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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Scout the Dane/Hound mix has waited patiently, and his forever home finally came to get him! Jennifer and Jeremy of Woodland Park, Colorado are pleased to add this pup to their family. They have an Anatolian Mix and a daughter who will both adore this little guy. They have raised a few dogs, so they know what Scout will need as he grows. He also gets to play in a wonderful backyard with his new family.

I found a place to play, play, play… and then get all the belly rubs I want! It's me, Bella the Bullmastiff, and I want to let everyone know all about my new life! Jeffrey and Kristy from Cherry Hill, New Jersey chose me! That's right, I get to be a Jersey girl! I now have a home with a tall fence, and four other critters to play with. There's a Miniature Pinscher, a Beagle, and two felines. I get to run off some of my energy on walks, at the dog park, and in the back yard.

Dax the Great Dane finally has good news to share. This boy came with his brother Dante to rescue after being tied up. He waited patiently to find a new, loving family, and they are finally here. Janet and Stephen of Newalla, Oklahoma are proud to add this boy to their family. They recently lost a Daniff mix, so Dax will help ease their loss. There are grandchildren who visit, so Dax will not be lacking in attention from anyone, ever. They also have a sizable backyard for him to play in (no ties required). He could not be happier to have found this home.

Boss the Mastiff mix will soon be bossing around his new home in Galax, Virginia. This young guy will have mentors to help him to grow into a well-behaved gentleman in his new home on the range with Ches and Meagan, who have giant breed experience with their six-year old Mastiff, Mya. Boss will be surrounded by wise and loving role models and we expect a great future awaits. Happy trails, Boss! THANK YOU, VERONICA & MARK, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG BABY!

OH MY GOODNESS! The wonderful Cleetus, the senior mastiff mix has a home! His past has left him very slow to trust others, and at his age, he does not care for young hyper dogs. His new mom, Marie, is a vet tech with a ton of experience with animals/dogs and is fully aware that Cleetus has his quirks and is more than willing and able to work with him.

Duke has ridden off into the sunset to his new forever home in Superior, Colorado. He will be the handsome companion to Dora, a 7 year old Great Dane. Michelle, Phil, and Grace, who are adopting Duke, have 20 years of giant breed experience and particularly wanted another Great Dane. Duke will have happy trails ahead! THANK YOU, GINGER, FOR FOSTERING THIS HANDSOME DEVIL!

Jett the bronze Newfoundland has a St. Patrick's Day present! This lucky boy came into rescue after he was found wandering as a stray. Now he's off to live with Amie and Mike of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. They have an older mastiff named Grim that was also adopted from BDHPI for Jett to love on and cuddle with during the day. This family has owned many giant breed dogs previously, including Newfies. There is also mention of a kitty cat, but Jett will be fine if it appears or not. This boy could not have landed in a better situation and off the streets.

Danica the Great Dane must share her amazing news! This sweet girl came to BDHPI as only skin and bones, with Demodex Mange. After much care, food and treatment, she was nearly back to her goofy, sweet self. Now she's off to live with James, Diane and BDHP alum Toby the Dane of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Toby is a recent addition to the family, so he will be teaching Danica how to live in their new home. Diane is home a lot, and James believes in lots of exercise.

Hopper the 10 month old Great Dane puppy (yes, giant breeds are still growing youngsters until they reach maturity at 2-3 years old) will be hopping to his forever home in Denver, Colorado. He will be joining Corinne and Jessica and their lab mix Riley and cat Sprout. Given Hoppers challenging start in life, we know that Hopper will enjoy a life filled with love and adventure and joy, just what this sweet young pup deserves.

Moxie the gorgeous two and half year old Anatolian Shepard is heading to Westcliffe, Colorado to join Larry, Monica, and London the Mastiff Mix and BDHPI Alum. This is sure to be a made a match made in Heaven. Larry and Monica have lots of giant breed experience, have lots of acreage for the dogs to roam (safely on leash, of course) they can't wait to share their lives with Moxie. We are sure Moxie is going to enjoy a long and happy life with her forever family.

Buddy has a new home! This 6-month-old Great Dane pup will have the time of his life living with Nicole and Duffy in Omaha Nebraska. He will also have 3 children to grow up with, love on and watch over. He will also have Roscoe, a 4-month-old Springer Spaniel mix to play with. This is a good thing as he loves to play! He will also get to play with lots of new friends when he and Roscoe go to doggie day care for socialization and playtime.

Midnight the Neapolitan Mastiff is so pleased to announce his news! His former owner had to put him in rescue when moving to a smaller place. That's fine, though because Midnight came to an amazing foster family who wants him to stay put. Holly and Dave of Windsor, Colorado are pleased to add this baby boy to their family.

Roscoe the Great Dane/Hound mix boy will be going to a wonderful home that BDHP knows well! Emily and Jake from Longmont, Colorado adopted Howie the Great Dane from us in July, and unfortunately, just lost Miley the Dane. So they wanted Howie to have a friend, and they believe Roscoe fits the bill and will help their own hearts heal, as well.

