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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

From a stray young pup to a wonderful family? Who knew?!? It's Bentley the Great Dane mix, and I want to let everyone know about my new family. Clint from Bozeman, Montana chose to add me to his pack, and what a great pack it is! He has adopted from BDHP before, and he has tons of giant breed experience. He also has 30 acres of fenced yard - what could be better? Well, how about some new brothers and sisters?

Steve and Sue - aren't those lovely names? Lovely names for wonderful people! They live in a place called Centennial, Colorado. Oh, sorry for rambling, it's just that I'm so excited! Diane was the greatest foster mom EVER! She's been so good, working with me on training and managing my behavior to set me up to succeed while BDHPI looked for that fabled Forever Home. And guess what?! It exists!

Hey Leonidas (Leo) here, named after King Leonidas of the “300,” and I’m a right “kingly,” handsome fellow if I do say so myself. Another family thinks I'm pretty handsome too, so they've decided to make me part of their family. Sarah and Ryan of Commerce City, Colorado have two cats, so hopefully we'll be besties in no time.

Hi there it's Remy, the 4 year old Great Dane/Mastiff mix. After being surrendered to BDHP with my sister Ruger, we got a new chance at life. After all this time, my foster parents have decided to make me a permanent member of the family. Kristen & Monroe of Kaysville, Utah have two awesome kids and another dog for me to spend time with. I'm so happy that I get to stay in one place forever.

Shelly of Omaha Nebraska is the proud new owner of Mojo the Great Dane! He joins Darien and Simon the cats as his new 4-legged pals. She looks forward to taking him for lots of walks, hiking, trips to the farmer's market and spending time cuddling and relaxing at home! THANK YOU, PAIGE, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET BOY AND NURSING HIM BACK TO HEALTH! 

Axel the English Mastiff is proud to call Lincoln, Nebraska "home sweet home" now with Brad and Scarlett! He joins Harlie the Rat Terrier and Archer, Penny, Lokie and Izzy the cats. He'll enjoy walks around the neighborhood, lounging on the couch and watching TV with the family, and sleeping at the foot of the bed with his new 2-legged and 4-legged family members.

Penn the Great Pyrenees mix here, ready to "teller" my success story (see what I did there?). Adam and Erin in Denver, Colorado chose me to add to their family! They did lots of research on giant breeds and owned a Siberian Husky mix in the past, so they were ready for me. My new back yard is a work in progress, but I'll soon have loads of grass and a large fence that'll allow me room to roam and patrol.

Hello hello! This is Ruger the mastiff mix with a HUGE update! After coming to BDHPI after a bad divorce, my brother Remy and I were down on our luck. But NOW, I've found an amazing family with Sandra of Syracuse, Utah. Sandra has two children for me to play with -- I see a lot of snuggling in my future. She is also home all the time, so that means I'll get attention and love 24/7.

Hey, it's Duke the Bernese Mountain dog checking in! When I came to BDHP, my hips were having a little trouble, and my family couldn't afford to pay for surgery. Luckily, BDHP made sure I got a Total Hip Replacement and I have now found a loving forever home with Kimberly & Chris of Castle Pines, Colorado. They have another dog for me to play with when I get stronger, and Kimberly is home all the time to help with my rehab.  I'm so happy to have this home.

Hello, this Amadeus the Dogue de Bordeaux! After arriving at BDHPI from a shelter, I came to live with my foster family, Andria & Rob of Westminster, Colorado. After taking care of me for a while and working through quite a few challenging behavioral issues, they fell in love and now I’m going to be a permanent member of their family. I have a new doggy sibling named Otis, along with two cats and two awesome kids.

Hello this is Otis, the Irish Wolfhound/Great Pyrenees mix. After coming to BDHP,  I was glad to be out of a situation where I was nervous and scared. Now I've found an amazing family in Stacey & Zach of Colorado Springs! They have two other dogs for me to play with and this thing called a tortoise -- maybe we will be friends? Stacey is home all the time, so I will have someone to snuggle with on the couch.

Teller the Great Pyrenees Mix is now happily in his forever home with Barry and Krista in Columbia Falls Montana! Their kids, Annabel/16, Delaney/13, and Griffin/11 can't wait to give him all the love and attention a guy could dream of. He'll enjoy lots of walks and playtime with Luna the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog on their 10+ acres They also have a cat named Cricket who will keep Teller company and make a great snuggle buddy. The dogs are rarely left alone and enjoy a healthy diet of Nature's Domain. We are thrilled this adorable puppy has found his perfect match!

Abby the bullmastiff here. I am so happy! Thanks to Big Dogs Huge Paws, I have my very own furever mom and dad—Cheryl and Charles—and we live in Golden, Colorado. I’m the only girl right now and mom and dad just retired, so I will get all the cuddles a girl could possible ask for. That will be nice cause the beginning of my life was kinda scary, and I still have some positive training to go through, but mom and dad understand my needs and will help me become the princess I am on the inside. I have a big house to call my own, and trails to walk for some fun exercise.

