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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Sir Galahad has left the round table to find his one true family! This darling boy came to BDHPI after a breeder surrendered him. After some TLC, he found the perfect home with Shannon and Matt of Denver, Colorado. They have two teenagers to give this boy tons of love. They recently lost a BDHP alum, so Galahad will help to ease their pain. He's going to get plenty of exercise with this active family. Three cheers for this wonderful story!

Paige the Great Dane mix recently turned a page in her young life and found a wonderful forever home with Kimberly and Stan in Ault, Colorado! She has an 11-year-old Lab named Curtis to learn from and a large house and yard to romp and play in. Curtis gets a lot of fetch time with balls and a Frisbee, so Paige will get to join in that fun, as well as take occasional walks.

Luigi the Great Dane Puppy is heading south to his new home in Georgetown, Kentucky where we are confident he'll continue to gain confidence and learn to trust humans. This adorable six-month old is going to a family who is so dedicated to providing a safe home, they just had their backyard fenced so Luigi will have a yard for play and to feel safe in due to his fearful nature.

Athena, the sweet Bullmastiff, has a forever home with a couple who will love her the rest of her life. Thank you, Patricia and John, for giving this wonderful young lady a second chance at happiness! Forever parents always put a smile on everyone's face and Athena is no different.  We're sure she is also saying to herself, "You had Jack Russell Terriers?  What a pleasant surprise you're in for with me.  I don't have half the energy of th

Oh happy day! Jax, the Newfie mix, has a home with Alexis and Joe in Denver, Colorado. This couple rescued their current dog who had his own issues to work through and who is now a happy boy. Jax has all the puppy playfulness and behaviors typical of his age, but his new mom and dad already know that he needs exercise and positive re-enforcement training. Luckily, he will get plenty of both with daily hikes and playtime.

Oh Alexa, your tough years as a breeder dog are over and from here on out we promise you a life of green grass, fluffy snow, and warm beds as you begin a new life with Janine and Mike in Broomfiield, Colorado. You're going to love your new home, they have lots of experience with Newfoundland dogs and know just how special you are. They have a 10 year old Newfie, who will be your new best friend and a 16 year old daughter who will love you forever.

Francis the Dogue de Bordeaux has landed in the best home ever! This darling boy was a stray who then went to  the Animal Shelter until BDHP took him in. His foster family, Bobbi and Joe of Longmont, Colorado, only needed a few days to decide Francis was meant to be a permanent family member. They are very experienced owners and currently have Oscar the Boxer, BDHPI Alums, Shady the English Mastiff and Hoss the Neapolitan Mastiff, so Francis is in excellent hands with this family. We are so happy for everyone involved!

Brandy the Great Dane mix has found an amazing forever home where she can wander and even "herd" a little, if she wants to! Melissa and Clinton from Larkspur, Colorado chose to add Brandy to their pack. That pack includes a German Shepherd named Lily, who is great with other dogs; and a Great Dane named Apollo, who is an 11-month-old sweet and playful boy.

Darcie the English Mastiff went through a grieving process after she lost her doggie sibling and ended up in a shelter. Thanks to a wonderful BDHP foster, Darcie got to re-learn what it means to be loved and cared for unconditionally. Now, the sweet girl is headed to Castle Rock, Colorado for the next stage in her her forever home with David and Christina.

Nelson the Great Dane didn't have to venture far to find his forever home! His foster mom, Melinda, found that he was a keeper and she couldn't send him to anyone else. He is now a permanent resident of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and joins Miss Lilly Putt Putt the Boxer and BDHPI Alum, Helix the Mastiff as his new 4-legged siblings. His new mom is retired and home all day which means all the love and attention he could dream of!

Moose has a home! This sweet boy will be living with Moriah in Flagstaff Arizona. Moriah is a vet tech who has 2 other Great Danes. What a wonderful life to be able to roam and play on 1 acre of land or maybe even go with mom to work on occasion. It will be a life of absolute spoiling for this 3-year-old. THANK YOU, LISA & FAMILY FOR FOSTERING THIS GENTLE GIANT!

Gallant the Great Dane is so happy for his new amazing family! This boy came into rescue after being found as a stray in the desert. Now he is off to the the plains with Nicolle and Rusty in Powell, Wyoming. They have no Danes currently but previously owned two. Gallant will be an only, very loved child. He does have two potential playmates with their cats, but he might be better off just getting human love. This boy is so happy, and we join him in the good news.

Yay for Stella the 9-month-old Great Dane. This pup is going to live with Nick and Casey in Lincoln Nebraska. Nick has Great Dane experience, and since Diesel passed away, they need another big dog in their home. It just feels so empty without a four-footed love bug to snuggle with. They fully understand that Stella is still a pup with puppy behaviors and are committed to helping her grow into a lady. Little Stella couldn’t possibly ask for a better forever home.

Chopper the Cane Corso is on his way to his forever home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He'll be enjoying the bachelor life with his new Dad Andrew. Chopper will enjoy living in an apartment with free roam during the day while and lots of walks before and after work. Andrew currently has a Neapolitan Mastiff named Sophia, a Cane Corso named Maura, and a history of rescuing dogs, so he knows all about the adjustment period.

