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Spirit the Great Pyrenees - 1/16/17

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I'm Spirit the Great Pyrenees, and while my spirit was a little broken before BDHP saved me, I can certainly say I'm in high spirits now, because I've been adopted! Diane and Walt from Middletown, Delaware chose me to add to their pack, and what a pack it is! I'm joining five other dogs (Rooney, a Shepherd mix; Hershey, a Lab mix; Libby, a Beagle mix; Tyra, a Newfoundland; and Roscoe, a Great Pyrenees mix), two pot-bellied pigs, and a cat. My new humans have fostered many dogs, done hospice-type work for animals, and they even had a rescue for senior dogs for a while, as well. So my new home is fully equipped - a large fenced-in yard with a pond and lots of trees. The deck has a loooooong ramp leading into the yard so my older new siblings can navigate it easily. They're amazing people and I can't wait to settle in to my amazing new life, thanks to BDHP! THANK YOU ALSO TO, MANDI, FOR FOSTERING ME AND NURSING ME BACK TO HEALTH AND A NEW FLUFFY COAT!