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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories
Kong (a.k.a. Timmy) the Great Dane Puppy's big day finally arrived and he is now headed home to live the life of luxury with his new family, Nancy & Bruce, in Spencerville, Indiana. The Chamberlin's have owned Great Danes since the 1980's and most of them have been special needs dogs! Timmy has a Yorkie/Maltese brother named Bailey to boss him around and a Great Dane sister named Gracie to play with.
Jazzy the Great Dane has been happily united with her new mom, Allyson, and will be calling Denver, Colorado her new home sweet home! It was definitely love at first sight and Jazzy was busy giving lots of kisses to seal the deal. Her new mom immediately took her shopping for 2 new beds, a new leash, toys, and couldn't wait to take her to the dog park the following day.
Ozzy the Great Dane is now home with his forever family, Barbara, Dwayne, and their kids, Taneil, Jason, and Shelby, in Ogallala, Nebraska. His new mom is a nurse which means he'll definitely receive plenty of TLC and always be well cared for. Barney the Beagle graciously welcomed his new big pal home and was quick to show him around. Ozzy also made instant friends with Blackey the Cat and it didn't take long for him to cuddle up to the kittens for a nap.
Trina the Great Dane Puppy is now happily home forever with her new parents, Sumner & Susan in Belen, New Mexico. She has a big fenced yard to run and enjoy with her Great Dane/Mastiff brother, Caleb! They just had Caleb gastropexied and will spare no expense in the care of their dogs. Sumner and Susan also owned a Great Pyrenees/Saint Bernard and a Malamute previously so they are very experienced in owning and working with giant breed dogs.
Hotai the Great Pyrenees Mix puppy has found the perfect forever home with Lisa & Corey in Denver, Colorado. Lisa is a BDHPI volunteer and had been following her story from the start and simply fell in love with her fighting spirit! After her arrival, it didn't take long for her to warm her way into Corey's heart either with her sweet submissive ways and constant demands for belly rubs.
Muffin the Saint Bernard has found the perfect match with Cherie in Arvada, Colorado. Cherie adopted her current Saint Bernard, Wyatt, from BDHPI not long ago and decided that you just can't have enough hair and slobber in your life! It was definitely love at first sight for all, and Wyatt and Muffin enjoyed a game of chase around the backyard right off the bat.

Miley the Neapolitan Mastiff is now happily in her forever home with Joe & Michele in Niwot, Colorado. She has a Carrin brother named Max to run & play with in her beautiful new backyard! Her new mom is a retired school teacher and home almost all the time, so she'll get lots of attention, playtime, and training. Miley will also get to enjoy daily walks for exercise.

Addy the Saint Bernard is now in her forever home with Dayna & Dan in Denver, Colorado. She has a big fenced yard to run and play in once she has fully recovered from her heartworm treatment. Kitty the cat will be her new feline friend but she will be the only dog and get lots of love and attention. Her new parents asked lots of great questions and are prepared to give her whatever she needs to live a long and healthy life with them!
Tyson the Great Dane is now happily home with his two new daddies, Dennis & James, in Denver, Colorado. They were incredibly kind and gentle with him which is exactly the approach this shy boy needs. He and his new pal, Tag the Heeler mix, were instant friends and will make wonderful companions and playmates. Patty the cat will also keep this sweet boy company and looks forward to getting to know her new gentle giant brother.
Gracie the Saint Bernard found the perfect forever home with Alicia in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She will be the only dog but shares her new mom with Zach the cat! Alicia has previously owned a dog with a sensitive stomach, so Gracie's IBD will be nothing new for her to manage. She had done lots of research and found a local pet store that sells Gracie's food and wanted to do everything possible to ease the transition.
Bear the Akbash went to his forever home with Thom & Tracy in Minturn, Colorado. He and Petey the Black Lab mix were instant buddies and curled up to take a nap together after a fun day of exploring his new house and yard. His new parents fell in love with his mellow, loving disposition and feel he is the perfect new addition to their family. Someone is home most of the time and they enjoy taking their dogs for lots of walks and hikes in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!
Frisco the Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix is now at home sweet home with Brianna & Joe in Lakewood, Colorado. He was extremely gentle and sweet with their daughter, Brecken, who excitedly showed him her doggie toy! He gracefully explored his great big new yard and then laid down for a nap in the shade prior to going inside to meet his new feline friend, Lola the cat.
Angel the English Mastiff has been through a lot in her life and can finally put her past behind her as she embraces her new life with parents, Nate & Lindsey, in Denver, Colorado. It didn't take long for them to win her over with freshly cooked hot dogs in hand and her tail was definitely wagging! She will be the only dog which means she'll be spoiled with 100% of their love and attention and we can't wait to see her flourish in her new home.
Storm went to his forever home with Anna & David in Sandy, Utah. His new name is Epirus(Greek)and his new mom is a positive-only trainer and behavior specialist as well as a certified Canine Nutritionist. He had his first clicker lesson right out of the gate and learned 'follow' and 'sit' immediately. He's got very big shoes to fill as his current mentor, Eros the Neo, is a CGC TDIx2 and was his mom's demo dog for many years.

