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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Drake the Deerhound mix is a BDHP round-tripper who was returned to rescue due to no fault of his own. He just needed another chance to find the perfect home. Thanks to John and Sonya in New Prague, New Mexico, he's found it! Drake will enjoy living on a 20-acre ranch with several other dogs, including BDHP alums Xcaliber, the Newfoundland dog. John and Sonya are dedicated to providing a safe and loving home to giant breed rescues, and we believe Drake has found the perfect place to be himself and enjoy living the rest of his life with a welcoming pack.

Shrek is my name but being an ogre is definitely not my game.  I am a lovable, three year old, Great Dane and thankfully Lisa in Aurora, Colorado appreciates the angel in me and my lovability!  I am now part of her family and have a Havanese, Standard Schnauzer and a cat named Sassy as my new siblings.  Her grown daughter who is a teacher with be my other mother and I can't wait to be a part of their pack!  Running around and playing in their 6 foot fenced yard will be just great.

Well, Bear will now have more than the "bare necessities". He's had a very successful play date with Dixie, Bettina and Paul's Siberian Husky mix and they did very well together.  This young Neapolitan Mastiff is so lucky this couple found him at BDHP and he now calls Brighton, Colorado "home sweet home".  They have a fenced yard and will walk Bear and play with him in the park every Sunday.

Mollie the Newfoundland Mix is on her way to her forever home with Jenna in Denver, Colorado. Jenna has giant breed experience, and according to her friends, has the loving temperament that all Newfies immediately fall in love with. Mollie will be the only dog at home, which means this lucky dog will be the well-deserved center of attention. Mollie, you've waited a lifetime to find a safe and loving home. You're home now, sweet girl.

Goliath the Mastiff Mix is heading to Westminster, Colorado to join Matthew. Goliath and Matthew will be best buddies and the center of attention for one another. Since Goliath has a dominant personality, this sounds like a wonderful home for him to learn that he is loved and safe to trust that he has finally found his forever home. Matthew will provide all the love Goliath needs to enjoy the good life that every dog deserves.

Zachary of Denver, Colorado is shouting from the rooftops and proud to announce the arrival of his new addition, Diesel the Presa Canario! Diesel joins Maggie and Vinnie as his new 4-legged siblings. Someone is home almost all the time which means all the love and attention a guy could dream of!

We are so happy to announce that Annie, our black Great Dane has found a forever home!  Annie came from a hoarder situation and will be going to Fern in Billings Montana who has had much experience with special needs dogs. All these poor hoarder dogs have had such hard times. Fern and her three pre-teen grandkids will give Annie her space to get used to living in a good home.They live across the street from a park and there will be many walks.

Lilo the young Great Dane will be joining her forever mom, Fern, in Billings, Montana. Fern not only has giant breed experience, she has previously had Great Danes, so we know that Lilo is in great hands. Lilo will enjoy growing up with three pre-teen kids, another BDHP Alum, Annie the Great Dane, and a Chi. Lilo's new home is across the street from a park where she will have the opportunity to work out her 'zoomies' and socialized with other dogs.

Zamba the Neapolitan Mastiff puppy here, and I want everyone to know that I've been adopted by Jillian and Nicolas from St. Louis, Missouri! Yes, I'll be taking these big puppy paws to the land of the Clydesdales - appropriate, huh?!? I'll get to grow up with two small children named Charlotte and Vincent, and I'll get to play with my new canine brother Benelli, who is likely a Cane Corso/Mastiff mix.

Denise & John of Littleton Colorado are the proud new owners of Spanky the Great Dane Mix. She joins Poppy the Mastiff/Pyrenees mix who is a BDHP Alum so she is in good company and will have another big playmate to show her the ropes and keep her entertained. Someone is home almost all the time which is perfect for a puppy that will needs lots of attention, exercise, training and socialization as she grows! THANK YOU, AMANDA, FOR FOSTERING THIS PRECIOUS SOUL!

Alfalfa, what an amazing end to his story! After being found with his siblings as a stray trapped in a storm drain, this boy needed someone special to love him. Now he's going home with Shala of Denver, Colorado! Shala lives with a blue heeler who can play with this little love. She is also interested in having a friend for hikes and runs. While this little boy doesn't quite have the legs for it yet, he will in no time.

It's the young-at-heart Valuskie the Great Dane here, just checking in to let everyone know that I have a fabulous forever home with Caryl in Seattle, Washington! My new human loves dogs (and especially Danes) so much that she recently bought a home closer to her work and one that was more of an ideal set-up for her dogs… instead of considering her own tastes first! That's pretty special, and I am a very happy gal to be able to join her pack! I'll get to go on lots of walks - my favorite thing! There's a large yard and no stairs that I'll have to navigate.

Sunna and Joseph of Evans Colorado are overjoyed to welcome Casiber into their hearts and home forever! He will be the only dog and the apple of their eyes. After originally being rescued from an owner that was trying to kill him by giving him antifreeze, he will now be living the life of luxury  and getting spoiled for the rest of his life. THANK YOU, KRIS & STEPHEN, FOR FOSTERING THIS LOYAL PROTECTOR!

