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Pandora the Great Dane - 1/13/18

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Pandora's box has opened to a wonderful new world for Pandora!!  She will have two young siblings and parents who have had a Great Dane before who went to the Rainbow Bridge due to an illness. Therefore they are experienced with her breed.  Her new siblings are young.  So the three will grow up together in Cheyenne, Wyoming and create a wonderful bond.  She will get many walks and have a fenced yard to cavort with her family and enjoy many happy hours.  Tim and Natalie are home a lot and when they aren't they take their dog to doggie day care which will be fabulous for an 11 month old Dane - good for exercise and getting along with other dogs.  This is the perfect forever home for the young lady - many years of happiness for all.  So, the gifts from this Pandora's box are priceless! THANK YOU, RHIANNON & CHRIS, FOR FOSTERING THIS BLACK BEAUTY!