Chloe the Newfoundland Mix has been united with her forever family, John & Barbara, in Hudson, Colorado. She and Murphy the Lab mix were instant friends and will make wonderful companions. She also has two feline friends, Domino and Tiger, to entertain her as well. Her new family looks forward to taking their new addition walking, hiking, and swimming as well as plenty of playtime in the backyard. They were very excited that their new best friend is still a puppy and look forward to spoiling her rotten for as long as possible!

Keenai the Newfoundland is now happily with his new mom and dad, Brian and Lori, in Moreno Valley, California. He hit it off immediately with his Newfoundland brother, Burgeo, and his other canine friend, Sakari the Alaskan Malamute, as well as BooBoo, Wall & Buddy the cats were eagerly waiting at home to meet their new brother! Someone is home most of the time which means lots of attention and time for training and exercise.

Arnold the Great Dane has found the perfect forever home with Min, Steve, and their kids, Brooke & Ty, in Morrison, Colorado. He has a big fenced yard to run and play in with his Great Dane sister, Lilly, who is also special needs. They are used to daily medication for her Canine Peripheral Vestibular Syndrome and are well equipped to manage Arnold's Epilepsy. Leo & Tessa the cats were also happy to welcome home their new big friend! Someone is almost always home which means they will be around to monitor any seizures.

Breezy the Neapolitan Mastiff puppy has been united with her new family, Johnny & Sonia, in Brighton, Colorado. This little cutie pie has a very handsome Neapolitan/Dogue de Bordeaux Mastiff mix brother named Boss to run and play with now! Her new parents are thrilled to have an opportunity to raise another puppy into a good canine citizen and plan to spoil her rotten with lots of love and attention but also make sure she learns her manners and is well socialized.

Sky is happily with his forever family, Katrina, Anthony, and their kids, Richard, Kameron, Nicholas, and Quavalentaye, in Peyton, Colorado. His new mom is a stay at home mom which means she'll have plenty of time to spend working with a puppy and lots of love and attention for the little guy. Kalli the Min Pin and Eclipse & Tiffany the cats plan to teach him the ropes and keep him in line.
Ginny has been officially adopted by her foster parents, Tim & Kirsten, in Derby, Kansas. She has a Lab brother named Bailey, German Shepherd brother named Jack, a German Shepherd sister named Honey, and a constantly revolving door of foster pals to play with! She has grown leaps and bounds from the scared girl who hid in the bathroom and submissively peed when spoken to upon her arrival into rescue.
Scary Spice went to her forever home today with Jake and his girlfriend in Northglenn, Colorado. She was a little shy at first by then happily let them hold her like a baby and it was clear she will be a very spoiled pup! Jake is thrilled to finally have a gentle giant to call his own after growing up with Newfs and looks forward to adopting a BIG friend for her down the road as well.

Rueger the Deerhound Mix has officially been adopted by his foster family, Helmut, Jocelyn, and their daughter, Halima, in Centennial, Colorado. When this sweet pup arrived he had some major fear aggression problems. Thanks to the guidance of our Animal Behaviorist, Kari Bastyr, and the hard work and devotion of the Wesemann family, Rueger has overcome the majority of his issues and is fast becoming a wonderful canine citizen now!

Leviticus the Newfoundland Mix is now happily with his forever family, Shawnee & James, in Frederick, Colorado. His new feline friends, Shelbee & Chloe, welcomed their new big brother home and offered to show him around! His parents lost their last Newfy mix to cancer in March and are finally ready to open their hearts and homes to another. He is in wonderful hands and gets to look forward to going for lots of walks, runs, and hikes for exercise!
Hugh the Mastiff Mix went to his forever home with Mimi and Ken in Lincoln, Nebraska. Mimi is a veterinarian at the clinic who was treating Hugh and simply fell in love! He will be their only dog and receive whatever care is needed down the road on his broken leg. Shadow the cat, Charlie and Bandit the Ferrets, and Chillers the Chinchilla will be his new roommates! Hugh could not have found a more perfect new home.
Max, the incredibly wonderful senior Mastiff, has found his forever family at last with Aaron in Colorado Springs, Colorado. His new dad was looking for an active older dog who would enjoy coming to work with him every day as well as going for lots of walks and wherever he could bring him along and Max was just the guy for the job! There was an instant bond between these two and it was clear Max has truly found his perfect match and has a wonderful future ahead of him.
Mader the adorable, Anatolian/Great Pyrenees Mix puppy has found the perfect forever family with Erin, George, and their daughter, Kaylie, in Arvada, Colorado. He will be the only dog for now which means he gets all the love and attention to himself! His new parents are very excited to take him to obedience classes and are certainly not strangers to giant breed dogs as they have owned Wolfhounds in the past.
Koda the incredibly sweet and handsome male Newf went to his forever home today with Angela and Debra in Aurora, Colorado. He will be the only dog and spoiled rotten! He shares his new moms with 2 cats, Indigo and Pago, only one of whom deigned to come out to say hello so far. Koda has a big, beautiful yard to play in, people that are around to love on him and moms that are committed to his health and happiness.
Buddah the Saint Bernard happily went home with his new parents, Nissa & Shaun, in Brighton, Colorado. Deja the Boxer Mix, his new canine sister, was telling him all about the daily walks, weekly dog park trips, and the royal treatment he will be receiving for the rest of his life! His new parents are used to giving daily meds for Deja's diabetes and thyroid conditions, so they were not too worried about his daily ear medication routine or managing his allergies.

