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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Happy New Year, Gypsy, you gorgeous Boston Merle Great Dane! You will be spending your future days in the beautiful mountains around Conifer, Colorado with Daniel and Debbi! You'll enjoy romping around 5 acres and enjoying the companionship of Linuis a 14 year old Chihuahua and a 10 year old Greyhound. Doesn't that sound like a fun house?

Boone will be enjoying the high desert life in Pueblo, Colorado with Maissy the Lab and his fur-ever Mom, Jessica. Jessica is home four days a week and when she's working the other three, a dog sitter makes sure that Maissy and Boone will get out and about. Boone will love living in the high country and will soon enjoy long walks and the fun of being king of his southwest castle. THANK YOU, KATI & DALE, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOYAL PUP!

I know there's a Curious George, but maybe you should call me Happy George. Because that's what I am, now that Tricia and Frank from Littleton, Colorado adopted me, George, the Great Dane/Mastiff mix! At my new home, I join an 8-year-old Mastiff/Bloodhound mix buddy named Andy, a feline friend who I'll enjoy getting to know, and an adult boy!

My name is Duke, but I'm feeling more like a king these days after Celeste and Christopher chose to adopt me! I'll be resting these lanky Great Dane-mix bones at my new home in Aurora, Colorado, and I have a big, fenced-in yard to play in. I'll also get to grow up with a human little person, so that's pretty neat.
Daisy the Great Dane lady here to let everyone know how my life came up all daisies recently when Ronna and Mark from Reno, Nevada chose me to adopt! That's right, sweet ol' me! My new furever humans have lots of giant breed experience, have dealt with many canine medical issues over the years, and they simply understand us and love us - especially us seniors!

Henry, the senior Fawn Great Dane has a wonderful home to start the new year. He will be living with Ronna in Reno Nevada, where his aging bones can soak up the sun on lazy days after a walk or play time at the dog park and at home with his new sister, Daisy the Great Dane. Henry will also have the sole attention of his parents and enjoy camping trips. This is one lucky boy who will have the best place a dog could wish for.

Poppie the Great Dane is pleased to announce his great news. He came to rescue from a bad situation, and he needed lots of help. After coming to his foster family, he received plenty of attention, love and food. Now he is getting that adoration forever. Chrissy and Josh of Parker, Colorado are long-time fosters for the rescue, so Poppie will learn the best from her two fellow dogs, as well as influence future fosters.

Once a BDHP adopter, always a BDHP adopter. I'm so glad that my new furever family, Della and her husband from Centennial, Colorado, chose me, Marmaduke the Great Dane, to add to their family! I'll get to hang out with Nessa the Dane (a BDHP alum), and help their hearts heal after recently having to let Belle the Labradoodle and Rex (formerly Henry/Emmit) the Dane mix (also a BDHP alum) go to the Rainbow Bridge. I think Nessa and I will be BFFs, but I'll also have a human boy to play with in my fenced back yard!

Coming from the middle of the country, I never thought I'd see a coast. Much less the east coast and a beach! Yes, April from Monmouth Beach, New Jersey chose me, Olivia the Mastiff, to join her on the beach! Can you imagine? My new human mom has large breed experience, and she's wonderful lady who does some dog walking for friends, treating those dogs as if they were her own. It's a perfect match for me, and I'll be loved soooo much!

Piper the Cane Corso is so pleased to announce her big news for 2017! She came to BDHPI after being dropped off at a shelter. She had a lot of puppy energy, so she needed a family to help her grow and learn. Her foster parents started the work, and then they realized they couldn't let go of this darling girl. Lacy and Amanda of Carbondale, Colorado are happy to welcome this doll into their home. She will be an only dog, so all the attention will be hers.

Sissy the Mastiff mix is so glad to start 2017 on such a high note. Life didn’t start out well for this sweet girl, and it has made her timid and nervous in new situation. Her new parents, Lisa and Tom of Denver Colorado, understand this and will continue to help her gain confidence. Daily walks will be enjoyed by all and the quiet lifestyle will be just the kind that Sissy will relish in. Yes, life will be nothing but blue skies for this sweet girl.

Darcy the English mastiff is pleased to announce she has found her forever family! She was an unclaimed stray at a shelter, so she came to BDHPI to find the home for her. After spending time with her foster mama, it was decided that she is going to stay put with the family. Emily of Bryan, Texas is a long-time foster parent for the rescue, and so Darcy will learn a lot from current fosters and future ones as well.

Fluff the Great Pyrenees puppy is starting the year off right! He came to Big Dogs after his previous owner surrendered him due to medical issues. He was diagnosed with a few heart conditions so he needed some help and time to recover. When he came to his foster mama, she immediately fell in love, and now he is staying with her family. Catherine and Peter of Parker, Colorado are so happy to add this adorable white fluff to their family.

Aya the Saint Bernard mix is going to great forever home! Lisa of Council Bluffs, Iowa will be adding this adorable girl to her family. She has her BDHP alum Ranger the mastiff mix, along with two kitties for Ava to play & hang out with. Aya will get grow up around an amazing dog, and as more foster dogs come into the home, she'll learn tons from them. She is so happy BDHPI took her mama and her in.

