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Successful Placements

Each special dog that comes into Big Dogs Huge Paws is not only rescued, but rehabilitated to prepare them for a brighter future. Many transform from scared and lost to confident and well-adjusted while others gain weight and their hearts and wounds heal while in foster care. They receive the training and leadership necessary to learn how to be a good canine citizen and blossom in a loving home environment with good food and quality medical care. They capture our hearts and will always be remembered, but eventually there comes a time when they no longer need us and it is time to move on. Below are their stories and photos of them with their new families who were chosen because they were the perfect match and willing to provide everything necessary to ensure they live a long, healthy, and happy life in their forever home!

Some Success Stories

Athena has a home!  This beautiful Great Pyrenees has a place to patrol in her new fenced yard and two people who will love her for the rest of her days.  She will dream atop a pillow top bed and during the day she will be able to come in and out of her home at will.

Kiara the senior St. Bernard arrived into rescue because of circumstances out of her control. Her previous family was forced to relocate & a good Samaritan brought her to BDHP. She spent a grand year learning all the ropes of foster life with her family who was incredibly patient helping her learn to cope with her separation anxiety.

Sweet Cecilia the gorgeous Landseer Newfoundland has quickly won a new forever home with Sandra and Kirk in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cece will enjoy a fenced backyard and being an only dog...which means lots of love and attention to help her continue her journey as an indoor dog. Cece is going to love the Colorado lifestyle and the joys of being loved. THANK YOU, SUSIE & DAVE, FOR FOSTERING THIS FLUFFBALL!

Ben the Neapolitan Mastiff has a great rest of his life stretched out ahead of him. His forever mom is Christine of Denver, Colorado who is a previous adopter so he is in experienced hands. Ben absolutely loves attention of all kinds, and he will be the sole focus of his mom. Christine is lucky, too, in that she will have a most loyal and loving companion and protector to watch over her. This could not be a better match. Blessings, dear Ben.

Maverick the English Mastiff is now happily in his forever home with Colorado! He joins a wonderful family and Charlie the English Mastiff as his new 2-legged sibling. He fit right into the pack and will have someone home almost all the time to love and adore him for the rest of his life! He is in experienced hands and will receive whatever he needs to keep him comfortable during his retirement years which we hope are many.

Shy Abby, our Cane Corso, has been adopted!  Such good news because Abby didn't have the best start to her life. She will have a wonderful family with a young boy who is very accustomed to large dogs. She will have a 6 foot fenced yard, many walks and playtimes with Adrianne, Dustin and their little boy.  This young lady really deserves a good forever life and she has certainly been blessed to go home with these forever people.

Stretching these long legs on walks and jogs with my new adoptive pet-parents? Yes, please! It's Nala the Great Dane mix, wanting to share the news that Andrea and Scott from Arvada, Colorado chose me to add to their family! They have lots of large breed experience, a large and fenced yard with trees for me to romp in, and a five-year-old that I'll get to grow up with. Once I'm tired out from all of our daily activities, I can sleep in the room of my choice.

Beauty the Cane Corso has a wonderful home with Susan in Lakewood, Colorado. This is one lucky girl. She will be the only pup and will get to soak up all of her new mom’s attention, but she will also have a fur-cousin, another Cane Corso, to play with on a regular basis. When not playing or hanging out with mom, Beauty will enjoy keeping her mom safe on her nightly walks—just the perfect job for her. Beauty, you are going to have a wonderful life.

Zeke is one lucky fella. He will be living with his forever dad, James, in Macomb Township, Michigan and his fursiblings Daisy, Otto and Tito (the cat). There will be lots of play time on the large property, which even has a pond to swim in. How cool is that? He can even go with his dad and siblings to work. Zeke, you are one lucky dog. THANK YOU, CHRISTY, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET SOUL!

We are so grateful Daisy's adoption moment has come! This little girl came from a hoarding situation in Oklahoma, and was then diagnosed with megaesphagus. After some time and TLC with her foster and the veterinarian, this little girl is ready for her next journey. And she's not going far from her foster mama! Larry of Edmond, Oklahoma fell in love with his daughter's foster dog and decided Daisy will stay in the family.