We often talk about dogs hitting the jackpot with their new forever home. Well, "cha-ching," says Maddi the Great Dane pup! She now has an ideal home with Kathy and her mother in Kansas City, Missouri! They've had large dogs for over 25 years, obedience train them, and love and care for them as they would any family member.

If you read the adoption story about Moose the Mastiff, I can pretty much vouch for everything he said, because I'm also been adopted by Jennifer and Michael from Brighton, Colorado! It's me, Isabel the Mastiff, and I am now joining Moose in the family pack. We have land to enjoy and run around on. Two Mastiffs are always better than one, especially when the adopters have no problem with drool!

Xavier has found his perfect forever home in Soult Ste. Marie, Ontario where he will join Jennifer and Enzo in their home and be the only dog. This is the home Xavier's been waiting for, cold winters, dear to every Newfie's heart, the center of attention, Mom will be at home so he will never be left alone, and they have giant breed experience. Xavier, you've had a challenging life before BDHP rescued you.

Lucky, lucky me!  I am a Moose, as my name denotes - 165 pounds I'll have you know. A little over an acre in my new home will suit me just fine. I am a mellow fellow which I hope will please Nicole, Kurtis and Daisy, my new English Bulldog sister. She's getting up there so we should get along great. I have a little trouble with my hindquarters. So Daisy and I will keep each other company while my new terrific humans work.

Beefy the Great Pyrenees is doing a happy dance! She is going home with two amazing owners, Dennis and Renee of Colorado Springs. There are other dogs in the home for him to play with, and the family will be devoting 100% of their attention to him. Since Beefy is a bit older, she will need some care to keep his joints healthy. This is perfect because one of his new parents specializes in that kind of care. Beefy has landed just where she needs to be, and we're so happy!

Sasha, the sweet and loving 1 year old Great Dane, is heading to her new home in Newalla, Oklahoma. She will receive all the love and cuddles she craves with her wonderful new family. They not only recently adopted a Great Dane in March, they are also BDHP foster parents. Sasha will enjoy romping around her new backyard, protected by a 5-foot fence and access to the yard through a doggie door. Sasha, you're finally home. Thank you, Amanda, for fostering this Dookie Queen!

It's Moose the Mastiff, and I want everyone to know that I have a couple of new pairs of feet on which to lay my head…  because Jennifer and Michael from Brighton, Colorado chose me to adopt! I have lots of land where I can romp with my new canine sibling - BDHPI Alum Isabel the Mastiff. We'll go on lots of walks, maybe even hiking and biking, and I get to sleep in my own bed in the bedroom at night. Best of all… they don't mind slobber.

Maverick, the 3 year-old tawny Mastiff is heading to his forever home in Arvada, Colorado. He will be joining his new dad, Jeff, and his dog pack: Molly the Dane, and Bordeaux a DDB. Jeff has adopted from BDHP before and has lots of giant breed experience. Maverick will enjoy a great home and lots of love. His future is looking as bright as his beautiful smiling face. THANK YOU, MARY, FOR FOSTERING THIS ADORABLE MUG!

Oh golly goodness! Ollie the adorable, darling Great Dane is heading to one of the BEST homes ever. Even better, he will be joined by Emma Jo, also formerly with the rescue (but no longer)! Kim and Joseph of Meridian, Idaho have owned many giant breed dogs in the past. Now they are adding these two adorable pups to the family.

We've said it before, but we'll say it again. Once a Great Dane pet parent, always a Great Dane pet parent! That's true of Emma Jo the Dane, as she's being adopted by the fabulous Kim and Joseph from Meridian, Idaho! We should mention that they're also adopting Ollie the Dane at the same time, so both will have same-sized playmates.

Well, what do you know? Meenie the Cane Corse mix puppy has a forever home with Jill and Jon-Paul in Colorado Springs. He will have a great time with his fursiblings, Kahlua, a 4-year-old Mastiff mix, and Lola, a 5-year-old Boston Terrier mix. Between them both he will have plenty of playtime. When not playing, he will have snuggle time with Jill and Jon-Paul’s older children. Jill works from home, so he and the other dogs will rarely be left home alone for any length of time. Life couldn’t get any better for this little boy.

Stitch the Great Dane is now enjoying the good life in Lincoln, Nebraska with Rebecca and her children and their dog Blackjack. Rebecca is a lifelong "dog person" so stitch will enjoy living with a house dedicated to the love and care of dogs, this includes lunch dates out with Mom, and being the subject of lots of selfies in Mom's social media account! Stitch you're soon to be a star!

Little Buckwheat the Great Dane mix is a lucky fella - going from a storm drain rescue to a loving home with Christy and Murray of Davenport, Nebraska! They have large breed experience and have previously adopted from BDHP, so Buckwheat will grow in an ideal environment. He'll get to meet two dog-friendly family cats, play around in the fenced-in yard, and hang out with the grown children. Live long and prosper, Buckwheat! THANK YOU, AMANDA, FOR FOSTERING THIS LITTLE STUD!