Bella, the Great Dane puppy, has a wonderful home with Steve and Toby in Littleton, Colorado. She will have 2 feline fursiblings and will have her very own Mastiff mix sister , also a BDHPI Alum, to play with. Play time is very important to this high energy pup, and she will have a good time. Going for walks is also on the list of fun things to do as is positive reinforcement obedience training, which every pup needs. She is going to have a great life.

Vinny the Great Dane puppy would like to announce his holiday news. He was surrendered when his owner couldn't pay for seizure treatments. Now he is going home to grow up with Joanne and Michael of Denver, Colorado. He will be an only child, as their previous dog passed away. They have experience raising a dog from puppyhood and know training is a must with dogs, so Vinny will learn how to be a good dog from day one. He is so excited to have found his home in time for Christmas. THANK YOU, CLARE & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVER BOY!

I wasn't quite sure what being a spoiled inside dog meant, but now I know! Maggie the Great Dane here to let everyone know my own Christmas story - I've been adopted by Peggy in Denver, Colorado! After losing her Dane/Lab mix to tumor complications recently, she needed someone to fill the hole in her heart, and I'm up to the task! I have a 7-year-old Dachshund to pal around with and I'll have lots of visitors to make friends with.

Kevin the Newfoundland has gotten his wish for 2017! He came to BDHPI from a breeding situation, and he was so glad to be done with that. After spending time with his foster family, he's decided this is the place to stay forever. Susie and Dave of Shawnee, Kansas are so happy to keep this darling in their home. They are fosters, so any new dogs coming into rescue will have Kevin's amazing example to learn from.

Remington (aka Remi) the English Mastiff is pleased to announce his amazing Christmas present! He came to Big Dogs Huge Paws, scared and ready to learn how to grow as a dog. After spending some time with his foster family, they decided he is their perfect Christmas gift, so he's staying put! Susie and Gary of Parker, Colorado are pleased to add this adorable pup to their family.

Humphrey the Akbash/Pyrenees mix is starting his New Year on the perfect note. He came back to rescue when his owner became terminally ill. Once back in rescue, he came to live with a wonderful mama who has decided to not let him go. Amanda of Dacono, Colorado is a long time foster and will take amazing care of Humphrey. She has two other dogs in the home who will be showing this pup the ropes. He will also be an example for any other fosters that come into the home. He is so happy to have landed in this place.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Especially for Sparky (aka Buddy) the 2-year-old Mastiff mix. He will spend the rest of his days playing with his fursibling, Hank, who is 8 months. Sparky will be living with Lee and Genny in Lincoln, Nebraska, and they understand his temptation to counter surf and explore the trash can. So, as in his foster home, those opportunities will be prevented.

What a wonderful time of year for Axe, the St. Bernard. This boy is going to an experienced home and will be living the rest of his days with Lindsay and Jay in Doniphan, Nebraska. He will be the sole owner of all belly rubs and will enjoy his daily walks. It is also in the plans to train Axe to help Lindsay detect an oncoming migraine before they hit. Life couldn’t possibly be any better for this sweet boy. Merry Christmas Axe!

Hoss the Dogue de Bordeaux has had his Christmas wish answered. He came into rescue after his owner couldn't care for him anymore. He was treated for heartworm, and now he's feeling much better. After spending a couple months with his foster parents, they've decided to keep him in the family. Mary Jo and Michael of Brighton, Colorado are long time members of BDHPI, so they know exactly what Hoss needs.

Bruce, the 4 to 5-year old Mastiff mix, will never be alone or lonely again. He came to Big Dogs Huge Paws as a stray and in very poor condition. Now his life of care and love will continue with his new mom Julia, a veterinarian, in Englewood, New Mexico. She will make sure he has everything he needs to manage his allergies and be as comfortable as possible. He will also have the company of another dog Hannah and Lucy the cat. A true Velcro dog, he will be able to be with his mom and fursiblings all day long and enjoy walks on 9 acres of ground.

Paisley, the 10-month-old Neo puppy has a wonderful home with Kimberly and Rick in Aurora, Colorado. Paisley previously lived the life of a puppy mill puppy. A very sad time. But now her life will never again be the same. Kimberly and Rick are giant breed experienced and they do understand that dogs can have issues when their previous life was not a good one, and they will continue to help Paisley overcome and triumph.

I'm glad I got to stay in Colorado, because I love this white, fluffy stuff you humans call "snow!" It's me, Bella the Newfoundland, telling my wonderful adoption story. Carolyn and Robert from Littleton, Colorado saw me and picked me to add to their pack. I'll join three other dogs - Stella, a 4-year-old Boston Terrier/Pug mix; Sarge, a 14-year-old Boston Terrier/Pug mix; and Gracie, a Carolina Dog mix.

