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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Thor the Mastiff here, and it's no myth (see what I did there?) that I found my furever home with Michael and Karen in Rancho Santa Margarita, California! They have large breed experience, as they have two Irish Wolfhounds and recently also adopted a young German Shepherd from a rescue. They had an English Mastiff previously, so I'll fit right in with everyone!

Potter the "magical" Great Dane is happy to announce his holiday news! He came to BDHPI after being found as a stray, and now he's off to sunny California. Kimberly of Cerritos, California will be adding this adorable pup to her family. She has an elderly beagle to show Potter who is boss, and she has previous experience with Danes. Potter is so happy to have found this amazing home for the holidays. THANK YOU, ANGEE, FOR FOSTERING THIS GOOFY GUY!

Kym the Great Dane's Christmas wish has come true! She came to BDHPI as a stray, and she was happy to feel the joys of indoor doggy life. Now she will be continuing her days with Katherine of Aurora, Colorado. She will be an only dog so all of the attention will be showered upon her. There are two cats in the home, and there's a good chance they will bond with this sweet old gal.

How lucky can a girl get? Josie, the 3-year-old Great Dane, will be living with Vicki and her 2 older children in Erie, Colorado. They were willing to look beyond her birth defect and see the perfect angel she is inside and out. She will have all the love of being a single canine for now, though she will have feline fursiblings and her mom hopes to adopt another Great Dane friend for her soon.

Waylon, the DDB, will have his very own home with Anthony in Lakewood, Colorado. He will be the only dog, which is just fine with him. He will have all the attention and love of his dad who has experience with giant breeds and who understands his background and care needs. Waylon is one lucky boy. Merry Christmas Waylon. THANK YOU, LINDA, FOR FOSTERING THIS WRINKLY WONDER BOY!

I never knew what this whole inside life thing was until I came to BDHP, and now I know what I was missing out on! Sophie the St. Bernard here to share my news…Jeffrey and Christine from Centennial, Colorado have chosen me to add to their family! I'll get to grow up with two human children and be the only dog, so we'll do some real bonding. And the views? Can we talk about the views?? I get to live on a golf course!

Spartan the mastiff mix has got the biggest news! He came to BDHPI from an animal shelter, ready to find his home. Well, it appears he's been in it all along, as his foster parents are keeping him forever! Jeanne and Todd of Ute Park, New Mexico have fallen in love with this pup and will not be letting him go. They have grown kids, so the dogs are their children now, and they have a bird and dog for Spartan to learn the ropes from.

Juno the English Mastiff/Neo mix has a wonderful home just in time for Christmas. Sharry and Peter in Canada have owned Neos previously and understand their very protective nature. Juno’s favorite thing to do is hang out with her mom, so she is so happy to have her mom home all the time (mom runs her business out of her home). She will have Dexter, the Gold Retriever, to play with and 6 children to love on (she loves kids).

Nelson is so happy his Christmas wish has been answered! He will be off to sunny Roseville, California to live with Christine and Joel. They have two other dogs and two cats for Nelson to play with. They are also experienced working with the large breeds. Nelson is so glad to not be used for breeding anymore. He can't wait to soak all the sun into his black fur and enjoying lounging in the backyard.

Penny the Mastiff/Anatolian Shepherd mix is happy to announce she's found her perfect forever home. She came to BDHPI as a stray from a shelter and was looking for someone to love her. After spending time with her, Penny's foster mom decided she is going to stay there forever. Sherri of Littleton, Colorado is happily keeping this adorable girl, who has grown quite fond of her yellow lab, Sandy.

Harlie, the 9-year-old Great Dane, has a wonderful home with Barbara and Daniel in Denver, Colorado. She will be living with Grizzly, a terrier mix. Being an older girl, she is sure to enjoy the quiet home where the youngest visiting relative is 12. She will also continue to enjoy her short walks and to just be with, and love on, her mom and dad. This is one lucky senior lady. Welcome to the rest of your life, Harlie.

Nala the Mastiff/St. Bernard mix has a wonderful home with Brad and Tammie in Monument Colorado. Brad and Tammie understand that Nala will need supervision and lots of exercise as she gets board easily and will find not-so-positive ways to amuse herself; it’s a good thing for her that she will not need to be alone for long periods of time. Nala is one smart cookie can open doors with levers and needs mental stimulation, so continued training will keep her mind active and occupied. She is still a pup with a lot of growing up to do, but Nala will have a life she deserves.

From wandering as a stray to enjoying the Park City, Utah scenery? Don't mind if I do! Hogan the Cane Corso/Neapolitan Mastiff mix here to tell everyone more about my ideal home with Matthew and Marissa. They're fans of rescue (Matt is even a director at an animal rescue)  and have two dogs and two cats.

