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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories
Callie(a.k.a. Carma) the Great Dane is now happily in her forever home with Anthony in Walsenburg, Colorado. She has a Great Dane named Kingston to play with, who was also a rescue. Her new dad has worked through a ton of issues with his current Dane and is committed to doing everything he can to make sure this sweet girl feels safe and secure in her new home. Callie gets to go to work everyday with her dad and will rarely have to be left alone.
BeBe the Great Dane went to her forever home with Crystal & Kevin in Fort Collins, Colorado. She hit it off right away with her new brother, Phoenix the Jack Russel Terrier/Italian Greyhound mix, and they were play bowing and chasing one another like they were long lost friends!

Captain the Great Dane went to his forever home with Nancy in Broomfield, Colorado. He is in very experienced hands and his new mom has owned 5 Great Danes previously. Nancy's son, Dr. Rob Landry from Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital, will make sure he receives only the best of medical care for the rest of his life! Captain has a Great Dane sister named Abbie, a Shelty sister named Megan and a Rag Doll cat named Nina to keep him company.

Harley the Great Dane is now a permanent addition at her new home with Allex and Larry in Wichita, Kansas. Her new parents are retired and were looking for a loyal companion to love and cherish! Harley was the perfect match with her gentle, docile nature and they are thrilled with their new big baby. Her new parents look forward to taking her for lots of walks and showing her off!

Molly the Saint Bernard, a victim of horrible neglect and cruelty, is now happy to put her past behind her as she joins her forever family, Amy, Craig, and their son, Connor, in Parker, Colorado! She instantly fit into the pack and befriended her new Golden Retriever sister, Princess Leia. Someone is home almost all the time which means that Molly will rarely have to be left alone and will be spoiled rotten with lots of love and attention!

Sugar the Great Pyrenees is now happily united with her forever family, Peggy, Steven, and their kids, Bryan, Lauren, and Nina in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has a Bichon Frise brother named Tony and they were immediate friends! The family lost their last Great Pyrenees due to old age last fall and love the breed. They plan on taking Sugar through training in order to become a therapy dog and look forward to volunteering for BDHPI as well.
Lollipop went to her forever home with Samantha, her boyfriend Lamont, and her 5 yr old daughter in Aurora, Colorado. They were so excited to meet Lolli and thought she was adorable! Lollipop was a little nervous and her new family was very gentle and patient with her. They welcomed her with a pretty new purple Walkie Woo collar and matching leash, a new dog bed, kong, toys and raised feeders. They also love her name and are keeping it!
Scooby the Great Dane went to his new home with Melissa & Jonathan in Golden, Colorado. He will be spoiled rotten with all the love and attention as the only dog! His new parents couldn't get over their handsome, goofy new addition and loved him at first sight. They were excited to get him signed up for obedience classes right away and plan to continue working on socialization.
Rosco the Dogue de Bordeaux is now happily united with his forever family, David & Jennifer, in Aurora, Colorado. His new sister is a Dogue de Bordeaux/Rottweiler mix named Emma and they were instant friend, play bowing, wrestling, and playing chase! His new parents were so proud to call him their "new son" and couldn't wait to take him to the dog park and introduce him to all their friends. He will be loved and cherished for the rest of his days!
Molly the precious, Mastiff/Shar Pei mix puppy is now happily in her new home with Nadia & Isaac in Centennial, Colorado. She will be the only dog, but there are tons of fenced play areas and walking paths in the area for her to meet new friends! This also means that her new mom and dad can devote all their time and attention to making sure she receives proper training and socialization as she grows.
Phoebe the Newfoundland puppy went to her forever home with Jim & Jenna in Boulder, Colorado. She has a Great Pyrenees sister named Sophie to show her the ropes. Her new parents couldn't wait to get her home to introduce both their gentle giants! They live in a very pet friendly town and look forward to taking both Phoebe and Sophie hiking, biking, and camping. She will receive only the best and will be spoiled rotten!
Eve the Great Dane is happily in her forever home with Amy, Keith, and their two kids, Ethan and Claire, in Evergreen, Colorado. They were fostering this sweet girl and she fit into the pack so well that they couldn't part with her! Even their bossy Border Collie/Lab mix Jackie liked her immediately and much to their surprise was ready to play from the moment she arrived.
Fred the Great Dane went to his forever home with Sheri, Kelly, and their son Gabe in Rapid City, South Dakota. He has a Newfoundland sister to play with and will get to enjoy lots of trips to the park as well! His new family enjoys the outdoors and plans to take their new addition hiking and 4-wheeling with them as well. Fred is in wonderful hands and his new family will make sure that he gets plenty of love and feels safe and secure!