Cole the Newfie mix is pleased to announce his holiday wish has come true. He came to BDHPI after being found by police on the side of the road, with a gash and other injuries. After going through treatment for his ailments, he will now be spending the rest of his happy days with Tyrene and Brian of Centennial, Colorado. They have three other dogs, and one is super excited to have an active playmate.

Bailey the St Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix is pleased to announce he has a home for Christmas! He came to BDHPI after being put in a shelter by his previous owners. When he came to rescue, he was placed with a wonderful family who helped him to settle in and learn some tricks. Now they've realized he is a permanent member of their family, so he's staying forever. Gino and Bianca of Denver, Colorado will be spoiling this darling boy rotten. He has two kitty siblings, both of whom have warmed up to the dog.

Thor the Mastiff here, and it's no myth (see what I did there?) that I found my furever home with Michael and Karen in Rancho Santa Margarita, California! They have large breed experience, as they have two Irish Wolfhounds and recently also adopted a young German Shepherd from a rescue. They had an English Mastiff previously, so I'll fit right in with everyone!

Potter the "magical" Great Dane is happy to announce his holiday news! He came to BDHPI after being found as a stray, and now he's off to sunny California. Kimberly of Cerritos, California will be adding this adorable pup to her family. She has an elderly beagle to show Potter who is boss, and she has previous experience with Danes. Potter is so happy to have found this amazing home for the holidays. THANK YOU, ANGEE, FOR FOSTERING THIS GOOFY GUY!

Kym the Great Dane's Christmas wish has come true! She came to BDHPI as a stray, and she was happy to feel the joys of indoor doggy life. Now she will be continuing her days with Katherine of Aurora, Colorado. She will be an only dog so all of the attention will be showered upon her. There are two cats in the home, and there's a good chance they will bond with this sweet old gal.

How lucky can a girl get? Josie, the 3-year-old Great Dane, will be living with Vicki and her 2 older children in Erie, Colorado. They were willing to look beyond her birth defect and see the perfect angel she is inside and out. She will have all the love of being a single canine for now, though she will have feline fursiblings and her mom hopes to adopt another Great Dane friend for her soon.

Waylon, the DDB, will have his very own home with Anthony in Lakewood, Colorado. He will be the only dog, which is just fine with him. He will have all the attention and love of his dad who has experience with giant breeds and who understands his background and care needs. Waylon is one lucky boy. Merry Christmas Waylon. THANK YOU, LINDA, FOR FOSTERING THIS WRINKLY WONDER BOY!

I never knew what this whole inside life thing was until I came to BDHP, and now I know what I was missing out on! Sophie the St. Bernard here to share my news…Jeffrey and Christine from Centennial, Colorado have chosen me to add to their family! I'll get to grow up with two human children and be the only dog, so we'll do some real bonding. And the views? Can we talk about the views?? I get to live on a golf course!

Spartan the mastiff mix has got the biggest news! He came to BDHPI from an animal shelter, ready to find his home. Well, it appears he's been in it all along, as his foster parents are keeping him forever! Jeanne and Todd of Ute Park, New Mexico have fallen in love with this pup and will not be letting him go. They have grown kids, so the dogs are their children now, and they have a bird and dog for Spartan to learn the ropes from.

Juno the English Mastiff/Neo mix has a wonderful home just in time for Christmas. Sharry and Peter in Canada have owned Neos previously and understand their very protective nature. Juno’s favorite thing to do is hang out with her mom, so she is so happy to have her mom home all the time (mom runs her business out of her home). She will have Dexter, the Gold Retriever, to play with and 6 children to love on (she loves kids).

Nelson is so happy his Christmas wish has been answered! He will be off to sunny Roseville, California to live with Christine and Joel. They have two other dogs and two cats for Nelson to play with. They are also experienced working with the large breeds. Nelson is so glad to not be used for breeding anymore. He can't wait to soak all the sun into his black fur and enjoying lounging in the backyard.

Penny the Mastiff/Anatolian Shepherd mix is happy to announce she's found her perfect forever home. She came to BDHPI as a stray from a shelter and was looking for someone to love her. After spending time with her, Penny's foster mom decided she is going to stay there forever. Sherri of Littleton, Colorado is happily keeping this adorable girl, who has grown quite fond of her yellow lab, Sandy.

Harlie, the 9-year-old Great Dane, has a wonderful home with Barbara and Daniel in Denver, Colorado. She will be living with Grizzly, a terrier mix. Being an older girl, she is sure to enjoy the quiet home where the youngest visiting relative is 12. She will also continue to enjoy her short walks and to just be with, and love on, her mom and dad. This is one lucky senior lady. Welcome to the rest of your life, Harlie.

Nala the Mastiff/St. Bernard mix has a wonderful home with Brad and Tammie in Monument Colorado. Brad and Tammie understand that Nala will need supervision and lots of exercise as she gets board easily and will find not-so-positive ways to amuse herself; it’s a good thing for her that she will not need to be alone for long periods of time. Nala is one smart cookie can open doors with levers and needs mental stimulation, so continued training will keep her mind active and occupied. She is still a pup with a lot of growing up to do, but Nala will have a life she deserves.