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Sadie the Newfoundland - 4/12/17

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"Sweet Sadie, Sweet Sadie won't you come home to me!" That's Dianna, Sadie's forever momma singing a song to welcome Sadie the 3 year-old black Newfoundland dog, to her new home in Apex, North Carolina. Sadie is going to love being a Southern girl, I bet she'll pick up the accent in no time at all! Sadie is one very lucky Newfie because Dianna has plenty of giant breed experience and works for a veterinarian, so she'll always have the best in healthcare. And to keep Sadie's girlish Newfie figure, Dianna's home has a dog park and agility course for dogs! Sadie, we know you are going to be loved and cared for and happy forever and ever in your new home. THANK YOU, KRISTEN & FAMILY, FOR FOSTERING THIS SWEET ANGEL!