Marva the Great Dane went from scared and alone to a wonderful family where she is happy, outgoing and loved! Jolene and Greg of Highlands Ranch, Colorado took in this girl as a foster. It took about a week for them to decide she was the perfect dog to foster fail with. This family has fostered a few Danes for BDHPI, so they know how to take excellent care of Marva. There are also two children in the home for Marva to love on. This girl is so glad she got out of a bad situation and into this amazing home.

Lloyd has a home! This mellow, sweet St. Bernard is going to live with George and Pamela in Casper, Wyoming. They are a retired couple who have owned Saints before and are lonely without a big slobbery giant in the home. So, Lloyd is the lucky fellow who will have his mom and dad around for belly rubs and kisses for most of the day. Talk about spoiled. He may not have any fursiblings, but he will have visiting children to love on and “nanny” over.

Bruce the Mastiff Mix found his perfect forever home without even knowing! He came to BDHPI and his foster family after his owners surrendered him. He had a lot of skin issues and looked very underweight. Once he got to his foster mama, he started to gain weight and look tons better. Samantha of Denver, Colorado fell in love with this adorable boy and so she's decided to make him a member of the family.

Wendy the Saint Bernard, your future is as bright as a sunny day! This sweet girl had a rough start in life because of owner neglect. But thanks to a good Samaritan who scooped her up and brought her to BDHP, Wendy was able to get healthy and find a wonderful forever home with Jeremiah and Megan. Wendy will be joining another BDHP alum, Maggie Mae the Saint Bernard. We are sure these two sister Saints will be blissfully happy to play together and enjoy the healthy and happy life that all dogs deserve. THANK YOU, MOLLY& BRIAN, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET ANGEL!

Cooper the Saint Bernard is so happy to have stopped jumping around homes. He is now off to live with Leslie of Boulder, Colorado. Leslie has two grandchildren that Cooper will get to play with, and her daughter is a wonderful lady so extra love every day! Leslie owned a Doberman before, so she knows Cooper is big and needs some special kind of love. He can't wait to live in this amazing home with these people. THANK YOU, BOBBI, FOR FOSTERING THIS GENTLE GIANT!

I have a new dad to snuggle with, everyone! Piper the Great Dane mix pup here, letting everyone know that this gal has found a wonderful forever home! My new human is Kevin from Edgewater, Colorado. He came to a BDHP event and started falling in love with the giant breeds… and the next thing you know, we found out we were a perfect match! I have a lot of space to roam in my new house, and so many new canine neighbor friends.

Sweet Roxie the Neo Mastiff was rescued by BDHP at a young age and we are happy to report she will have a nice long life of freedom, security, and love with her new home with Jayme and Franklyn, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Roxie will share her new home with a a six year old girl who is looking forward to having a companion dog, and a border collie. Roxie will enjoy lots of walks, a backyard to play in and a family that has giant breed experience and understands the needs of a Mastiff. Roxie, we wish you a long and happy life in your new home!

Maisy, Maisy you'll soon be enjoying chasing daisies in Moody, Missouri with Teri and Steve, and their 8 year old Lab/Dane mix, Cody. Maisy will have plenty of room to romp around her new home which sits on ten acres. Teri and Steve have giant breed experience and are home most of the time, so Maisy will enjoy having someone around to play and keep her company. Maisy went from roaming the streets as a stray, rescued by BDHP, to ranch living in a loving home.

"Sweet Sadie, Sweet Sadie won't you come home to me!" That's Dianna, Sadie's forever momma singing a song to welcome Sadie the 3 year-old black Newfoundland dog, to her new home in Apex, North Carolina. Sadie is going to love being a Southern girl, I bet she'll pick up the accent in no time at all!

Brody the Great Pyrenees Mix went from a home who didn't love his barking to a family who is more than happy to enjoy his voice! Ann and David of Omaha, Nebraska previously owned a golden retriever, and she was just as special as Brody. This boy will have a wonderful family, including two children, and he will be the only furry person in the house. There are also cats somewhere in the house, but Brody will be too busy loving on the humans to notice.

Missy the Anatolian Shepherd is so pleased to have found the perfect fit home. She came to rescue because she loved to adventure, which meant 4-foot fences were a breeze. Now she's off to live with a family who has tons of experience with Anatolians and the proper backyard for her. Deborah and Keith of Wichita, Kansas are long-time volunteers & fosters with BDHPI, and they have an Anatolian named Preacher who will show Missy what is or isn't OK in the house.

Buddy the Bernese Mountain Dog is so pleased to have found a home. After coming to a shelter after a couple minor and provoked bite incidents, he was scared stiff and wouldn't have had a prayer without BDHPI taking a chance on him. Once he came into rescue, this boy started to show his adorable self to his foster family. It went so well that they've decided this darling boy is staying put with them.

