professionally Tina is a Business and Process Analyst but her passion has always been animals. She is thrilled to be able to help more Bigs than just their adopted dogs and looks forward to her new position where she will be responsible for recruiting more volunteers in the area and building a cohesive group to further our mission as a rescue!  




OPEN POSITION - Nebraska State Coordinator




Emily Haas - Transport Coordinator

Emily Haas is an attorney who works at a small law firm in south Omaha, Nebraska.  She was born and raised in Nebraska, and attended both undergrad and law school in Lincoln.  She began volunteering for Big Dogs Huge Paws at the beginning of 2012, during her last semester of law school, after reading an article in the Lincoln Journal Star about one of the dogs being fostered in the area.  Hoping to one day own a giant breed, but having little experience with them, Emily thought it would be a good idea to get familiarity with such large breeds.  She began by doing transports and attending events; after moving to Omaha the following year, she also began to take more of an active role in chairing and planning events, doing welcome calls for new volunteers, helping with the occasional legal issue, and performing home checks for potential adopters. 


Emily currently lives in La Vista, with her two feline fur children, Luna and Tonks.  She still does not have a giant of her own, but still plans to one day when she is able, and in the meantime, does her best not to fall in love with too many of the dogs that she sees coming through the rescue. 







Judy Mead - Social Media Coordinator

Judy is a lifelong animal lover with a passion for the gentle giants! She started volunteering with BDHP in 2009 and enjoys thinking of new ways to help the rescue. Currently she makes embroidered projects that you can often find for sale on the BDHP Facebook page. She has a Biology Degree from Metro State College of Denver and plans on starting a teaching career in the near future.

Judy currently works for the City of Aurora, Colorado. Judy has a fantastic and tolerant husband, Craig, and two great kids, Emma and Parker, who are all regulars at BDHPI events. She shares her home with two Great Danes, Lady and BDHP alum, Holly. Lady is Judy’s first dog as an adult and she could not have picked a breed that fit her lifestyle better! Judy started the Volunteer Only Facebook page and oversees the BDHPI promotional products for sale.





Marissa Knight Medical Co-Coordinator, Medications & Heartworm Prevention

Marissa lives in Englewood, CO  with her failed foster Neshobe the senior Great Dane, and 2 rescued Goldens, Chloe and Ava.  She has been an active volunteer with BDHPI since its inception. 

Marissa is responsible for distributing monthly Heartworm prevention to our foster dogs as well as any other medicines they may need. In addition, she assists with transports, home-checks, dog food pick up, foster supplies, micro-chipping, photographing incoming dogs, and fostering.  She loves helping dogs in need and enjoys educating others about these special Giants. The rewards of rescue are very visible to her via the happy endings that our organization creates and she also enjoys the camaraderie of being around other “crazy dog” people. 

In addition to volunteering with Big Dogs, Marissa and her Canine Good Citizen Chloe, visit patients and hospital staff at Porter hospital.  She and her dogs enjoy swimming and hiking as well as lots of lounging around. 



Ruthie Stirewalt - Utah, Iowa, Montana & Nebraska State Medical Coordinator

Ruthie was born and raised in Omaha, NE where she currently lives with her husband, Kyle, and theirr two dogs, tortoise, and western hognose snake. She has been employed as a receptionist at a veterinary hospital for the past four years and has my bachelors degree in Veterinary Science. Now, she is getting her Masters degree in Secondary Education with the goal of becoming a high school Biology teacher. Her husband and she began fostering for BDHPI in 2012 and have housed a wide variety of breeds, ages, personalities and health conditions and behavioral issues. They “failed” on a senior Saint Bernard, Beethoven, as well as a Boerboel, Arthur, whom have sinced passed away. They also assist in transporting dogs to foster or forever homes, as well as processing applications and performing homechecks. Their current dogs include Ginny the sassy, independent Bloodhound/Saint Bernard mix and Bronx the energetic, loving bully mix.

Ruthie is extremely passionate about the quality veterinary care that BDHPI provides to its dogs and looks forward to helping in any way that she can!



Frankie Hennis - Events Coordinator

Frankie currently lives in Lakewood with her husband & French Mastiff Ruger.  However, she grew up on a farm in Ohio & had plenty of pets & livestock to keep her company thru the years.  So naturally, when she grew up & moved to the city, she still wanted both.  Which is why she chooses the Giants!

Her first dog as an adult was rescued pit/lab mix.  From there, the herd grew with a rescued boxer that had been abandoned when her family moved & left her abandoned in a closet.  Then came along a 4 month old pyr that had been badly abused.  As time went on, she lost her lab & boxer and her family gave her the dog she had always dreamed of, an English Mastiff! Of course, the dream was obviously different, because they presented her with a puppy!  That puppy was the one who would lead her to volunteering.  The next dog they adopted was a female english mastiff, who they named Tinky.  They adopted her from Friends of Rescued Mastiffs & they convinced her to began volunteering for them.  Of course, when that rescue dismantled, the same volunteer that did their homecheck got her to start volunteering for Big Dogs Huge Paws in 2009.

Since she joined BDHPI, Frankie has been heavily involved in event planning and marketing coordination and has helped raise thousands of dollars for the big dogs in need. She has also volunteered her time helping with homechecks, fostering, and more! She is excited to be joining the leadership team and is very devoted to our cause. 

