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Ozzie the Great Dane/Mastiff Mix - 8/31/17

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Ozzie the Great Dane ("Daniff") here to let everyone know that my world changed in a hurry when I was adopted by Diane in Lakewood, Colorado! I came from such an unsure situation to one where I'll be loved forever! Get this… Diane and her daughter Tracey live next to each other, and their backyards are fenced-in as one. They both wanted to adopt a gentle giant, so I'll get the best of both worlds with two places and people to enjoy! Diane has had many Danes in her life, so she/they know all about the breed. I do have a huge yard to romp in, I'll get to go on lots of walks, and there's a park down the street we get to visit. I'm looking forward to growing up here with my best friend next door, and I thank you for changing my world for the best, BDHP! Thank you also to my foster mom and dad, Kristen and Monroe, for taking such great care of me!