Claire the Great Dane has gone from homeless in a shelter to the lap of luxury in her foster turned forever home with Kristie and Tony in Black Forest Colorado! She joins BDHPI Alum, Ripley the Great Dane, Marco the cat, Superman and Godiva the horses, and chickens so there is no shortage of 4-legged friends to keep her entertained in her golden years.

Merry Christmas Rochester!!!! You must have been extra good this year because Santa Claus and the elves at BDHP have found the perfect home for you sweet old Saint. Mr. Rochester will be spending Christmas and every day after with Dana and Brian in Omaha, Nebraska.

Chestnut the Great Dane is pleased to announce he'll be enjoying the holidays near a warm fire with a new forever father! Chestnut came to BDHPI from the humane society as a stray. Now he'll get the cushy, comfy life with Christopher of Denver, Colorado. Chris lives in a condo near downtown, so Chestnut will get to hear lots of awesome sounds and stay up to date on the action.

Happy to report that my previous breeding days are over and now I'll live the life of luxury, it's Sadie the Mastiff here to talk about my new beginning! Marc from Frisco, Texas is a previous BDHP adopter with lots of Mastiff experience, and he chose me to add to his family! He currently has Lambert, a five-year-old English Mastiff from BDHP. So I'm happy to pal around with a new Mastiff buddy.

Ally the Great Dane is pleased to present her amazing news. She came to BDHPI after wandering around as a stray & going to a shelter. Then she came to live with her foster parents. In the process of teaching her, they fell in love and now she's staying put. Sarah and Michael of Lakewood, Colorado are happy to add her to the family forever. They have fostered tons of giant breed dogs before, so they know what she needs to become a great adult dog.

Dozzer the Saint Bernard has the best holiday news EVER! He came to BDHPI after being rescued on Facebook and relinquished due to his size. Now he is going home with Chad of Littleton, Colorado, who has lots of experience with Saint Bernards. He lives in a two level condo, so Dozzer has tons of room to hang out. He also lives five minutes from a huge dog park, so Dozzer will get plenty of exercise. He is so happy that BDHPI gave him this third chance.

Sada, the 1-year-old Boerboel / Mastiff mix will be living the life with Kristl in Salt Lake City Utah. Kristl is an experienced giant breed owner and understands that Sada is still a puppy with puppy behaviors. Sada will enjoy having her very own fursibling, Bodell the St. Bernard who was also adopted from BDHPI, and Sada will join Bodell on for daily walks and weekend hikes.

King will soon be enjoying the royal treatment and sharing his kingdom with a duke...well, at least a collie/shepard mix named Duke and a gentle Newfie named Zoey. Oh, and Tilo and Christine, who live in Centenial, Colorado and have lots of dog breed experience. King will enjoy free roam in the house and a doggie door to go outside.

Lobo the Great Pyrenees has a home with Andrea and David in Estes Park, Colorado. Lobo loves to play, and he will have wonderful siblings in Violet the Alaskan Malamute and even Lucifer the cat. Andrea and David understand the trauma that Lobo has experienced in the past and have dealt with anxiety with Violet. This is just the peaceful and secure home Lobo needs to help him overcome the past experiences.

Charley the English Mastiff has found his forever home, the best present ever this holiday season! He came to BDHPI from a shelter since his owner couldn't take care of him anymore. So he came to live with a wonderful foster family, who have now decided he is staying put. Brian and Bree of Colorado Springs, Colorado are so happy to add this pup to their family.

It's a holiday miracle! Blanca the Great Pyrenees has found her forever home! She will be staying put with her foster failure mama Meredith of Boulder, Colorado. She has two other dogs that Blanca will learn from and play with as she grows. Their location in Boulder allows for a lot of hiking, walks and play in green spaces. They also have a backyard for days when Blanca wants to chill at home. She is so happy to have been placed in this home.

This new napping place seems pretty swell to me! It's Susey the English Mastiff, just checking in to let you know that Judy and Clark from Thornton, Colorado chose me to be their new canine couch potato! They previously adopted a Neo Mastiff named Da Vinci/Vinnie from BDHP, and he unfortunately went to the Rainbow Bridge recently. So I hope I can help them heal from their loss.

"On, Wisconsin… on, Wisconsin…" has become my new favorite song, because Janis from LaCrosse, Wisconsin chose me to adopt and head north! Her Pittie/Lab mix who was 11 years old recently went to the Rainbow Bridge, and Janis' heart hurt. She was ready to adopt another rescue dog, and another big one - and she chose me. I'm so grateful!

Klister the Merle Great Dane mix has a furever home! He will be living with Katherine and her children in Aurora, Colorado. They currently have no other dogs so Klister will not need to share his toys or his family (he will like that). He will also have a huge back yard to run around in and plenty of love and belly rubs.

