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Shepard the Great Dane - 10/22/17

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When people and companion animals are a perfect match, the tale is a heartwarming one. That's exactly what happened with Shepard the Great Dane, who found his ideal place with Kevin in Lincoln, Nebraska. Shepard is deaf, Kevin has a need and was looking for a specific type of dog, and we feel they were meant to be together! Kevin actually bought a house in order to adopt a dog. He looks forward to evenings with Shepard on the couch and sleeping with him on the bed at night. He has lots of rescue and large-breed dog experience and has a vast support system nearby if needed. Shepard will be one lucky pup in his new home, and he thanks BDHP for finding it for him! THANK YOU, SHARLA & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS TALL DRINK OF WATER!