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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories
Hello this is Atlas the blue merle Great Dane! I’m excited to announce I have a forever family, Grace & Eugene of Shepherd, Montana.  I’m going to a great home with two other dogs and a cat. There’s going to be a yard for me to run around in, and we’re going to do walks, too. The best part about this new house is no stairs – yay! You see I have some trembling in my back legs which makes them hard to maneuver.

Karma the Neapolitan Mastiff is one lucky lady! Despite some fairly significant behavioral issues require meds and behavior modification along with strict environmental management, she has landed herself a forever home with Teresa and Justin of Loveland Colorado. She joins Krinkles the Pittbull, Moose the Cane Corso and BDHPI Alum, as well as Patches the cat and Kelly the rat as her new 4-legged siblings.

Buster the Newfoundland arrived as a temporary foster guest with Jascha and Jona in Centennial, Colorado. However, it didn't take long for him to win them over and earn the title of "forever family member". After losing their own Newfie not long prior to his arrival, he was just what the doctor ordered to complete their pack which includes BDHPI Alums, Darla the Neapolitan Mastiff and Maple the Dogue de Bordeaux.

Tiny the Saint Bernard has made the executive decision that he isn't leaving...he's staying put...because it was clearly meant to be forever with his foster mom now forever mom, Melinda, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma! He joins Miss Lilly Put Put the Boxer and Helix the Mastiff who was also a foster failure from BDHPI. He's come so far from the dog that first arrived and will now be a wonderful example for future foster dogs that come through their doors!

This is Hooch, and I would like to announce that I’ve found a forever home! After coming into a shelter with cherry eye, my condition is all healed up! Now I’ll be spending the rest of my days with Kate & Grady of Evergreen, Colorado. They have BDHPI alum Marshall, and we’re going to wrestle constantly. I’m also going hiking, swimming and camping – I can’t wait!

Hiya, this is Oskar the 6.5-year-old fawn mastiff.  After having this boo-boo on my foot when I came to BDHP, the awesome vets who work with them have made it all better. Now I’m going to a great home with Dave & Lucy of Lincoln, Nebraska. They have another dog named Stella, and I can’t wait to play with her. They also have three children who are going to be my snuggle buddies, I’m sure of it.

Hi, this is Graham the Great Dane checking in. I’ve gained a lot of weight since I first came to BDHP, along with learning some awesome new tricks. Now I’m going to be a forever member of Chalise’s family in Draper, Utah. She has a house with a 7-foot fence, and I get to go to work with her -- woo more new friends!

Hi there, it’s Shady the English Mastiff checking in. After coming to BDHP from an animal rescue league in Iowa, I learned so much from my foster parents, Brandy & Michael. Now, I’ve found my forever home with Bobbi & Joe of Longmont, Colorado!

Charlotte the Cane Corso has gone to her forever home with Lyndsay, Nathan, and their two kids, Cayden and Cash, in Paola Kansas! She joins Rocko and Romy the Mastiffs along with Richard Parker and Momo the cats as her new 4-legged pals.

Hello, this is Cricket! After coming into BDHP severely underweight and with worms, I have sure come a long ways. Now I’m going to live with Barbara & Art of Parker, South Dakota.  They have a lot of farmland for me to play on, and I’ll also get to go on car rides into the town nearby. I’m going to be an only child, which is going to be the best for me.

Larry and Kimberly are proud to announce the newest member of their family, Birdie the English Mastiff! Birdie joins their 3 human kids and Doobie the Blue Heeler in Montrose Colorado. Their youngest child, Daisy, is very excited to take Birdie to obedience classes and after owning a Bullmastiff mix previously, these folks are experienced with big dogs! She will enjoy all sorts of love and laughter and wonderful care forever.

Hi all…Dash here. Life was pretty scary at first—being out on my own as a stray. But guess what? I now have my very own sisters and brother. There’s Kaya and Wylie (Labrdoodles) and Moose (Black Lab/Mix). We get to run and play outside, or walk by this thing called a “river,” and when I get tuckered out, I have a big soft dog bed to curl up on.

