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Stephanie the Great Dane - 3/25/17

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West coast life is definitely the life for me, and what an amazing turnaround! I, Stephanie the Great Dane pup, went from likely being contained in too small of a crate to an amazing home with Chandra and Neil in Spokane, Washington! Now I'll get to stretch these long Dane legs and play and learn like any dog should. My new owners currently have a European Blue Great Dane named Hank, and he's two years old. So he'll be an amazing role model for me, even though I'll probably never grow up to be quite as big as he is! But get this - Hank has his own room with a TV and cozy blankets… so I'll look forward to learning from him about how to become a real couch potato. I look forward to my new life of luxury, and I can't thank you enough, BDHP, for giving it to me! THANK YOU, KIM & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING ME!