Mollie, we've found just what the doctor ordered in Westminster, Colorado! Your forever parents, Connie & Joseph, are both nurses and you will be their favorite patient...and by that we mean, their only fur-baby! Because Mom and Dad work different shifts at the hospital, you rarely be alone, which means lots opportunities to go for walk. We hear there are wonderful trails near your new home for you to explore. And you'll be going hiking and camping on holidays!

Patches the Saint Bernard is heading to the Windy City where he'll join Alex and Charlene in his forever home. His thick fur coat will be perfect for those cold Chicago winters. Patches will join two other giant breed dogs, Omar the Great Pyr, Roja an Argentinian mastiff, and Clasby the Lab. Patches will enjoy running in the backyard which is protected by a six foot fence. We hope you'll love your big brothers, Patches!

Two big dogs are always better than one, and that's why we, Charlotte the Newfoundland and Bijou the Great Pyrenees, were adopted together! We were both adopted from BDHP originally, but our former owner's work hours changed, so we were looking for a new place to lay our fuzzy heads. Enter Karen from Lochbuie, Colorado… our new fur-ever mom! She has owned St. Bernards in the past and was looking for a similar breed to get the canine back in her life again… and when she saw us, she fell in love. Ditto for us!

Baloo the Newfoundland has landed in the best place ever. Baloo came to us after being bounced around quite a bit previously. It's OK now though, because he's in a home where he fits in perfectly. Veronica and Mark of Pine, Colorado have owned giant breed dogs for awhile. They recently lost a Neapolitan Mastiff, so Baloo will hopefully ease some of the pain. This family fosters giant breed dogs for BDHPI, so they know exactly the kind of care Baloo needs. He'll also get to be a wonderful example for future fosters to come to show that we can all overcome our past.

Bella, the 3-year-old Great Dane has a wonderful forever home with Jeffrey and Diane in Omaha, Nebraska. Bella will have her very own fursiblings to play with and for companionship. But most of all, Bella will have love like she’s never known before (strong possibility of physical abuse in prior home). Her parents are giant breed experienced and fully understand her needs. They are willing to help her continue to overcome the negative experiences of her past so that she can fully feel the joy of life that every dog deserves. Blessing Bella!

Being around those who have similar dispositions is a great thing, and it's Henry the Great Pyrenees Mix here to let you know that I found an amazing forever home with two like-minded brothers! Kealy and Adam from Lafayette, Colorado chose me to add to their pack, and boy, do I ever fit in well! I now have two Blue Heeler mix brothers named Pip and Sam (and a cat and six chickens) that I get to pal around with.

Luka the Great Dane has found an ideal home with Anne in Boulder, Colorado! Anne has loved Danes for a long time… she fell in love with the breed as a college student when she regularly walked a blind Dane. Since then, she's researched, asked, studied, and now found her dream dog in Luka. And Luka will get to sleep in the bedroom, which she'll likely need after romping around with four children in the house! She'll be the only dog and be loved like no other.

My storybook ending begins in Denver, Colorado with my new adoptive pet-parents, Kevin and Kerri! It's Artemis the Great Dane here, letting everyone know that my life changed in a hurry for the better! One of my new humans is home almost all of the time, so I have company. They have a daughter living nearby who does therapy dog training, and a friend who is a vet, so great resources there for my special needs!

Willis the super sensitive English Mastiff has landed exactly where he belongs. The poor darling had to leave his family because he couldn't handle the noise and children. He went to live with a wonderful foster family, who immediately fell in love with him. Wendy and Eric of Omaha, Nebraska are shouting their news from the rooftops. This boy is a permanent member of their family. He will have a new sister who's a black lab along with a very wise bird. The family is so glad to have this big boy join them.

Ozzie the Great Dane ("Daniff") here to let everyone know that my world changed in a hurry when I was adopted by Diane in Lakewood, Colorado! I came from such an unsure situation to one where I'll be loved forever! Get this… Diane and her daughter Tracey live next to each other, and their backyards are fenced-in as one. They both wanted to adopt a gentle giant, so I'll get the best of both worlds with two places and people to enjoy! Diane has had many Danes in her life, so she/they know all about the breed.

