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Wiley the Great Dane - 6/3/17

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Well, Buddy needs a buddy!  Looks like I am the lucky pick!  I am Wiley, the Great Dane, not the coyote. That was a joke!  Buddy is a Wheaten Terrier who I am very anxious to meet.  I would like a friend of my species to hang out with in my new home in Aurora, Colorado. Eric, Jennifer and Gillian will be my wonderful humans and I'm told there will also be a few cats in the mix. The story is that this family loves its dogs very much. I can't wait to be loved and cared for and not be part of such as large pack as I was in the past. The humans didn't have time to give each one of us that tlc that I would love! Thanks BDHP and my foster mama, Mandi, for taking care of me 'til I found a home! Wish me luck in my new forever home everyone! I will be the best dog they have ever had and the best friend to Buddy too. I'll even be nice to the cats!