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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Homer the young great Dane is on his way to Broomfield, Colorado to join Kimberly and Clinton in his forever home. Homer will not only be the center of attention but his new parents have lots of giant breed experience so he's going to be in great hands. Homer will enjoy a free room during the day and will be able to sleep wherever he wants at night.

Tater Tot, the Cane Corso, is so lucky! He will be living with Katie and Matt in Omaha, Nebraska. There he will enjoy playing with his fursibling and getting a lot of belly rubs and walks. Katie and Matt are familiar with the giant breeds so little Tater Tot will get the positive re-enforcement training, leadership and socialization he needs as he continues to grow up. It will be a great life for this “little” guy!

Moses the Great Pyrenees mix didn't need to part any seas to find his forever home - he'll be heading to Fort Collins, Colorado with Elisa and Rodger! They're both vet techs with lots of large-breed experience, so Moses will get all the behavioral and medical attention he needs for the rest of his years. He'll get to hang out with his new pack - an Anatolian Shepherd mix, two Beagles, and two cats. He'll also have nice, fenced-in yard to romp in.

Sloan is one lucky, merle Great Dane!!  This beautiful 2 year old gal will now have an older, 7 year Dane, to show her the ropes in her new forever home.  Brian, her new two legged owner, has received glowing reviews.  He loves his Luke and can't wait to add another Great Dane to their family.  He and his partner are definitely partial to this breed and they can even sleep in the bed if they like (when not relaxing on one of their dog beds)!&nbs

Holy moley, Cash the Mastiff has found the bestest forever home ever. He came to BDHPI and his foster parents after his family had no room for him. After some time, it seemed that he became a part of the family. Now they are making it official. Cara and Andrew of Peyton, Colorado took in this pup and now he's going to be their newest member. They have three children who adore this boy, and he's going to be the only furry child for awhile.

Woo-woo, go Mr. Duke! This boy left a big family to end up with a small, super loving one. Karli and Eric of Denver, Colorado could not wait to add this lug to their family portrait. He now has a new "big" sister named Wilma to show him around. These two also own a brewery in the area, so we might be seeing this dude's face on logos. Duke will have a nice yard to play in, a couch to lay on and plenty of treats to help him grow.

Duke the Daniff apparently found his forever home without knowing! This darling Daniff came to rescue from a Craigslist buyoff, and he was pretty scared to start. However, with the patience and love of his foster parents, he bloomed into an amazing dog. Now they have decided this beautiful boy is staying with them for life. Alexis and Michael of Black Hawk, Colorado are so happy to add this boy to their family. They have two dogs and a cat for Duke to spend time with, and they're a very experienced big dog family.

As we like to say, once a big dog fan, always a big dog fan! Lissa from Florence, Arizona is a previous BDHP adopter, and she chose to add Bella the Great Dane to her home! Bella will get to roam around on a farm and hang out with a cat and a horse. Not to mention visit with two grandkids a couple of days each week. Lissa is excited to have another Dane to love, and we know Bella will have an amazing life with her! THANK YOU, EMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS TALL DRINK OF WATER!

Thor the Boerboel Mastiff is happily with his new family, Melissa, Steven, and their kiddos, Taylor, JT, and Braxton in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Melissa works from home, so someone is with the pups pretty much all the time.  They used to own a St. Bernard named Deuce and currently have a Mastiff name Gemma and Maggie the Maltipoo, so he is in wonderful, experienced hands! THANK YOU, LAURA & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS AWESOME DUDE!

Pablo, the 3 year old Bullmastiff, is going from life as a stray to a safe and secure home. He will have Rastafarian, a 1 year old Great Dane, to play with and Jodi and Matthew have lots of giant breed experience. He will love his new home in Colorado Springs where he will get to sleep indoors at night, and play safely in a yard with a six foot fence. Pablo, life is looking bright and colorful for you! THANK YOU, LAURA, FOR FOSTERING THIS BIG LUG!