Rizzo the Dane/Hound mix is the last of his litter to have amazing news to share. He came in with siblings, waiting for their forever homes. Now this adorable boy is off to live with Tracey and Geoff of Loveland, Colorado. They are previous adopters and have BDHP alum Trumbo, who will show this pup the ways of the household. This family has plenty of experience raising dogs and know what this little darling will need as he grows up.

Titus Dwayne the Dane/Mastiff Mix landed in the best place ever. He came to Big Dogs with some sarcoptic mange, but he is healing up nicely. Once his foster mom met the sweetheart underneath, she decided he was a perfect fit for her family. Kaywin of Lincoln, Nebraska and her Dane Berlin are thrilled to call him their own and they are already best buddies. Kaywin is a very experienced foster parent and will be ready to handle anything that comes their way as Titus grows up more.

Ghost the Great Pyrenees/Akbash mix here to let everyone know all about my new digs…  I've moved in with Kimberly of Highlands Ranch, Colorado! She bought a house with a yard specifically so she could have a big dog - does it get any better than that? She was raised with Malamutes and loves that breed, but she was looking for something a little larger. So I was ideal!

Prue the Great Dane Mix puppy will be growing up in the beauty of Boise, Idaho with her forever family, Christina, Cleo, and Zane. Her new family have giant breed experience and Prue will grow up in a loving home with another dog and two cats. Prue will feel safe and secure in a backyard with a six foot fence. And this sweet girl may someday grow into an amazing therapy dog. We love happy endings. THANK YOU, HEIDI, FOR FOSTERING THIS ADORABLE LITTLE LADY!

Jessica is proud to announce, the arrival of her new addition, Woody the Mastiff Mix, in Denver, Colorado! He joins Masha the cat as his new 4-legged sibling. He will get to enjoy regular trips to doggie daycare so he can play with other canine buddies along with plenty of walks with his new mama. It was a match made in heaven! THANK YOU, KARI & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS HANDSOME DUDE!

Kashi the Great Dane didn't have to wait long for her new home. She came back to rescue after being the victim of divorce. Once she got into her foster home, her mama decided she has to stay. Lynda of Arvada, Colorado has owned two Great Danes previously, but they passed on. Kashi will help to ease the pain and act as her only child for the time being. She knows exactly what this girl needs and how to love her.

Sassy the Mastiff Mix has got to shout from the rooftops about her new family. She came to BDHPI after her family had allergies with her beautiful fur. Now she is going to live with Anna and Nathan of Centennial, Colorado who don't have any allergies! They have a goldendoodle who will show Sassy how awesome life is at their house. There is plenty of green space near their home, so Sassy will get tons of exercise and play.

Yay! Phoebe the Great Dane Mix has a wonderful home with Elizabeth and John in Denver, Colorado. This sweet “little” girl will have Finn, a Shepherd mix, to play with and help develop her skills as she grows up. Camping and socialization with other dogs are in her future along with lots of belly rubs and snuggles. It will be a great life for this little girl. THANK YOU, CHRISTY, FOR FOSTERING THIS PLAYFUL PUP!

Darling Hank has gone from the streets to the comforts of a loving home. After coming to BDHPI as a stray, he learned how to enjoy the indoor dog life. Now he'll continue that life with Jessica and Chris of Thornton, Colorado. They don't have any pets or kids, so Hank will be the apple of their eye. Chris will work from home sometimes, so Hank can hang underneath his office desk and chill out. This family is so excited to add him to their family, and he is, too!

Zeus the 4-year-old Great Dane has a wonderful home with Jill in Crested Butte, Colorado. Zeus is so happy to know that he will never be left outside again. Even better, it is being planned to continue his training so that he can go with his mom to work. What an awesome time that will be. When not at work, Zeus will be joining Jill in hiking and jogging the many trails close to home. Later there will be lots of cuddle time.

Krista the young Saint Bernard will heading to her new home in Longmont, Colorado.  Elizabeth and Matt, her new parents, have never had a giant breed although they currently have a Labrador and are eager to learn how to care for a giant breed. Elizabeth works from home often, and will have the time to devote to creating new bonds for Krista.

West coast life is definitely the life for me, and what an amazing turnaround! I, Stephanie the Great Dane pup, went from likely being contained in too small of a crate to an amazing home with Chandra and Neil in Spokane, Washington! Now I'll get to stretch these long Dane legs and play and learn like any dog should. My new owners currently have a European Blue Great Dane named Hank, and he's two years old.

Romy has a wonderful home! With Eddie and Gretchen in Omaha, Nebraska. For now, he will be the only “baby” in the house, but he is happy to know that on down the road there will be kids to love on and watch over. In the meantime, he will enjoy his walks around the property or around town and playing with the kids and other family members who come to visit. Romy…you lucked out! Have a wonderful life sweet boy. You deserve it.

Lyric the 3-year old Great Dane will soon be singing a sweet new song with her new family, Harold and Marcus, in Westminster, Colorado. Lyric will enjoy hanging out with a tiny sidekick, Sylvester, the Chihuahua. Harold and Marcus are home at all times so Lyric will have lots of company and will enjoy a six-foot fence in the backyard to play. Sweet songs forever, Lyric! THANK YOU, KAYLA, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOVELY LADY!