Diesel the English Mastiff went to his forever home with Scott in Denver, Colorado. Diesel and Scott hit it off right away, and Scott was so excited he was going to take Diesel to work with him and introduce him to everyone. Diesel will be the only dog so he will get lots of attention and Scott already had a futon setup for Diesel as his dog bed, Diesel was very excited to have found his forever home! THANKS MATT FOR FOSTERING THIS WONDERFUL BOY!

Winston the Mastiff/St. Bernard mix went to his forever home with Linda & Kurt in Aurora, Colorado. They fell in love with his goofy, loving personality right away! He will be the only dog and spoiled rotten with all the attention. His new parents look forward to introducing him to their daughter's Saint Bernard and hope they will become fast friends since they'll be spending a lot of time together.
Maddie the Blind Great Dane puppy is happily in her forever home with Kat in Arvada, Colorado! She has a Plott Hound sister named Maggie and they are best of friends! Her new mom is a Vet Tech at Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital so we know that she'll receive nothing but the best of care from Dr. Landry. Her new mom has experience working with blind horses and is thrilled to have an opportunity to work with a special needs puppy.
Hayley the special needs Great Dane is now with her new mom, Kathy, in her forever home located in Longmont, Colorado. She has a Black & Tan Coonhound brother named Banjo, a Poodle mix named Jim, and a Bichon named Winston to play with and keep her company! Her dog sitter, who comes over daily at lunchtime to play, owns deaf Dalmatians so she is in good hands and Kathy has a wonderful, experienced support system!
Kia(a.k.a Kiki) was adopted by her fabulous new mom and dad, Kristen and Brent, and their 3 kids, Andrew, Adam and Becca in Kaysville, Utah. She also has a new Bull Mastiff sister named Bailey and they were instant friends! Her new family drove all the way from SLC to meet Kia's foster mom in Rawlins, WY and were overwhelmed with excitement to meet their new baby.

Olivia(a.k.a. Ollie) the Great Dane has found the perfect forever family with Sean & Liz in Denver, Colorado. They are both Therapists by profession and very kind, patient people who are looking forward to helping her continue to build her confidence and will give her plenty of TLC and reassurance along the way! Ollie has a German Shepherd Mix brother named Halo and two cats named Fluffy & Cheddar to play with and keep her company.

Tonka went to his forever home with Tiphany & Kennis in the beautiful mountains of Alpine, Wyoming. He has a new canine best friend named Oscar the English Mastiff and his new family owned a St. Bernard previously as well, so he is in wonderful, experienced hands! He will look forward to holistic food, daily walks, and someone being home to keep him company most of the time.
Oscar the Dogue de Bordeaux has found a wonderful forever home with David & Paige in Aurora, Colorado. They were fostering this sweet boy and simply fell in love and could not part with him! He is the only child and spoiled rotten with all the love and attention I guy could dream of.
Myles is now in his forever home with Ryan, Natalie, and their two kids, Laurel & Reese, in Fort Collins, Colorado. They are very excited to take their new addition to the many nearby dog parks and can't wait to show him off to their friends and family. They will make sure that Myles receives only the best of care and feels loved and adored for the rest of his life!
Hercules has found the most perfect forever home with Ryan & Katharine in Denver, Colorado! It was love at first sight as soon as they saw his photo and they were even more impressed when they met this big hunk of love in person. Hercules' new dad works from home which means he will rarely have to be left alone. They are very excited about taking him for lots of walks on the nearby green belt and trips to the many local parks for play dates!

Rocky the Saint Bernard is now happily in his forever home with Ro & Dan in Breckenridge, Colorado! They live in the mountains where the snow doesn't really melt until June, so he'll be plenty cool all year round. His new mom owns a massage business and hopes to be able to bring him to work with her everyday. They also live backed up to National forest and can't wait to take him for lots of long walks to explore!

Jack the English Mastiff has found his way home forever with Ray & Carol in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He and his new sister, Maya the Mastiff, were instant friends! They were wrestling from the moment they met, rearranging any furniture that got in their way, and soaked with slobber from mouthing each other! I think it's safe to say that these two goofballs were the perfect match.
Dolly the St. Bernard went to her forever home with Robyn in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Robyn's daughter and their two friends all drove down to meet her. One of the friends is a professional groomer, and Dolly already has an appointment for a full makeover! Her new family has extensive rescue experience and are more than happy to give Dolly all the time she needs to feel comfortable. She has two new brothers, Bear the big Great Pyrenese and Rowdy the Golden mix.
Yaeger the Great Dane is now happily with his forever family which includes Robert the Dad, Ashley the Mom, and kids Jonathan, Megan and Zachary, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He will be the only dog and spoiled rotten with all sorts of attention! His new parents have gone to great lengths in the care of their previous pets and have already located a local Canine Rehabilitation Center where they will continue with his Physical Therapy.
Apollo the Great Dane went to his forever home with Rachel, Ben, and their son, Joey, in Aurora, Colorado. He has a Golden Retriever sister named Minnie, a Tweenie Dachshund named Marcel, a cat named Ross, and a snail and two fish named Curly, Larry, and Moe to complete his new family! They look forward to fattening him up, playing fetch, and taking him for lots of walks.
Keisha the Newfoundland is now happily in her forever home with Bennie in Parker, Colorado. She has come so far since coming into foster care and we are absolutely thrilled with her progress! While a little shy upon first being introduced to her new dad, she warmed up quickly and jumped right into his van ready to go and explore her new digs. Bennie is retired and home almost all of the time which will be wonderful for Keisha!