Ben the handsome Great Pyrenees is pleased to announce he's found his perfect home. He came to BDHPI after having some issues with a kitty. Now he's going to live with Andrew and Beth of Arvada, Colorado. They have another dog in the home and no kitties, so he's going to be so happy.

Hello, everyone! It's Quinn the Mastiff mix puppy here, checking in to let you know all about the place where I get to rest my big paws! Kimberly and Zachary from Colorado Springs, Colorado fell in love with me, and the feeling was pretty mutual. I'll get to grow up with a 12-year-old boy and romp in a big, shady, fenced yard.

Turkey the Mastiff (aka Clooney) will be extra thankful this Thanksgiving as he celebrates the holiday and his new forever home with Darlene and Robert in Morrison, Colorado. He'll have two new fur-friends, too: Dante the Elkhound/Chow mix and Hailey the cat. During the day, Turkey will enjoy relaxing at home with access to a dog run for fresh air and the call of nature, he will also enjoy running around the fenced back yard and daily walks around the neighborhood.

Duke is going to be treated like royalty in his forever home in Peyton, Colorado, as he joins Jan and Michael and their Anatolian Shepherds. Duke will have FOUR acres of fenced yard to run to his young 1 y/o heart's content. Jan and Micael have lots of giant breed experience, so Duke will grow into a secure and happy giant. Welcome to your new home on the range, Duke! THANK YOU, CAMBRIA, FOR FOSTERING THIS HUNK OF LOVE!

Mac the Mastiff/Great Pyrenees mix is pleased to announce he's found a forever family. He ended up in a shelter due to circumstances beyond his control when original owners passed & the people who took him in were evicted. Now Mac will be spending his comfortable days with Laurie and Scott of Lee's Summit, Missouri. They have a german shepherd/husky mix for Mac to chill with. There are also four children in the home who will give him constant love and attention.

Harley is one lucky Dane! He is going to live with Geri in Colorado Spring Colorado. There he will have 3 other fur siblings: Boscoe the Dane, Maddie the Lab mix and Charlotte the Dane. His mom is an experienced owner, having had Danes for 37 years. This is a good thing because this poor sweet heart had a very rough start in life and learned that the world was not a kind place.

Attention! Attention, everyone! It's Sarge the Great Dane here to alert you - I'll be stationed fur-ever with Carol and LaVaughn in Aurora, Colorado! They're previous adopters from BDHP and have had several Great Danes in the past, so I'll have wonderful, caring, experienced new humans. Their Great Dane recently had to go to the Rainbow Bridge, so I'm hoping I can help their hearts heal. I'll have Petey the St. Bernard (a BDHP alum) and a lab mix to hang out with, and lots of human time for loving and petting.

Hey there it's Thunder the Neaopolitan mastiff, and I've been hit with the best fortune! I came to BDHP from a shelter where I was very depressed. Now, I'm going to a wonderful forever home! Mandie and Trevor of Evans, Colorado are going to take amazing care of me. They've owned giant breed dogs before and know exactly what I need to succeed.

Mayflower the DDB is pleased to say she's found her home. After being found as a stray, she came to her foster family to learn how to be a good dog. Then they decided she wasn't going anywhere. Piper and Robert of Powell, Wyoming are proud to be foster failures with this adorable girl. She will continue with the pack and grow up to be an amazing Dogue de Bordeaux. She is so grateful to have gotten off the streets and into a loving home.

Koda the Anatolian puppy is happy to announce he's found a forever home. Debra and Christopher of Evergreen, Colorado are taking in this adorable pup. He's going to learn lots from them, so he's going to be a great adult doggy. There are two other dogs in the house who are near the end of their lives, so Koda will help comfort the family to grieve and heal.

Athena the Blue Cane Corso has a wonderful home with Spencer in Brighton, Colorado. Spencer is an experienced giant breed owner, having owned a Neo previously. She is young and does experience moments of shyness and skittishness, but Spencer understands that positive re-enforcement training will help her gain confidence.

Azuca the Great Pyrenees here, happy to report I've found my forever family. Kari and Sean of Aurora, Colorado are making me the third, furriest member of the family. They have two cats that I'll learn the ropes from and even play with from time to time. Kari has different friend's dogs over from time to time, so I'll have various playmates around the clock.

HELLO, it's Khloe the Saint Bernard. When my family moved and couldn't take me, I came to BDHPI. Since I was still a puppy, I had a lot of training to learn, and my fosters were awesome with helping me. Now I'm going home with Kristina and George of Denver, Colorado. They have owned giant breed dogs before, there are two other dogs in the home to be great examples. I'm so happy to have found a place to grow up and become an amazing adult Saint. Thank you, BDHPI, foster mama, Kathy and the rest of the family!