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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories
Miles has found the perfect match with Jeff, Melissa, and their three kids, Jacob, Jared, and Jayden, in Castle Rock, Colorado. He will be the only dog, but has two feline friends to snuggle with! Someone is almost always home which means lots of time to work on training and socialization as he grows. Melissa has bottle fed and raised puppies before that were abandoned by their mom and has a huge heart for animals, so he is in wonderful hands!
Jagger the Great Dane puppy has found his way to his new home in Lakewood, Colorado with Bill and Lisa. He was very excited to meet his new sister, Juliet, the Maltese/Yorkie mix and Buster, his big Great Dane brother, was eagerly awaiting his arrival at home and couldn't wait to show him around! His new parents have also owned three other Danes in the past, so they are very familiar with the breed and prepared to provide whatever care he may need.

Hendrix the Great Dane puppy is happily in his forever home with Mike and Reka in Fort Collins, Colorado. He has a big Great Dane brother named Murray to show him the ropes and is in experienced hands. His new parents can't wait to take him on lots of walks and trips to the dog park when he gets bigger. They have decided to rename him Bogart. Bogart will be very loved and spoiled by his new parents!

Grace the Great Dane Puppy is now happily united with her new mom, Tena, in Parker, Colorado. All her kids are grown, so she is thrilled to have a new baby to raise! Grace has a Dogue de Bordeaux named Thunder, a Dogue de Bordeaux named Peace, and a Great Dane mix named Gracie to play with and keep her company. She also has 2 acres to run on and explore! Her new name is Peanut.
Dizzy the Great Dane Puppy was greeted with open arms today when he met his new parents, Holly & Will, in Denver, Colorado. Holly is a vet tech which means he'll receive only the best of care! He has a cat named Kitty and two ferrets named KayLee & McGee to play with. They have decided to rename him Wally, which just so happens to be a perfect combination of Will and Holly!
Joni the Great Dane puppy has been happily united with her two new mommies, Kris & Mandi, in Grand Junction, Colorado. They lost their last Great Dane last summer and it has taken them a year to be ready to open their hearts and home to another! They could not get over how beautiful their new baby is and promise to spoil her rotten with all the attention her little heart desires.
Ella the Great Dane Puppy has found her way to her forever home with Sharon, David, and their four kids, Felicia, Christopher, Dawson, and Logan, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has an Akita brother named Yoshi and a Great Dane brother named Vader, so they figured it was only right to rename her Padmae! They can't wait to take their new addition on lots of walks and trips to the dog park to show her off!
Maggie the Maremma Mix puppy is now happily in her forever home with Cindy & Bill in Como, Colorado. Cindy's sister found Maggie on the website and forwarded a picture and that was all it took - Cindy was sold and it was love at first sight! Her new parents had a Kuvasz sheep dog that they loved dearly and passed away, so when they saw Maggie it reminded them of him and they knew they needed another gentle giant to love.

Abby the Akbash is now happily united with here new parents, Stormy & Dave in Anaheim, California. She was welcomed home graciously by all of her new Greyhound canine siblings, Rascal, Twister, and Francine! She gets to look forward to a life of playing in the pool, going to the walk, and most importantly being loved and spoiled rotten.

Baby Spice has been happily united with her new family, Chris, Chris, and their two daughters, Ella & Remy, in Golden Colorado. They came to meet all three Spice Girls and Baby immediately crawled into their laps, slimed them with kisses, essentially adopting them! She made friends right away with their Shepherd mix puppy, Piper, and the two were playing chase and wrestling around the yard.
Marley the Maremma Mix puppy went to her forever home with Sandi & Steven in South Jordan, Utah. Their kids are all grown and out of the house, so they couldn't be happier to have a new baby to dote on. Marley gave her a sign of approval and sealed the deal with lots of kisses for her new mom.
Kalli has found the perfect match with her two new daddies, Christopher and Adam, in Salt Lake City, Utah. They all enjoyed a long, leisurely walk around City Creek Canyon together to get to know each other before heading home and it was truly love at first sight. They had everything ready for her arrival, including two brand new giant size crates, four dog beds spread about the house in every room, Wellness dog food, and plenty of treats and toys.
Boo has found her forever home with Karen, Mark, and their children, Riley & Haley, in Dillon, Colorado. They have lots of Newfoundland experience and are so glad to have another big baby to love. They couldn't get over how cute Boo was and promise to send pictures once she gets her fluffy coat back. They were going to take her shopping for a gentle leader and treats once they got back home to the mountains.
Hannah the Maremma Mix puppy has found her way home to Berthoud, Colorado with her new family, Richard, Michelle, Deven, and Delaney. She has two canine brothers, Rusty the Leonberger Mix and Jedidiah the Great Pyrenees, to play with and show her the ropes! Ketchum and Lacey the cats were also eagerly awaiting her arrival.
Bear the Bullmastiff/Newfoundland Mix found his way home to his forever family, Kirsten & Philip, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He will be the only dog, but shares his new home with Vinnie the cat. His new parents are very active outdoors and look forward to taking him for lots of walks. Bear will get lots of love, attention, and only the best of care for the rest of his life. His new name is Kodiak.
Sitka the Anatolian/Akbash mix puppy is now in her forever home with Jessica in Arvada, Colorado. She will be the only dog, but her new mom will make sure she has plenty of play dates to continue her socialization and looks forward to taking her to obedience classes to teach her good manners. Jessica is a former vet tech and her last dog was a Katrina rescue, so Sitka is in wonderful hands and will receive nothing but the best of care!

