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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Missy Ann’s rough start in life will end being loved and spoiled, as in inside dog, with Sharon and Benton of Denver, Colorado. Missy Ann, the fawn 5-year-old female Great Dane, was badly neglected and had no training; however, Sharon and Benton are familiar with the needs that can come with rescue dogs as they had rescued one previously.

Kodiak has hit the mother lode. This 5-year-old Mastiff Mix will be going to live in the mountains of Conifer, Colorado with Becky and Isaac and their two sons, Zachary and Cody. He will be the only dog and the recipient of all the love and companionship this guy could wish for. There are 10 acres for exercise and exploration and plenty of play time with the boys. This is just the kind of environment for loyal, loving Kodiak to thrive in. Yes, this is one lucky boy.

Mark and Lindsey from Edmond, Oklahoma are my new humans, and I'm Charley the Great Pyrenees mix here to tell everyone about them and my new life! They both know all about large breeds and consider their fur babies as part of their family - as anyone should, if you ask me. I have a new Yorkie brother named Gizmo to pal around with.

Corey of Gehring, Nebraska is thrilled to announce the arrival of his new addition, Buddy the English Mastiff! After losing BDHPI Alum, Kaiser the English Mastiff, he and Daisy the Mastiff (who also came from Big Dogs) have both been lonely. Corey is committed to working with Buddy on slow introductions to the pack and will do everything he can to continue working on socialization and setting him up to succeed!

Hi-hi, it's Rosco the Great Dane, and I'm so happy!!! When my owners didn't have time for me anymore, I came to BDHPI. I learned a lot of great tricks and how to be an even better dog, and now my forever family has come to take me home. Mary and Philip of Santa Fe, New Mexico have owned giant breed dogs before, and they even have a current doggy to be my new friend and teach me the ropes.

Hi there, it's Monster the 7 year old Saint Bernard here to make an announcement. I HAVE A FOREVER HOME! My previous ownerrs were moving and couldn't take me with them. So I came to BDHPI and a super loving foster family. Once they took me in, they decided I couldn't go anywhere. Leshawn and Marco of Grand Junction, Colorado are going to be my forever foster parents. They have another Saint/Pyr mix named Jasmine who came from BDHPI also and is my new best friend to play with. I can't think of a better place to live out my retirement years.

Hi there, it's Pepper the female Great Dane reporting my update! After my mama fell on some bad times, I ended up here at BDHPI. That's OK though because I have found my happily ever after with Darlene of Loveland, Colorado. She has two kitties who are my new BFFS. She also has a daughter that I love playing with and cuddling next to at night.

Hello friends, it's Deacon the Great Dane! I was found by a rescuer as a stray, and after they couldn't find my family, I came to BDHPI. As a youngin', I had a lot to learn and my foster family was great with me. Now I have a forever family to continue my training and love on me! Christina and Jordon of Denver, Colorado are both physicians with flexible schedules.

Hi, Moncreif here. I'd like to introduce myself. First, you need to know that I "was" looking for a forever home, but as BDHP has just found the perfect home for me, I am making the announcement that I am no longer available. Hang a sold sign around my neck, ladies and gentlemen, this perfect example of canine wholesomeness is off the market! Now to be honest, I must admit that I do have a few flaws.

Hey this is Ranger the 3-year-old fawn mastiff mix. I was adopted out in March, but I found out living in the city with all the bustle was too much for me. So I came back to my foster mama, Lisa in Council Bluffs, Iowa. After a short while, Lisa decided she couldn't let me go again, so now I'm a permanent member of the family! She has two cats, and we're getting along great. I also hope to be a shining example for other BDHP fosters who come to our house. Thank you BDHP for placing me with her, and I'm happy to have a permanent couch to laze on. 

Hey there, it's Hubert the 10-week-old, male, Great Pyrenees mix pup. After I was found as a stray, I came to BDHP. My foster family got me started on basic training, so finding a home was easy peasy! I will now be living with Melissa of Loveland, Colorado. She has a Great Pyrenees already (BDHPI Alum) that I will get to play with, and there's a 5-foot fence so I can safely romp around in the backyard.

Hello, it's Shelby the 3 year old Boerboel mastiff with an amazing update. I was picked up as a stray and never claimed, so I came to BDHPI. Now I've found a great family with Baylee & Nickolas of Douglas, Wyoming. They have two cats, and I think we're going to be good friends. Baylee and Nickolas have done TONS of research on owning a giant breed dog, so I think I'm going to be in loving, knowledgeable hands.

Eja the senior Newfoundland has adopted her new humans, Reta and Joe of Lafayette, Colorado! She joins four 4-legged siblings including Nala and Snoodles the cats, Pepper the Corgi and JJ the Berner, so she will have plenty of furry friends to play and snuggle with!  Joe works from home which means constant companionship and lots of love for this sweet old lady! THANK YOU, SUSIE & DAVE, FOR FOSTERING HER! 