Luke the Lover is no longer a homeless guy.  One of our volunteers who has been fostering Luke has fallen in love and will keep him in her home.  We call these situations foster failures but they are far from failures.  These big guys tug at everyone's hearts and sometimes the tug is so strong the foster wants to give one a forever home.  When this happens, dogs like Luke are extra lucky to have a home with someone who is so dedicated to these huge dogs.

Mia the Great Dane has a new home with Rebecca and Rocco in Louisville, Colorado! Two mature teenaged girls are very excited to welcome Mia into the family fold, and they will work on consistent, gentle training with her as needed. The family is active and will go on lots of walks with Mia and introduce her to all the neighbors. After having a Corgi for a long time, they were ready for a slower-paced, gentle, family dog.

I guess everyone knew my unique looks and Great Dane/Standard Poodle mixture would lead to a quick adoption, and I'm grateful that's exactly what happened! I, Winnie the "Great Poodle," now have a home with Maureen and Raymond in Arvada, Colorado. My new pet-mom works at a veterinary eye clinic and has seen (no pun intended, though it works) and done it all with us canines, along with personal large-breed experience.

Fang the Daniff has finally landed in the right place for him. After his previous owners couldn't keep him, he went from place to place looking for a home. Then BDHP took him in and placed him with a loving family with lots of experience. Well Fang must've worked some Daniff magic because he's staying with the fosters! Teri and Eric of Castle Pines, Colorado have been wonderful fosters to other dogs. Their other foster failure, Frankie the Saint Bernard, is going to be the bestest big brother to Fang ever.

Belle, what a beautiful song you have to sing! This darling bullmastiff was surrendered by her family, but the fosters who took her in are keeping her. Shaley and James of West Jordan, Utah are pleased to add this girl to their family. She will stand as the prime example of a perfect foster for any new ones they take in. We are so glad this girl landed in the best home for her. Congrats to everyone!!!

Lucy the Great Dane was the perfect match for Lisa in Aurora, Colorado! She originally arrived as a foster but it soon became apparent that she wasn't going anywhere. She was instant friends with their newly adopted Great Dane, Shrek, and also has Sophie the Havanese, and Dexter the Standard Schnauzer to keep her company. Someone is home most of the time to keep her company and she'll enjoy plenty of walks and trips to the dog park. Here's to a bright future, Lucy!!!

So Maya means great or larger, daughter of Atlas.  Well, our beautiful Anatolian Shepherd, Maya, may not be the daughter of Atlas but is definitely larger and great.   She will be a stately lady and is happily going to Tracy.  She lives next door to her mom who is also adopting a dog from BDHPI and Maya will delight in their common fenced yards and her new playmat, where she will also run and play with Tracy's two daughters, 16 and 19. Couldn't be a more perfect forever home for this darling, sweet pup. We wish all of you a wonderful life together!

Juno the young Great Pyrenees Mix is heading to her forever home in Rapid City, South Dakota to join Dina and John. Dina works from home so Juno will have lots of company and the attention she needs to grown into well-mannered adult dog. Juno will enjoy romping around the backyard, and will be safe since it they have a six-foot privacy fence. Dina and John are BDHP alums, so they have giant breed experience and have had Great Pyrs before. All of this indicates that Juno has found a wonderful new forever home. THANK YOU, MANDI, FOR FOSTERING THIS FLUFF BALL!

Oscar the Anatolian Shepherd is doing the Snoopy dance of excitement. This darling boy was found as a stray with his sister. Now he's come off the streets and into a loving, amazing family. Craig and Lori of Lincoln, Nebraska are previous BDHP adopters so they know exactly what Oscar needs. They have alum Kahuna the Mastiff Mix to teach him the ropes. There's also loving teenagers and another large dog in the family -- this boy is gonna have it all!