Jasper, now known as Oaker, went to his forever family with Lynda, Michael, and their kids, Jonathan & Madison, in Kaysville, Utah. Maddie is a neighbor of Jasper's foster family and came every day to play and socialize the puppies. She decided she really wanted a dog of her own...her other dog, Shasta the Lab, approved and the rest of her family fell in love with the little guy too.

Kit and Dace were so excited to meet their new addition, Dusty, and couldn't wait to get him home to Oak Creek, Colorado. He was just what they were looking for! Dusty gets to sit in Dace's lap the whole way home and will be very spoiled. They couldn't wait for their new baby to meet their other rescued dog, Blue the Wolfhound mix, who has been mourning the passing of his old buddy, Jack, who passed away in December at the age of 16.
Mack the Great Dane is now happily united with his new parents, Susan & Michael, in Littleton, Colorado. They could not believe what a handsome, fun-loving boy he is and fell in love at first sight. He was pretty smitten with them as well and gave them lots of leans and love! Mack was instant friends with his new Great Dane sisters, Chelsea and Gracie, and happily greeted his feline friends as well.
Gracie the special needs senior Dane has found the perfect forever family with Michael & Susan in Littleton, Colorado. She has a Great Dane sister named Chelsea that they rescued previously and a newly adopted Great Dane brother named Mack to play with! Gracie also shares her new home with 2 cats whom quickly let her know who was in charge.
Jasper the Great Dane found her forever home with Liz & Josh in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has a big fenced yard to run and play in with her new Great Dane brother, Linus. She also has Einstein, Cilia, Bones, Axon and Dendriter the rats to keep her company.
Monroe the English Mastiff found her forever home with Luke in Wellington, Colorado. She is the only dog, but her new dad owned a Malamute previously so he is no stranger to big dogs. She warmed right up to Luke after a treat or two and by the time she left she was burying her head in his lap for pets and excitedly jumped in his car to head toward her new home. Monroe will be very loved and her new dad looks forward to showing her off and telling everyone about BDHPI!
Jedidiah the Great Pyrenees went to his forever home with Michelle, Richard, and their kids, Deven & Delaney, in Berthoud, Colorado. His new canine brother, Rusty, the Leonberger/Hound mix was very excited to meet his new friend and couldn't wait to get home to show him around and introduce him to the cats, Ketchum and Lacey! Jed will have 2 acres to explore and looks forward to daily walks with his new family and playing ball.
Mimi the beautiful, Newfoundland mix is now happily united with mom, Nancy, and her son, Ethan, in La Porte, Colorado. She immediately hit it off with her new brother, Milo the Flat-coated Retriever, and was play bowing and enticing him to a fun game of chase! Mimi also has chickens, guinea pigs, fish, a love bird, and fire-belly toads to keep her company.
Molly the Great Dane has found the perfect match with her new family, Mark, Jeanna, and their daughter, Melody in Minot, North Dakota. She has a big backyard to run and play with her new friends, Mira the Great Dane and Otto the English Mastiff. Clara the cat also keeps her in check! Her new family is very experienced with giant breeds and she has fit into the pack perfectly.

Oliver has finally been united with his forever family, Tom & Dori, in Salt Lake City, Utah after an incredible journey with BDHPI. They had toys, treats and a big bed waiting for him, and no spill dishes for the rest of the trip home. Oliver has a GSD/Border Collie mix canine companion named Casey and his new parents have not only owned a Great Dane previously, but they have fostered Danes and are very experienced with the breed.