Alex the Newfoundland went to his forever home with Joanne in Vail, Colorado. His new sister is a Bernese Mountain Dog named Maggie and she was very excited to welcome him home! Kramer the cat was also eager to show him around his new pad. Joanne used to own a St. Bernard Mix who passed away this past Spring and she is thrilled to have another gentle giant in the house again. Alex will get to enjoy the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and trips to run and play at the dog park on a daily basis!

Shane the Great Dane has found the perfect forever home with Kerrie and Curtis in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He will be the only dog, but shares his humans with Salt & Copper hte cats. His new parents look forward to taking him for lots of walks/jobs once he has fully recovered from his heartworm treatment! They had a crate, raised feeder, collar and gentle leader ready and waiting for their new addition and could hardly wait to meet him.

Posh Spice has found the perfect match with Cheri, Steve, and their daughters, Megan & Gabriella, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Fresca the Lab Mix will show her the ropes and keep her company! Her new parents owned a Tibetan Mastiff mix previously and are thrilled to have another gentle giant to love and adore.
Tucker went to his forever home with Lisa and Steve in Golden, Colorado. He has two feline friends named Scooter & Smokey to keep him company and his new parents are very active outdoors and look forward to involving their new gentle giant! They couldn't believe what a handsome new addition they have and were excited to get him home and get to know him better.
Raiden the Newfoundland is now happily with his forever family, Judy, Ron, and their children, Ruth & Nick in Morrison, Colorado. He has a big fenced yard to run and play with his new 4-legged brother, Winston the Pembrook Corgi! His new family is so excited they can hardly wait to take their new addition walking, hiking, camping, and everywhere they can with them.
Samson the Great Dane officially adopted his new mom, Janet, in Denver, Colorado. She is the Groomer at the Animal Lodge where he was attending doggie daycare. This big lug instantly charmed Janet and her son, Jordan, the second they met him and he eagerly greeted his new Chihuahua brother Max as well as the cats. Samson is in very experienced hands and his new mom has owned 3 Great Great Danes previously. He will always be looking his best with free trips to the "salon" and gets to continue going to play at work everyday with all the other daycare dogs, so he is in heaven!
Faith definitely found her perfect match with Tamara, Brett and their daughter, Sarah, in Littleton, Colorado! She walked right in and cuddled with her family and rolled over for belly rubs. She actually fell asleep in her new dad's arms while we were finalizing the adoption. Faith has a Newfoundland mix brother named Zeus and a cat named Kramer to keep her company.
Koda the Anatolian/Akbash mix puppy has found the perfect match with Michael, Stephanie, and their daughter, Kelly, in Loveland, Colorado. She and her new canine sister, Molly the Alaskan Malamute were instant pals! Someone is home almost all the time which means constant attention and plenty of time to work on training. Koda will be very much loved and adored for the rest of her days!

Tiffany the Maremma Mix puppy has found her forever home with Steve and Sandi in South Jordan. They adopted her littermate, Nala(formerly Marley) and it was a wonderful family reunion! The sisters immediately started to wrestle and play with each other and Jazmine couldn't stop licking and grooming Nala. We are so happy that Sandi and Steve opened up their hearts and home again to rescue yet another of our gentle giants.

Angus the Mastiff Mix has found the perfect forever home with Bill and Sally in Rock Springs, Wyoming. They are retired and lost their beloved Boxer, Saide right before moving into their brand new house. They are very excited to have a constant companion to fill the void she left behind and look forward to taking him wherever they go! Bill used to be a New York State Trooper and worked with Bloodhounds and has extensive experience with training animals.
Emilee the Great Dane went to her forever home with Marie(BDHPI's Medical Director) & her husband Scott in Aurora, CO. They have renamed her "Aviva" which means springtime and strength. Her new parents recently and unexpectedly lost their beloved lab Shiloh and, Asher, their 13 month old Dane (also adopted from BDHPI) really needed a playmate that was young enough to keep up with him and play hard and Aviva was the perfect match.
Abbie the English Mastiff has gone to her forever home with Paula, James, and their kids, Taylor and Sarah, in Superior, Colorado. Her new feline friends,Teddy and Boo, were excited to welcome her to the family as well! They look forward to taking their new addition on lots of walks to the park, to school, and playing with her in the backyard. Abbie will receive only the best of food and medical care and looks forward to a long and happy life ahead of her! THANK YOU, JENN, GREG, & MAC, FOR FOSTERING THIS GENTLE, LOVING GIRL!