Haley, our sweet little Great Pyrenees pup, now has an ideal home and a big Pyr brother to learn from! Travis and Jessie from Colorado Springs, Colorado chose to add Haley to their family, and she's one lucky girl! Bear the Pyr will show her the ropes and romp with her in a fenced back yard. She'll get to go on walks and mingle with the neighbors. Have a long and wonderful life, Haley! THANK YOU, HEATHER, FOR FOSTERING THIS SNUGGLE BUG!

Obi the Great Dane has hit the jackpot with his new mom and dad—Jeremy and Caitlin in Omaha, Nebraska. This sweet boy will have another fursibling to play with in addition to going for walks and playtime. In addition, he’ll have all the belly rubs he could ask for, and you know, belly rubs are an absolutely must! You will have a wonderful rest of your life Obi! Thank you, Debra, for fostering this big baby!

Storm the Great Dane has a wonderful forever home with Randi in West Jordan, Utah. Randi is an experienced with giant breeds and is currently owned by Leona, a Great Dane. Storm is going to have a wonderful time with her fursibling and will get to go with her and her mom to work on occasion. Or she will get to have fun at daycare or with her grandparents and their dogs Mickey and Roxie.

What's better than one big dog? Two big dogs, of course! Katie and Steve from Omaha, Nebraska already have a Bullmastiff named Rosie, who checks in at about 135 pounds. They chose to add our sweet Tucker the Great Dane to their pack, and he's a hearty 119-ish pounds! Tucker will have a lot of fun playing with Rosie, who is very active. He'll get to meet some family members who live nearby and be able to romp in a nice, fenced-in backyard.

Hello, everyone! It's me, Schatzi the Great Dane, wanting to let you know about my amazing new fur-ever home! I'll be living with Angelica in Colville, Washington! She currently has an 11-year-old Dane named Duke, and I really look forward to hanging out with my new older brother. I have a large backyard with a tall fence to keep me safe, and a very experienced Dane owner. She loves the personality we Danes have, and who wouldn't?

Woot-woot, someone has come along to grant Aurora her long wish. This girl is going to join Alexandra and Buffy in Northglenn, Colorado. They have two children for her to get tons of love from. The family is still in pain over the loss of their last dog, so Aurora will help to fill the hole in their hearts. We also hear that Aurora will be serenaded on occasion and taken on wonderful daily walks. We're so pleased this girl found a forever home and wish her the best.

Well, Buddy needs a buddy!  Looks like I am the lucky pick!  I am Wiley, the Great Dane, not the coyote. That was a joke!  Buddy is a Wheaten Terrier who I am very anxious to meet.  I would like a friend of my species to hang out with in my new home in Aurora, Colorado. Eric, Jennifer and Gillian will be my wonderful humans and I'm told there will also be a few cats in the mix. The story is that this family loves its dogs very much. I can't wait to be loved and cared for and not be part of such as large pack as I was in the past.

The only place where a failure is actually a success is within a rescue group - a foster failure. Jojo, our Great Pyrenees pup. is the luckiest!  He will stay with his foster family who love him so much they can't give him up. He adores Aspen the Lab and Everest the Aussie who are his new 4 legged siblings. Such a happy ending and beginning to Jojo's tale!

Michael, Emily, and their three children of Fort Pierre, South Dakota are now the proud new owners of Laura the English Mastiff! They volunteer for a local rescue and used to foster so they are well aware of the adjustment period and know exactly what she'll need to live a long and happy life with them. Laura joins Lady the Newfoundland/Lab mix, Simon the Lab, 3 cats, 2 mini horses and a fish so there will be plenty of siblings to keep her company.

Oh, what a wonderful happy song Rhythm has to sing! This darling Neapolitan Mastiff Mix came from a puppy mill situation and to a wonderful foster family. After learning the ropes for a bit, he found an amazing family to take him home. Christopher of Aurora, Colorado is pleased to welcome this darling addition to his pack. He has two other dogs in the home who will teach Rhythm how things work. He also previously owned BDHPI alum Butch, who sadly passed away recently. He knows what Rhythm will need to become the bestest dog ever.