What a wonderful day it is! I, Duke, got adopted. That’s right…ME! I’m still a puppy with puppy mouthing behaviors and no other manners to speak of. But my new mom, Jennifer, says that she’s had experience with dogs that needed to have positive reinforcement training, and she’ll help me get where I need to be. I will be living in Lone Tree Colorado with my fursiblings. It will be great to have someone to play with.

Finally Fifi gets to share the good news with everyone! She came to BDHPI after not being the right fit for her previous family. After spending time with her foster and waiting patiently, she is off to live with Diana and Jeff of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. There are no pets in the home, so Fifi will be an only child. There are two children in the home, which Fifi is very excited about -- more people to love on her!

Hannah the Great Dane has found a special home just for her. After being dumped out of a truck on the side of the road, her rescuing family contacted BDHPI right away. They took her in and helped her get back to health. Now they just can't let go, so she is staying with them! Leslie and Jonathan of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma have three children who adore Hannah.

Congratulations to Lucy the English Mastiff! This girl came to BDHP after wandering around as a stray and ending up in a shelter. With lots of love and attention from her foster family, Miss Lucy gained weight, confidence and the understanding that indoor life is awesome. Now she is off to live with Christine of Denver, Colorado. Christine recently lost her Cane Corso, a BDHP alum, so Lucy will hopefully help mend her heart with her adorable affection.

After being very patient for 2 years, Cleo the deaf and blind Great Dane has found a forever home just for her! Her sister Skye and she came to rescue after a breeder inbred them, which caused their problems. She was with two prior rescues before coming to BDHPI, and now Cleo's family has finally come to take her home forever. Kimberly and Marc of St.

Naki the Mastiff mix is off to her forever home. Nicholas and Breana are former BDHP adopters and chose to add Naki to their pack! Naki will get to bond with a 13-year-old girl, as well as Penny the Bullmastiff, Daisy the Bullmastiff, and Lily the Rhodesian cross. With a lot of giant breed experience, as well as a fenced yard and free-roam for the dogs, it's a perfect fit for Naki. Have a wonderful life, sweet girl!

Unix (aka Harper) the English Mastiff is going to be a California girl. She is going to her forever home and will live the rest of her life in comfort and security with Cassidy in Alameda. The shy, sweet girl will never know the pain of a shock color again, and she will have the joy of feline and canine brothers and sisters, which is very necessary for this girl.

Quinn the young Great Dane/Mastiff mix has hit the Jackpot and will be heading to Las Vegas to collect his winnings! He'll be joining BDHP alumni Matilda the Dane/Lab mix, and Winston the Great Dane...along with pack leaders Erik and Michelle. Quinn will enjoy lounging beside his backyard pool with plenty of privacy from a 6 and 10 foot fence. Quinn will enjoy a full house and an double Dane eyes....he's picked a winner! THANK YOU, JOCELYN, FOR FOSTERING THIS FRISKY FELLOW!

Elliot the Great Dane is going home with Lisa and Michael from Parker, Colorado! They've had their heart set on a large breed for a long time, so Elliot will certainly fill that need. They have two other dogs, so Elliot has ready-to-go playmates. He'll get to go watch Mike play rugby, visit a neat dog park, and run the zoomies in his own large yard. He will grow and thrive in his new home! THANK YOU, JOEY & WEEGIE, FOR FOSTERING THIS SNUGGLE BUG!

Dante the Great Dane is pleased to announce his great news. He came to rescue with his brother Dax, where they were locked outside, neglected and starved. His foster family took this sweet dog and helped nurse him back to health. In the process, they fell in love and decided this boy had to stay put forever. Leigh and Dale of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are experienced fosters with BDHPI, so they are aware of Dante's needs and how to take care of him.

Ben and Yogurt have landed their special home! These two pups came to rescue after their owner had to move and couldn't take them. After reaching their foster dad, both parties realized it was the perfect fit. Nick of Lakewood, Colorado is so happy to add these two to his family. He recently lost a BDHP alum Pyrenees, and he is adopting them in honor of her passing. They can't wait to grow up with him and learn how to be awesome doggies.

Shane & Lindsay are proud to announce their new addition, Nala the Great Dane mix! She joins them in the lovely town of Avon, Colorado along with their pitbull, Pete, and two kids, Dax and Ani. After owning two Great Danes and a Rottweiler, these folks are no strangers to big dogs and know exactly what it takes to ensure a long and happy future with their family!

Dakota, the mastiff mix, will be living the good life with Tanya and Thomas in Denver, Colorado. This sweet boy will never know what it means to be abandoned again. Instead he will have constant companionship in Pasha, his fursibling. His mom and dad are retired, so he will have the attention and love he so deserves. He will also have a large backyard to play chase with Pasha in, when he’s not snoozing in the warm sunshine.

