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Sipsey the Newfoundland - 11/15/17

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One meaning for Sipsey is popularity.  This unusual name belongs to our very popular and unique Sipsey, a black and white Newfie.  Yaaay, she is being adopted by an unusual and wonderful family who have a Golden Doodle, 2 Newfies and two indoor cats who are very used to giant dogs. She is so lucky to have such a ready made four legged family along with her new people Valerie, Jason and their three kids, two who live at home. Sipsey has been used as a breeder dog all her life and will receive the much needed exercise, a 6 foot fenced yard to cavort with her family and the love she has been lacking.  This is her great second chance at a life she deserves and she will certainly be up to the challenge as she is a tremendously sweet and loving girl.  May you and your new family live happily ever after, Sipsey.  Our love goes with you all. Thank you, Mandi, for fostering this love muffin!