Hi, Hooch here just checking in.  Wanted everyone to know that I have found the perfect home with David of Bailey, Colorado!  He's single (which is awesome, since I can be fearful of women) and understands that I will likely need some adjustment time.  David has a large fenced yard to play in and play chase, which is one of my favorite things to do.  I will also have 2 new siblings - Bella th

Sir Martin is leaving BDHP and heading to the perfect forever home in Durango Colorado. He will be the only dog in the home of Dot, who is known to treat her dogs like her kids, so we expect he will get lots of love and attention. Dot is an experienced large breed Mom, with experience in training young dogs and her son, Dominic, grew up around her St Bernard.  Sir Martin will enjoy a fenced yard, and the regular companionship of her tenant's dog, Harley the Lab/Heeler mix.

Hi, Stella here! I am the luckiest dog EVER! When my owner could not keep me he settled me with a friend, but the arrangements he made for me fell through and they had no choice but to send me to BDHP. That's where the lucky part comes in! They cared enough to send me here! I settled in to a home with cats, kids and another dog. They were pretty wonderful!

Hi, little Barrette here checking in.  I have good news!  I have been adopted by Aaron of Denver, Colorado!  Everyone had such good things to say about him and I know this will be a good fit.  I will get lots of exercise including daily walks, which is great because puppies like me need lots of exercise!  My new dad has owned dogs before so he'll teach me all the good tricks and manners so I'll become a proper little princess.  Than

Kix the Great Dane/Hound mix puppy checking in to let everyone know I'll be kix-ing up my feet in Lakewood, Colorado! Zachary from Lakewood adopted me, and I couldn't be happier. He grew up with some large breeds and has helped out family members who have biggies. He also has a dog-friendly office and roommates, so I'll get to meet a lot of people and do some office work, as well!

I'm grinning from ear to ear as I have found my forever family! Briana, Calvin  and their children of Englewood, Colorado chose me to be their new furbaby. I will have a stay at home mom, a fully fenced 1/2 an acre and a big brother named Sarge who is a Dane mix like me, it's a match made in heaven. Sarge and I will be exploring the neighborhood on our walks and we will get to go to the dog park regularly when I am old enough and have all my shots.

The beautiful Celia has hit the jackpot with Brook and Rod of Aurora, Colorado. This lucky girl will have a 1-year-old Newfie mix sibling named “Cash” to play with, and her new furever parents will make sure she gets all the belly rubs she could wish for.

I'm a sucker for perfect matches, aren't you? I'm Beauty, the senior Mastiff, and I've been adopted by Patty and Jim from Omaha, Nebraska! My previous owners sadly had to give me up, and I was described as a friendly gal who loves everyone and who wants to play with cats.

Hi, I'm Hannah! Isn't today the most beautiful day you ever saw?! So many wonderful things to see and do! Oh, and I have great news! Seems some absolutely awesome people named Rachel and Rich, of Aurora Colorado, have offered to make me a member of their family!

Hi, Natalie here! or you could call me lucky, because I sure am that! I was found with my sister at a casino. How lucky can you get? Anyway, we got sent to BDHPI, and boy, am I happy about that! My foster parents, Susie & Dave, were excellent, training me in many things they say are essential, such as potty training and basic commands, walks and the like.

Hey, this is Brutus the Newfie mix here to announce I have a family!! After spending some time with my awesome foster parents, Susie & Dave, Julie & Steve of Centennial, Colorado have decided to let me join their family.

Hidey-ho there, ladies & gentlemen! This is Nala the Great Pyrenees with a quick update – I have a Forever Family! My new owners, Denette and Dawn of Colorado Springs, Colorado, are welcoming me into their lives.

Hi, Peaches is my name  and stealing hearts is my game. I came to BDHP from a shelter, where my family turned me in because they didn't want me any more. Takes all kinds, huh? Well, I turned my back on my past and was determined to show the people I met just who I was and who I could be. Guess what? It worked well enough that I ended up here at BDHP!

Isn't it funny how sometimes things can change in the blink of a pretty Great Pyrenees eye? That's what happened for me, Mariah, the Pyr pup. Brian and Katie from Evergreen, Colorado are experienced dog owners who unfortunately had two go to the Rainbow Bridge recently. They have large breed experience, and they even adopted Phyllis the Great Pyrenees from BDHP in November. They felt I would fit right in with their pack and help their hearts heal.

Sometimes, change is good for everyone. I, Max the Great Dane mix, needed a new living situation, and my new owners recently moved into a house with land - it was a perfect match! So Greg and Cheryl from Denver, Colorado chose to adopt me. They have giant breed experience, are ready to take me to obedience training, and I'll have lots of room to run now and enjoy life.

