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Roxy the English Mastiff - 10/14/17

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Roxy the English Mastiff is another one of our gentle giants who hit the jackpot with an ideal home! She will be joining Marlene and Caleb in San Antonio, Texas for an amazing, relaxing life. Yet another ideal match, as they were interested in Roxy as soon as they saw her, and things worked out perfectly. They're so proud to have her as part of their pack. Roxy will join Diesel, a 3-year-old Mastiff, in the household. She'll get to go on walks and a morning run if she wants, and even try swimming and paddle-boarding with Diesel showing her the ropes! She will have a fantastic playmate and an amazing forever home, thanks to BDHP! THANK YOU ALSO TO HER AMAZING FOSTER MOM, HEATHER!