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Tilly the English Mastiff -11/4/17

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Once an English Mastiff fan, always an English Mastiff fan. Aaron in Manitou Springs, Colorado is just that, and he recently adopted Tilly the English Mastiff to add to his family! Aaron previously adopted BDHP alum Max, who lived to be 13! He currently has Gus, an easygoing 9-year-old English Mastiff who Tilly will love hanging around with as well. She will have a big, 8-foot fenced yard to romp and lounge around in, and that fresh mountain air to enjoy as she does so. It's a perfect match and Tilly will now be part of Aaron's long English Mastiff legacy. Live long and prosper, sweet girl! THANK YOU, TONI & RUSS, FOR FOSTERING OUR TILLY GIRL!