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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Joey the Boerboel went from being saved just in the nick of time to a fabulous new home with Christine and Dustin in Midvale, Utah! They have large breed experience and recently lost their 13-year-old Bullmastiff, Jabba (a BDHP alum) to surgical complications. Joey will get to grow up with a young boy, he'll get to romp in a fenced-in, shaded back yard, and he even has his very own bed to sleep in now.

Marshmellow the Senior Great Pyrenees will have a soft place to land in his forever home in Fairfax, Missouri. He will be the only dog for Elaine and Nate, which means he will enjoy all the love and attention he has longed for and deserves, since he was picked up as a stray. This sweet couch potato will enjoy his retirement years well loved, warm, and comfortable. Best wishes, sweet boy! THANK YOU, BRIDGET, FOR FOSTERING THIS MELLOW FELLOW!

“Little” Genevieve the Boerboel puppy has the most awesome forever home with Glenda and Merv in Pueblo West Colorado. After being, literally, thrown away this sweet, sweet girl has found her treasure and will be treasured for the rest of her life. Her dad is a retired police officer and now trains the Shriner’s mini mules. Her mom is also a retired police officer who is now a vet tech.

Rock, the Mastiff/Dane mix will have a wonderful, secure life with Jeanna and Dustin in Denver Colorado. He will never have to worry about being out in the cold and if he will find something to eat. Rock finds comfort and confidence being around other dogs, so he is especially happy to have Louie to be his guide and playmate.

Jett the Great Dane has landed in the best home ever. After he was found wandering & emaciated, Big Dogs took him in to heal this pump. A lot of that help came from his foster parents, and now they've decided this boy needs to stay. Katrina and Patrick of Tulsa, Oklahoma are very experienced fosters, so they are ready to handle whatever else Jett will need. He will be living with another BDHP foster and their Dane, along with their children.

Murphy the 1.5 year old fawn Mastiff will have plenty of canine companionship when he heads to his forever home in Brighton, Colorado to join Dave and Stacie and their pack of four happy camper canines! Murphy won't have to worry about crowds though, because he'll get to enjoy a one acre fenced yard which will offer him plenty of room to roam and to enjoy playing with his new pack.

Chevy the Great Dane is SO happy to have found a wonderful home. He came to rescue when his previous owner couldn't afford his care any longer, but that's OK because his new family will take great care of him. Becky and Jeff of Hastings, Nebraska have plenty of room for this big lug. They have a Boston terrier for him to chill with on the couch, and their grown children will come to visit and love on Chevy, too.

Feeling like a king is new to me, Kingston the English Mastiff, but now I certainly do feel like I have a crown on my handsome head! See, Crick and Laura from Evergreen, Colorado chose me to add to their family! They are previous adopters and currently have Sadie (formerly Lil' Bit) the Mastiff Mix, a BDHP alum. Their 15-year-old dog went to the Rainbow Bridge recently, so I'm hoping to help their hearts heal.

Miss Lyla Blue, the Cane Corso/Neapolitan Mastiff mix has found a wonderful forever home with Mary and Dan in Castle Rock, Colorado. Miss Lyla will have her own canine fursibling, Titus the English Mastiff who was also adopted from BDHPI, and 2 feline fursiblings. Her life will be filled with quiet security. No more wondering what will happen to her. This is the life dreams are made of. Welcome to the rest of your life sweet Lyla Blue!

Little Bear the Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix here with a big story to share with everyone! Mike and Rene from Wheatridge, Colorado fell in love with me, and now I have a fabulous new forever home! Making a long story short, I was at a facility where Rene works, and we got to know each other - quirks and all. They felt it would be a perfect match, and I couldn't agree more.

Frankie the Saint Bernard is so excited to announce his news! He came to rescue in the summer from a shelter situation with some eye problems. After spending time with his foster parents & getting his eyes fixed, he is joining the family as a permanent member. Eric and Teri of Castle Pines, Colorado are happy to keep this adorable boy. He will be a good example for their future fosters, and he is adored by their children. They have another dog who rules the house, but Frankie handles that just fine.

Sasha the Great Pyrenees is so happy to have found a home! She came to rescue after her owners moved and couldn't care for her anymore. Now she is off to Englewood, Colorado to live with Lindy! Lindy has another dog for Sasha to play with, and she has lots of experience working with giant breed dogs. Sasha couldn't be luckier to have found this perfect mama, and she is super grateful BDHP paved the way for her.

Lucinda the Neapolitan Mastiff is pleased to announce her news. She came to rescue originally after she was bought by a good samaritan at an auction. Once she got some care and TLC, she really started to come out of her shell. She is off to join Jeff and Lisa in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have a rottie for Lucinda to play with, and there are plenty of soft spaces for resting and a quiet environment perfect for her. This baby girl is so happy to have found this home.

Troubadour is a four month old bundle of Great Dane puppy energy. But that's okay because he's going to a forever home that wanted just a sweet young pup like him! Anna and Arthur of Aurora, Colorado, have fostered Great Danes before, so they are very familiar with the breed. They currently have a 10 month old Great Pyrenees mix, so they are also well acquainted with puppy love! Troubadour will have a pet-sitter with him during the day until he is six month's old, so he will enjoy companionship of people and pets.