Charley, sweet Charley the St. Bernard will be spending her time in Hopkinton, Massachusetts with her adopter, Patrick! He used to have Bernese Mountain Dogs, so Charley girl seems like a perfect fit. He has a large plot of land to roam, and a niece who visits regularly - so Charley will get her fill of the littles, too. Enjoy the east coast, Charley! THANK YOU, KARI & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS!

Toro the young black brindle Neapolitan Mastiff has found his forever home in Denver, Colorado. He'll be the only dog for Mike and Denise, which means he will get all the attention he needs to grow into a loved and well-behaved companion.

Goliath, the 3-year-old Mastiff/Anatolian mix, is one lucky fella! He was found wandering as a stray pulling a heavy chain, but from the very beginning he loved people. This sweet boy will never go hungry again, and will be loved and appreciated by Shawna in Westminster, Colorado. He will also have a fursibling, Delilah, to love on and take care of. He will so enjoy having his own family to love on and play with. It will nothing but a great life for him.

Cane Corso, Eenie, was sadly being sold in a parking lot. A veterinarian thought it would be much better for BDHP to foster her and her brothers and sisters. What a rescue that was! Poor little pups sold in parking lots can be walking into less than loving homes - very bad plight for them. So, now little Eenie will be joining a family with three children, all under 10 years old who will love and play with her.

Mojo the Great Pyrenees Mix recently found a lot of his own magical mojo when he was adopted by Victoria and William of Fort Collins, Colorado! He'll get to be part of a very loving, active family, as he'll get to go running, camping, and hiking with the crew. He will also learn to love their two cats, Jermaine and Bret. The children know how to treat a dog with respect, and that's exactly what Mojo is looking for. Congratulations on your new home, Mojo!

Yay for Sammie the Great Dane mix! She gets to “retire” in Florida and live with Jessica and Samuel. Sammie will have a great time with her fursibling (shepherd mix) who is very playful, and she will also have 2 feline friends to watch over. Sammie couldn’t have found a better home! THANK YOU, DAPHNE & CAMP BOW WOW, FOR FOSTERING THIS PLAYFUL PUP!

Well, my other people who dumped me may have not appreciated my attributes such as my beautiful black and white coat, my sweet disposition, etc. etc. etc.  But thanks to BDHP this is my lucky day because a wonderful Psychologist (that means he will be in tune with my personality) has stepped forward to bring me into his home in Pueblo Colorado. Maxwell will be my four legged brother and boy will we have fun!  I won't be too crazy with him because he is a little older, even though they say he's pretty patient.

Badger is my name and digging is not my game - unless there are some fun looking wildlife in my sights. That's what happened in my last home and they just couldn't solve the problem.   My previous parents brought me to BDHP so they could find a better yard for me with a loving family. So, I'm on my way to Nevada to Wendy, Robert and a new four legged brother, Zeke.  My new family has had Newfies over 30 years.

Sean & Laura of Longmont, Colorado are shouting from the rooftops to let everyone know they are the proud new parents of Patches the Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees mix! Patches has 2 human siblings named McKenna and Adison who can't wait to spoil him and Rolo the Pointer mix as his new 4-legged brother. Someone is home most of the time and they are previous adopters who have owned both a Newfoundland and Tibetan Mastiff so he is in wonderful, experienced hands.

Oh my goodness! Aggie the Pyrenees mix puppy has an awesome home with Audrey in Kentucky. Her new mom loves to take her dogs with her everywhere she can, so Aggie and her big sister Sequoia, a Newfie, will have plenty of adventures. She will also help Sequoia take care of her mom’s horses. When not out and about or playing with her fur sister, Aggie will nap wherever she chooses, either in the large yard or in her mom’s bed. This little girl couldn’t ask for a better forever life. THANK YOU, MEAGHAN, FOR FOSTERING THIS GOOFY GIRL!

Graham the Newfoundland was the perfect fit for foster turned forever family, Cheryl & John, of Windsor, Colorado. They just recently lost their last Newfoundland at 10 years of age and Gertie and Todd the rabbits were lonely without their bear rug to snuggle with. They have also owned a Saint Bernard so this family is no stranger to drool and hair and he fits right in! We are so happy he has found his happy ending and wish them all the best!

Mya the senior Mastiff Mix was very sad when she had to say goodbye to her family. However, she is now going to have an even better life. Amie and Mike of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska are so pleased to add this gal to the pack. They have two other giant breed dogs who love her already. The family has a lot of experience, so her care will be the best possible. We couldn't recommend a safer, more loving and attentive home than with this family.

I thought finding a home for me would be a real, tough job.  Not too many people want a 6 year old Newfoundland who has hip displaysia and an old knee injury.  Surprise, surprise, I have a new home!  Two human parents, Melinda and Lewis, and two Newf siblings - that is just more than great!  Even though I will be an Arizonian, the weather is cool at night there and my new parents love to play with their Newfs when it's cool.  These are Newfie peop

Grace the Pyr mix will be joining a wonderful family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mom's a nurse, Dad's in the Air Force, and the 'kids' are an Aussie Shepherd and a Husky, who will help Gracie to grow in confidence and learn how to play and enjoy being a well loved dog in a safe and secure home. Clear blue skies ahead for our sweet Grace who had a lonely start to life, hearts full of love just for you, beautiful girl.