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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Bullwinkle has found his home! He will be going to live with Nancy, Jon and their son Carter in Thornton, Colorado and he will also be gaining new siblings! He will have Tessie Marie the Springer Spaniel and Shadow Baby the Saint who also happens to be a BDHP alum so Bullwinkle will never feel lonely again.

Buddy here to let everyone know that I have some new fur-ever human buddies! I'll be resting my Cane Corso bones at the home of Sean and Kristen in Greenwood Village, Colorado. They have two children, and, get this…  another 2-year-old Cane Corso named Xena! That's just plain awesome, and I look forward to playtime with her.

Abby the Great Dane is so pleased to announce she's found a forever home! After going through two homes, she's found lucky number three! Barbara of Show Low, Arizona is adding Abby to her growing family. She previously adopted BDHP alum Maddy Moose, so now both girls will have each other to play with. Barbara's home sits on 5 acres of land, and it's enclosed for lots of free play. She also has a cattle dog who will keep the Danes in check. We are so happy that Abby's found this amazing home. THANK YOU, LAURA, FOR FOSTERING THIS BLACK BEAUTY!

Hello everyone! Xena here! Not THAT Zena, there is definitely no warrior in me, unless it's the warrior battling to  steal your hearts. And I did! I knew coming into Big Dogs that there would be foster parents for me while everyone worked on getting me a good home. But you see, I was smarter than they were. The fosters I was sent to had already been checked out and were known to be good people, so I decided that THEY would be my new family.

Annie the Anatolian Mix and Michelle of Broomfield, Colorado are about to become the next Thelma and Lousie (minus the cliff jump, of course ;) These two gals have found each other and it looks like a match made in heaven. Michelle has done a lot of research on Mastiffs, has worked as a vet tech, and she helped her mom train Goldens for show.

Look into my eyes...You have two dogs I could play with, and cats! You're so perfect for me! Look into my eyes...Resistance is futile...Hey, it worked! They want me! Sherrie and Louis, I don't know where Beeville. Texas is, but I'll find it! Just think, my very own Mom and Dad! Furry brothers and sisters! Oh, but I'll miss my wonderful foster mom, Meaghan, and foster siblings though!

Erin of Lakewood, Colorado is happy to welcome Bernie into her heart and home! She'll be the only dog and apple of her eye. Her previous dog was a Golden Retriever and she grew up with Great Danes so she is thrilled to have another big dog in the house to love and spoil. Bernie is super excited to hear that her mom works from home a lot which means lots of time for extra snuggles and attention. THANK YOU, JULIE, FOR FOSTERING THIS SUPER SWEET GIRL!

Newfie lovers, unite! Marco the Newfoundland pup here to tell everyone the good news - I've been adopted by Anthony and Kirsten from Colorado Springs, Colorado! They used to have two Newfies, so they're very familiar with my breed. I have a new human boy to play with and grow up with, and someone is home all the time to supervise me. I've got a lot of land in a big backyard to roam, and I'm looking forward to learning the ropes and sharing my new life with amazing, experienced owners! Thank you so much for the second chance, BDHPI, and Susie and Dave for fostering me!

Boomer the Bernese Mountain Dog and Peanut the Newfoundland found themselves in rescue when their parents got a divorce and couldn't find appropriate housing! They didn't let their situation get them down though and have found the perfect forever home with Darlene & Mike in Westminster, Colorado. Their new mom is a florist who works from home so they will rarely have to be left alone! They also have a big backyard to play in with a fountain to drink out of of event!

Polo the Newfoundland pup here with my own amazing success story. From being sold at an auction to a wonderful new life, thanks to BDHP! Crystle and Eric from Wesminster, Colorado chose me to be their new pup, and I'll be forever grateful. They already have a Newfie named Nala who I'll be able to learn from, and I'll have two human children to grow up with. I'll get lots of walks and backyard romping for exercise, and I'll also get to hike and…  swim!

Nidoking the 2.5 year old brindle Boerboel has a wonderful furever home with Andre in Boulder, Colorado. Nidoking who understands his tendency to establish dominance and his need for slow introduction with other dogs. Andre hasn’t owned a giant breed before; however, his experience as a police K9 trainer and his experience working with dogs to meet their training needs is a blessing for Nidoking who does need continued training.

Congratulations to Belle the 2-year-old, deaf, Great Dane on finding her forever home with Clarence and Vicky in Pueblo West, Colorado. She will have a feline fur sibling called Tippy and a mom and dad who understand that she has special needs. On occasion, she will have grandkids to love on and another dog to play with when they all come to visit. It is not always easy for a dog with special needs to find a special home, and we couldn’t be happier.

Yabbadabbadooooooo it's Wilma the Cane Corso, and I'm jumping for joy at finding my forever family. I was found as a stray and came to BDHPI looking for that fit. Now I've found it! Laurel and David of Golden, Colorado are adding me to their family. They have another dog for me to romp around with, and I hear we're going on lots of walks. I can't wait to start cuddling up on the couch with this family. Thank you BDHPI and Phillipa for fostering me!