Oh happy day for Kava the Neapolitan Mastiff. She will be living with Rod in Martinez, Califormia. Rod is retired so Kava will have long days of cuddles and snuggles. She will also be hiking with him on trials and go anywhere with him a dog is allowed to go. Rod is giant breed experienced and has been described as always putting his dog first…in everything. Kava will have the best of life with Rod and will know nothing but the love she so well deserves. THANK YOU, KELLI, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOYAL PROTECTOR!

Dave & Lucy of Lincoln, Nebraska are thrilled to report the arrival of their newest addition, Moose the English Mastiff! He joins their other dog Stella the Bullmastiff and Lucy is home during the day which means constant companionship for this lucky guy.

Woohoo, Frosty the Great Pyrenees is gonna have a hot start to summer. After this boy's previous dad couldn't keep him due to extensive travel for work, he waited for someone to find him. That ended up being Lisa of Silt, Colorado. Lisa recently became a widow, and now Frosty will help comfort her. She lives on a beautiful eight acres with a dog house that's ACTUALLY a house. She is amazing dog owner, and Frosty could not be luckier to have her.

Lizzy, one of our Great Danes and five years old should be the perfect match for Christina and Scott in Fort Collins, Colorado.  They're accustomed to huge dogs and are so happy that Lizzy gets along with other dogs as one of their previous ones didn't and that can cause problems. Both their dogs lived to ripe old ages and now without a dog in the house they feel a big void.  Lizzy has a void in her life as well without people to call her own.

Moe, the Cane Corso, has a great home with Tara and Nathan in Denver, Colorado. Tara works from home unless she has to go out on a call. This means that Moe will have his mommy home to love on him whenever he wants and to work on training. He also has Pepper, a 3-year-old hound mix, to show him the ropes and play with. Other days, Moe and Pepper will have fun on hikes and going here and there with their mom and dad. This little boy has hit the jackpot! Thank you, Christy, for fostering this boy wonder!

Mario the Great Dane has scored the jackpot after his former life with a breeder and limited socialization. He will be living a life of whatever he wants and needs with Rand in Aurora, Colorado. His new mom is a veterinarian which means only the best of care and she has owned the breed for more than 12 years so he is in very experienced hands. Mario also joins his hockey teammates and new Great Dane siblings, Maurice, Gretzky, Jari, and Neely.

Beautiful Paris the young Merle Great Dane is heading to the Great White Way, no not Broadway, Alberta, Canada! She will become a lovingly spoiled center of the universe for Danielle and Chris, who hare experienced Great Dane parents and know how to create a positive happy home for their new pup. Paris, you won't need the City of Lights, because your future couldn't look any brighter! THANK YOU, JOEY & WEEGIE, FOR FOSTERING THIS POCKET DANE GIRL!

Chris, the fluffy Great Pyrenees pup who stole all of our hearts, has landed in the most ideal home he could have! Kelly and Chris from Wichita, Kansas, have welcomed little Chris into their hearts and their home. Kelly is a BDHP volunteer and certified animal behaviorist. Their family includes four dogs - Snidely, Prada, Dolly Madison, and Domino. Chris will get to learn from canine buddies and romp around on five acres of land.

Milo the Great Pyrenees puppy is flying to his new home in Alamogordo, NM where he'll be a co-pilot to Henry the Newfie and join Kathryn and Andreas (who is a real pilot in the Air Force!). Kathryn and Andreas have giant breed experience and are looking forward to welcoming Milo to their home. Their two sons will be the perfect young companions for the energetic Milo. Milo will have free roam of his new home and a fenced backyard to keep him safe. Blue skies ahead, Milo!

