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Zamba the Neapolitan Mastiff - 7/25/17

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Zamba the Neapolitan Mastiff puppy here, and I want everyone to know that I've been adopted by Jillian and Nicolas from St. Louis, Missouri! Yes, I'll be taking these big puppy paws to the land of the Clydesdales - appropriate, huh?!? I'll get to grow up with two small children named Charlotte and Vincent, and I'll get to play with my new canine brother Benelli, who is likely a Cane Corso/Mastiff mix. There's a big fenced-in backyard with lots of trees that I romp in, but I look forward to the trips to the family property in Illinois where I can run on acreage with a pond and trails! Lots of exploring area and new smells! They were interested in me from the get-go, and I'm happy we were a perfect match. Thank you for finding them for me, BDHP, and thank you for fostering me, Bobbi & Joe!