I've got that Mona Lisa smile back, in a big way! Thanks to Jayen, I, Mona Lisa the St. Bernard, have a new home in Wellington, Colorado! He owned a St. Bernard in the past and was ready to adopt another gentle giant, so I'm happy to make his dream come true. Oh, and I also have a brand new rescue buddy, a very young St. Bernard/German Shepherd mix! That'll keep me on my large lady toes.

Chubby the Cane Corso has found his perfect forever home. He came to rescue after his previous owners couldn't care for him properly. Now he is going to live with Adam and Alicia of Spring Hill, Kansas. He will be an only child, as the family lost a Great Dane mix and Bullmastiff to bone cancer. They also have a son who can grow up and learn to be Chubby's best friend.

Mega (aka Otto) the 5-month-old English Mastiff has a wonderful forever home with Michael and Kellie in Burbank South Dakota. Michael and Kellie are experienced giant breed owners who understand the needs of dogs with challenges. Mega is young and was neglected prior to coming to rescue and his new forever home, so his new parents will help him develop through positive re-enforcement training and structure.

Hi there it's Cassius with some awesome news! I was rescued from an abuse situation and then my rescuer had a lot of bad health issues, so I came to rescue. Now I am going to live with Victoria and Sergio of Parker, Colorado. They have three other dogs for me to hang around, but there is also plenty of space for me to sleep quietly when needed. I'm so glad to have found this home and family.

Harley the Senior Dane will be zooming to Post Falls, Idaho to join her Lawnie, Richard, and her new fur-ever family which includes a German Shepherd, Bullmastiff, and other foster dogs. In other words, Harley will enjoy being part of a big happy canine family. Harley's golden years will full of new friends and a comfortable home. Happy trails, Harley! THANK YOU, JOEY & WEEGIE, FOR FOSTERING THIS REGAL GAL!

Romulus the Merle Great Dane has a forever home that is out of this world! He is a spry 3-year old who wants to be the leader, loves men, and dogs (once he gets to know them through proper introductions) and loves to play. He's heading to Lincoln, Nebraska where he will join Andrew and Julie and their dog, Rocco! Andrew and Julie have lots of giant breed experience, so Romulus will be in great hands.

Talk about changing a lady's life… I went from being a discarded breeding dog to a loving forever home in Morrison, Colorado! Erin and Brian, my new humans, have a whole lot of Great Dane experience, and they chose me, Rapunzel the Dane, to be their new addition. They don't have any other dogs right now, and that's fine with me - I'll enjoy being cared for and spoiled!

Life wasn’t so easy for Mr. Feeny the Great Pyrenees mix. During his 2 – 3 years of life he suffered a broken shoulder and was left abandoned. All that has changed for this wonderful boy. He will be going to live the life dreams are made of with Lisa in Arvada, Colorado. He will have a fur sibling to play with. Daily walks and training to be a service dog are also in his future. Life couldn’t not have taken a better turn for this boy.

Porkchop the Dogue de Bordeaux here with the best news! I came back to rescue after my adopting family felt they weren't right for me. That was okay, though, because I came to an awesome foster family. Now I get to be part of the family forever. Carroll and Doug of Colorado Springs are long-time fosters for BDHPI, so they know exactly what kind of care I need and will give me tons of love. They also have other big dogs in the home whom I'm learning the ropes from, so I then can be a great example for new fosters. Thank you Big Dogs for placing me with this perfect family.

Mandy the Newfoundland is so pleased to have found her perfect fit. She came to rescue when her owner passed, and the others couldn't care for her. She had special needs and waited for a home that would work with her. Now she's going to live with Judy and Todd of Madison, Wisconsin. There are two other dogs in the home, so Mandy will not be lonely. The family is also home fairly often, so she'll get constant attention and love.
Charlie the Pyrenees has found his forever family. He was brought to BDHPI after being found as a stray, wandering without a home or family. Once he came in, he learned about all the niceties associated with family and a comfortable home. Now he is headed off to Aurora, Colorado to be with Angie and Rick. They have two dogs, one big and one small, who will keep Charlie in line and let him know how things work in the house.

Rocco the Presa Canario has a wonderful home with Justin in Denver Colorado. Justin grew up around dogs from the size of a Spaniel to Great Danes. He has had experience working with dogs and understands the need for training and the bonding that comes through positive re-enforcement. Rocco will have just the best life with Justin. Congrats Rocco! THANK YOU, LISA & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOYAL PROTECTOR!

Bones the Mastiff Mix is happy to report a change in address...he will be living happily ever after with David and Renee in Denver Colorado! He'll be there only dog but is in experienced hands after raising an 125 lb Rottie and growing up with Saint Bernards. He has a big fenced yard to play in and will look forward to trips to the cabin with his new humans. THANK YOU, JENNIFER & ZAC FOR FOSTERING THIS GOOFY GUY!