WWWOOOHHHOOOOOO!!! I have a forever home! That’s right, me XCaliber! I will be living with John and Sonya in New Prague, Minnesota. They are experienced Newfie owners, so they already know what I’m all about, and they will be able to help me overcome my past life in a “back yard breeder” situation. It will be so great to be with my new fursiblings as they will help me learn the ropes and gain confidence. I cannot believe I lucked out like this! Thank you Big Dogs and Foster Mom and Dad, Carrie & David, for helping me get ready for a home just right for me.

No more searching for Thelma the Great Dane - she's going to a wonderful forever home with Karen and Joe in Lafayette, Colorado! She'll have a well-established home and fenced back yard to romp in, along with a separate dog run. Karen and Joe recently lost their beloved Great Pyrenees at age 11, so it was the first time they were dog-less in over 30 years. Enter Thelma!

I am ​a​ Mastiff who is heading to Pueblo, Colorado with my new mom and dad, Heather & Ryan. I have been bounced around to a couple homes before coming to BDHPI, through no fault of my own. I'm so thankful for BDHP for finding me a forever home. They say that the third time is a charm. So "forever" will actually be what the word means. Besides living with four two legged creatures I will also be lucky to have Akira, who is my species.

Another wonderful conclusion and beginning for Miles.  In the past this lovable Great Dane would jump the fence to run and play with other dogs. He was left outside 24/7.  Not anymore!! In his new home with Meghan and Reed in Englewood Colorado he will probably want to stay home with them because they will be very attentive to his needs and he will have a great Lab mix brother to keep him company.

Ben the Great Pyrenees here to tell everyone about my new human! Matthew from Golden, Colorado chose to adopt me, and I'm so happy! I'll be the only pet, but his parents have five hound-dogs that I'll get to see occasionally. There are also roommates I'll get to chill with. I get to sleep in Matthew's bedroom, go on lots of walks, and even hike once in a while and take in all the beautiful scenery!

Kopo the Great Pyrenees now has two poodle siblings named Scooter and Shadow to play with… as he's been adopted by Marilyn and Robert from Elizabeth, Colorado! Kopo will enjoy his friendly canine buddies, as they used to live with a Pyr/Lab mix named Sam. He'll get to visit lots of other animals in the neighborhood, check out some horses, and even get to know the family cat.

Baley the Pyrenees mix has a wonderful forever home with Elise in Denver, Colorado. Elise is giant breed experienced, so this 13-week-old pup will have a mom who knows what to do to help Baley grow up into a wonderful, well-mannered, confident adult she has a right to be. Enjoy your wonderful life sweet Baley! THANK YOU, CHRISTY, FOR FOSTERING THIS FLUFF MONSTER!

Stella! It's time for your close-up! You're heading to Centennial, Colorado to meet your forever family. You'll be joining Michael and Lauri and their Great Dane, Dizzy. You'll get plenty of exercise each day, Dizzy enjoys walking 3-miles! And since Dad works from home, you'll never be alone. You're going to love being part of this family, Stella. It had everything a sweet young pup like you deserves. Happy trails, Stella!

Jolene, Jolene, you're future's looking brighter by the day, sweet Jolene! Jolene is heading East to her forever home in West Charlton, New York, where she will be joining Michael and Amy and their 3 year-old Newfie and two Main Coon cats.

Reese is going from a tough life as a breeder dog to a bright new future in a forever home with Newfoundland lovers! Jeane and Michael live in Nederland, Colorado where Reese will not only enjoy a fenced yard but beautiful mountain trails for adventurous walks through the woods. Jeane and Michael have Newfoundland experience and currently have a Newfie-mix, Guthrie, who will be a fun companion for Reece.

Once a Mastiff fan, always a Mastiff fan! Heidi the Neapolitan Mastiff has found a home with Nelson and Bernadette in Littleton, Colorado! They have a lot of giant breed experience, having three English Mastiffs over the years who all passed from old age. Emma was the last one to pass - about a year ago - so they were looking for a Mastiff to make their home complete again, and Heidi is that lucky gal!