Hank the Akbash is pleased to announce he's found a forever family. He came to BDHPI when he was too short to be a service dog. His new family doesn't mind at all though. Keith and Dana of Denver, Colorado are happy to welcome him into their family. They have two teenagers to play constantly with Hank, and there's also a terrier mix that Hank will learn the ropes from.

Gypsy's fortunes are about to change for the better! This beautiful Merle Great Dane has found her forever home with Megan and Elliot and their three children in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gypsy will enjoy running around her fenced backyard as well as going on daily walks with her 3 year-old doggie sister Debbie. Mom works from home so Gypsy and Debbie are never alone for more than a few hours. Gypsy, you're going to love your new home. You've won the wheel of fortune!

Hello-hello, it's Boomer the Great Dane, and I've found an amazing home to spend the rest of my days. I came to BDHPI when my previous owner died, and I had some medical issues to work out. Now that I'm all better, I am going to be so happy. Amie and Mike of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska are adding me to their family. They have two older children to love on me, and there's a senior English Mastiff and BDHPI Alum named Grimly for me to chill with on the couch.

Sometimes a girl just needs a buddy and great humans, you know? It's Jamie the Great Dane, here to let everyone know about my exciting future. I've been adopted by Whitney and Mark in Salt Lake City, Utah! They have a dane named Mija who has been very lonely since her canine buddy passed away recently. They saw me and thought I'd be a good match, and I look forward to learning the ropes from my new sister!

Conrad the Great Dane Puppy has found the perfect home in the country with Joan. He will be joining BDHP Great Dane alumni, Goose and Lilly. He'll have plenty of room to run out his zoomies since his new home sits on 40 acres! Joan is home all the time to keep her pack company and she has plenty of big dog experience. Conrad is going to love his new home in Montana. Happy Trails, Cowboy Conrad! THANK YOU, KAYWIN AND AMANDA, FOR FOSTERING THIS GUY! 

Hi there, it's Ava the Great Dane, and I'm pleased to announce I have found my forever home. My previous family reluctantly surrendered me when they fell on hard times. Now I'm going to a new home with lots of time for me. Duncan of Denver, Colorado is retired and will be with me a lot. I'm going to help him as a potential service dog. We are going to enjoy mellow days relaxing together.

Dutchess the 5-year-old black Great Dane has a furever home with Sanjini and Asanka in Denver, Colorado. She gets along with everybody and loves to play, so she is really happy to have a fur sibling, Boots a St. Bernard mix. She will also have 2 feline siblings, Tiger and Lily, and a child to love on and watch over. Even better Dutchess’ new dad works from home so she will never be alone. Yes, Dutchess has hit the jackpot.

Hi, Charlie here. Despite what my name might hint, I am a lady. I have successfully raised a human, but that human unfortunately passed on. That left me lonely and, desiring the company of perhaps a few adult humans to comfort and care for, and be my companions in my old age, I came to BDHP. I am proud to announce my selection. Although there were many qualified candidates, I have chosen wisely.

Hi there, it's Diesel the Great Dane and I'm going home! Megan and Kevin of Lakewood, Colorado are making me a member of their family. I will have a new big brother to play with, and I hear there's a pretty nice backyard to play in. I'm so happy to have gotten to this place. I couldn't have done it without you, BDHP. THANK YOU, CHRISSY & JOSH, FOR FOSTERING ME! 

Life can be a blessing! That's all I have to say. Gather round, please, you pups still cold, sad, ignored and unloved, and Mama Itati will tell you a tale that will warm your hearts with hope and joy. I started life as a breeder dog. That means I was forced, time and time again, to mate and produce puppies for my humans to sell and make money off of. I did that for years, living outside in the cold and heat, and being fed horrible stuff.

Hullo, it's Jake the Great Pyrenees, and I'm going to a super loving forever family. I came to BDHPI after being left outside all the time and getting heartworm. My foster family helped me learn to be an inside dog and got my heartworm stuff treated. Now I'll be spending the rest of my days with Dina and John of Rapid City, South Dakota. They have adopted from BDHPI before, and they have owned giant breed dogs plenty.

Hoss and Sissy are happy to report they've found a forever home that will take them together! This adorable pair came to rescue after their owner fell on hard times. Now, they're going to a loving, amazing forever family who will care for them. Len and Kate of Colorado Springs, Colorado have owned larger dogs before, and they are ready to handle anything that happens down the line.

Hola, it's Rio the Great Dane mix, and I'm on my way to an amazing forever home. I came to BDHPI after my family had to downsize per their new housing requirements.Now I'm going to a loving forever family, where I will be the light of their lives! Danyelle and Brian of Loveland, Colorado are very experienced giant breed owners. They will help teach and mold me into a great adult doggy.