Hunter the 1.5 year-old English Mastiff here. It’s hard to believe I will have my very own furever home with Karisa and Brandon in Fort Collins, Colorado after being found as a stray. Not only will I have a new home, but I will have an older fur brother to help me learn the ropes and 2 little humans to love on. My new family loves to go camping and on walks, so I’ll have plenty to keep me busy and entertained.

Hoder the Cane Corso has a furever home with Rhett in Laramie WY! This ultra sweet boy came into rescue after begin found as a stray. He loves everything and everyone and his new fur sibling, Bella, is also a Cane Corso. His new dad loves to go running and hiking….2 of a Cane’s favorite things! His dad, being an experienced Cane owner, understands the stubbornness and intelligence of the breed and the need for consistent gentle training.

Marley has a furever home! Victoria and Christian of Kansas City Missouri have opened their hearts to this sweet 5-year-old Great Dane. She will be the only dog, which means she’ll be the center of attention. This was something she really didn’t have previously. She will be her parents first giant breed; however, they are experienced with the needs of a rescue dog, having had one previously.

Boris the Newfie Mix here. I must say, it’s going to be something living in my furever home. After being on my own as a stray, I need a place to call my own, and Nancy in Florissant Colorado has opened her heart and home to me. I will be the only dog in a very rural setting, but that just means that I’ll get all the belly rubs.

Daisy is proud to call Colorado Springs Colorado "home sweet home" and has now joined her new mom and dad, Kathryn and Don! Their kids are grown so she will be their new baby along with Tia the Wolfhound/Lab/Terrier Mix. Someone is home most of the time and they walk regularly at the nearby park.

Hey there, it's Lela the Saint Bernard with a HUGE update! After I was rescued by some good samaritans, they didn't have room for me in their house so I came to BDHPI. I was a little afraid at first in my foster home, but I acclimated in no time at all. Now I've found my forever home with Jascha & Jona of Centennial, Colorado. They are experienced giant breed owners who have adopted and fostered for BDHPI before. They have three other dogs that are BDHPI Alums, Mabel the Dogue de Bordeaux, Darla the Neapolitan Mastiff, and Buster the Newfoundland -- my new best friends!

Sweet Ava, the 3-year-old Bullmastiff, will be livin’ the good life with her furever mom and dad, Pam and Jim of Golden Colorado. She has 2 fur siblings, Maggie the English Bulldog and Simba the Boerboel mastiff puppy adopted from BDHP in February of 2016. This is just fine for Ava as she loves everything and everyone. She will continue her diet under her new parents, so she can achieve optimal health and condition, but otherwise she will be spoiled rotten.

Duchess has had a bit of a difficult start in life, but now all that has changed. She has her very own furever family with Mary and Bobby in Monument Colorado and her fur sibling, Sebastian. In addition to playtime at home, she will also get to go to doggy daycare for more fun and socialization and even to work with mom and dad sometimes. She looks forward to visiting grandchildren to love on and watch over as well. What a life!

Cinnamon has found her very own furever family with Kristi and Adam in Denver, Colorado. They lost their previous Newfie at 11 years and their home hasn’t been the same, so 1-year-old Cinnamon will be a much loved addition. She will also have a fur sibling, Millie, to play with, and her new mom is the manager of a doggie day care, so Cinnamon would be able to go to work with Mom for even more playtime with lots of new friends.

Hi, this is Baloo the 10 month old Great Pyrenees, and I've found a home! After I was found as a stray, I ended up in a shelter in Utah. Then I came to BDHP and my foster parents. They helped me with my back end atrophy through physical therapy and nursed me through losing an eye. Now I'm all good.

Maddy Moose has hit the jackpot! Maddy will be living the life with Barbara, a retired realtor, on 5 acres of land—lots of room to run and play with her soon-to-be sister sibling, Caci (a playful Springer/Cattle dog mix). Barbara is home most of the time, so Maddy will be able to gain more confidence as her training in manners continues.

Stormi the English Mastiff checking in here to let everyone know that my life is now really sunny! Sam and Morgan from Sandpoint, Idaho chose to add me to their family! They have large breed experience and worked wonders with their previous Great Dane. I'll have a new little human brother to grow with, and I know we'll become BFFs. I'll have two stories in the house to roam and a nice yard to romp in with a lot of supervision. I thank you for finding me a super home, BDHP!

Hi, it's Buffy the Fawn, English mastiff with important news. When I lost my home in a house fire, I was brought to BDHPI because my owner had no where for me to go and she was quite simply devastated. We both had some lonely months and I couldn't figure out why no one was adopting me but now I know it was divine intervention.