Laya was very excited to have found her forever home with Lisa and Rich in Denver, Colorado. Laya will have Capone a Boxer/Lab mix, Lola a Caique bird, Hawaii a Eclectus bird, and Spike a Cockatiel bird to keep her company, Capone and her hit it off right away and fast became friends. Laya will be in good hands with Rich and Lisa as they have lots of good knowledge and are well prepared for their new family member and are excited to have her. THANKS TO KATHIE FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET GIRL!!!

Kingston the Great Dane found his forever family with Peggy and Martin in Littleton, Colorado. He has a great big yard to run, play, and wrestle with his new canine friends, Oreo and Leroux the Great Danes. He also has two kitties name Maxwell and Warre to snuggle with! His new mom is a nurse, has tons of foster experience, and will make sure that this sweet boy has everything he needs to be happy and comfortable in his new home! Kingston's new vet will be our very own Dr.

Chestnut, an adorable mastiff mix puppy, now Sake (named after Julia's favorite kind of sushi -salmon!) has found her wonderful forever home in Denver, Colorado with her new mom Allison, new dad Acey and new big sister Julia, who named her. Sake has 2 canine siblings as well - Monte, an adorable Bassett Hound, and Kona a Daschund. Kona and Sake look to be vying for alpha status!
Barrett the Newfoundland found his forever family with James and Shari in Austin, Texas. James couldn't wait to get him home to introduce him to his new siblings, Bingo the Spaniel and Presley the Terrier. Barrett will receive only the best of nutrition, training, and medical care. His new family cannot believe how handsome their new baby is and someone is almost always home which means he'll get plenty of love and attention.

Boyd the Newfoundland went to his forever home with Teresa, Larry, and their two kids Jacob and Emily in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has a big yard to romp and play with his new Golden Retriever brother, Napoleon. He also has a Chinese Water Dragon named Cairo to keep him company. Boyd's new family looks forward to daily walks and working with their new addition on basic obedience! They also can't wait to take him swimming in the Springtime when it warms up a bit.

O'Malley (a.k.a. Buddy) the Irish Wolfhound Mix went to his forever home with Kristin, Richard, and their daughters, Cion and Aria, in Castle Rock, Colorado. His new mom is home during the day and they look forward to taking him everywhere with them, including lots of walks on the many nearby trails! Buddy looks just like their last Irish Wolfhound and immediately approached his new mom for lovin.
Athena the Great Pyrenees went to her forever home with Melanie and Craig in Elizabeth, Colorado. She has a Great Pyrenees brother named Apollo, a Bernese/Collie Mix named Atlas, and an English Mastiff named Simon to keep her company! Her new mom also works at Camp Bow Wow in Castle Rock which means she'll always getting plenty of playtime.
Pepper the English Mastiff went to her forever home with Julianne & Dooley in Elizabeth, Colorado. She has a Border Collie named Wally, a Husky named Sienna, and a Husky mix named Pete to play with. Her new play ground includes three fenced acres to run around on and explore! Her new parents were thrilled with their new addition and couldn't wait to spoil her rotten and continue her obedience training. Her new name is Sophie.
Bonnie the Cane Corso went to her forever home with Brittney & Adam in Thornton, Colorado. They recently adopted Pebbles the Great Dane puppy from BDHPI and they also have Dalmatian Mix named Malley, so Bonnie will have plenty of other furry kids to play with! Both Brittney and Adam have former giant breed experience so we know that Bonnie will be in good hands and receive only the best of care and training.
Leroy went to his forever home with Laura and Jerry in Denver, Colorado. He has a new Doberman sister named Kia. Laura and Jerry have been looking for just the right match for their sweet and sensitive Kia, and Leroy fit the bill perfectly. They have been working with Kari Bastyr from Wag & Train for years, and are excited to get their new puppy into obedience class right away. Leroy has found a wonderful family to love and spoil him for the rest of his life!
Gracie has found her forever home with Dawn and her son, Troy, in Denver, Colorado. She has a cat named Valentino to keep her company and Tino was not phased in the slightest at the arrival of his new canine companion. Gracie had all sorts of new things including a Gentle Leader, raised feeder, Busy Buddy toy, and a Kong awaiting her. Troy was thrilled to be on Christmas vacation so that he will have plenty of time to bond and play with his new best friend!