Angus the Great Pyrenees is home for good with foster turned forever parents, Tina & Donnie, in Clearwater, Kansas! He fit into the pack perfectly with Rosie the Shepherd Mix, Dirk the Daniff, and Annie the Bernese Mountain Dog, two of which were BDHPI "Foster Failures" as well. We are so grateful to have such "terrible" fosters on our team! He has a life full of walks and snuggles and amazing care now! 

LaDawn, James, and their three children, of Parker, Colorado are proud to announce the arrival of their new addition, Bella the Great Dane! LaDawn is a veterinarian so she will receive nothing but the best of care from this day forward! She is even certified to do accupuncture and has access to hydrotherapy at her work. Bella joins Carter the Boxer and Nibs and Gizmo the cats as her new 4 legged friends.

Isn't it wonderful when the right people find the right addition to their family? Cassandra and Robby from Lakewood, Colorado chose me, Kai the Bullmastiff, to join them and fill the void left in their hearts. They had a Bullmastiff named Rocky who was much, much loved. He unfortunately crossed over the Rainbow Bridge recently, and they wanted another Bullmastiff to have in their home. That's me!

Hi, Hazel here, and do I have news for you! I want you to be the first to know - I've been adopted! My new family is Kristie and Daniel Oenes of Thornton Colorado. What do I know about them? Well, they have a dwarf Hamster and a dwarf rabbit, whatever they are. They also have two kids I can play with. They have a big back yard and they were looking specifically for a big dog. I certainly fit that requirement!

Hi, Rush is my name and that (rushing) is my game! I was only a pup when I came to BDHP, shy and frightened, but then I had never spent that much time around people. I came from a breeder and wasn't around people. But all that changed when I was surrendered to Animal Control and they contacted BDHP. I came to live with the best fosters EVER, Alyssa & Austin, and I got myself a mom! That's right, I've been adopted!

Remi the Great Dane checking in to tell everyone the great news… I've been adopted by Scott in Edmond, Oklahoma! It's an ideal spot for me, as I'll be joining a Dane named Cooper who will show me the ropes, and I'll have a fenced yard to romp in. I'll get lots of walks and trips to the park for exercise, and when I'm pooped, I get to sleep in the bedroom at night.

Elway the Mastiff Mix here...and I am happy to introduce you to my new mom and dad, Marah and Matt, of Montrose, Colorado! I have 50 acres to enjoy at my new home along with my 4 legged sister, Luna the Dogo Argentino. We hit it off right away and will be the best of friends! I will also get to go to doggie daycare a couple days a week and my new parents are usually home most of the time otherwise.

Hi, my name is Milton, and I have a home! A forever type home! I am so very happy to be able to tell you about this! Lianna and Zach of Colorado Springs, Colorado have offered to share their home and their lives with me! They have three kids that I can play with and are looking forward to playing with me! I am happy that someone is willing to give me a chance.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please, for just a moment. I have an announcement of some import, to me at least, and I would like to share it. I came into BDHP as an older gentleman, and really didn't expect much. I had some lumps and bumps and was HW positive, so I really didn't expect much.

Hi, Duke here! It's a beautiful day to be alive! When I came into rescue, I was sad, and scared. Thank Heavens, BDHP was called in and I got to come and live with some wonderful foster people, Randi & Howard! They have been so kind to me. I got to play with the dogs, take long walks and get fed almost all I want!

Boston the Great Dane has blossomed from an extremely shy and fearful boy at the shelter to one with confidence and a playful side we are overjoyed to see in his foster home!

From a situation with far too many dogs to a new one with just one awesome pack buddy to run with? Yes, that's what happened to me, London the Mastiff! I went from one of too many to being one of two. Larry and Monica from Westcliffe, Colorado are adopting me! I'll join Chief the Great Dane/Anatolian Shepherd mix - he was previously adopted from BDHP.

Chester the Mastiff mix here to let everyone know that I have a new home in Edgewater, Colorado! Anne and Jordan chose me to help their hearts heal. See, they recently lost both their large breed dogs to illness, and they felt a new fur baby would help lessen their sadness. They saw me and something clicked, and now I hope I can help ease their pain a bit.