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Shawna the Newfoundland - 6/25/17

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I thought finding a home for me would be a real, tough job.  Not too many people want a 6 year old Newfoundland who has hip displaysia and an old knee injury.  Surprise, surprise, I have a new home!  Two human parents, Melinda and Lewis, and two Newf siblings - that is just more than great!  Even though I will be an Arizonian, the weather is cool at night there and my new parents love to play with their Newfs when it's cool.  These are Newfie people. We will be getting up very early to take our walks in the cool air. But that's okay with me.  In addition, I will have seven hens to herd around and play with and naps whenever I fee the need! This old gal will have such fun!  Take care BDHP and if you ever get to Arizona come say hi...and of course, I couldn't have done it without you, especially my foster mama, Mandi. Love, Shawna.