Hi everyone! I'm Toots, and I've made my way home with Laura and Regan and their family all the way in Lake Tapps, Washington!  I get to join their two kids Jacob and Megan. I hear they are very excited to have a puppy around the house - which means lots of attention for me, yippy!.

Hi, Tank here! My owner was moving and couldn't take me with them, but now I've found a new family. I'll be living with Erica & Rocky of Gillette, Wyoming. They have a room especially for me -- it's all comfy and nice. They have owned mastiffs before, so they know what to expect as I grow up. I'm also getting a backyard -- yay! I'm so excited to have found this amazing forever home, and it was all thanks to BDHPI!

Maggie the sweet fawn English Mastiff has found her furever home with Megan of Fort Collins, Colorado. Maggie has had a rather difficult life before being rescued and brought to Big Dogs Huge Paws, and it has left her rather shy and fearful of sudden movements and loud noises. She needs a patient family who will continue her training to build her confidence, and she has found that in Megan.

Bruce has made his way from his foster home in LaVerne, Iowa to Denver, Colorado where he will now be residing with his forever mom, Stacey! She is a very active gal which means plenty of runs, walks, and hikes to tire this guy out! She can also bring him to work with her which he thinks is pretty cool. We are so excited that this big galoof has found his happily every after and are grateful to Kristan and family for fostering him! 

Steven and Kay of Arvada Colorado have welcomed Daisy the Great Dane into their hearts and family! Kay is home during the day and Steven is semi-retired which means all sorts of love and attention for this girl! They love the breed and have owned several, so they are thrilled to have another gentle giant around to spoil and snuggle with.

Fionn (Finn) here! I ended up in rescue because my previously family had cats and a small dog, so I had to be separated all the time. Now I'm going to live with Matthew & Harmony of Omaha, Nebraska. They have two big dogs, Emma & Gambler, and we're going to be great friends. Emma & Gambler also attend doggie daycare, so maybe I'll get to go, too and make even more new friends. They recently lost a St.

Manette of Ridgway, Colorado is now the proud new owner of Kate the Great Pyrenees! She joins Daisy the rescued Great Pyrenees mix, Zena the Great Pyrenees, and two cats. Manette works from home most of the time which means constant companionship for her pooches. She also has experience with abused and neglected dogs and a huge heart which is exactly what beautiful Kate needs! THANK YOU, TERRI, FOR FOSTERING HER! 

You know, some times life can really be tough! Now I'm a lady, so I won't be telling any tales out of school her, just suffice it to say that my beginnings were both humble and horrifying. When animal control picked me up, they knew that I had puppies, but although they searched diligently, they never found them. I only weighed about sixty pounds. So they did what they needed to do and adopted me out to a nice lady who wanted to use me as an Assist Dog.

This lucky Penny is on her way to a forever home in Cheyenne Wyoming to make her lives and theirs richer!  Courtney, Josh, their three children, and two dogs will keep two-year old Penny busy with play time and lots of love. Penny will have free roam of the house during the day and since her family are giant-breed experienced, they will be able to help Penny mature into the sweet girl we know she wants to be. Best wishes, Penny!

Hidey-ho, this is Tucker the Dane checking in! After finding myself back at BDHPI due to no fault of my own, I'm happy to report that I have found a forever family with Howard, Laurel, & Jessica of Greeley, Colorado. They have two boxers, Angel & Grace, that I am going to have so much fun wrestling with. They just bought a house too which means a big yard! I'm going to go on 2-mile walks and enjoy their couch (as all dogs should).

Hi! My name is Chanel, and I have such great news. After being confiscated as part of an animal cruelty case, I came to live with my foster family. They loved me so much from the get-go that I'm going to be a permanent member of their family! I'm so happy to join Randi & Daniel of Lochbuie, Colorado. They have two dogs and a cat that have been my friends, and now we're going to be family.

Steven & Kay of Arvada, Colorado have brought my home to stay forever! My name is Daisy the Great Dane and I couldn't have asked for a better family. They are previous Great Dane owners and are head over heels in love with the breed and me especially! Kay is home during the day which means lots of time to spoil me rotten with all the attention a girl could dream of.

Hey this is Willow, the Piebald Great Dane. After coming to BDHP from a bad situation (my owner went to jail and then so did I --- but I didn't do anything wrong), I'm happy to announce I found an amazing forever home with Joan & Fernando of Englewood, Colorado. Joan will be around all day to spoil and give me attention, and Fernando will be able to come home during lunch to say hi as well. We will all get to go to training classes at Wag & Train -- sounds like fun! I'm so happy to find this amazing family.

