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Zeus the Great Dane Mix - 11/5/17

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Zeus the Great Dane mix pup has taken his high energy to the home of Grant and Elizabeth in Aurora, Colorado. They both love Great Danes and have a neighbor with one that they've also fallen in love with. They are great pet-sitters, needless to say. There's an adult daughter in the home, as well as a cat named Herman. Zeus will have a large back yard with a six-foot fence to run, run, run in. Someone is home pretty much all the time, so he will have plenty of companionship as he grows. The family is very active, so Zeus will get to go on plenty of walks, to the park, to outdoor restaurants - you name it. They're just good people who adopted a good dog, and we know it'll be an amazing adoption. Good luck, Zeus! THANK YOU, CHRISTY, FOR FOSTERING THIS PLAYFUL PUP!