Shannon O'Brien - PetPoint Coordinator

Shannon feels strongly about volunteering in her community and for most of her life she has worked with wildlife. After moving to Colorado she was looking for volunteer opportunities and found out about BDHPI. Having a soft spot for the giant breeds led her to decide to work with dogs instead of wildlife, so she offered her volunteer services to BDHPI doing transports, home checks, and fostering, as well as attending many of our events.  When the call went out for help with data entry, Shannon offered her services and ever since has been managing the PetPoint database, including processing adoptions, registering microchips, and sending emails to our adopters.  She loves helping such a worthy cause and appreciates all the other volunteers that make our mission possible.








OPEN POSITION - Texas State Coordinator

Tess Skarbowski - Merchandising Coordinator

Tess lives in Aurora, Colorado with her husband Jay, and their three dogs - Brooklyn the Lab/Pit mix, Lady the Golden Retriever, and Jersey the Cane Corso. Both Tess and Jay grew up with big dogs. Tess's parents had a Malamute/Wolf mix when she was born, and Jay grew up with Golden Retrievers and Saint Bernards. 

Tess has always loved dogs, and big dogs in particular. After several years volunteering with Denver Dumb Friends League and Colorado Weim Rescue, Tess and Jay became  foster parents with Big Dogs in 2010. Shortly after, she began doing phone applications and performing home checks. Tess and Jay added a big dog to their pack in 2012, with the Cane Corso named Jersey, and also became the Merchandising Coordinator for Big Dogs that same year. 

In between getting new swag for the rescue, sending out orders, doing phone applications and home checks, and attending events, Tess is also in school full time to become an EMT-Paramedic. 

OPEN POSITION - Oklahoma State Coordinator

Laura Bullock - Outreach Coordinator

Laura is a lifelong animal lover, especially dogs of all sizes!  She previously volunteered for Maxfund and started volunteering for BDHP in 2012.  Laura enjoys fostering, processing adoption and volunteer applications, completing home checks, transporting BDHP dogs, attending events, and helping with of some of the behind-the-scenes administrative activities for the President. 

Laura lives in Littleton, Colorado, with her tolerant and understanding husband, Scott, and their son Jackson (seven), two 13-year old Chihuahuas, Angus and Frisco, and BDHP alumni, Louie, a Cane Corso Mastiff.  Jackson frequently accompanies Laura on home checks and he loves to help spread the word about giant breed traits and often has a funny story to share about Louie.  Jackson also loves to entertain young family members during home checks so mom can visit with the adults.  When accompanying mom on transports, Jackson pets and sings to the dogs as he senses they are confused and stressed.

Laura has a Business Degree from Western State University (earn a degree while you ski) and is a manager in the Quality Assurance Division of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Laura previously served 15 years with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Denver Branch.

Anne Lambert - New Mexico State Coordinator

 Anne Lambert is a writer of fiction and nonfiction works. She has worked as a free lance and research writer, writing about a variety of subjects, from traveling and living in a foreign country, to military child rearing and traveling overseas with pets and children. She returned to the US from Venezuela after living there for four years, part of the Embassy military team.

Upon her return, she became involved in therapy dog work. She trained her first dog with Southwest Canine Corps of Volunteers. MiCante (her fifteen year old Giant Malamute) was her first Therapy Dog. MiCa and she has continued to work as a Therapy Dog team in an unofficial capacity, as she is too old to maintain an active role in hospitals.

Anne is a firm believer in giving back. Dogs have been a huge part of her life and she wants to make every effort to see that they are well treated and cared for, and that they reach a home where they will be loved. She is thrilled to join the BDHPI Team in her new role as New Mexico State Coordinator and looks forward to building the local volunteer group and serving as a resource to volunteers in her area.


Sara Mattson - Charitable Partners Coordinator

Sara lives in Lincoln, NE with her husband and 2 black lab rescues and BDHPI foster fail, Midnight the senior Great Dane.  She got involved in rescue a few years back as the adoption coordinator for the local rescue that took in many mixed breed and hard to place dogs.  Once she decided to take a step back from the intense responsibilities, she started fostering for Big Dogs Huge Paws.  Her older lab doesn't love visitors, so the size and temperaments of the giants were perfectly suited for him.  Sara uses her Masters in Business Administration by holding the position of Grants Specialist in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  She also teaches Zumba at two local gyms.  Sara looks forward to being able to help out the Big Dogs Huge Paws community by negotiating new vet, daycare, and other business charitable partner relationships!

Alicia Nielsen - Event Coordinator - Nebraska

Alicia was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She has er Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and is pursuing her Master’s degree currently. She works for Metro Community College. Her family always had dogs and cats while she was growing up so she has always been an animal lover. She currently owns a Cavalier King Charles name Leo, 2 Great Danes named Lexie and Liam, and 2 cats named Paige and Penelope. When Alicia adopted Lexie, she fell in love with the Great Dane breed. She has been fostering Great Danes for many years now and has a HUGE soft spot for special needs Great Danes in particular. In fact, she has been dedicated to educating others about Great Danes born with the Double-Merle Gene. Her mission started with her second foster dog who was deaf and shortly after that she adopted Liam who is deaf and partially blind. Since then, Alicia has taken on fosters Cleo & Skye who were born deaf and without eyes and abandoned at a young age. Alicia is looking forward to fostering and learning about the many other breeds BDHPI takes in as well as doing transports, performing home checks, and attending events. She is looking forward to taking on a more active role in the rescue by organizing events as our new Event Coordinator in Nebraska. We are confident she will do an amazing job helping to rally fellow volunteers to help spread the word about our mission and recruit more volunteers and adopters in the area!