Haas the Great Dane is now happily in his forever home with Dan in Lafayette, Colorado! He'll be the only dog, but Dane owned a Dane mix previously so he is no stranger to giant lap dogs and Great Dane leaners! His new dad works from home most of the time which means he'll have constant companionship as well. Who could ask for more?!? THANK YOU, HEATHER, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG LUG!

I'm Spirit the Great Pyrenees, and while my spirit was a little broken before BDHP saved me, I can certainly say I'm in high spirits now, because I've been adopted! Diane and Walt from Middletown, Delaware chose me to add to their pack, and what a pack it is! I'm joining five other dogs (Rooney, a Shepherd mix; Hershey, a Lab mix; Libby, a Beagle mix; Tyra, a Newfoundland; and Roscoe, a Great Pyrenees mix), two pot-bellied pigs, and a cat.

Izzy the 9-month-old Great Dane has a wonderful home with Angela and Melanie in McDonogh Georgia. They are experienced giant breed owners who know, and understand, the needs of this special breed. As a young pup Izzy has all the “puppyhood” one expects and Angela and Melanie are prepared for the training and socialization Izzy will need to grow up into a well-mannered lady. Yes, Izzy has found her perfect home! Happy New Year Izzy! THANK YOU, HEATHER, FOR FOSTERING THIS SPUNKY MONKEY!

I'm Holly the Anatolian Shepherd mix who was picked up as a stray. But I'm a stray no more, as Ayla and Rob from Page, Arizona saw me and adopted me! My new humans are wonderful, as they volunteer at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. They have large breed experience, a large (and fenced-in) backyard where I can romp, and even a covered patio where I can rest after those romps.

Bunny the adorable Harlequin Great Dane has hopped (or rather zoomed!) down the bunny trail to her forever home. Kent and Mari have giant breed experience, they had a Great Dane who passed away recently. They currently have a Springer Spaniel with lots of energy to serve as her new playmate and two cats to snuggle with. Mari works from home, so Bunny will have lots of companionship during the day. The best way to look toward spring?

Matilda the Neapolitan Mastiff has found her perfect home. She came to rescue after being auctioned off by a breeder. After living with her fosters for awhile, they decided she simply had to stay. Heather, John and their 4 kids of Kansas City, Missouri are so happy to have this adorable girl as a permanent member of their family. She joins Ruger the Golden, Ruby the Mastiff, and Earl the Yorkiepoo as her new 4 legged friends.  Matilda will surely gets lots of love, attention, treats and the best life a dog could ask for.

Don't tell my fellow canine peeps, but I found a new home with two feline friends, and I couldn't be happier! Gracie the Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix here to let everyone know that Sharene and Brad from Strasburg, Colorado chose me to add to their family! Brad runs a doggy daycare, so he has had a lot of experience - including with us giant breeds.

Zion the Great Dane/Mastiff mix is now happily with Ryan, his new mom, in Denver Colorado. She has no other pets so he'll be the apple of her eye, but she does dog sit regularly and he'll have plenty of playmates. She looks forward to spoiling him rotten with all the love and attention a guy could dream of and we couldn't be happier for him! THANK YOU, LAURA & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS PLAYFUL PUP!

Penny the Dogue de Bordeaux has been scooped up, and she's so happy! Once she got to her foster home, her mama decided she was a perfect new addition and she reminded her so much of her recent Bullmastiff who was also adopted from BDHPI. Kalee of Denver, Colorado is so pleased to have Penny join her family. She has a pug that will teach Penny the basics of living in the home. Kalee has previous experience working with Mastiffs, so she knows how to make Penny into an amazing dog. Penny has won the jackpot!

My former owner loved me enough to let BDHP find me a better furever home, and that's just what I've found! Franklin the St. Bernard here to let you all know that Melinda from Waverly, Minnesota, who is a big fan of my breed, chose me to head up north and live with her. She had a beloved St. Bernard named Heidi Bear who went to the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year, so I'm hoping we can help each other with the heart-healing process.

Sometimes, life just works out perfectly. Luna the Great Dane here to tell you about my perfect story. Vicki from Erie, Colorado understood my needs and thought I'd fit right in with her family, so now I can really blossom! I have two older human children - one boy and one girl - to bond with. There are four rescue cats that I'll love getting to know better.

Hanai the Cane Corso is doing a joyous dance at his news. He first came to rescue when dropped at a shelter by his former owner. After spending some day days there, he came to rescue for lots of love and attention, along with his new buddy, Hercules. Now he is off to live with Alan in Deerfield Beach, Florida and Hercules, too! Alan is a very experienced giant breed owner, so he will be able to handle the two big boys. Alan recently lost his last two dogs, so he will get double the comfort and attention from these two dogs.

Hercules the Bullmastiff has found his perfect Tom Hanks buddy in his new fur-ever Dad, Alan! Alan has lots of giant breed experience and his job allows him the flexibility to be home and with Hercules for most of the day. He is also adopting his best foster buddy/house mate, Hanai, so he'll have a canine companion as well! We think this new buddy film will be as popular as the original and Hercules will be the loved star he was always wanted to be. See you in the movies Hercules and Alan! THANK YOU, ELIZABETH & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS HUNK!