Julie and Paul of Manhattan Beach, California are the proud new owners of Sandy the Cane Corso! She has a fully fenced yard to romp around in with Baxter the Beagle mix and 2 human kids, Cooper and Tucker, to spoil her rotten.

Hi it's Maggie the St. Bernard! After being abandoned in the backyard by my previous owners, BDHPI took me in and promised me that I deserved much better! Now they found me a forever owner, Kevin of Denver, Colorado. He's going to take me on lots of walks, and I'm told he has friends with other dogs that I could play with. His apartment also has a dog run where we can go play right after he comes home from work.

It's Giggles the Great Dane mix puppy here to tell you that I'm now grinning from floppy ear to floppy ear, because I've been adopted! Chadwick and Rebecca from Littleton, Colorado chose me to add to their family. They had a Dane previously that they adopted as a pup and recently passed at the ripe old age of ten, so I hope to follow in those big footsteps.

Hi! My name is Chanel, and I have such great news. After being confiscated as part of an animal cruelty case, I came to live with my foster family. They loved me so much from the get-go that I'm going to be a permanent member of their family! I'm so happy to join Randi & Daniel of Lochbuie, Colorado. They have two dogs and a cat that have been my friends, and now we're going to be family.

Stephanie and Matthew of Denver, Colorado are proud to announce the arrival of their new addition, Johnny Cash the Great Pyrenees puppy! These folks are real animal lovers and already have Leo the Pomeranian and Nana the Great Pyreenees, who was also a rescue. With Stephanie working from home, she has lots of time to properly train and entertain a puppy.

Willie the Great Pyrenees has landed the jackpot with Donna & Jeff of Estes Park, Colorado! He joins Gracie the cat as his new 4-legged pal, but is in experienced hands as his new parents owned two Bernese Mountain Dogs previously. They are no strangers to long hair and slobber! He will be living the life surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery and enjoying regular hikes and obedience classes to ensure he grows up to be a true gentle giant.

June is living the life with her dad, and now she has an extended family with Robert’s girlfriend Carrie. Robert works from home so June and her new sibling, Dobby (a 3 year-old Great Dane, BDHP alumni), have someone to love on them all the time. They also have a nice back yard to play in, that is when they’re not being loved on or going to work with their parents. They also have a 9-month old kitten, Misha, to watch over.

Huck the Great Dane didn't have to take a raft down the Mississippi to find his forever home, he found it in Lakewood, Colorado with his forever mom, Laura! Laura has owned 3 English mastiffs in the past that she has raised since a puppy, so she has lots of giant-breed experience and fully understands what kind of commitment it takes to raise a puppy properly.

Hello-hello, this is Waylon the Great Pyrenees pup checking in. After coming to a foster home with my two brothers & one sister, I got a lot of attention, some training and plenty of treats – yum! Now I’ll be going home with Katie & Matt of Denver, Colorado! Katie grew up with Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Matt’s family helped to train service dogs. I’m going to learn a bunch of new tricks, and I can’t wait.
Hello this is Atlas the blue merle Great Dane! I’m excited to announce I have a forever family, Grace & Eugene of Shepherd, Montana.  I’m going to a great home with two other dogs and a cat. There’s going to be a yard for me to run around in, and we’re going to do walks, too. The best part about this new house is no stairs – yay! You see I have some trembling in my back legs which makes them hard to maneuver.

Karma the Neapolitan Mastiff is one lucky lady! Despite some fairly significant behavioral issues require meds and behavior modification along with strict environmental management, she has landed herself a forever home with Teresa and Justin of Loveland Colorado. She joins Krinkles the Pittbull, Moose the Cane Corso and BDHPI Alum, as well as Patches the cat and Kelly the rat as her new 4-legged siblings.

Buster the Newfoundland arrived as a temporary foster guest with Jascha and Jona in Centennial, Colorado. However, it didn't take long for him to win them over and earn the title of "forever family member". After losing their own Newfie not long prior to his arrival, he was just what the doctor ordered to complete their pack which includes BDHPI Alums, Darla the Neapolitan Mastiff and Maple the Dogue de Bordeaux.

Tiny the Saint Bernard has made the executive decision that he isn't leaving...he's staying put...because it was clearly meant to be forever with his foster mom now forever mom, Melinda, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma! He joins Miss Lilly Put Put the Boxer and Helix the Mastiff who was also a foster failure from BDHPI. He's come so far from the dog that first arrived and will now be a wonderful example for future foster dogs that come through their doors!

This is Hooch, and I would like to announce that I’ve found a forever home! After coming into a shelter with cherry eye, my condition is all healed up! Now I’ll be spending the rest of my days with Kate & Grady of Evergreen, Colorado. They have BDHPI alum Marshall, and we’re going to wrestle constantly. I’m also going hiking, swimming and camping – I can’t wait!