Tiny the English Mastiff/Shepherd mix is now in his forever home with Jordan, Sivan, and their kids, Tamara & Talya, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He has an English Bull Dog/Bullmastiff mix named Harley and a Shitzu named Leo to play with! His new family owned a Great Pyrenees previously and are thrilled to have another gentle giant in the house again. They look forward to playing lots of ball, going for walks, and spoiling their new baby rotten!
Lizzy the Great Pyrenees/Lab mix puppy has been happily united with her new family, which includes Kim, Alan, and their three kids, Joey, Rilee, and Carlee, in Littleton, Colorado. She has a Shepherd/Lab mix brother named Max and two kitties named Lyle and Lily to play with and show her the ropes. Kim looks forward to taking their new baby for several mile walks daily and will get her signed up to start obedience classes right away!
Sugar the Maremma has found the perfect forever home with Matt & Rochelle in Castle Rock, Colorado. She will be the only 4 legged member of the family, but will share her new parents with a Cockatiel named Phil. It was definitely love at first sight and they had a brand new leash and all sorts of goodies for her! Sugar proudly occupied the entire back seat of their car and couldn't wait to get home to explore her new neighborhood.
Murray the Great Dane Mix went to his forever home with Kimie in Parker, Colorado. He was exactly what she was looking for in a dog and she looks forward to taking him hiking, on lots of long walks, and spending time relaxing and watching movies together. Kimie had everything all ready for Murray, including a new crate, bed, leashes, toys, and treats. He will be the only dog, although she already had play dates planned and couldn't wait to show off her new addition.
Hooch the Neapolitan Mastiff went to his forever home with Tracy, Bobby, and their kids, Bodie & Keegan in Goddard, Kansas. They were fostering Hooch, nursed him through surgery and his recovery, and I guess you could say that he was so comfortable there that he refused to leave! He gets to go to Bodie's baseball practices and the team has adopted him as there mascot. They are called the Bulldawgs, but Hooch doesn't mind pretending to be a bulldog.
Dozer the adorable English/Bull Mastiff mix went to his forever home with Brenda & Troy in Loveland, Colorado. Brenda works at a vet and owned a pet store for 18 years, so he is in wonderful hands and will receive only the best of care! He has a new Boxer/Golden Retriever mix sister named Suzie to play with and Kia the Cockatoo plans to keep a good eye on them both.
Kenai went to his forever home all the way in Eureka, California with new parents, Stephanie and Jesse! They were thrilled to finally meet him in person after their travels and could hardly believe how handsome he is. Kenai made instant friends with Petunia and Abigail the long haired Mini Dachshunds and was headed home to meet Caveat, his new Maremma brother, who will teach him the ropes and show him around his new house.

Dragon the Cane Corso is now happily in his forever home with Dave & Kathleen in Empire, Colorado. He has an English Mastiff sister named Polly, a Beagle sister named Daisy, a Mini Schnauzer named Maus, and a cat name Kally to run with, play with, and snuggle with! He could hardly contain his excitement over meeting his new family and they were equally smitten with their new addition. Dragon's new parents were planning on taking him the to vet ASAP and will make sure he receives whatever care is needed to live a long and happy life with them!

Joseph went to his forever home with Terilyn & Kent in Aurora, Colorado. He has a Toy Poodle playmate named Mandy to play with and they were instant buddies! His new mom works as a Surgical Tech at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital which means that he will receive only the best of care and can even go to daycare at the Animal Lodge.
Boom Boom the Saint Bernard, who we have all grown to love and adore, has finally found the perfect forever home with Joey and Thomas in Aurora, Colorado. He has a Rotty Mix named Quazi and a cat named Raja to keep him company and he got along great with both! His new parents fell in love at first sight with this big, goofy boy and look forward to spoiling him rotten.
Luca is now happily in his forever home with Gaylynn and her 3 kids, Jordyn, A.J., and Taylor in Englewood, Colorado. He has a Brussels Griffon brother named Oscar that he met at City Bark Parker and they are becoming fast friends! His new mom is home most of the time which means he will rarely have to be left alone. She is very excited about the opportunity to rescue a dog in need and plans to continue working with him on socialization and basic training.
Caesar the Tibetan Mastiff mix has found his forever home with Lou in Longmont, Colorado. His new dad recently lost his Malamute to cancer and has owned a Great Pyrenees previously so he has lots of big dog experience. Lou is thrilled to have another gentle giant to love and spoil! He looks forward to taking his new big baby for 2 walks daily and spending time together relaxing and watching T.V. together as they bond.
Piper is on her way home to Portland, Oregon, with her new parents, Devin & Shelley. She climbed right into Shelley's arms, and Devin was going to get right to work on leash work and anti-counter surfing strategies! Piper couldn't wait for the RV trip home to meet Minou the cat and explore over 80 acres of forest which is her new back yard.
Dudley the English Mastiff has found the perfect forever home with Tina, Bobby, and their sons, Joseph and Geno, in Westminster, Colorado. It was love at first sight for everyone involved...especially their youngest son. Dudley the studley charmed his new sister, Roxy the Rottweiler, right of the bat with a friendly game of tug-o-war and he got along great with Harley the Chihuahua who was happy to simply observe all the fun from the arms of his mom!