How do you do, it's Yaeger the Great Dane and I'm so excited! I've found a new loving family, after I came to BDHPI because my last family couldn't keep me. Mary and Philip of Santa Fe, New Mexico are taking me in and gonna give me tons of loving. They previously adopted BDHPI alum Rosco the Great Dane, and they wanted him to have a playmate.

Tashi and Bruno are pleased to announce they've found a forever home. They came to BDHPI after their previous owner couldn't keep them. Now they're going a great home together. Melissa and Marc of Salida, Colorado are giving the pair a loving, forever home -- and huge room to play! They own a horse ranch, and the pair will accompany Melissa around during the day. They also have three small dogs for them to learn from and play with.

Tiny the Brindle Mastiff is on his way to his forever home in Beulah, Colorado. Tiny will be joining a house with two other dogs and two cats and Janis the mom to all of these happy campers. Tiny will enjoy running around the yard. Janis works from home, so Tiny will get a great deal of attention and lots of opportunities to enjoy Colorado living at its finest. Best wishes Tiny!

From a tough situation to a new home in Iowa - it's quite a success story for me, Ramsey the Bullmastiff! Amanda and Billy from Waukee, Iowa used to have a Bullmastiff named Hank, and he unfortunately had a lot of health issues and passed away at a young age. They were heartbroken, so I'm hoping I can help their hearts heal some. I have a nice home to lounge in and a patio to lounge on. Not to mention two hearts to mend.

Hi there, it's Sky the mastiff mix puppy, and I've found my forever family. I came to rescue as a puppy, and my foster mama has been teaching me good tricks. Now I'm going home with Andrea and Shaun of Kansas City, Missouri.
Hey everyone, it's Atilla the Bullmastiff with amazing news. After coming to BDHPI as a stray from Oklahoma, my foster family took me in, helped me get through knee surgery and taught me how to be a house dog (it was all so new to me). Now after some time together, they've decided I'm going to stay put. Brittany & Jeremy of Council Bluffs, Iowa have a Great Dane that's become my best friend.

Hello it's Fefe the Boerboel mastiff, and I finally found my loving forever home. When my previous mom fell on hard times, she took me and my sister, Bailey, to shelter and luckily BDHPI sprung us from there and brought us into their program. I was sad to not be able to stay with my previous family, but now I have another family to love me. Dianna and Mario of Cooper, Texas have adopted mastiffs from BDHPI before.

Rush the Great Dane has a huge update to share with you! He came back to BDHPI after some issues with food aggression, and so a great foster family took him in. It didn't take long for them to realize Rush was going to be a permanent member of the family. Laura and Joshua of Colorado Springs, Colorado have another Great Dane who's going to be Rush's role model. They are going to give him tons of treats and teach him how to be a great adult Dane.

Most of the people who adopt from BDHP are happy to do so again, and I'm thrilled that Edward from Colorado Springs, CO chose to do that with me! It's Delilah the English Mastiff here to let you peeps know that I'm going to a wonderful new home with a Mastiff-experienced owner who will be with home with me almost all of the time. Ed previously adopted Zeus, a big Mastiff boy from BDHP, and Zeus unfortunately had to go to the Rainbow Bridge recently.

Moses didn't have to cross the Red Sea to find his forever home. He just had to hitch a ride to Denver Colorado where he will be living with Matt and Kathryn. Matt is a veterinarian so Moses will be in great hands to keep his recovery from TPLO surgery on the right track. Kathryn works from home so Moses will enjoy lots of attention from his new family.

Harley the Dane here with a HUGE update. After my parents moved cross country, they could not find a place that would allow a Giant Breed couch potato. So, I came to BDHPI where I learned more tricks and enjoyed a lot of lazing on the couch. Now I've found my forever family with Justin and Heather of Omaha, Nebraska. They have owned giant breeds before, so they know what kind of attention and care I need.

Hello it's Oly the Great Dane, and I've found my home! I came to BDHPI after being found as a stray. I've been learning a lot of good manners from my fosters, Jeannette and family, and now I get to learn from my new dad! David of Kearney, Nebraska has owned Great Danes before. He doesn't have any other pups right now, so I'll be an only, very spoiled child. I hear there's a dog park nearby for us to play at. I'm so excited to have found this great father. Thank you BDHPI for getting me off the streets and into this home.

Hi, It's Forrest the Great Dane, and I've found my home! I came to BDHPI after being found as a stray, and they discovered I have Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD). It didn't stop my forever family from picking me though. Tracy and Steven of Omaha, Nebraska have lots of experience with giant breed dogs. They have a mastiff mix named Zeus who will be my big brother.

Greetings, it's Boris the Saint Bernard with an amazing story. I lost my home when my previous owner passed away. So I came to BDHPI and started to heal from that loss. Now my foster parents have decided I'm not going anywhere. Lisa and Darryl of Estes Park, Colorado have been looking for a new pup, and I'm their guy. They have a Great Pyrenees who has become my playmate. They're also home a lot, so I get plenty of attention and love.