Howie (AKA Bowser) the Great Dane here with some great Dane news! Emily and Jake from Thornton, Colorado have chosen me to add to their family! They previously adopted Miley the Dane from BDHP, so I'll have a big dog buddy to play with. I also have three younger kiddos to grow up with, a fenced yard to romp in, lots of walks to go on, and an actual dog bed (in a bedroom, even) to sleep on!

My name is Rhianna, and my life was pretty sad in the beginning. I was used as a “breeder,” and when I could no longer produce litters, I was given away. Luckily it was to Big Dogs Huge Paws, and now my life is more than I could have every dreamed of. I will actually have my very own furever family complete with a Pug brother, Meatball.

Hi there, it's Dyna the Cane Corso. When my previous owner passed away unexpectedly, I came to the nice folks at BDHPI. My prior owner rescued me from a neglectful and abusive situation and I loved her very much. However, I am happy to report I have found love again and after spending time in my foster home, I decided to make them my new forever family. Wendy & Allen of Centennial, Colorado fostered me and eventually realized they couldn't let me go.

Hi Sheldon the handsome Blue Great Dane here. I just can’t believe it! I have my own furever family—Melannie and Jake and little Jake and Eli! We will live in Westminster Colorado. My new mom is a in social work and she can come home during lunch a be with me a bit when I’m not with my dad on the construction site. Not only that, they are going to help me learn that life is all ok.

Ben the Irish Wolfhound mix here to let you know that I've found what I was looking for…a great forever home! Hannah and Brandon from Colorado Springs, Colorado have big dog experience, and they chose me to join their family. I'll get to grow up with two young kids, and I'll probably get herded by their other dog, Lani, a Border Collie mix. But that's okay, because I love everyone, including herding dogs!

Hidey-ho it's Jax, the 3-year-old Great Pyrenees with an amazing update. My previous owner returned me because I developed separation anxiety when she left me at home for 9-12 hours every day. When I came to BDHPI, I was put with a foster mom who knew her stuff. After a while she decided she couldn't resist my charms and I was the perfect gentleman, and so now I'm a permanent member of her family! Linda of Estes Park, Colorado runs a doggy daycare and training center, so I've been meeting lots of other dogs and an incredibly social, fun-loving doggy.

Susan & Mark of Castle Rock Colorado are proud to announce their new addition, Buster the Newfoundland! He joins Rio the Terrier mix and Daphne and Charlie the Poodle Mixes as his new 4-legged siblings. Susan is the office manager at a local vet which means nothing but the best of medical care for this big guy!

Hey-hey, it's Ruby the mastibull! When my owners had a new baby, they didn't have time or the space for me anymore so I came to BDHP. After learning how to be an amazing pup from my foster mama, Elicia, I've finally found my forever home! James and Christy of Kansas City, Missouri wanted to get a mastiff, and I'm part bull, which their previous dog used to be, too!

Sometimes, a gal is just a little misunderstood and needs the proper place in which to thrive. I've found that in my new home, for sure! It's Chloe the Newfoundland mix, letting everyone know that Justin and Shannon from Salida, Colorado chose to add me to their household. They did tons of research on giant breeds and they've owned Labs in the past. With flexible work schedules and a new house, they felt it was time to adopt, and I'm so happy they chose me!

I'd like to let BDHP Nation know that I now reside in Indianapolis, Indiana with Jerald and Alba! They chose me, Rhino the Cane Corso, to add to their pack. I have a new 9-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff sister named Amelia that I'll get to hang out with, and two older cats I'll get to sniff at. If they let me. We'll see. Long walks will be taken daily, so I'll get lots of activity to wear me out.

Hello, all! Geoffrey the Great Dane checking in to let everyone know that after being surrendered to BDHP because my former family had a baby on the way and didn't have time for me, that I've now found an awesome fur-ever home with Mary in Centennial, Colorado! Get this - my new human is a veterinarian, and she previously adopted Bogey the Great Dane from BDHP.

Hello there, it's Deja the 4-month-old fawn mastiff puppy! When my previous owner couldn't take care of me any longer, I came to BDHPI looking for the right home for not only a puppy, but a soon to be giant puppy with someone who knows and understands my breed! I had some problems limping, but I'm doing all better now and have found my family!

Hey it's Skyler the Great Dane with a HUGE update. When my previous owner passed away suddenly, I came to BDHPI. After going through three homes before, I came to live with my foster mommy. After enough time together, my foster mama couldn't resist my charms anymore. So now I get to be a permanent member of the family! Amanda of Dacono, Colorado has two other dogs I've been living with, and we get along well.

Amanda & Russell of Centennial Colorado are proud to announce the arrival of their new addition, Aussie aka Colonel the Mastiff Mix. He joins Sadie the Border Collie mix as his new canine sibling and wrestling partner. Sadie is thrilled to have another big playmate again after losing their previous 100 lb Pyrenees mix, Sisko! Aussie's new humans come home during the workday to take the dogs for walks so there will be plenty of love and exercise for this gentle giant!