Skittles the Great Dane/hound mix is off to a forever home! Michelle of Albuquerque, New Mexico will be raising this darling gal. She will also have an auntie pit/dane mix to learn the ropes from when they visit each other. Michelle has a long history of experience with big dogs and knows what this girl will need to grow up to be an awesome dog. This pupper is super pleased to find this "just right" home.

Luna, the Great Dane/Hound mix puppy... a  beautiful full-moon is shining on you as you head to your new home with Mary Amelia and Philip in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Your new Momma and Papa have plenty of experience with giant breeds as they've had a house full of Newfoundlands for over twenty years. Currently, they have a senior Newfoundland, Dottie who is 13 years old, and four cats!

Sweetie the Newfie is going to be right at home with Kevin, Jennifer, Liam, Fiona and Oscar in Lafayette, Colorado. Newfies love children, so sweetie will have two lovely children to enjoy. Oscar is a Newfie/Lab mix also an alum of BDHP who will be Sweetie's new pal. Kevin and Jennifer have lots of giant breed experience and have adopted from BDHP before. Sweetie, your future is looking like sugar plums and candy canes!

Megan and Thomas of Blackhawk, Colorado are proud to announce their new bundle of joy, Brownie the Great Dane/Hound mix! Megan is a veterinarian which means she will receive only the best of care from this day forward. She joins Isaac the Airdale, Colby the Rat Terrier mix, Fuerza the Andalusian horse and Ashila the African Gray parrot so there will be no shortage of other furry and feathered friends to keep him company!

Mozart the Saint Bernard has waited patiently, and now his wish has been granted! This sweet Saint came to rescue after originally being found for sale by a good Samaritan. After some time getting the TLC he deserved, he is off to live with Michael and Laura of Golden, Colorado. They have another dog in the house who will show Mozart what is OK and what's not.

Hodor and Danaerys are please to have found a forever home together. These two darling Danes came to rescue after their owners couldn't care for them anymore. Now they are going to a great new mama, Elizabeth of Englewood, Colorado. There is a smaller dog in the home who needs company after losing her friend, so these two Danes will be a great comfort.

Nixon the Great Dane has found an amazing home with Deana and Jeremiah in Canal Winchester, Ohio! He'll get to join Sadie the Boerboel Mastiff and Alice the Dane - each sweet, loving girls. Nixon's new owners are used to dealing with medical issues, so if he needs some assistance in the future, they'll be happy to help.

Hello, everyone! Luna the Great Dane here to tell you how my stars aligned and I wound up in a new home with Brett in Parker, Colorado! He used to have a lab named Lucy, but unfortunately, she went to the Rainbow Bridge recently. He's an experienced dog owner and thought I'd be the perfect fit for his family. I agree, and I hope I can help his heart heal.

Reese the adorable 3-month old Great Dane / Hound Mix is just like her namesake, irresistible and sweet as can be. You just want to squeeze her sweet little cheeks and give her a kiss! Well, Natalie and Cameron in Littleton, Colorado will have years and years to give Reese all the kisses and cuddles this sweet little one deserves over the coming years because they are adopting her!

I LOVE Newfies and I love happy endings. Well, Kylie the beautiful bronze Landseer Newfie who was surrendered by a breeder will now be enjoying comfort, security and freedom with Cynthia and Richard in Centennial, Colorado, and their Newfoundland, Macy. Kylie will enjoy living with a family who know and love giant breeds. And she'll have the companionship of a fellow Newfie and BDHPI Alum.

Jace, the Fawn Great Dane, has a wonderful home with Donna in Los Alamos, New Mexico. This “little” boy will never have to live on the streets again. Instead he will have a full belly every day and will have another Dane, Teva, to show him the ropes and to play with. He will also have teenager to love on and get belly rubs from.

Jon and Brandi are proud to announce their wonderful, sweet new addition, Athena, the Cane Corso. Athena will have Bagger, the Great Pyrenees, as a brother to play with and 3 kids to love on and watch over. Jon and Brandi and their family are giant breed experienced, previous adopters, and understand the need for structure, routine and positive re-enforcement training.

Toby, the 1.5-year-old Great Dane, has a wonderful home with James and Diane in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. James and Diane understand Toby’s protective, strong-willed nature. He will be the only dog and get all the belly rubs he can handle. He will not be home alone much at all, and he will have the structure, training and exercise he needs to make life fulfilling and exciting. Welcome to your forever home Toby! It will be a great life!

Cricket the Great Dane has gone from a bad start into a most wonderrful future. After being rescued from a bad home, she came to rescue where she received love, care and lots of food. Now she is off to live with Joan of Littleton, Colorado. Joan has BDHP alum Zoey the Dane to show Cricket the ropes. Joan is very experienced with the breed -- has owned 12 in her life! -- so she will know what Cricket needs to get even better and happier.