We all know that Bella means beautiful. This beautiful Great Dane is going to two kind and caring people who will give her a lovely home.  Her new parents are seasoned rescuers and genuinely love animals who are interested in also doing some fostering.

Every so often, our wonderful foster families meet a dog and discover that they are meant to create a forever home for that dog. That's exactly what happened for Zoey and Beulah the two Newfie Mix dogs who came into BDHP together as a bonded pair and were fostered together with Cassidy and Jason in Denver, Colorado.

Larry the Saint Bernard is happy to report a change in address! He is now permanently residing in Conifer, Colorado with Cindy, Steve and their son, Ray. He has two 4-legged siblings named Stella the Newfoundland and Moe the Golden/Lab mix. Someone is home almost all the time to give him all the love and attention he could ask for! He'll also enjoy a grain free diet, trips to the dog park, walking, hiking, and lots of snuggling.

HENRY!!! What amazing news he has. This darling boy was surrendered to the police department as a stray. While he was sad at first, the family who took him in made him 110% better and happier. Everyone fell in love, because now he's joining them permanently. Wendy and CJ of Lafayette, Colorado cannot express how excited they are to "foster fail" with Henry. He will join the ranks of a giant breed family, with two English Mastiffs and a Cane Corso serving as his example. He is so pleased this family decided to make him part of theirs. YAY to everyone!

Oh my goodness, oh my gosh! Fat Face (AKA Roger) the Dogue de Bordeaux is dancing himself Snoopy-crazy. This darling lover came to the city shelter as a stray without a place to call his own. BDHP took him and placed him with a super-loving foster mama. This lady had so much love in her heart that she decided to keep this boy all to herself! Meaghan of Albuquerque, New Mexico is a bright, experienced, caring foster who can't wait to show Roger how amazing indoor life is. She has three other dogs who will also show him these great, amazing joys.

The third time is a charm, isn't it? After adopting Cammie the senior English Mastiff and Jacquelyn the senior St. Bernard from BDHP, I was chosen to join the pack, and I couldn't be happier! Yes, this kinda-sorta senior gal, Bailey the St. Bernard (that's me!) has found a home with the wonderful Michelle and Joe in Trumbull, Connecticut. I'll be joining Keeper the Leonberger and Monroe the Dogue de Bordeaux, too. Needless to say, my new owners have tons of giant-breed experience.

Marty the 9 month old Great Pyranees is heading to Wilmette, Illinois to join Carol and Joel,  who have been waiting for a young giant breed just like him. Marty will feel part of the family which includes three young kids to love and protect, a boxer/lab mix to pal around with, and two cats to keep him in line. Marty will have a full house with lots of fun and love to keep him on his toes and his heart full. What a perfect home for a young pup!

Wwwooohhhoooo! Stella the Mastiff mix has her very own home with Dee in Littleton, Colorado. Stella will rarely be alone as other family members are at home during various parts of the day. She will also have Foxey, her fursibling, to play with. Yes, Stella has a wonderful life ahead of her. THANK YOU, KIMBERLY, FOR FOSTERING THIS SNUGGLE BUG!

I've heard the saying that three is a charm, and I believe that to be true. Odin the Great Dane here, and I want to tell everyone about my new home with Hi-D and Dave in Commerce City, Colorado! There will now be three dogs in the family, as I'm joining Panda Bear the Border Collie/Corgi mix and Mr. Allegro the Corgi/Collie/Terrier mix. All three of us are rescues, and as we all know… that's the best kind!

Midnight the young Neo-Mastiff will no longer have to worry about long dark nights alone. He's headed to his forever home in Katy, TX where he'll join the family of Sandy and Jon and Maddy the Dogue de Bordeaux and Remington, their Lab. They will be the perfect doggy playmates for Midnight.

Ringo, our black and white Dane pup has a home in Centennial Colorado!  This always makes us all very happy to say the least!  This pup was dumped which is terrible but luckily he found his way to BDHP and will enjoy a wonderful forever home where he will be able to flourish as he grows into a terrific adult member of a family with a child and a cat (Ringo loves kids and does just fine with cats).  So, another success story that warms out